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Sex Ed Part 2
by Charlie

Being at high school such a bore but the only time when it's fun is checking
out the school nurse, Nurse Dumas, so there I am in the Nurse's office
waiting as Nurse Dumas enters the room she closes the door then I hear a
click, she locked the door.

NURSE DUMAS: So Charlie what seems to be the problem?

CHARLIE: Well Nurse I'm not sure but you better check me out in case it's

She then begins to examine me touching me all over.

CHARLIE: Um Nurse I might be in need of some medication.

Nurse Dumas knew exactly what kind of medication I needed, so she then sits
on top of me running her hands all over my chest down to my groin, then her
right hand slowly pulls the zipper down of her uniform right down to the
bottom. Then she reveals this sexy white bra & thong as she removes it from
her body.

NURSE DUMAS: How do you like this treatment.

CHARLIE: Um we're gonna need more than that.

Nurse Dumas started to undo my pants pulling them down my legs, then pulls my
boxers down as my dick then flops out as she then has this shocked look on
her face.

NURSE DUMAS: Boy are you hung.

As she then lies on top of me rubbing her pussy against my cock as she moves
back & forth which only made my cock even harder then she sits up then moves
off the bed as she stands next to me Nurse Dumas then turns around. Showing
off her firm ass cheeks with her thong, then she bends over as her hands come
up her smooth silky legs of hers as she then grabs hold of her thong and
pulls them down to her ankles and turns around facing me.

NURSE DUMAS: How do you like this treatment?

CHARLIE: Well I need more.

I then sit up as Nurse Dumas then sits on the bed as I get on my knees with
her legs spread open as I place my tongue licking both her thighs then making
my way up to her tight pussy I began licking it then eventually onto her
clit. As I still going she takes my right hand & licks two of my fingers and
whispers to me.

NURSE DUMAS: You know were to put them.

So I began to finger her as I kept sticking my wet fingers inside her pussy
as her moans get louder, so I then held her breast, then licked it, then
sucked on it like candy as I kept fingering her. Then she grabs my head as
she looks into my eyes with a seductive look.

NURSE DUMAS: Get up here.

So she then throws me down on my back as she puts her knees placing them
beside my head leaving her wet cunt in front of me as I hold her waist and
began to eat out her pussy, she then starts to lick my cock making it wet
all over. As I kept eating her pussy making it so wet as Amy did the same
with my cock then I could feel I was about to burst a load on her

CHARLIE: Fuck I'm coming, I'm coming!

Amy made me cum alright as my cream came she kept swallowing covering my cock
in my cream, then she kept swallowing then shortly after I made her cum and
tasted her sweet juice, we both sat up as I saw she still had a little bit of
cream on the side of her lip as I wipe it with my finger she then grabs hold
of it and slowly sticks it in her mouth as her tongue gently licks it dry. So
I stood up turned her around as her well rounded ass in front of me as I took
my hard 10 inch cock I gently spank her ass with my hard on as I slide it
inside her hole then I grab hold of her firm ass cheeks. Driving my self
deeper inside her as her moans started.

NURSE DUMAS: Stick that big hard cock up my hole, big hard cock,

So I did as she asked as my hands go up holding her waist but then with
my right hand I spanked her right butt cheek which made her moan with
excitement, so I kept on spanking her firm ass cheek. In a way I was
giving the nurse her medical shot she needs that requires the needle to
penetrate her ass well the needle is long & hard. Then I slowed down as
she then turns to me as she looks me in the eye telling me.

NURSE DUMAS: Now my pussy.

She leans against the wall as Nurse Dumas takes hold of my cock and stroked
it for a little bit then sticks the tip of it into her wet pussy, then I
held her ass cheeks then began to shoot my cock inside. As I held her tight
with her smooth silky legs wrapped around my waist and her hands holding my
shoulders as I fucked her harder and harder and harder. Not only was I
fucking her you could probably hear her body thumping the wall as it became
so intense, then her hand pulls my head back then she sticks her wet tongue
in my mouth her sweet lips on mine which only made things more intense. So
I kept pounding her soft pussy as I could feel my self going a little bit
deeper inside of her, shortly I then started to lick then suck on her neck
which really made her moan.


The louder she moaned the harder I sucked her neck & the harder I fucked her,
then I whispered to her ear.

CHARLIE: You ready for your medication.

Then as I pull my cock out Nurse Dumas got on her knees as she took hold of
my cock and stroked it hard and fast, with her tongue out ready to receive as
some of her medication landed on her tongue, some around her nose, some of it
landed on her hard breasts. Afterwards she started to take every last drop of
my tasty cream once she finished every drip she still had my shaft in her
hand, as she rubs it against her tits gently rubbing the head of my dick
against her nipple then she finishes by placing it between her tits rubbing
both her breasts around it nice and firmly as I looked down at her as we both
smiled at each other.

CHARLIE: Thank you Nurse for your special treatments.

I pulled my pants up as she too got her sexy white uniform on as I left
thinking school not so bad after all especially since I just fucked the
school nurse that every guy at school looks at.

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