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See What Staring Gets You
by Punisher924 (

Christy Hemme's POV

I knew she's been watching me.

I kept looking up and seeing her eyeing me from the bar. All legs and hips,
dressed in tight jeans, a white tang top and a jacket. I don't know what made
me keep looking at her, there was something about that long blonde hair,
those dark liquid eyes and that smooth complexion that made it impossible for
me to draw my eyes away from her; she was so attractive. It was a weird
sensation. I've never been that way inclined, but with each glance I found
myself feeling more and more aroused by her curvy body.

When I took another clandestine look - for the fiftieth time - she was gone.
I actually felt my heart sink. The thought 'would I see her again?' tripped
through my mind. "don't be so stupid." I told myself. I took a deep drink
from my wine glass and making my excuses to the party of other knockouts I
was with, I made my way to the ladies room; a quick freshen up would clear my

The bathroom was quiet, only the thud-thud of the music in the bar could be
heard. I felt a strange sense of relief, like I'd gotten away with murder. I
bent over the sink to splash a few cold drops of water on my face.

"Caught ya looking didn't I?"

A soft husky voice breaking the stillness of the room made me jump and I
grabbed hold of the sides of the sink to stop myself from falling sideways. I
Looked up into the mirror, water dripping from my cheeks. There she was,
right behind me; tall, even slimmer than I'd thought and wearing the hottest
red lipstick I had ever seen. She coolly stared back at me, scrutinizing my
wet features.

"I ...I..." I stammered.

"Shut up." She snapped, taking a couple of steps towards me. I felt her hips
press against my butt and gasped as a hand ran slowly down my back and
squeezed at a cheek. "You wanna know what staring gets ya?" she whispered.

I didn't know what to say, but in my surprise I nodded. My mistake. With one
hand she grasped my shoulder and pulled me up. She was a lot stronger than
me. Whirling me round she dragged me forcibly into an empty stall and slammed
the door behind us both.

In the claustrophobic confines of the cubical she pushed me roughly against
the door. I felt powerless to do anything, but strangely wanting her to show
me what she had in mind. I didn't have to wait. Hot, red, full lips found my
mouth and a firm probing tongue pushed open my lips.

I couldn't help but moan into her as she ravished me. I felt a hand clamp
around my breast, squeezing and kneading until she raised a hardened nipple
and rolled it between her fingers through the thin material of my blouse. I
pulled away and cried out, thrashing against her advances. I felt panicked
yet wanting.

Searching hands pulled at my buttons and soon my blouse was open. Hot fingers
eased down my cleavage and slid inside my bra, easing my ample breasts out
over the material. I closed my eyes aching from her touch. Reaching up and
behind my head, I grasped the door-frame as her lips closed around my nipple,
suckling at the hard flesh.

God she was making me wet. I could feel it rising between my legs. She moved
from one breast to the other, flicking and licking with her tongue, groaning
as she satiated her own pleasure. And I just let her.

My eyes snapped open when I heard a soft whipping sound. When I looked up she
was removing a thin white belt from her waist. She leaned in close to me, her
hot breath caressing my cheek. Pressing her fine body against me she wrapped
the belt around my wrists and tide the ends to the coat hook. I was bound and
bare but that was just the start.

Lowering herself to her knees, watching me all the time she began to push my
skirt upward. Soon it was round my waist, revealing a black thong, stockings
and garter belt. I moaned again and let my head drop back as I heard her
laugh to herself and felt her hot hands run up the inside of my thigh gently
stroking and squeezing. Oh-so-slowly she eased back the material covering my
now throbbing heat.

She traced a finger over my soft strip of hair and down into the cleft of my
womanhood and I yelled out with pleasure. Pushing a little deeper she pressed
at my hardened clit and I bucked away from the door. She took her time,
savoring every touch, knowing that I couldn't move. I could hear her talking,
as she pressed into me. "That's right you little slut, this is what you
wanted isn't it. Come on show me you like it."

I was too absorbed in what she was doing to me to care what she said. Fingers
pushed deeper, winding around my wet opening and then back to my clit. I was
so slick and she was enjoying every minute of it...but then so was I. I
gasped as she wrenched my panties down to my ankles, easing one foot out. I
felt her push my legs a little further apart; opening my quivering wetness up
for her. And then I felt that hot dirty little mouth of hers latch on to my
clit with such force I thought I would cum then and there. I writhed against
the straps, bearing down on her, wanting her to eat me.

She flicked and nibbled, the juices of her mouth mixing with my wetness as
she lathed her tongue over me. I felt a hand trace up my body to grasp at my
heaving breast, pinching at my nipple till it stung. Then that hungry probing
tongue found my opening and pushed in. I spasmed, opening up to her and then
clamping around her tongue. She pushed in harder, till her face pressed
against my pussy and her hot breath fluttered over my swollen clit.

I wanted to be hers in that moment I wanted to open myself to her and let her
have me. Lifting my leg, I pressed my foot against the toilet paper
dispenser, giving myself leverage to push against her mouth and let her see
how slick and wet she was making me.

I felt her hands gripping tightly to my ass cheeks as she stroked in and out
of me, pumping my pussy like a jack hammer as my climax rose. It was that
thin little finger that brought me to my peak. I felt it slide down my butt
crack and circle my hole, pressing and teasing as she fucked me with her
mouth. When I finally let her in I was panting and moaning like a whore;
writhing against my bonds and driving against her mouth.

She pushed in deeper with her finger, and I let her have it. My body reflexed
and I came; pulsing hot juice onto her tongue, and she drank me, moaning into
my heat, vibrating my clit till I pulsed again.

I don't really remember much after that. When I finally came to my senses I
was sat disheveled on the toilet, by blouse undone, my breasts still hanging
out of my bra, my skirt up round my waist and my thighs sticky with juice. I
looked down to begin tidying myself up and found a small white business card
stuck into my bra. Pulling it free I read the handwritten note on the card.

'Thanks for the fuck, next time don't stare so hard, you may get more than
you bargained for - same time next week?' - ODB


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