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Seeking Justice
by 1GB (

Soon as Wrestling Challenge taping started, ring announcer Mike McGuirk got into a bit of trouble. The obnoxious manager Harvey Whippleman, got up in her face, attempting to proclaim his client Bully Busick as the bigger man. Not only she was humiliated on television, she was also unable to defend herself. But the moment a familiar rock tune hit, she got out of such an ugly mess as the first matchup began.

He slammed the bully down, and left the manager running for his life!

Mike couldn't be any proud watching those two make complete jerks of themselves. Finally, justice has been served.

For now.

* * *

In a vacant locker room, Mike sat down on a small bouch recovering, still, from the rude in-ring segment. The smell of smoke wasn't a flattering scent. Her eyes went teary, but held them back visioning the man that rescued her. She appreciated the help in her mind, but it didn't feel complete.

Leaving her red tux styled blazer behind, she left the room, looking for her big hero. She then realized the events were over and many of the superstars left the arena. Room by room there was no sign of Sid anywhere. Her hopes of thanking him personally went down as she asked some employers who were around.

"I'm too late." Mike mumbled, returning back to her room closing the door behind her. "You know what? Forget it-"

The sudden couple knocks startled her, she turned around slowly opening the door, only to see a tall man block her only exit.

"Looking for someone?"

"Oh no! I mean-! Yes!"

Her thoughts were clear again now that Sid decided to see her. She shyly looked up at him and let him in to get this settled.

"Look, the only reason I wanted to speak to you so I can thank you properly."

She smiled at a silent Sid as she stood in front of him. The intense look of Sid's face didn't seem to intimidate her at all, leaving her unaffected. With her hand at his shirt covered chest her smile weakened and she locked those cold blue eyes with her radient grey eyes. It was a matter of time till he pins her down and gets her off quicker then any jobber he had to deal with. Mike gives Sid a light peck on the lips and says seductively.

"I want to give you so much more..."

Sid looked down at her, "Then you're in one something you'll never forget."

Using his strong arms he carried Mike from her slim waist, taking her to the nearest resting area. A small sofa just perfect enough for a lovely couple. He sat her down, but before she can lift a single shirt...

"You mind if I undress you?"

Sid nodded and she grabbed his shirt tossing it over his head, onto the floor. Once his muscular torso is exposed, she unbuttoned his jeans and boxer shorts, getting a good look at his cock. Pushing then further down, she licks her lips looking at his full package.

"I'm really gonna make it up to you!"

Mike quickly got undresses leaving only her bra and panties. Her hair is loosened from the big ponytail. She grabs his dick with her right hand, licking the reddish tip around the crown and back again. Parting her lips she moved her head forward taking a small, nearly half of his cock in her mouth. Her left hand remained on his hip pusihing deeper, leading her to gag.

Sid moaned from her sucking, but her rushed actions didn't give him much satisfaction at all. As she continued, he stood up grabbing a handful of her hair.

"MMM!" Mike exclaimed as her head was moving faster, as a result of Sid pumping his huge member in her mouth. Her movements slowed down but gained pace putting her hands against his waist. He pushed further in her oral hole just enough to reach her throat! Mike's loud moans vibrated his engorged member, feeling a surge of heat down her pussy. She was so hot and ready for him! Several more pumps Sid pulled out of her mouth, letting her take a breather.

"Please..." Mike breathed heavily. ""

Sid didn't respond, he just bend the ring announcer close to his crotch area. His cock stroked lightly against her wet pussy.

"Mmmm...mmm..." She let out a small, soothing moans as Sid teased her entrance. Her moans disappeared when he pulled out, adjusting his current position. He gripped her slender waist from both sides of his hands, thrusting firmly inside her. Without any remorse, he pushed deeper, as the lovely woman arched her back with lust.

"Oh my god, yes!"

She remained bend over for her big hero, tagging along with his hard thrusts. Her ass repeatedly slammed against his humping waist.

"Ohhh, this is sooo good!" She moaned with her forehead began a light sheen of sweat hoping there's no end to this pleasurable scene.

"It's gonna feel better after this!" Sid pulled out and sat at his end of the sofa carrying Mike with him. Mike down on her knees lowered to Sid's massive cock. She gritted her teeth looking down only taking part of his girth inside the walls of her pussy. She didn't like the feeling of being penetrated by this hell of a powerhouse...and loved it!

"Ohhh, you're so fucking big!"

So much that she collapsed, her love juices drenched onto his cock. Sid grunted slowing her ride down.

"Mmmm...Not inside!" She pleaded. "I'll finish you off myself."

Instead of letting him taking full control of her body, she stood up for herself this time to someone twice as large. Her nude petite body didn't gave up from such a powerful orgasm, lifting herself off the sofa onto her knees as Sid stood up in front of her.

With that said, she stroked his dick with her left hand. She gobbled him whole by sucking him off bobbing her head, til the tip reached her throat.

"Ahh! That's it!" Sid groaned "Keep it coming!"

Mike put her hands on his waist keeping her gag reflexes at a low level. She suddenly felt his cock pulsate through mouth as she continued to deep throat him.

With a quick groan, Sid gritted his teeth, as he began to cum. As his climax hit Mike's throat, she coughed and gagged, getting a little taste of his cum. She let his nearly limp dick out and strokes it for a bit, as a little more cum landed on her open mouth and chin. She licked the rest cleansing her fair, but pretty face.

"Mmm, I'll never forget this moment!" Mike exclaimed as if ths sexual encounter would be her very last.

"Aren't you forgetting one little detail?" Sid asked with a smirk.

Mike stood up smiling.

"Again, thank you."

"Not quite." He shook his head, shared a brief laugh and looking back at her with those intense blue eyes of his.

"That Justice...has been...served!"

Mike became very intimidated, but after standing up to him, she smiled once more and lifted a finger at the bottom of his chin.

"I hear you loud and clear."


* * *

I didn't think this story would be shorter than the las two that I wrote, but this is all I came up with, unfortunately. :(

Anyway, feedback please!

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