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Settling The Legal Battle
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT, Former Multi-Time WWE Heavyweight
Champion Brock Lesnar is in the main boardroom located on the top floor the
building, waiting to discuss details of his contract that are unfair to him
and his style of living. In the past year, Brock has left the WWE to pursue
his dream of playing in the NFL, but when that didn't go as he had hoped,
he started looking back into the realm of pro wrestling to make a living.
However the WWE blocked his attempts to sign on anywhere, and made it
difficult for him to earn a living, which resulted in him turning around
and suing the company that made him famous. The large muscular man looks
out a window that overlooks the building's parking lot, and he smiles when
he picks out his fire red sports car.

"This is worth all the trouble..." He says to himself as he moves to sit down
in one of the leather chairs surrounding the conference table and patiently
waits for the arrival of the WWE's representative.

The door opens and in walks the daughter of Vince McMahon, Stephanie,
dressed in black business suit and carrying a briefcase with her. Stephanie
approaches the conference table and sets her briefcase down on the table
"Good morning Brock...I'm sorry my father couldn't make it..." Stephanie
says as she sits down on the leather chair across from Brock Lesnar.

"It's all right Stephanie... I'll tell you the same thing I was going to tell
him... I want my contract voided out..." Brock replies with serious tone in
his voice as he folds his hands and lays them on the conference table.

Stephanie laughs a for moment and then composes herself "Let me get this
straight…you, Brock Lesnar, want your contract no-compete clause voided...
when you broke the contract originally to begin with?"

"The clause stated that it applied to companies within the United States...
not to those located out of the country." Brock replies.

Stephanie looks into Brock's eyes "Apparently you didn't read the fine

"I did read it... it stated I couldn't sign on with an organization that is
direct completion with the WWE... My lawyers as well as your own made that

Stephanie shakes her head "I'm sorry Brock...I won't void the contract."

Brock gets an annoyed look on his chiseled face, "Stephanie I have no
intention of working here in the states... I make more money working once
every 30 days in Japan than I would in TNA... and I want to do is to earn
a living and be happy."

Stephanie laughs "TNA? Do you think my father is afraid of that pathetic
excuse for a company...Please Brock..."

Brock folds his arms, "I could care less what your dad thinks, I just care
about me... and like I said, I make more money working over seas than I would
there... or anywhere else here in the United States. I don't see what the
hell the problem is."

Stephanie leans forward " be honest, the only reason you're a high
demand is because you worked for my dad. Face it, if you didn't work here...
you would have been a nobody."

Brock also leans forward, "Oh really... I could've been headed for the
Olympics for all we know... and we both know that's the only reason your dad
went after signing Kurt Angle was because he was in the Olympics in 96, same
with Mark Henry."

Stephanie sighs and folds her hands "Brock...Brock, let's drop the
negativity. I'm sure we can work this out so both parties are happy."
Stephanie smiles "We worked well together in the past, didn't we?"

Brock leans back in his chair and smiles, "Yes we did... and that's what I
want... to work this out and get on with my life."

Stephanie nods and smiles again "And that's what I want...and my father
wants, to put all this in the past."

"Good... and the best way to do that... is to let me work over seas, so I'm
out of your hair that way you don't lose me to the competition and I move on
to better things."

Stephanie nods her head again "Right... but Brock..." Stephanie says leaning
forward again in her chair "I'm sure there's another agreement we can come know a agreement..."

Brock raises an eyebrow, "What do you have in mind?"

Stephanie laughs a bit and gets up from her chair "Well...Brock..." Stephanie
says as she begins to walk around the table.

Brock turns a bit in his chair to watch Stephanie walk around the table,
"Yeah? What?" He asks with a curious look on his face.

Stephanie finishes her walk around the table, she sits down on the edge of
the conference table and cross her legs as she sits. Stephanie looks at Brock
"You're a handsome guy...right?"

"Yeah... I like to think I am..." Brock smiles as he looks at her, "What's
the point of asking me that?"

"'re young...and strong...and probably sex craving, am I right?"
Stephanie asks raising an eyebrow.

"Of course... I'm a red blooded American male..." Brock answers, "But what
does this have to do with us working out an agreement..."

Stephanie points a finger in the air to silence Brock "Let me finish."
Stephanie clears her throat "And...I'm clearly sure Rena...does her duty,
but you know she's getting older and I'm sure her stamina and sex drive is
slowing down..."

"You'd be surprise... but I have worn her out a few times as of late..."

Stephanie smirks "Unlike...your lovely girlfriend.." Stephanie rolls her eyes
"Rena...I am younger...I have a tremendous sex drive.."

Brock slowly starts to catch on, "All right Stephanie... I'm listening...
what's the offer?"

Stephanie's eyes slowly cloud over with lust " offer is
simple...we settle the battle right now. We put an end to this legal
battle...If you're willing to get a bit dirty..." Stephanie says as she
inches her face close to Brock's face.

Brock smirks, "I'm willing... and able... but how do I know you're not
just... trying to trick me into signing another bogus contract."

Stephanie laughs a bit "Brock...I'm truly you really think I would
do that!?" Stephanie replies.

"Well you're a McMahon... you're family is famous for screwing people...
although your dad did it by screwing another guy..." Brock chuckles a bit.

Stephanie nods her head a bit "You...have a point...but you see Brock I
take after my mother, you know my mother? Very classy, and professional."
Stephanie looks at Brock and licks her lips "I know you're just burning up
inside..." She says softly.

Brock leans back in the chair as if thinking about it, "Yeah... you are
pretty classy... but I'm not convinced..."

Stephanie gets off the edge of the conference room table and folds her arms.
She looks at Brock and licks her lips "I'll change your opinion on that..."

Brock looks up at her as he gets more comfortable in the leather chair he's
sitting on. He, like many men, finds the confident seductive attitude of
Stephanie McMahon a turn on and the sight of her licking her lips as she
sizes him up inspires him to ask, "And how are you going to change my
opinion? Throw a bunch of wanna be divas in my direction like you did for
Matt Hardy... or... do something else?"

Stephanie laughs as she places right hand against Brock's arms "Brock...have
I ever told you how strong...and sexy you are?" Stephanie asks as she moves
her hand down his arm then crosses over to his stomach, heading down towards
his waist.

"You just did..." Brock replies as he looks down at her hand as it makes its
journey downward. He looks up at Stephanie and smirks, "You're not to bad
yourself... although I liked you better as brunette... but you're still hot
as a blond."

Stephanie smirks and flashes her eyelashes as she gets down on her knees in
front of Brock. She licks her lips and looks up at him as she slowly unhooks
his belt "Brock..." She says softly "Do you remember that one
you on that traveling bus Paul and I own?"

"How could I forget... night right after Summerslam..." Brock answers as his
cock starts to come alive within the confines of his pants and boxer briefs.
The very large man is obviously falling for Stephanie's subtle seduction
tactics. "And I remember something you did very well too..."

Stephanie laughs a little as she pulls his belt off and then unzips his black
pants as she tugs them down to his ankles, leaving on his boxer briefs with
the confines of his swelling cock. Stephanie runs her hand against the bulge
"The night you won the WWE Heavyweight Title..."

"Mmmmm...." Brock lets out a bit of a moan as he reacts to how Stephanie is
teasing him. "The night... I became exclusive to Smackdown... you were...
very persuasive that night..." Stephanie pulls down Brock's boxer briefs and
his cock springs out in a harden, solid stiff state. Stephanie takes Brock's
cock into her left hand and begins to guide her hand up his shaft. She lowers
her head and opens her mouth engulfing the large cock into her warm mouth.
She wraps her angelic lips around his cock and begins slowly bob her head on
his 11-inch cock as she works her tongue around the massive shaft of Brock.

Brock moans slightly as he lays his left arm on the left arm rest of the
chair, while moving his right hand through Stephanie's hair in order to push
it back so he can see her beautiful face engulfing his dick. "Guess you
couldn't wait to get my dick back into your mouth..." Brock says cockily. He
closes his eyes and leans his head back as he feels Stephanie's saliva drip
down his cock. Stephanie moans softly against Brock's massive cock as she
begins to bob her head quicker on his cock, lap her tongue and saliva around
his shaft as she sucks.

Brock clutches the left armrest of the chair tightly with his powerful hand
in reaction to Stephanie's change in oral tactics. "Son of a bitch.... I bet
Paul's a really happy man every night..."

Stephanie lifts her head up from Brock's cock with a smirk as she stands up.
Stephanie laughs "I never blow Paul...please..." Stephanie smirks "I don't
blow people with average sized dicks.." Stephanie replies as she leans
against the conference room table, she removes her business jacket and begins
to unbutton her white blouse as Brock removes his business jacket and stands
up from the chair.

"So you need a real man..." Brock smirks as he lays his jacket on the back of
the chair. He loosens his tie and takes it off, then lays it neatly on top of
his jacket.

Stephanie smirks and unbuttons Brock's dress shirt, she opens the shirt up
and slides her hands against Brock's impressive, muscular chest. She licks
her lips "Mmmm...damn..." She opens up her blouse revealing no bra
underneath, just her perfectly large chest. She tosses her blouse to the
floor and slides down her dress pants.

"I see milk does your body good..." Brock says as he places one of his large
hands on Stephanie's chest to feel how big her breasts are. After placing a
hand on her hip, Brock pushes Stephanie up onto the conference table with

Stephanie leans forward and softly kisses Brock's lips before she breaks the
kiss "Are you going to give you did on the bus, years ago?"

Brock gives her a goofy grin on his face as he pushes her to lay back on the
table. He spreads her legs open and then wraps one hand around his dick, "Get
ready... here comes the pain..." Brock says as he pushes his cock into her
perfectly hairless, wet, tight pussy.

Stephanie lays her head down on the conference table "Ohhhhh...." Stephanie
moans as she gently wraps her legs around Brock's waist as he begins to
thrust into her hot McMahon pussy.

As if wrestling Kurt Angle, Brock paces himself perfectly, keeping his
thrusts even moderately quick but very hard. "I... almost forgotten... how
tight your pussy is..." Brock suddenly slams his cock sharply into her making
Stephanie arch her back in response.

"Ohhhh Brock.." Stephanie grits her teeth "I really wish we had boys like'm stuck with Randy Orton...and Dave Batista!" Stephanie says
in a slight moan as Brock begins to drill her wet pussy with his hard cock.
Brock leans forward so his muscular chest is pressed down against hers.
Using all of his 275 pounds, he sharply drives his cock in and out of
Stephanie's cunt with incredible intensity that Stephanie is able to match
when she pushes up against him.

Stephanie smirks as she pushes back against Brock's cock, grinding her pussy
sharply against his cock. Brock delivers another hard thrust to Stephanie's
warm cunt, causing her to dig her nails into Brock's back "Ohhhh fuck!"

"Shit Steph..." Brock groans as he grabs both of Stephanie's arms to pull her
up into a sitting position. He lifts her off the table and bounces her easily
on his cock as her turns around to lean against the conference table himself.

Stephanie grits her teeth as she begins bounce on Brock's cock with her own
momentum as rocks back and forth. Stephanie leans her head back and groans
"Ohhhh Brock...fuck yeah!" Stephanie begins to sweat as Brock lays back
completely on the table and she begins to ride his cock at a fast rate.

Brock places his huge hands on Stephanie's waist to control how she's coming
down on his thick shaft. He closes his eyes and pushes up into her once in a
while to break Stephanie's momentum and to make things difficult for her.
"God damn Stephanie... you're making me... really consider your offer..."

Stephanie comes down on Brock's cock "Ohhhh shit..." Stephanie moans, she
then bucks her hips and begins to bounce quicker on his cock "Ohhh.... remember my ass, don't you?" Stephanie asks breathing hard with
sweat dripping off of her forehead and into Brock's mouth.

"How... could I forget..." Brock grunts like an animal as he sits up enough
to hug her with his huge arms, pressing his large sweaty frame against her
body, "No one... has an ass like yours..."

Stephanie slows her speed down and rocks gently against his cock, however
slamming down harder each time "Ohhhhh're so great!"

"Damn... fucking... straight..." Brock catches Stephanie when she rises up
on his cock and lifts her off. He kneels on top of the conference table, and
puts Stephanie down in front of him on all fours. He gazes at her round ass
that is dripping with sweat and gives it a hard smack that makes Stephanie
jolt forward. Stephanie looks over her shoulder with a seductive smirks and
then shakes her perfectly round McMahon ass, teasingly. Brock smacks her ass
again and then wraps his hand around his thick throbbing shaft. "I'm going
to pound your ass..." He says as he slaps both of Stephanie's ass cheeks with
his dick.

Stephanie licks her lips "Oh...I'd love that Brock.." Stephanie moans as she
locks eyes with him.

Brock wipes some sweat from off of his face with the back of his left hand
that he then places on Stephanie's hip. "I know you do... I love your
fucking ass..." Brock guides his cock to the entrance of Stephanie's asshole,
pressing the head against it. After releasing his dick, Brock places his
right hand on Stephanie's hip and roughly pulls her backward, impaling her
hot booty with his eleven-inch monster.

Stephanie grits her teeth as her eyes roll to the back of her head "Ohhhh
fuck..." Stephanie groans as she slowly pushes back against Brock's dick.
Stephanie's soft skinned back sparkles with sweat.

Brock doesn't thrust his hips at all to fuck her, instead he pushes and pulls
Stephanie back and forth. Brock's chest and arms are dripping with sweat and
his face is red from all the physical activity he's going through. "Fuck your
ass is so fucking great..." Brock grunts as he finally begins pumping his
dick in and out of her asshole with all the force he can gather. Stephanie
moves her hips around on Brock's cock as she begins to slam back against his
cock, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her tight, now sweaty asshole.
Brock slows his thrusts down and backs almost completely out of Stephanie,
leaving only two inches of his dick inside her. He takes a deep breath and
proceeds to ram his cock forward with full speed into her asshole, making
Stephanie almost fall face first onto the conference table.

Brock snarls lustfully as drills her ass. The once Next Big Thing is
breathing hard and fast as he fucks her ass. An idea pops into his head
and he suddenly pulls his cock out of her ass, then proceeds to get off
the table. He grabs Stephanie by the ankle, pulls her towards him and
picks her up. Brock carries her over to the window, stands her up, turns
her around so she's looking out of it and reinserts his cock into her
pussy with such force the Billion Dollar Princess. "How's... the fucking
view..." Brock asks in between taking deep breathes. Stephanie bites her
bottom lip as she pushes back against his cock. She groans and leans her
head back and kisses Brock's neck as he begins to thrust in and out of
her pussy. Brock wraps an arm around Stephanie's sweaty waist and the
other he hooks with Stephanie's arm. Using his incredible upper body
strength, Brock lifts her up off of the ground every time he pushes into

Stephanie jerks her head back as she begins to cum "Ohhhh fuck!" Brock
feels Stephanie's warm cum drips out of her pussy and down his cock as he
tries to outlast her for a few moments more. Brock wraps both of his arms
tightly around Stephanie's body, just like he did the night he won the WWE
Undisputed Title when he was about to cum. Stephanie closes her eyes and
licks her lips "You love this...don't you Brock.." Stephanie whispers as
she relaxes her body.

"It's... incredible..." Brock grunts his reply as he gives one more sharp
thrust just as he explodes inside of her, filling her pussy with his hot

Stephanie smiles and leans her sweaty body back against Brock's chest
"Mmmm...Ohhh Brock!"

Brock relaxes his hold on Stephanie's body as he keeps his cock inside of her
pussy. "You're a really great fuck Steph..."

Stephanie smirks as Brock withdrawals his cock and lets go of Stephanie "I
know..." She replies. Stephanie walks back over to the conference table and
begins to put her business suit back on.

Brock follows her a moment to later to get dressed himself, he puts on his
boxers right away and smirks at her. "You've given me a lot to think about...
but... I think we can work out a deal."

Stephanie puts buttons up her blouse, after pulling up her dress pants.
Stephanie raises her eyebrow "Deal?"

"Yeah... a deal..." Brock pulls on his own pants, and picks up his white
button shirt.

Stephanie puts her business jacket back on and straightens the jacket out
with her hands "What deal?"

"You know... the deal about me being able to work for promotions outside of
the United States."

Stephanie smirks "Ohh...that..." Stephanie walks around to the other side of
the table "I wasn't really impressed be honest..." Stephanie says
with a sly smirk.

Brock laughs a bit, "Yeah sure... you were enjoying ever minute of it..."

Stephanie shrugs "Face it're nothing...but don't worry I'm sure
you can get something in the NFL..." Stephanie smirks and then laughs "Oh...
wait I forgot you failed at that too..." Stephanie picks up her brief case
and heads towards the doors "See you in court Brock.." Stephanie then glares
at Brock before leaving the conference room.


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