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Security Part 2
by Formerly Ty (

Stephanie lie there on the cold marble floor with no clothes on. The
shreaded leather pants and shirt could not cover up how dirty she felt and
looked. Her asshole, which was violated upon, hurt as she got on her ashy
knees and to her feet, which she still had her clogs on.

She soon noticed she was in Stone Cold's locker room. Quickly she gathered
her belongings but thought what was she doing? She was about to go outside
butt naked and dirty. Her conceited ways tempted her to use Austin's shower.
She turned on the hot water before she took of her shoes. She entered the hot
shower. In the middle of her cleansing, Austin arrived in the room. To his
surprise was a stranger in his shower.

Austin ignored it and took off his vest. Austin decided to wait for Debra,
who he thought it was, to get out the shower. The shower was nowhere near
ending as Stephanie took her sweet time. Austin drenched himself with a few
brewskies as he waited for her to get out the shower.

"Debbie! I need to get in there so hurry up!" yelled a drunk Stone Cold.

Stephanie heard this as she scrubbed her silicone chest and gasped in
shock. How was she gonna get out of the room without Austin noticing? Austin
couldn't wait no moreand made his way to the shower, took off his boots and
wrestling attire. He entered the shower and, still thinking it was his wife

"Debbie, I see you changed your hair color," said Austin. He smelled her
hair and moved towards her neck kissing it gently. Stephanie, not knowing
Austin was drunk dare not to turn around and get in trouble.

"Oooh, you're so romantic Steve, it's time for me to return the favor
honey," insisted Stephanie as she disguised her voice as Debra's.

"You do that baby," responded Austin. Stephanie began to stroke his cock
from behind. Austin's head leaned back and looked to the ceiling in pleasure.
Stepanie quickly turned around and got on her knees. Austin looked down to
see his so-called 'wife' to see her long, brunette hair covering her face as
she pleasured him.

The gasps of Ausitn caused him to vomit on Stephanie's head. She got up
and slapped him extremely hard. Austin fell back and bumped his head, he was
out stone cold. Stephanie quickly washed off the disgusting stench of vomit
and tried to figure out what to do with an unconscious Stone Cold. Stephanie
grabbed Austin's arm and pulled him over to a steel folding chair with all
her might.

Stephanie quickly dried off and looked around for clothing, anything to
cover herself up. She then looked at Austin and thought of the anguish that
Debra has put her through. Stephanie wanted to repay Debra for what she
has done. Stephanie made her way over to Austin and got on her knees. The
semi-erect cock entered Stephanie's mouth and she spilled her saliva all
over his member until he was fully erect.

She continued to blow his member hoping for him to blow his load all
inside her mouth and her face taste buds. She licked his scrotum and tasted
his sweat, moving up to his testes an started to flick them with her tongue.
Stephanie stopped, she wanted to use Austin's body even more so she spread
her legs and sat on her slippery, wet cock.

Stephanie moaned and groaned as she rode his cock faster, she loved doing
this, while riding him she licked his bald head as his member entered her
womb. His cock went inside her smoothly as this was nothing compared to the
three security guards. Her walls had been stretched, so Austin's cock entered

Stephanie got off Austin and started to jerk his cock real hard. Stephanie
could feel his ejaculation coming and opened her mouth, it would soon squirt
all in her mouth as she invited it. Stephanie spit some semen on her fingers
and licked it up. The remaining semen was also licked off Austin's member.
Just then Austin woke up and saw Stephanie swallowing his little soldiers. He
smacked the shit out of her as she yelled rape.

"Security!! Help, I'm being raped!!" yelled Stephanie.

Security soon came in and took out Austin. Stephanie gave Austin and evil,
dirty look as security escorted the resisting Austin off to jail on rape

"Now it's time to get that bitch," said Stephanie. "She who scream's
last, scream's loudest," said Steph with a smirk on her face.

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