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Seducing Sexy Stephanie
by Angela ( AOL IM: Storyweaver4life)

Stephanie McMahon sat in her office at titan planning out different things to
keep Hunter in the main event. She closes her eyes as she slowly leans back
in her chair. She always smiles when she thinks about Hunter. As Stephanie
falls deeper into her thoughts about Hunter, someone knocks on her door.
Before she can say come in, the door opens and in walks Rob "The Con Man"

"Hey Stephy baby..." Conway says with a cocky smirk as he closes the door,
"I'm here." Stephanie jerks up glancing at the man in front of her desk.

"You're not supposed to be here until three thirty."

"Baby look at the clock" he says while pointing to Stephanie's clock which
now clearly read three forty five.

"I've been waiting for you to call me in..." Conway says with a grin.

Stephanie's face goes read with embarrassment, "Oh I'm sorry Rob... I got
caught up in my work."

"Sure..." Conway grins, "Are you sure you were working, cause it looked to me
you were about to do something else."

"I am your boss Mr. Conway so I suggest you watch your tone?"

Conway smirks and moves over behind the desk. He grabs the back of
Stephanie's chair and twirls it around. "Baby there's a whole lot of other
things I want to watch right here."

Stephanie looks at him with a raised eyebrow, "What the hell do you think
you're doing?"

Conway smirks, "Doing this the Con Way..." He runs a hand through Stephanie's
sexy blond hair.

"I happen to be in love with Triple H," Stephanie says as she locks eyes with

"Baby really he cant even begin to think about pleasing you the way I
can... with these hands that would softly stroke and caress your beautiful
breasts... going down to your very flat stomach and then... sweet surrender
Stephanie," Conway licks his lips.

Stephanie looks up at him, "You... you wouldn't even know what to do with

Conway smirks, "Give me a chance baby, and I'll have you loving the Con
Way..." He leans on her chair and raises a hand to gently press two fingers
against her lips when she starts to speak "Relax baby... let me show you what
the Con Way is all about." he starts kissing her gently slipping his tongue
inside of her mouth while cupping her face with his hands.

Stephanie eyes flare a bit as his tongue violates her mouth. She tries to
push him off, but soon starts to fall for the forceful yet gentle he's
kissing her. Stephanie slowly places her hands on Conway's strong arms, and
slides her tongue against his. He leans down picking her up carrying her over
to the small couch she has in her office and lays her down on it.

"He doesn't deserve you Stephanie Marie... your too good for him" He begins
to unbutton her pale blue blouse smiling when he finds a simple white bra
underneath. "No flowers and lace baby?"

Stephanie blushes a bit and shakes her head, "No... didn't picked... them
out... today..."

Conway slowly eases her blouse off of her body and down her arms, followed
by removing her bra. He then moves his hands over Stephanie's breasts, and
she gasps a bit at how gentle he is. "You like that baby?" Stephanie whimpers
a little and nods. "Good... because you haven't experienced anything yet..."

Conway lowers his head and gently flicks his tongue against her nipple
causing her to moan softly "He's not gentle with you is he Stephanie?"

"We just... No he isn't" she admitted quietly and Rob shakes his head.

"Pity... a woman like you should be savored, made love to slowly until your
crying out and begging the man with you to make you scream."

Stephanie moans a little and then licks her lips, "Are... are you such a
man..." Conway slowly moves a hand underneath her skirt and rubs her
panty-covered pussy slowly, "Yes I am..." Conway moves off the couch and
kneels on the floor. He slowly takes down her skirt, and then rubs her
legs as he kisses her belly button. Conway then bites her panties and
lowers them with his teeth. Stephanie simply watches him, becoming very
aroused at the show this man is presenting right in front of her. Rob
looks up into her eyes before slowly parting her legs and licking the
outside of her pussy.

Stephanie spreads her legs apart as Rob slowly drags his tongue up and down
her slit.

"Ohhhh..." Stephanie moans as she bites her lip. Rob rubs both of her milky
white thighs as he flicks his tongue over her cunt.

"So sexy... so damn hot" Rob whispers reaching up to gently pinch one of her
nipples "Lay down baby... I want to pleasure you in every way you can think

"Ooookay..." Stephanie whispers as she lies down on couch. Rob stands over
her and rubs his hands all over her body, squeezing her breasts with one hand
while tracing his fingers over her pussy with the other. He stops to slips
off his shirt, slacks and underwear before moving to gently lays down on top
of her. Rob leans down to claim her mouth in a erotic kiss, placing his hands
on either side of her head before he starts kissing his way down her body.

"Ahhh Rob..." Stephanie arches her body a bit as Rob kisses around her
breasts. Rob slides down her body, kissing her belly, her thighs, her knees
and then feet. Rob then kisses all the way back up to her mouth where he then
flicks his tongue against her pouty lips. Rob moves a hand between her legs
to gently rubs her pussy a little, but finds her extremely wet.

"You're loving this... aren't you?" Rob asks with a smile.

"It's so erotic" she says moving to wrap her arms around his
neck as Rob uses two fingers to rub the outside of her pussy as if massaging

"Close your eyes Stephanie... just concentrate on my hands and my voice."

"Ok..." Stephanie closes her eyes and slowly moves her hips to move her pussy
against his fingers. Rob traces his fingers slowly around the edges of her
slit, then uses his thumb and glides it teasingly over it.

"Your pussy is so wet Stephanie my fingers can't wait to spread you open and
start slowly stroking you, hearing my name come from your lips as you try and
hold back your passion only to have it come over you like a tidal wave."

"Ohhh Rob..." Stephanie whimpers actually sounds like she's crying for
release. Her eyes are clenched as she arches her body. "Ohhhh ahhh god...
I'm... Rob... Robbbb...!" Stephanie's body arches completely as she cums
hard on his fingers. Her climax has her body quivering like a leaf as she
comes down from it.

"That was amazingly beautiful Stephanie... now watch me" he commands softly
and Stephanie's gaze immediately connects with his just as he smiles before
once again spreading her open this time slipping his tongue inside her pussy
licking her up and down.

Stephanie hasn't come down come down completely from her first climax and
is already moaning heavily. "Ohh Rob... don't... don't stop... ohhh right
there... lick right there..." Stephanie whimpers as she looks down at him.
Rob moves his tongue gently tracing it around her pussy before settling on
the spot Stephanie had indicated. He slowly strokes it over and over with
his tongue until he feels her grab his shoulders and try to hold back a

Stephanie moves her hands to Rob's head and pulls on his hair. She is
breathing rapidly and soon cums hard and suddenly on his face. "Ohhhhh fuck
me... ahhh Rob..." Stephanie climaxes so hard that tears come out of her

Rob gently rolls her over, rubbing her back for a few moments before sliding
a finger down her ass. "I love watching you cum baby... you are so erotic...
we will have to have more meetings like this" Rob suddenly pushes two fingers
inside her ass moving them up and down.

Stephanie bites her hand a bit as Rob works his fingers in and out of her
asshole. "Ohhh Rob..." Stephanie pushes back against his hand signally she
wants more.

"You like this Stephanie... oh yeah baby... Your ass feels so good" Rob moves
her gently up onto her knees and reaches around to pinch her nipple before
spreading her ass apart and slipping his cock deep inside of her asshole.

"Mmmmm.... that's it..." Stephanie moans as she pushes back against him. She
move a hand to her pussy, then slides two fingers into her slit and fucks
herself as Rob fucks her ass.

"Oh yeah do your hot pussy Steph... I love watching those sexy fingers moving
inside of you... Rub your pussy baby... oh it's so wet it's dripping all over
mmmm yeah Steph.........oh damn baby girl I can't take it!" Rob grunts and
cums in her while whispering her name. "Stephanie..."

"Mmmm your cum feels so warm in my ass..." Stephanie moans as she feverishly
rubs her cunt with her fingers until she cums on them. Stephanie looks back
at Rob with a seductive grin on her face, "I love... the Con Way..."

"Good baby... your gonna be experiencing it a lot more I can promise you
that... cause you see Stephanie I plan on having a long... hard career here
in the WWE... but with some very well placed perks," Rob moves his hand
between her legs to rub her pussy. "I think I am definitely gonna like it
here... and since Hunter's an ass who only cares about his own pleasure...
you'll be back and I'll be waiting baby..."

Stephanie smirks at him, "Baby... you won't be waiting long... tomorrow
night... you're going to be... the new... Intercontinental Champion... and
if... you keep me... satisfied... there will be more perks... than you can

"I think I will enjoy all these perks but especially this one right here" Rob
slides a finger down her slit "And don't worry baby I do intend to keep you
very well satisfied in fact... your wish is my command anytime anywhere baby
just call me..."

"When you win... tomorrow... come see me... immediately... got it..."
Stephanie moans a little and smiles.

"I'll be here before they finish announcing my win. Now baby there's
something I have been wanting to see all afternoon," Conway says and
Stephanie gave him a questioning look "I want your mouth...right here"
he explains as he takes his cock in his hand and strokes it slowly.

Stephanie smirks, "You're certainly are bold Con Man..." Stephanie leans over
on the couch and slowly fills her mouth with his cock. Stephanie hums on his
cock as she bobs her head on his shaft. She slides one hand to her pussy and
slides a finger up and down her slit slowly.

"Oh yeah Steph... that's it baby" Rob pushes his hands through her hair
trying to watch as she fingers her pussy. "Steph do you know how hot you
make me how I want to throw you down on this couch and be buried to the
hilt inside that sweet pussy?"

Stephanie lifts her head off his cock and grins at him, "Why don't you? So
me some ruthless aggression... throw me on my desk... on the floor... I don't

"Steph I want to treat you with care and gentleness like you deserve to be
treated. Yes, your last name is McMahon but that doesn't mean you don't have
feelings and can't be hurt just ask your boyfriend... I'm going to treat you
like glass Stephanie."

"Well isn't that sweet..." Stephanie smiles at Conway. She leans back up and
then straddles his lap, his cock now pressing against her pussy, not yet
inside it. "Do you want me Con Man?"

"Like Hunter wants another title shot" he replies as he moves his hands to
rub her legs up then toward her pussy, and then to her breasts. "You have
beautiful breasts Stephanie so big and just right for my mouth..."

"Suck on them... suck on my big tits..." Stephanie cups them and presses them
against Conway's face. "Make love to my breasts with your mouth..."

Rob opens his mouth taking her breast in his mouth swirling his tongue around
it as Stephanie's head falls back and she moans loudly. Using his other hand,
Rob massages her other breast rolling his hand around it in a circular

"Yes that it suck my breasts... work the nipple with your tongue... tug on
them... mmmm..." Stephanie reaches down and wraps a hand around his cock and
strokes it softly. "You like how I stroke your cock Con Man?"

"Yes... oh damn Stephanie your so good... stroke my big rod Stephanie let me
watch you get it so big and hard... only for you baby. Nobody has ever turned
me on the way you do" Rob replies tugging on both her nipples.

"Mmmmm... I love this cock... it's big... and powerful... it's been in my
ass... and my mouth... Tell me... where... should it go next..." Stephanie
rocks her hips, pressing her pussy against the underside of Conway's cock.

"Oh I can think of a few places baby... like this nice wet pussy... or
between those nice big tits... where would you like it to be baby... I can
imagine my nice big cock anywhere on your body right now."

Stephanie grins, "How about... I ride you big hard dick... and then... when
you cum... you come all over my beautiful breasts? Would you like that Con

"Just one big change Ms. McMahon..." he replies as he taking her hand and
leads her over to her desk. Conway sits down on top of it and then gently
pulls her onto his lap "Now baby ride me while I play with these" he says
as he quickly cups her breasts and begins twisting the nipples.

Stephanie moans a bit as Conway plays with her fun bags. She reaches down and
moves his cock a bit to press it into her snatch. Stephanie slowly begins to
move up and down on Conway's coc as she runs her fingers through his short
black hair. "Mmmm baby... the Con Way... is my way now..." Stephanie whispers
to him.

"Maybe we should rename it then?" Conway asks as he moves to suck on one of
her nipples drawing it slowly into his mouth with just his teeth. "We could
call it the pleasing Stephanie way?...or the passionate princess gets pleased

"Ohhh how about... I Get... What I Want Way..." Stephanie kisses his forehead
as she comes down sharply on his cock. Stephanie moves her hands to the back
of his head and presses his face in between her tits.

Rob licks her between her breasts moving up to her lips kissing her deeply
groaning as her tits press against his chest "Keep going baby I'm so close...
it's gonna happen very soon... I'll be spraying my nice hot cum all over your

"Ahhhh ahhh I'm cumming!" Stephanie screams as she rocks harder on Conway's
cock and she pulls on his hair as she cums hard on his cock.

The sound of her cumming almost made him toss her onto the desk and pound it
inside of her but he restrained himself to gently laying her on the desk.
Conway pulls out and starts stroking his hard cock over and over "I'm gonna
put my cum all over your tits baby."

Stephanie licks her lips as she cups her breast, "Yess... cum on my tits...
spray your spunk all over them..." Rob aims right at her breast and the cum
goes all over her tits coating them. He leans down sliding finger across her
nipple to clean some cum of. He then places it against her lips so she can
slowly and erotically lick it clean.

Stephanie parts her lips and slowly sucks Rob's finger clean as she rubs
both of her tits with her hands to rub the remaining cum into her skin.
When she cleans his finger, she looks up at him and smirks, "Now remember...
tomorrow... come right to me... after you win..."

"Oh I'll be here baby and this time the celebration is gonna last all night
long so clear your schedule and as for you know who... tell him your going
to visit a friend."


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