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Secrets Part 2

It had been over a month since Cody Rhodes had walked in on Melina and Maryse
in the throws of passion, and as much as Melina wished she could say that was
the end of it...she'd be lying. Things had only escalated since then, now
that she couldn't deny that she wanted Maryse anymore they had started
meeting each other any chance they got.

The LA native was ashamed of herself, she didn't want to want Maryse...but
now that she did, she couldn't seem to get enough of her. Her boyfriend John
Morrison didn't know anything, and she felt like trash sneaking around on him
like that.

But it was just supposed to be fun; John was the one that she loved, and the
one who loved her. She really did want to stop; more then anything she just
wanted everything to just be normal again. Things had gotten way out of hand
in her opinion, the guilt was eating her up inside but that didn't make her
ask Maryse to stop.

"Oh god, don't stop..." Melina blurted, tangling her hands in her lovers
hair, holding her against her neck.

So...she wasn't exactly a master of self control...if she was she probably
wouldn't be in this broom closet right now, pants around her ankles with five
minutes till show time. The worst part was is that she was probably going to
wind up in the ring with the blonde too, and Melina knew she wouldn't resist
letting her hands 'slip' during the match just to tease her. It seemed that
the French Canadian enjoyed watching her squirm.

A loud voice interrupted them, "Has anyone seen Melina or Maryse, there up
next and I haven't seen either of them in like a half hour..." Cindy the
production manager yelled, going out of her mind in an attempt to find them.

"Shit," Melina cursed, banging her head back against the wall.

Looking up at her Maryse smiled, wiping the smudged lip gloss from her chin,
"Guess the funs over then...I'll see you out there..." She told her, opening
the door a crack to make sure the coast was clear before booting it out of
the closet.

Doing her best to catch her breath the other woman stayed there for a while,
she pulled her spandex booty shorts back up over her hips and re-adjusted her
top. Melina sighed and ran her hand back over her hair in her best attempt to
fix it before slipping out of the dark confinement herself.

How on earth can I keep doing this? She asked her self, taking her time as
she rounded the corner before running straight into John Morrison, "There you
are baby..." He said smiling, wrapping his arms around her. "Where have you
been? The production staff has been going absolutely crazy trying to find

"I was just warming up, needed a quiet place you know?"

He nodded, "Ok well you better get out there before Vince blows a gasket."

She smiled, "K later cutie.

Reaching back he smacked her ass, "Yeah later..." He told her, wiggling his
eyebrows seductively.

Melina walked slowly back from gorilla, afraid she'd run into her competitor
again. Maryse had beaten her 1-2-3 against the mat, but not before she found
time to whisper in her ear, "Come to my room later, we can finish what we

The California native didn't know what to do, she wanted to see her...she
ached to. But seeing Morrison before the match had made the familiar feeling
of guilt rise up from her stomach. She knew that this was all so wrong, yet
it just had to feel so right. Melina wished that she didn't like the feeling
of Maryse holding her close, the feeling of her warm skin on her own...but
she loved it.

Ever since she was a little girl she had been taught that lies would always
come back to haunt you, that secrets would always blow up in your face, that
what goes around comes around but she couldn't keep herself from hiding her
double life. It wasn't something she could be proud of; in fact she was
completely ashamed of herself. She was raised better then that...and it had
nothing to do with the fact that Maryse was a woman. Melina knew that if she
had just said to her mother that she liked women too she would be accepted,
but what they wouldn't accept was the fact that she was cheating on someone
she claimed to love.

She tried not to frown when she saw her boyfriend making his way over to her,
holding her bags in his hands. "Hey I thought we could just get out of here."

"But I haven't had my shower yet..."

His face lit up with a smirk, "I thought we could get one together back at
the hotel."

"John I..." She started, trying to tell him that she wasn't in the mood for
all that...but she didn't get a chance.

The man moved his fingers to her lips, "Shhh don't thank me now, I can think
of plenty of ways for you to do that later." She sighed as he moved to her
side, "You've just seemed really distant as of late, tonight I'm going to
make you happy."

* * *

Torrie sighed and rolled over, immediately feeling John move with her. She
just wanted him away from her. Morrison was her boyfriend, she should have
been enjoying the romantic time with him, she should be trying to make Maryse
and after thought...but she wasn't, Maryse was in the forefront of her mind.
The brunette wanted to be with the French Canadian right now, not John.

He had rushed her from the arena and back to the hotel where he had quite the
evening planned for them. Morrison went out of his way to try and make their
night special, lighting candles, spreading rose peddles...the whole nine
yards. Just like he had suggested earlier they had showered together, the
former Johnny Nitro took his time, trying to pleasure her in the warmth of
the water. Yet all that did was remind her of the night Maryse had snuck into
her shower, she was somehow everywhere.

After they had dried off he sat her down on the edge of the bed and popped a
bottle of champagne, pouring them each a glass. Melina had hoped that the
little bit of alcohol would put her more at ease, but it didn't...she still
didn't want to be there with him.

Taking his time Morrison proceeded to make love to her, she felt
uncomfortable with the man she used to think she was in love with. But the
more she thought about it, the more she knew that she had been wrong. The LA
girl tried her hardest to just act like nothing had changed, she tried to
just make love with him and enjoy herself, except she couldn't, and another
woman was what was holding her back.

Now that she was turned away from his face she let a soft tear roll down her
cheek as he held her, she could feel how happy he was when inside she was
screaming. How had she let it come to this? Before Maryse came along she
wanted to marry him and now she felt ill in his arms.

Time ticked on and soon enough Morrison was fast asleep beside her, easing
away from him she slid out of the bed and pulled on a pair of pj's and t-
shirt before heading out the door. Melina took the elevator up two floors
before stopping in front of the room that she knew belonged to Maryse. She
knocked softly and waited, smiling when the blonde opened the door smirking.

"Well look what the cat dragged in," The French Canadian said smugly,
laughing slightly as she hugged the door.

The other woman laughed back, "Shut up," She told her jokingly, shoving past
her to move inside and sit on the bed.

Maryse shut the door and followed Melina inside, "So how was you're romantic
evening?" She asked complacently, sitting down beside the diva.

"How did you know about that?" Melina asked, shocked that anyone knew about
his plans.

The French Canadian got on her knees and crawled behind the woman to start
rubbing her shoulders, "Well Alicia overheard him asking The Miz for advice
on how to make its special," She stopped to make a face, "Gag me with a
spoon, like Miz is actually half the lover he thinks he is."

Melina laughed then moaned as Maryse added more pressure to the massage, "God
that feels so good."

She flipped her hair over, "You're pretty tense babe...I take it the night
wasn't the magic he hoped for?"

Sighing Melina's smile faded, "Maybe for John it was but I was having so much
trouble concentrating on him like I should have been, for the first time in
my life I actually faked it."

Another laugh came from behind her, "Well don't worry about all that, you're
here now, let Maryse take care of you."

Melina's smiled re-immerged when Maryse took the California native's face in
her hands and turned her around to kiss her. "You're gonna take care of me
huh?" Melina asked, pushing Maryse down to climb on top of her.

"Real good care of you," Maryse replied smiling, reaching up to brush the
woman's bangs from her eyes.

Right there, in that exact moment, Melina felt happier then she had felt in
forever. It just seemed so right, like it was exactly where she was supposed
to be. For once she wasn't confused; for once she knew that Maryse was who
she wanted to be with.

Their lips met again in another torrid kiss, Melina searching for something
in Maryse that she wasn't getting from Morrison. Maryse's hands moved upward
pulling off the over sized t-shirt Melina was wearing; she smiled at the site
of the other woman being exposed in front of her.

Her lip moved slowly to cover one of Melina's nipples, flicking it lightly
with her tongue until became a hardened peak.

Moaning Melina arched her head back, tangling her hands in Maryse's long
hair. Her lips were surreal, the pleasure she gave her was unlike anything
she had ever known, Morrison didn't even compare to her in anyway, shape or
form. She only wished she would have given into Maryse sooner instead of
fighting what was right in front of her.

Maryse stopped her assault momentarily and smiled before flipping her over so
she was now the one on top. Winking at the girl who was now beneath her she
trailed kisses down her stomach, stopping right above her pajama bottoms.
"These really need to go." She commented, hooking her fingers in the elastic
and pulling them down over Melina's thighs until they reached her feet.
Taking them off completely Maryse tossed them to the floor and pushed
Melina's legs up, forcing her to buckle her knees. Scooting her body towards
her Maryse lowered her face between her thighs, placing soft kissed on either
side before moving on to her final destination.

Melina's hips bucked foreword when Maryse's mouth made contact with her, a
sharp hiss escaped her lips...and then a knock came pounding on the door.

"Yo, Maryse its John, have you seen Mel? Open up!"

A shocked expression washed over the brunette's face, "Jesus Christ," She
cursed, scrambling to slip the t-shirt back over her flesh and her pajamas
back up over her hips.

Maryse wiped her mouth and smiled, "He has great timing don't you think?"

Unfortunately for Melina she didn't think the situation was funny at all, as
quickly as she could she did her best to fix her hair and tried not to show
how aggravated she was with him showing up there.

Walking up to the door Maryse pulled back the lock to let him in, "Yeah John
she's right here."

He rushed inside to the LA native, "Babe you scared me half to death," He
whispered, grabbing her and kissing her all over her face, "I woke up and you
were gone."

She did her best to smile, "Yeah I woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep. I
just thought I'd come shoot the shit with Maryse since I know what a big
night owl she is. I just didn't want to wake you." Melina lied, still wishing
that he was fast asleep and she was falling into ecstasy.

Morrison smiled and hugged her tightly, "Well just wake me up next time ok?
I'm just so glad you're ok," He said, squeezing her even tighter.

"I'm fine John." She replied, trying to sound as annoyed as she actually was.

Taking her hand he started to lead her out of the room, "Thanks for taking
care of her Maryse."

Melina turned to look at Maryse, stunned by his coincidental choice of words.
The French Canadian simply winked in response. "Anytime John...anytime."

* * *

The days past by and soon enough Monday turned to Tuesday, Tuesday to
Wednesday and continued until it was once again Saturday and Melina was
preparing herself for her house show match. She bent over and touched her
toes, stretching herself out. The Los Angeles native didn't want to hurt
herself out there, and since she hadn't really been sleeping she wanted to
take any extra measures she could to protect herself...including limbering up
more then usual.

She hadn't slept through the night since Sunday, so she was running pretty
much on fumes. The guilt was just eating her up inside and she wanted to make
it go away. The brunette knew that the only way to do that was to tell John
the truth...the whole truth. But she felt like she should talk to Maryse
before she did that, no matter how much she had wanted to blurt it all to him
over the past week she had yet to do so.

She sighed when she saw Maryse and Alicia walk into the arena laughing
together, this was it, now or never. "Hey Maryse can I talk to you for a
sec?" She asked, running up the French Canadian and gently touching her arm.

"Sure babe," She said smiling, walking off down the corridor of the arena
with Melina until they found a small room to talk in.

As soon as the door closed Maryse turned into her smiling, pushing her lips
to the LA natives, "I missed you," She panted, grabbing Melina and pulling
her body close to hers.

The other woman was quickly kissing back, moaning against her mouth.
"Wait..." She blurted, breaking the kiss and moving back a little to create
some distance between them. "I really did want to talk."

Maryse sighed and inched towards her again, licking her lips and resting her
hands on Melina's hips, "Ok about what?"

"I want to tell John the truth, I'm sick of sneaking around...I just want to
be with you, openly."

She instantly flew back, "No you can't, you can't tell John anything."

Shock washed over her face, "Why?"

The French Canadian needed to think of something fast, she didn't want this
to all come crashing down around her. She didn't want to let Melina go, she
didn't want their fun to end...but she wasn't about to start something real
with her. Maryse didn't do was all a game to her. Yet it
was a game she didn't want to let go of so easily this time. This one was
different; Melina was different...if she was anyone else this would have been
over long ago. Normally once she got the real affection she wanted from the
woman she would then dump them. Sometimes she would tell the boyfriend, just
to make things more interesting...but right now all she wanted was to keep
going. She wasn't ready to let her go.

"Melina I just don't think it's time...I'm scared of how he's going to take
it. Maybe you should wait a while and make sure that it's really what you
want to do..."

She tried to fight back tears, "I thought you'd be happy that I wanted to
leave him for you."

Maryse had to cover her ass, "Baby I am, but I need you to be sure. I
couldn't handle it if I had only to see you leave when you decide that you
made a mistake," She took Melina's hand; "I want you to be sure about this."

Melina smiled at her, "Ok,"

"Now come here," She commanded, touching the other blondes face and pulling
her in for another kiss.

The former Women's Champion left the locker room, but Maryse hadn't really
changed her mind, she was still dead set on coming clean.

Time passed quickly and the show was soon over, Morrison smiled as soon as he
walked into his locker room to find Melina sitting down on a bench.

"Hey baby," He said to, leaning down to gently kiss her forehead.

She sighed, that would probably be the last time he ever kissed her, and it
gave her mix emotions. "We need to talk."

"Oh sounds serious."

Her eyes hit the floor, "It is...I just don't know if we should start this
conversation right here in the arena."

Morrison sat down beside her, tenderly laying a hand on her knee, "What is it
babe, I always told you that you could tell me anything...Tell me?"

A trembling hand ran back through her hair, she didn't know where to start.
How do you go about breaking someone's heart? He'd been her everything for so
long...and now she was about to shatter the life they'd worked so long and
hard to the matter of seconds. "I cheated on you..." She blurted,
unsure of how else to say couldn't really sugar coat something like

His eyes flashed fire as he stood up, "You did what?"

She knew he had heard her, "I'm sorry John..."

Swinging his fist he struck the nearest locker as hard as he could, "With
who...Miz? I've seen the way he looks at you...I'll kill him."

"No it's not Miz..."

He was loosing his patience with her, "Then who the fuck was it, Cody? Dolph?

She shook her head, "No it wasn't any of them."

"Then who?" He screamed punching the locker yet again, "Spit it out Mel."

Never had she seen him like this, and she couldn't even bear to look at him,

"Seriously Melina, who was it, don't protect him...I will find out."

She found the strength to look him in the eyes, "It was Maryse."

Looking straight at her, he knew she was actually telling the truth, "You're
kidding." He said, his voice ringing with disbelief. But he knew she wasn't

"I couldn't live with myself anymore." She told him, her eyes filling with
tears...she was so ashamed of herself, not of her feelings for Maryse but for
her cheating ways. He didn't deserve that.

He rubbed the back of his neck; John didn't know how to react... "How long
has this been going on?" Her head lowered again, she didn't want to have to
tell him that. She knew how bad his pride was hurting, "How long?" He yelled,
frustrated that she wasn't answering.

"A couple of months," She said, her voice barley audible.

"A couple of months," He shouted, "A couple of months?" He reached out and
flipped over the bench that she wasn't sitting on. "This has been happening
right under my nose that long?"

Melina stood up and tried to touch his arms, "I should have..."

He cut her off, "Don't fucking touch me," Morrison growled, pulling away from
her. "Just get out, I can't look at you."

She did as she was told and left him alone, she hated breaking his heart like
that...but she felt like the weight of the world was suddenly off of her

It didn't feel right, not now, not after what she'd just done to him last
night. Just a few hours ago she was telling Morrison the cold hard truth and
she couldn't even find the common decency to stay away from Maryse even a

All night she had wandered the halls of the hotel, her minding traveling even
faster then she was, as she paced back and forth the floors. She told herself
to just have the common decency to stay away from the other blonde for just a
little while, she told herself that Morrison at least deserved that much
respect before it was flaunted in his face. Because now that it was out to
him, she had every intention of making it an open thing to everyone. She knew
in her heart that she loved Maryse, no matter how hard she had tried to fight
of those feelings. And now that she could admit that, she wanted anyone and
everyone to know. She just wanted to give Morrison a little time.

But alas she couldn't seem to do that...Melina couldn't even find the
strength to keep away from the bombshell for more then a few hours. The more
she thought about it, the more she was dying to tell her. And the more
excited she got, the faster she wound up at Maryse's door.

She looked at her hand in front of face and noticed that she was shaking as
she began to knock. The butterfly's in her stomach could surely make her
float away. She'd never been more excited or nervous, at the same time, in
her whole life.

Her hand finally connected loudly with the wooden door before her, and it
wasn't long until she was met with the satisfied smirk of Maryse. The blonde
woman reached out to grab Melina by the hips, "Finally we're alone." She said
smiling, dragging her inside and shutting the door.

Melina smiled back at her, "Miss me?"

Pulling her even closer Maryse began to softly kiss her neck, "So much."

The California native giggled as Maryse pushed her back onto the bed and
straddled her. Kissing her feverishly Maryse yanked at her t-shirt, pulling
it up over her head, "Tell me Morrison is going to ruin this again..." She
panted, moving her mouth to Melina's abdomen.

"No I don't think that's going to be a problem."

For some reason Maryse didn't like the way that sounded, "Really, whys that?"
She asked softly, sitting up. "Think of some extremely clever ploy to keep
him busy while we get busy?"

Melina reached out to play with the French Canadians hair, "No," She said
with a laugh, "Because I left John, I want to be with you Maryse...only you."

The other woman jumped back of the bed, "You idiot."

Confusion washed over Melina's face, "Excuse me?"

Maryse picked up her discarded t-shirt and flung it her, "You've completely
ruined everything."

Standing up she tried to move closer to the woman she was hoping would be her
girlfriend by now, "I don't understand, I thought you'd be happy. We can
finally be together, don't you get it?"

A shriek left Maryse's mouth, "Don't you get it? I don't want to be with

"You don't mean that." Melina pleaded, tears already rolling down her cheek.

"Of course I mean that," She replied angrily, "I told you not to tell him and
you went and did it anyway."

"Why does it matter that he knows, shouldn't you want him to know? I'm so
confused here Maryse."

"You're confused because you were too stupid to realize that I never wanted
anything more then sex from you Melina. You were, and are, nothing more then
a game to me...a play thing. And now it's over, because the thrill was
stealing you away from him...the fun was in the fact that you were a straight
girl that I was luring into my bed at night instead of being home with her

Melina's hands were covering her face as she tried desperately to wipe away
all the tears in her eyes, but they just kept coming.

"Now look at you," Maryse spat, "You're pathetic...and you're worthless to
me. Go, get out!"

Sobbing uncontrollably Melina took off, not even bothering to put her shirt
back on. Her heart was breaking, she'd walked into the hotel room with it on
her sleeve and now it was in a thousand little pieces. She felt so violated,
so used and Melina actually felt physically ill. She never thought someone
could do that to her, but after what she did to John Morrison she thought
maybe that was exactly what she deserved.

Maryse slammed the door as the LA girl left, for once she had stuck around a
little longer and what did she have to show for it...someone claiming to love
her. Maryse didn't do love, the word wasn't even registered in her

But as she laid back in the bed alone, the strangest feeling rose up from her
stomach. If she didn't no better she'd say it felt like remorse, but that
obviously wasn't it. Because why should she care if Melina looked so
completely broken? She was an object and nothing more...seeing her hurt
wouldn't effect her. Yet unexplainable enough Maryse felt suddenly...empty.

* * *

Laying there in her bed, Melina felt like she actually knew what people meant
when they said that they were heartbroken. It was like an everlasting
numbness, like pain searing in her chest, like she was screaming at the top
of her lungs on the inside...and no one would ever hear her.

Daylight brushed her eyelids as it slipped in from the crack in the curtains,
it wasn't like she had been sleeping anyway...she had been awake all night
just thinking. It had been like that since Maryse had turned her away, she
had been suffering this insomnia for over a week now. Her mind had traveled
down a million roads and each one of them lead to the same conclusion, karma
really was a bitch.

This was all her own fault of course, and she knew it.

When all this got started it had trouble written all over drunken
night doesn't usually lead to a happy ending. She should have known
better...she should have saw it for what exactly what it was.

But back then all she could do was call it a mistake over and over again, yet
if it was such a mistake then why did it keep happening? And then when she at
long last did give in it was like she suddenly couldn't have enough of the
French Canadian. Sober or not she never should have let it happen that first
time at the hotel, because one night of drunken pleasure turned to more
nights of passion. She found herself leading a secret life and then all the
new-found bliss turned to gut wrenching heart ache.

Maryse had just been so unbelievably cold, so utterly detached to
was like a complete one eighty. While Melina knew that Maryse wasn't in love
with her, it was a not yet thing in her mind, she never thought that it was
all just crazy some ploy to the other woman. It was so surreal because she
had been working so hard to keep Melina, to make her realize that she wanted
what she had to offer, only to push her away when the California girl wanted
it all.

And she felt so bad for her mistakes, but what she felt the worst about was
the fact that no matter what she had done to her...she still missed Maryse.

A knock on the door disturbed her from her guilty thoughts, "Go away!" She
yelled, burying her face in the fluffy pillow under her.

It only seemed to make the mystery person knock louder, but they wouldn't be
a mystery person for much longer. "Let me in, it's me.. John."

She didn't understand how she didn't recognize the voice sooner, but she
suddenly found herself dragging her body out from under the blankets to let
him in. After what she'd done to him, she at least owed him that much.

Taking her time she opened the door for him, and he slowly stepped passed her
to move inside of the hotel room. "I just really needed to see you Mel," He
explained to her softly, sticking his hands down deep into his pockets
awkwardly as he made his way over to the sofa.

Melina didn't have a response for him, she simply followed him across the
room and sat down on the near by chair. "John...I.."

He cut her off before she could finish, "No you don't need to say anything
right now...just please let me talk."

Lowering her head she nodded in both frustration and submission.

"You hurt me, I'm not going to hurt really bad Mel. But what hurts
even more then the betrayal itself is the way that I left things between us,
I'm sorry how it turned out...I wish I would have been thinking clearly. I
was too quick to throw it all away..."

She looked at him sincerely, "I'm sorry..."

But yet again he wouldn't let her speak, it was vastly becoming a trend, "I
know you're sorry..." He said to her, taking her hand in his, "And that's why
I'm here... I've thought about it and I'm willing to take you back. You made
some mistakes but I know we can get through it, all of it."

The brunette woman snatched her hand back, "No John, listen to me for once!
I'm tired of you cutting me off...and I'm tired of pretending that our
relationship was something beautiful. I am sorry for what I did to you, it
wasn't right...but what I'm really sorry for is the harsh reality that I
don't want you back. This whole thing has made me realize that I just don't
love you."

He looked at her disgusted, "Fine but don't come crying to me when you miss

Turning around she watched him rush from the apartment slamming the door as
he went. That was hard but it wouldn't have been fair to take him back out of
nothing more then pure pity. The love really was gone, and she sort of
wondered if it was every really there at all, or was it just the comfort of
him that she enjoyed? Melina was starting to think she was more in love with
the idea of John Morrison then anything else. She couldn't remember ever
feeling like she die without him, and even if things were only sexual with
Maryse (on her end at least), she knew the feelings on her own part were
completely real.

Because right now she felt like she was dying without her.

* * *

Maryse was having the hardest time lacing up her wrestling boots, and in her
quickly induced state of frustration she threw them down to the floor, "Fuck
it," She cursed, absolutely aggravated with the fact that the simple task was
suddenly so difficult.

Laughing Alicia Fox looked over at her, "Having trouble?"

"Oh shut up," The blonde spat, not in the mood for Alicia or any of her

Smiling at her the red head scooted closer to Maryse on the bench, "You do
know what you're problem is right?"

A sigh escaped the French Canadians mouth, "No, but I'm sure you're going to
tell me..." She said complacently, picking up the boot from the tiles beneath

Alicia rested her hand gently on her friends knee, "Of course I am..."

She rolled her eyes, "Ok then lets get this over with, what do you think my
problem is Miss Fox?" Maryse asked, faking interest in what she had to say by
turning towards her and looking at her intently.

"Come off it Maryse, you've been angry all week. And I know you, you get mad
when you're hurting...and you're hurting because you miss her."

Her brows lowered, furious at Alicia's nerve."I do not miss Melina!" She
lied, all the while knowing deep down inside that she couldn't be more dead
on in her take on the situation.

The Forlida resident smiled at her friend with self satisfaction, "Then why
are you falling apart trying to get ready?"

"That had nothing to do with Melina." She shouted, trying her best to act
tough, Maryse wasn't weak, Maryse wasn't supposed to need anyone. It was
Alicia's turn to roll her eyes, as she folded her arms over her chest sternly
and Maryse knew she meant business. "Alright, alright I admit it...I miss

The former wedding planner clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth,
"Oh how the mighty have fallen, the cold hearted Maryse has fallen in love. I
knew this day would come."

Maryse rose her arms defensively "Whoa back up I said I missed her, I didn't
say anything about love..."

Smiling yet again Alicia shrugged her shoulders, "It's the same thing, and
the look in you're eyes proves it honey."

Before the blonde had a chance to argue the door to the women's locker room
came open and in walked Melina. Her head was down as she walked passed the
pair and headed towards a locker in the back of the room. The French Canadian
could hear her open it and drop her bag on the floor as she sorted through
what she needed for the show.

"Apologize," Alicia whispered, "This is you're chance."

She shot her a look.

"I'm serious here Maryse, If you can admit to me that you miss her...then
just tell her that. Tell her you were wrong to tell her you didn't want her
any more and for once in your life learn to care about someone other then
yourself." Her friend demanded, sick and tired this diva's ways, she was so
done with watching her hide all the time. For once she had real feelings and
Alicia Fox would be damned if she let Maryse just ignore that.

"I already care about her," Maryse snapped.

Alicia smirked, "Then what are you waiting for."

She knew that she was right, and as much as it pained her to admit it to
herself she really did miss Melina in her life. Maryse had been feeling like
shit every day this week that she had spent just knowing that she had fucked
up the best damn thing that ever happened to her. And every night she'd just
dream the same dream about her.

In the beginning it was all supposed to be some dumb game, the same old shit
on a different day, but somewhere along the way she managed to fall for the
other diva...something she swore she'd never do.

Taking her time she made her way to the back of the room to where Melina was
standing, fluffing her hair in the mirror. "Can I talk to you for a second?"

Melina's head swivelled around, obviously startled by her voice. But the
sight of Maryse wiped the shock from her face and instantly replaced it with
hurt, and fresh tears welled up in her eyes. "Why," She asked timidly, trying
her hardest not to cry, "so you can tell me how much I don't mean to you?"

"No..." Maryse said softly, feeling an unfamiliar sense of shame. "Melina,
I'm sorry about what I said to you...I was lying to you and to myself. This
was all supposed to be about me tricking you into bed, but even after I did
that I somehow couldn't let go of you like I normally would once I got what I
wanted." She paused for a moment and ran a hand back through her hair
nervously in anticipation of the rest of her admittance. "And I kept making
up excuses to keep seeing you, and I probably never would have stopped seeing
you honestly. Except then you told me that you didn't want John anymore and
only wanted to be with me. It got too real for me then...I found myself too
close to you, which was something that I don't do. I never let anyone get
close to me Melina."

By now the LA native had tears rolling freely down her face, which she was
trying desperately to wipe away quickly, "And that's supposed to make me feel
better Maryse, the fact that it's not me it's you?"

She inched closer to the other woman, "No what I'm trying to say is that
you're different...and that as soon as you left I felt empty...that once that
door closed I regretted every word I said to you. I'm saying that somehow
I've fallen for you Melina."

"You what?"

Maryse pleaded with Melina through her eyes, "I've fallen for you, and I
don't know how to do this whole relationship thing...but what I do know is
that it hurts too much when I'm away from you. So if you're willing to
try...then so am I..."

Moving quickly towards her Melina flung her arms around the French Canadian's
neck, "I should be out that door right now, I should hate you for what you've
done to me, but I can't do either of those things. Because I love you Maryse,
I never thought I'd say that to another woman...but I love you." She
confessed, openly weeping against her shoulder.

She gripped onto Melina's curly hair, petting it as she held her. It was one
of the things she missed so much about the woman, along with her laugh, her
smile, the way her nose crinkled up when she was happy and the way that she
made saying Maryse's name seem like some perfect secret. It was like she
could suddenly appreciate every little thing about her.

It really is true that you don't know what you've got till its gone. "I love
you too," She whispered, "And I think we both make each other do and say
things we never thought we would, because I certainly never thought I'd say
that to anyone."

Somehow she could feel Melina smiling against her neck. "Yeah I think this
was supposed to happen to Maryse...You were meant to make me realize that I
need you, and I was meant to make you see that you need me just as much..."

Maryse smiled back at her when the other blonde pulled back, "Nothings ever
made more sense to me then looking at you right now and knowing that's true."

Leaning in Melina brushed her mouth over Maryse's, kissing her with every
last fiber of her being, and it was perfect...and they were perfect...and it
made her see that it would be always be... perfect.


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