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Ever since Stephanie McMahon aligned herself with the Undisputed Champion,
Chris Jericho, calling themselves "just partners," people have been curious.
Are they really just partners, or are they more? I'm here to answer that
question ... in detail.

Secrets Revealed!
by Alfred Bitchcock

It was just weeks after the separation of Triple H and Stephanie-McMahon
Helmsley. Chris Jericho and Stephanie were back in the locker room
discussing their game plan.

"So, after we SAY he abused you, we'll GET the 3.5 million bucks??" asked
a puzzled Jericho.

"Yep, that's right Chris. Just tell the cops I was abused, take Hunter to
court, and we'll both be even richer!" shrieked Steph.

"That sure as hell sounds like a plan to me. But there's only one problem
with that..." commented Chris.

"What's that?" Steph asked.

"Won't Triple H just go to the judge and tell them the TRUTH?"

"Of course he will Jericho. But, who do you think they'll believe more?
The cute, sweet, innocent looking Stephanie McMahon? Or the viscous, brutal,
monster of a human being Triple H?"

"You have a good point Steph."

"Of course I do, silly. But I'm tired of talking business, let's have some
fun already big boy." she said seductively.

"Hey Steph..."

"Yes Chris?"

"Don't talk with your mouth full."

And with that he yanked out his fully erect 9 inch cock and pushed Steph
to her knees. Then he straddled her face and was just about to shove his
cock down her throat, when he withdrew and thought to himself, "fuck this,
I'm gonna have a little fun with this bitch."

"Steph, hun. Do you want this dick?"

"Fuck yeah, Chris. Give it to me!"

"Wait, wait, wait. You're not getting off that easy. Before you get any
cock, I wanna hear you beg."

"Oh pleeeeeeeeeeasse Chris! Gimme your cock!! I need it so bad!!"

Here was Stephanie McMahon, THE most powerful woman in the history of the
WWF, BEGGING to suck Chris Jericho's cock. It was definitely an amazing site
to witness. Jericho finally let Steph get a hold of his man meat. First,
Steph teased Chris's swollen cock head with her tongue and pouty
little lips. Then, she grabbed onto Jericho's balls and gently squeezed and
tickled them with her fingers, while still circling the tip of his mighty
pork sword with her tongue.

"This girl must've had a lot of practice, cause she gives GREAT head!" he
thought to himself.

Jericho noticed that more and more pre-cum was starting to form on the end
of his cock. Stephanie also noticed his balls start to tighten, so she pulled
his cock out of her mouth.

"All right Mr. Undisputed Champion, whatdya say we get down to some real
business?" questioned the beautiful vixen.

Steph led Jericho over to a nearby bench and sat him down. Then, she
started to perform a little strip tease by first tugging at her tight pink
skirt, then pulling off her black tube top, revealing her absolutely gorgeous
billion dollar breasts. As Jericho stared in awe at Steph's huge puppies
encased in her purple bra, he couldn't help but wonder just how much those
terrific set of knockers must have cost.

But Steph quickly snapped him out of his daze when she turned around and
showed her black G-string riding up her tremendous ass. She motioned over for
him and said "Jericho. Could you please help me get out of this, its such a
pain in the.... ass."

Jericho walked up behind her, holding his purple-headed warrior in his
hand, and said "You think that's a pain in the ass? Just wait until you feel

Steph tried to stop him by saying "Oh Jericho, please no, I'm not ready
for-" but before she could even finish her sentence Jericho had already
stuffed his probe up her tight ass.

Steph let out an "AAhhhhhhhhhh. Ouch! Shit Chris! It hurts! Take it out!
Take it-"

But Chris wouldn't hear of it, and continued pumping into her meaty cheeks
with wide eyes. After only a few thrusts, Jericho could plainly see that this
chick hadn't been butt-fucked often, if ever. So, instead of continuing on
his rampage, he decided to slow it down and take it easy.

"Ooooohhh, that's much better Chris. Move that huge cock in and out
gently," Steph said as she quenched her ass cheeks together to get a tighter
grip on Jericho's ankle spanker. "Jericho," she moaned. "I think I need more
lubrication huuuuuuun." She pushed Chris out of her ass and squatted down so
her asshole was wide open. Then, she motioned for Jericho and said "Chris,
first, you lick my ass, then, you fuck my ass."

She winked at him, and Jericho got under her so that his mouth was
directly underneath her ass. Jericho licked his fingers and then slowly put
them into her hole one at a time. As he moved his fingers in and out like a
jigsaw, her asshole got more and more wet with perspiration. To add to the
lube job, he ran his tongue up and down her crack. In no time, she was
ready to be fucked.

Jericho stood up and rubbed his moisture missile, getting it ready for
re-entrance. He bent Steph over the bench and lined his shaft up with her
opening. Then, with a slow but steady thrust, he entered her nearly virgin
asshole for the second time, with Stephanie's ass clenching his monstrous
manhood. When he was all the way in, Steph reached back and grabbed onto
his hands for balance.

Jericho did his best to please her by rotating his prick inside of her.
He knew it was working when he heard Steph squeak "Oh god Chris! Yeah, oh
shit, I like that. Do it faster! Go faster!" And Jericho, not being one to
disappoint, quickened his pace.

His great muscle control was mind-blowing! Never had Steph have a man do
such wonderful moves on her. Certainly not her soon-to-be ex-husband, Triple

As Jericho increased his speed to his maximum potential, he felt like he
was creating a whirlpool inside her ass. Soon, he felt like he couldn't take
it any more and shot of steaming load of jizz into her with an earshattering

For what seemed like hours, Steph and her new fuck partner Jericho, just
stood there, locked together.

"Oh my god Chris, I never new anal sex could be so good!" she sighed.

"Aren't you glad I showed you?" Jericho said arrogantly.

"Oh fuck yeah! But, as much as I loved that great anal fucking, you know
what I'd like even more?"

"What's that?" asked the confused Undisputed Champ.

"A great pussy ramming. My pussy has just been aching all day for a good
fucking, and I know you're the man to give it to me. So, what do ya think?"
the incredibly horny diva asked.

"I think actions speak louder then words." And with that, Jericho shoved
Ms. McMahon up against a set of lockers. "I'm gonna fuck you like you've
never been fucked before!" he said with an evil grin.

Jericho hoisted Steph up and grabbed her by the ass cheeks. Steph, in
return, wrapped her tanned legs around his upper body. Jericho quickly got
to work, shoving his huge cock as far up as he can and then pulling it
almost all the way out.

Steph shot him a look of amazement, with a cock-hungry look in her eyes.
As she was thoroughly enjoying the fantastic fucking she was receiving. Deep
grunts and groans were constantly escaping the lips of the big-titted diva.
She pounded on the lockers with clenched fists and shouted "Oh fuck! Oh
fuck! OH FUCK!" getting louder and louder each time. Aside from Stephanie's
incoherent yelling, the only sound that was heard was the sound of flesh
against flesh.

Steph arched her back and bucked her hips wildly, moaning out "Oh yeah
Chris! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy you fucking jerk! Make me fuckin cuuuuuuummmm!"
Then, with another earshattering scream, except this time coming from Steph,
she bit her bottom lip and erupted into a violent orgasm, send her thick
juices streaming down Jericho's dick and legs. Steph sighed and collapsed
into a heap on Jericho's shoulder. Chris led her back over to a chair and sat
her down.

Removing her sweaty hair from her face, she said "You must have some
incredible stamina boy, cause you only came once."

"That's because I've been saving my next load for those humongous tits of
yours that I've heard so much about." Jericho winked.

Getting the picture, the billion dollar slut grabbed his love whistle and
guided it between her giant tits. She placed her hands on her orbs and pushed
them together, making better fuck toys for Chris. He slid his thick slab of
pulsating meat between those plump jugs. Stephanie helped Jericho out by
moving her own tits up and down, matching his movements. It didn't take long
for Jericho to release "the troops" and shoot several thick loads of sperm
across her face and chest.

Stephanie sluttily licked the the remaining cum off his beet red prick.
Then Steph worked her hands around Jericho's cock, milking him for all he was
worth. When almost every bit of cum was gone, she looked up at Jericho and
said "You were amazing!"

Jericho looked down at the beautiful cum covered face of Stephanie
McMahon, and responded "Same to you." And they both locked lips in a
passionate kiss.

"Did you two enjoy yourselves?" asked a booming voice.

"What the hell?" they both thought to themselves. Both of them looked
around the room for the person who spoke. Steph's eyes became extremely wide
as she shook Jericho and said "Over there. On the TV."

There, on the screen, was the image of her soon-to-be ex-husband, Triple


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