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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Seductively Bad
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After getting the taste slapped out of her mouth by Cherry following the May
1, 2008 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, the sly French-Canadian Diva known
as Maryse, dressed a tight fitting black top and tight fitting black pants,
enters the locker room belonging to Deuce and Domino. Deuce is wearing a
black leather jacket, black t-shirt and black jeans and Domino is dressed the
same except he's wearing a white t-shirt. Domino raises an eyebrow as Maryse
slams the door shut as she rubs the right side of her face, "Hey what
happened to you?" Domino asks.

Maryse narrows her eyes as she rubs the right side of her face "That little
bitch Cherry just slapped me!" Maryse snaps as she glares at her new bad boys
of Deuce and Domino.

Deuce smirks a bit, "Yeah right... she couldn't hurt a fly.... what really
happened?" Deuce asks

Maryse shakes her head as she walks towards the center of the locker room
while Deuce and Domino relax on the large leather couch "That little bitch
slapped me...after I could her a pathetic little dog..." Maryse says in her
French accent while she smirks "She may of slapped me...but I don't care..."
Maryse presses her lips together and tosses her gorgeous blond hair back "I'm
still a winner and Cherry...she's a loser..." Maryse says as she casually
walks over towards, and then behind, the changing divider inside of the
locker room.

Deuce and Domino both turn their heads to look at the changing divider inside
of the locker room so they can look at the shadow of Maryse. "That's why we
kicked her to the curb..." Domino says.

Maryse slowly unzips her black top, while she stands behind the changing
divider. "You two boys must be so happy to be with someone as truly beautiful
and bad as me...not some loser like Cherry." Maryse says as Deuce and Domino
are able to watch the shadowed image of Maryse undressing behind the changing
divider. Maryse removes her black top and tosses the top over the side
landing on the floor near Deuce and Domino.

Deuce puts a tooth pick in his mouth and chews on it a bit, "You got that
right... Cherry was a waste of our time..." Deuce says with a smirk.

"She was so....ummm how do you say, boring?" Maryse asks with a sly laugh as
she tosses her blond hair back as she reaches over her shoulder to unclip her
bra. Maryse slowly peels the bra away from her large and juicy tits that
become exposed via shadow from behind the changing divider. "Not me love having fun..." Maryse says as she tosses her black laced
bra over the side of the divider.

Domino smirks as he and Deuce watch Maryse undress, "That's part of why we
hooked up with you..." Domino says.

Maryse laughs as she unbuttons her tight fitting black pants and starts to
slide them down for her gorgeous, beautiful and seductive legs before she
steps out of her pants and tosses the pants over the changing divider "You
boys love it when I'm bad, don't you Deuce and Domino?" Maryse asks slyly as
her beautiful shadowed body moves behind the divider.

Deuce takes the toothpick out of his mouth and flicks it into a small
trashcan, "You bet we do..." Deuce says as he and Domino keep their eyes
locked on the changing divider as they watch Maryse move her hips and moves
her hands on her body.

Maryse slowly steps out from behind the changing divider to expose her nicely
toned and seductively tanned body, complete with her large juicy tits, her
seductively rounded and tanned ass, and her smoothly shaved and desirable
pussy. "Cherry....was so, how do you say, weak..."

"Weak... and useless..." Domino says as he licks his lips as he looks at
Maryse's gorgeous body.

Maryse nods her head and slyly smirks as she walks over towards the couch,
her large and tanned tits bouncing slightly as she walks. "But not me...I'm
not weak..." Maryse says as she licks her lips and kneels down on the couch
in front of Cherry's former boyfriend, Deuce, and the sly French Vixen places
her hands onto his jean covered knees and starts to slide her hands up his
strong legs towards his crotch.

Deuce smirks as Maryse slides her hands on his crotch before she unbuttons
his jeans, "Damn straight you're not..." Deuce says as Maryse slowly unzips
his jeans.

Maryse licks her sly, seductive lips as she finishes unzipping Deuce's black
jeans and pulls them down from his waist. "Deuce, baby, do you want to get
bad?" Maryse asks with a sly smirk as she pulls his black jeans down from his
waist and down his strong legs.

"Oh yeah..." Deuce smirks as his hardening ten inch cock becomes freed as
Maryse pulls down his black jeans. Deuce shifts his body slightly as he takes
off his black leather jacket.

Maryse raises an eyebrow and smirks as she places her sly, mischievous hands
around the hardening cock of Deuce. "Mmmm...bad is the way to be..." Maryse
says in her sexy French accent as she starts to smoothly stroke her skilled
hands along his shaft. Maryse lowers her head and softly kisses the head of
Deuce's cock, before the blond-haired Vixen slides her tongue across the head
of his cock.

"Mmmmmm yeah..." Deuce moans as Maryse drags her tongue around the head of
his cock as she moves her hands up and down on his cock. Domino licks his
lips as he takes off his own leather jacket and then pulls off his t-shirt.
Maryse slyly locks her eyes with Deuce as she opens her seductive wet mouth
and lowers her head to take his ten inch cock greedily into her mouth. Maryse
presses her sensual lips around Deuce's cock and she starts to slyly bob her
head to suck his shaft.

"Ahhhh yea.... mmmm..." Deuce moans as he watches Maryse bob her head up and
down on his ten inch cock while she looks up at him. Deuce licks his lips as
Maryse turns her head slightly on his cock.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Maryse gently moans as she bobs her head smoothly and
steadily on his shaft, gently lapping her sultry wet tongue around his shaft.
Maryse tightly wraps her lips around the head of Deuce's cock and quickly
twists her head while she raises her left hand and rubs her hand against the
crotch of Domino's black jeans.

"Ahhh shit...." Deuce moans as Maryse takes his ten inch cock deeper into her
sly wet mouth. Domino smirks as Maryse rubs his crotch with her left hand
before she unbuttons his jeans.

"Mmmmmm..." Maryse moans as she smacks her wet tongue against the bottom side
of Deuce's cock as she takes his ten inch cock deeper into her seductively
sly mouth. Maryse closes her eyes as she blindly reaches into Domino's opened
black jeans and pulls out his hardening cock which she immediately starts to

"Mmmmm..." Domino licks his lips as Maryse moves her left hand up and down on
his ten inch cock while she continues to suck Deuce's dick.

Maryse starts to bob her blond haired head quicker on Deuce's cock as her
soft lips brush back and forth against his shaft while she impressively sucks
on his cock deeply inside of her sultry mouth. "Mmmmm...." Maryse moans as
she quickly moves her left hand on Domino's shaft, as her palm brushes on his

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm so much better than Cherry..." Deuce moans as Maryse deep
throats his cock with ease. Domino licks his teeth as Maryse jerks him off at
a swift pace.

Maryse slowly lifts her head from Deuce's cock and slides her right hand
against his saliva coated shaft. "Mmmm thanks babe..." Maryse says in her
French accent as she tosses her blond hair back and turns on her knees
towards Domino. Maryse lowers her head to his cock and taps her wet tongue
lightly against the head of Domino's cock before she eagerly slurps his cock
up into her sultry mouth.

"Mmmmm shit..." Domino moans as Maryse starts to bob her head hungrily up and
down on his stiff ten inch cock. Deuce licks his lips as he gets off the
couch and moves behind Maryse. Cherry's ex-boyfriend places his hands on
Maryse's slender hips before he pushes his cock into Maryse's warm wet
French-Canadian pussy.

"MMMMMM!" Maryse moans loudly around Domino's cock as she feels Deuce's ten
inch cock slide into her wet pussy from behind. Maryse gently rocks back on
her knees in order to push her gorgeous, seductively tanned body back against
Deuce's thrusting cock. Maryse massages her lips against Domino's shaft as
she smoothly maneuvers her head on his shaft, while locking her sensual eyes
with the brother of Cherry.

"Ohhhhh yeah... ahhhh..." Deuce moans as he pumps his ten inch cock in and
out of Maryse's pussy form behind. Domino licks his lips and pushes Maryse's
blond hair back as he looks into her eyes as she bobs her head on his cock.

"Mmmm...ohhh...mmmm..." Maryse moans as she smoothly rocks back and forth
between Deuce and Domino, as Deuce thrusts his cock deeper into her tight wet
pussy from behind and while Maryse incredibly moves her blond haired head on
Domino's shaft. Maryse's wet saliva drips down Domino's shaft as she
increases the pace of how she sucks Domino's cock, while Deuce jolts her body
forward with each of his firm thrusts

"Ahhhh yeah.... mmmmm.... fuck..." Domino moans as Maryse presses her lips on
his cock as she continues to suck it. Deuce grits his teeth as he drives his
cock harder into Maryse's pussy from behind.

"MMMMMM! MMMMM!" Maryse moans as her blond haired head rocks forward on
Domino's cock as her sultry lips grind on his shaft. Maryse closes her eyes
as her sultry tanned ass smacks back against Deuce's toned waist as she takes
his shaft deeper into her wet pussy.

"Mmmmm ahhh uhhhh!" Deuce moans as he smacks Maryse's ass as his drives his
cock firmly into her tight wet pussy. Domino licks his lips as he watches
Maryse take his cock all the way into her warm wet mouth.

"MMMMMM!" Maryse moans as the head of Domino's cock presses against the back
of her sly, incredibly hot mouth. Maryse's wet saliva pours down his shaft as
she continues to bob her head to swiftly suck on his shaft. "MMMMMM! MMMMM!"
Maryse moans as her juicy tanned ass smacks against Deuce's waist as he
deeply slams his cock into her tight pussy.

"Mmmmm..... fuck..." Domino moans as Maryse lifts her head off of his cock
just as Deuce pulls his dick out of her pussy. Domino leans forward and pulls
Maryse up onto his lap so that her pussy becomes impaled with his ten inch

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhh Domino!" Maryse moans as her seductive body is pulled down
onto his cock. Maryse grits her teeth as she places her hands onto his nicely
muscular chest and the seductive French Vixen starts to smoothly rock her
body back and forth on his shaft.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh!" Domino moans as he pumps his cock upward into Maryse's pussy
as she rocks on his cock. Deuce stands up and steps forward before he puts
his hands on Maryse's round ass. Deuce licks his lips and then pushes his ten
inch cock into Maryse's tight asshole.

Maryse presses her lips together and slyly smirks as she feels Deuce's cock
entering her tight asshole while she moves smoothly on Domino's cock
"Ohhhh...ohhhh give it to me bad boys!" Maryse moans as she grinds her pussy
down on Domino's shaft while Deuce firmly pushes his cock into her ass.

"Uhhhh ahhhh... mmmm!" Deuce grits his teeth as he drives his cock firmly
into Maryse's asshole. Domino licks his lips as he cups Maryse's large juicy
tits with both of his hands as he sharply thrusts his cock into Maryse's

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" Maryse moans as she bounces quicker on Domino's cock as her
seductive tanned ass smoothly smacks against Deuce's toned waist as she feels
both cocks deeply thrusting into her pussy and ass

"Ahhhh... mmmmm shit... ahhhh!" Domino grunts as he pumps his cock into
Maryse's pussy as she rocks between him and Deuce. Deuce firmly holds onto
Maryse's hips as he pounds her ass with hard quick thrusts.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh I love being bad..." Maryse moans as she slyly moves her soft
hands against Domino's muscular chest as she starts to firmly smack her
beautiful body down on Domino's thighs as he deeply slams his cock up into
her pussy. "Ohhhhh!" Maryse groans as she aggressively pushes back on Deuce's
cock in her tight ass.

"Uhhhh awww... mmmmm fuck!" Deuce moans as he starts to cum inside of
Maryse's tight French-Canadian ass while he continues to fuck her.

Maryse licks her lips as she glances over her shoulder and slyly smirks at
Deuce " much better than Cherry, right?" Maryse moans as she rocks
forward on Domino's shaft.

"Ohh yea..." Deuce moans as he pulls his cum spent cock out of Maryse's
asshole. Domino then turns himself and Maryse over so that he's on top of her
as he continues to ram his cock deeply into her wet cunt.

Maryse grits her teeth as she places her hands onto Domino's muscular arms
while he drives his rock hard cock deep into her pussy. "Ohhhh Domino! Give
me that big, bad dick!" Maryse moans as she moves on the couch with Domino.

"Uhhh mmmm ahhh!" Domino grunts as he pounds Maryse's pussy as she wraps her
legs around his waist. Domino's ball sack smack smacks loudly against
Maryse's smooth skin with each of his thrusts.

Maryse locks her sly, beautiful eyes with Domino as she moves against the
couch to grind her pussy against his shaft. "Ohhhh! love it bad,
don't you Domino?" Maryse asks as she wraps her beautiful legs around his

"Ohhh yeah... ahhh yea..." Domino replies as he roughly rams his ten inch
cock deep into Maryse's pussy. Domino grits his teeth as he then starts to
cum inside of her tight French-Canadian pussy.

Maryse tilts her head back and licks her lips as she feels the warm rush of
Domino's cum inside of her wet pussy "Ohhhh...." Maryse moans as she lightly
grinds her pussy against his shaft.

"Mmmmm ahhh you're so bad...." Domino smirks as he keeps his cock inside of
Maryse's cum filled pussy.

Maryse grits her teeth together and sits up slightly as Domino pulls his cock
out of her pussy. "Mmmm.I know and I love to be bad..."


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