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Sex On The Beach: Extra!
by Josh (

Just when I thought it was all back to normal...

It had been about two weeks or so since I returned from the second trip to
the Bahamas. I hadn't told a soul how I fucked Stacy Keibler's tight little
butt or how Sara got all rough and wild or how perfect Torrie Wilson was. I
didn't even share how a dinner with Terri turned it into a long night
including a steamy shower or how I gave Lita a high hard one in the back of
a bikini shop. You'd think I would've had to share my three way with Lita and
Trish Stratus but I didn't. I do wonder how hung over Ivory and Molly were
after that final drunken night of partying. The reason I didn't share these
experiences wasn't the fear of their wrestler boyfriends, no, the reason was
simple. Who the hell would believe me? I had started to come to terms with
the fact that more likely then not I would never have a sexual experience
close to those for the rest of my life. I had to find some way to put those
experiences in the back of my mind and get back to the real world of dating
where not everyone is a sexually charged hottie.

I was doing good until a Monday morning when I ran across Rich, the head
photographer from the trips, at the front desk of the WWF offices. Rich
seemed a little stressed then when he was done talking to one of the
secretaries, he pulled me into an empty office and closed the door.

"Mike, can you clear your schedule for Wednesday through Saturday?" Rich

"Uhh, I guess I could. Why? What's going on?" I inquired.

"We're going back to the Bahamas..."

"Again? Why? All the divas have gone..."

"This is for a special shoot, its real top secret."

"Top secret? Count me in."

"I'm serious. There's only a handful of us going and you can't talk about
this with ANYONE. You can't tell anyone why you're going back to the Bahamas.
Get it?"

"Yeah, yeah, that's good. But if only a handful of people are going, why
am I going?"

"All the divas have had nothing but great things to say about you, you
work hard and never complain."

"Cool, thanks."

"I'll be back tomorrow with more details,"

"Just one last question ... who's this all for?"

"Remember you can't tell anyone, if you did I don't even want to imagine
what would happen to you."

"I get it, so who is it? Who is this important?"

"Stephanie McMahon."

Wow, the head writer herself. The 'Billion Dollar Princess'. No wonder
this is all so top secret. Being in her position, I couldn't think why
Stephanie would want to do a Bahamas shoot but then again she's been
turning more and more into a sex symbol on TV.

Tuesday Morning

I was in the copying room, making some photocopies. You know, the usual
dull intern stuff when Rich came in with a clipboard, looked around and shut
the door.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Let's make this quick before anyone else comes in or overhears. Look this
over and sign it," he said handing me the clipboard.

"What is this? Confidentiality Agreement? Huh?"

"Its to make sure you don't tell anyone about this."

"Shit! 'Anywhere from 2 million up in fines if I speak about this?
Goddamn. Why is this so secretive anyways?"

"This is all per Miss McMahon's orders. I don't even question her."

I signed the agreement and gave it back to him.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"We leave late afternoon tomorrow. I need you to go to this store (hands
me a piece of paper with an address) and pick up the swimwear. It'll be in a
box and just leave it at the front desk with a note for me and I'll pick it
up tomorrow in the morning. Ok?"

"You're the boss."

"No, Stephanie is the boss, remember that."

"Ok, ok."

Tuesday Afternoon

I arrived at the swimwear store to pick up the box of outfits for
Stephanie. Even though I'd get to see for myself in a few days, I was curious
as to what types of swimwear Stephanie was going to be in so I asked the
store clerk.

"I was told not to disclose that information," is what he told me.

Why all the secrets? What's the big deal? I had lots of questions but it
was another trip to the Bahamas and a chance to be around Stephanie McMahon
in person. I had seen her around a few times at the WWF Headquarters but
those sightings were few and far between.


I left the box for Rich at the front desk then went about my work for the
day. I didn't see him or Stephanie or anything. It was just a normal day. I
found myself watching the clock all day and it seemed to go on forever.
Finally it was time to get to the airport and get on the flight. I didn't
see Stephanie on the flight but one of the other crew told me that she had
taken an earlier flight. We arrived roughly five hours later and headed to
the hotel. After a quick meal, it was right to bed there were a big few days
of shooting ahead...

Thursday Morning

I walked down to the lobby to find out my assignment for the day. One of
the stylists told me that everyone was already set up outside and almost
ready to start. She told me to grab some water, coffee and muffins to bring
out. Then once I got out there I was to just hang around in case anyone
needed anything. It was time to find out what Stephanie McMahon looked like
in a bikini...

I grabbed the food and headed outside. Once outside I set down the food
on a table where some of the crew were. I could see Stephanie over on the
rocks doing some poses. She was wearing a pair of black leather shorts and
a black tank top like in her RAW Magazine shoot. She looked great but I was
disappointed at how conservative this was. All the way to the Bahamas for
an outfit like that? Maybe she's just working towards more risqué shots.
That's what I hoped atleast. Meanwhile, I sized Stephanie up as I watched
her do some different poses. She's about 5'6" and I'd say a 34DD-24-35. Her
legs looked nice and she appeared to be in good shape.

After about 30 minutes, Stephanie got down from the rocks and headed into
a small tent set up on the beach. To change outfits, I presumed. I was
correct as about ten minutes later Stephanie walked out in a pair of red
bikini bottoms and a black WWF T-shirt which was tied up, showing her belly.
Her stomach was nice and flat and actually had a little bit of tone to it.
Still a conservative outfit but this was more what I was expecting or hoping
for. Her nice big breasts were highlighted by the tight little t-shirt that
struggled to keep them in. She looked a little uncomfortable at first doing
the poses but the photographer talked her up and her confidence level grew.
The shots of Stephanie doing her trademark scowl were the sexiest but it was
also nice to see her start laughing and smiling in others.

Soon I was sent back inside to refill the water and coffee. When I
returned Stephanie had changed 'looks' once again. She was now in a flashy
silver one piece swimsuit. She was looking more 'glamorous' then before and
really, really sexy. She had on a diamond bracelet, necklace and earrings
that gave her that 'Billion Dollar Princess' look. Again her big breasts
looked like they were struggling to stay contained in the swimsuit. After a
few minutes, Stephanie must have dropped her bracelet because she bent right
over to pick it up. Damn that girl has some serious booty. Damn, damn, DAMN!
Her swimsuit was riding up the crack of her ass a bit which showed the
outline of those big ol' buns. She stood up and fixed her wedgie. Good thing
we were in the Bahamas because I was about to start sweating if that went on
any longer.

Thursday Night

Back in my hotel room, I couldn't get the images of Stephanie McMahon out
of my head. Was it her sexy face? Her voluptuous breasts? Her big butt? I
wasn't sure but that girl had me going. With those images racing through my
head I 'relieved' myself and then settled in for some sleep. I'm sure I would
be having dreams of gettin all up in that Billion Dollar Pussy...

Friday Morning

As I headed down the elevator, I hoped that I would be in for another day
of oogling at Stephanie McMahon. I found Rich in the lobby to find out what I
was doing today but he wasn't looking too good...

"I must've ate something bad because I'm feeling like shit," he said.

"So what're we gonna do today then?" I asked.

"I'm gonna go try and find some medicine. I've got a location that I want
you to go scout out, see if its worth spending time there,"

"Alright, wh..."

I was interrupted by Stephanie, who walked over to us...

"Hey Stephanie, I didn't expect you to be up so early," Rich said.

"I'm ready to go, this whole thing is a lot more fun then I thought it
would be. So what's on tap for today?" She asked.

"I'm a little under the weather so while I go try and get some medicine,
Mike here is gonna go scout out a location."

"You don't mind if I tag along, do you?" Stephanie asked.

"No, not at all," I responded.

"Here, why don't you take my camera and take a few shots if everything
is looking too good to pass up. Worst thing, we'll just have to go back

"Sounds good to me," I said.

"Well I'll go get my hair done, pick out a swimsuit and we'll get going,"
Stephanie said.

* * *

About 45 minutes later, Stephanie was ready. Her hair and make up looked
real good. She had on a pair of black shorts and a light red fleece with her
swimsuit presumably underneath.

"Ready?" I asked her.

"Yeah, let's go check this place out," she said.

We walked to the location and chatted a bit. Stephanie was a lot more
humble and down to earth then I expected. That was until Stephanie asked a
rather awkward question, "Are you gay?"

"No!" I responded quickly.

"Oh, ok. I didn't think so."

"Why'd you ask?"

"You know, there just aren't many straight guys in this line of work."

I laughed, "I'm not 'in' this line of work. I'm just an intern back at
the offices that was lucky enough to come on help out on these trips," I

"Interesting..." Stephanie said as if thinking out loud.

Nothing was said for the next couple minutes until we arrived at the
location. There was a pathway through some palm trees that led down to a
small beach with soft white sand and clear blue water. The small piece of
beach was surrounded by rocks on both sides and the palm trees in the

"Stunning, absolutely stunning," Stephanie commented.

"Yeah really, this looks perfect. Do you wanna take a few shots?" I

"Sure, why not? Let me just strip down to my bikini."


"Yeah I wanted to go with something a little more risqué today. Now its
a good thing you're straight so you can give me an honest opinion," Stephanie

"Sure, let's see," I said.

By more risqué, I thought she meant a bikini as opposed to the one piece
she had on yesterday but boy was I wrong. As Stephanie pulled off her fleece
her big breasts flopped out, only contained by a small black sheer bikini
top. She then pulled off her shorts exposing a little matching black sheer
bikini bottom ... could it be? She grabbed the sides, pulling it up into
position and turned around ... it is! A thong! Stephanie looked over her
shoulder and raised her eyebrows at me.

"Un - fucking - believable!" I exclaimed.

"Now either your lying or you REALLY like it because your face is bright
red!" Stephanie said.

"Wow .. I need to sit down for a minute," I said trying to compose myself.

"So you think I can wear something like this alright? I'm not as petite as
all the other divas," she said.

"You look absolutely amazing. You're right, you're not a model. You're a
woman. A woman with great curves that looks fantastic,"

"Gee thanks, well you better get some pictures then, that is why we came
out here."

"Ah yes, pictures."

I started taking a few shots from the front. I just couldn't get over how
great she looked. Her flowing brown hair. Her alluring eyes. Her sexy soft
lips. Those luscious curves from. The big boobs, the slim waist, the hips,
the thighs, she was looking amazing in that tiny little black sheer bikini.
Stephanie then turned around so I could take some shots of her big PHAT ass
in that little black thong. Stephanie looked over her shoulder and then her
eyes moved down to my crotch and she smiled,

"What's got you so hard?" she asked.

I looked down and I hadn't even noticed that I was growing a raging
hard-on in my shorts.

"Don't be shy, tell me," she said.

"You and your thong," I said.

"That's ... that's ... That's awesome! Go ahead, take care of that."


"You know you want to. I love watching guys get off."

"Are you sure?"

"Come on, whip it out, you don't wanna disappoint me now do you?"

"No, of course not."

I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my raging hard-on as Stephanie stood
there with her back towards me, looking over her shoulder.

"That's it, start stroking it," Stephanie encouraged and I did what she

"I bet that feels good, doesn't it?" she asked.

"It does, you look so good."

"Yeah? You think so? Stroke that dick, baby, stroke it while you stare at
my big butt."

"Ooohh its so hot."

"Shhhh, don't talk, just stroke. Ooohhh yeah, like that, faster. Stroke it
hard. Yeeah, lookin' at this ass. You're gonna cum soon, I can tell. Just let
it fly, ohhhh, I wanna see that cum shoot into the air. That's it, let me see
that cum," Stephanie encouraged.

"OHHH SHIIIT!" I exclaimed as I shot two big streams of cum into the air
and they landed on the sand.

"Ohh yeah that's what I like to see!"

I sat down on a log, catching my breath. Stephanie walked over towards me.

"You know, we could take this a little further," she said.

"How much further?" I asked.

"Well..." Stephanie started but before she could finish we heard voices
and footsteps. I quickly did up my fly and kicked some sand over my cum. It
was just in time, too as the crew arrived.

"What're you guys doing here?" I asked.

"We figured since you hadn't come back yet that this spot must be good,"
Rich said, "Stephanie, it looks like you're going a little more revealing

"Yeah well, I think its a little too risqué for me," she said winking at
me, "I'm gonna go change into something else."

Stephanie grabbed her fleece and shorts then whispered to me as she walked
by, "Come back here tomorrow."

Rich told me that they needed me back up at the hotel. I tried to stay and
oogle at Stephanie some more but I couldn't. I headed back, wondering how
much further Steph meant when she said, "We could take this a little
further." Hopefully I'll find out tomorrow.

Saturday - Late Afternoon

Everyone was wrapping everything up and the shoot was over. I decided that
I'd head back to the location and see if Stephanie was actually going to be
there. Maybe I could find out if she still wanted to take things 'a little

I walked down through the trees and there she was, laying down on her
stomach on a towel. There was a duffle bag next to her and she looked to have
little on. When I walked closer I saw that all she had on was that little
black thong. I took a moment to just look over her thick luscious ass before
moving in.

"Hey Stephanie!" I said, kneeling down next to her.

"I'm glad you could make it. Its so nice out, I couldn't help but do a
little more tanning before this trip is over," she said.

"I see, I see. I must say once again that you look stunning."

"Thanks, now could you do me a favor?"

"What's that?"

"There's a bottle of tanning oil in my bag. I want you to rub that slick,
wet tanning oil all over me."

"Sure thing," I said taking a deep breath.

I went into her bag and pulled out the bottle of tanning oil.

"Start at my feet and work your way up. Make sure you don't miss a spot,"
Steph instructed.

I squeezed a generous amount of oil down both of her calves then began
rubbing it in. "That's it," Stephanie said, "Now my thighs, and so on, you
get the picture." I squeezed some oil onto her thighs and began lubricating
her luscious thighs. This was almost too much but what was next would be too
much. I squirted out a big load of tanning oil onto each of buns, watching
it splatter off her flesh. I paused for a moment then began massaging the
oil all over her butt. I must have spent at least twice as much time on her
butt as anywhere else but Stephanie didn't say anything. In fact I thought
I heard her let out a few soft moans. With her big butt gleaming with
tanning oil, I moved to her back. She had no bikini top on, it was hanging
out the side of her bag. I could see her big breasts smushed down against
the ground as I rubbed the tanning oil all over her back.

"All done," I said standing up.

"Without even looking, I can tell you didn't miss a spot," Stephanie

I walked down to the water and rinsed the tanning oil off my hands. She
was teasing me so much, letting me rub her ass and feel her up. I tried to
compose myself before I walked back to her so I wouldn't come off as so
desperate. I laid down in the sand next to Stephanie while she tanned.

Awhile later, I'm not sure how much time passed but I must have been day
dreaming or something but I looked over the see Stephanie sitting up, still
with no top on. She had the bottle of tanning oil and was oiling up her legs.

"I can do that for you," I offered.

"You did do a good job on my backside, sure why not?" she said handing me
the bottle.

"Just lie back down and I'll have you oiled up in no time," I said.

Stephanie laid down on her back. I finished oiling up her juicy thighs
and then moved up to her stomach. I then squeezed a lot of oil onto each of
her tits and began to oil them up.

"Stephanie, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, go ahead,"

"Why'd you get implants? I mean they look great but you had nice breasts

"I didn't get them for me. I mean I have fun with them but I got them for
my man, so he has another way to fuck me!"

I was taken a back a bit by her honesty.

"Look, you're killing me here. What did you mean when you said we could
take this further?"

"I'm just waiting for you to go further, we can go as far as you want, you
just have to do it," she said.



"Well fuck then," I said standing up and stripping down, "Let me fuck
those big titties!"

"Oh yeah! That's what I've been waiting for!" Stephanie said smiling.

"The wait is over!" I exclaimed as I straddled her chest.

"Come on, slide that cock between my big jugs!" Steph encouraged. She
pushed her mounds together and I slid my cock between them. She pressed them
tighter. "Now fuck em! Fuck my big titties! Yeah!" Stephanie said.

I pumped my cock in and out of those oiled up jugs.

"Does that feel good? You like fucking my titties?" Steph asked.

"Ohh fuck yeah, feels so fucking good!" I moaned, not slowing down this
incredible tit fuck.

"Oooohhh yeeah now this why I like my big fuckin titties!" Steph

"Mmmhh ohhh yeeah this is why I like your big fucking titties!" I moaned.

Stephanie moved her head up and started licking the head of my cock each
time I pumped into her mounds.

"Ohh fuck Steph! Fuck I'm gonna cum!" I let out.

"Yeah! Blow a big load of cum for my big tits!"

I gave her jugs a few more thrusts then pulled out just in time to unload
a big load of cum all over her oiled up breasts!

"Ohh yeeah! Spray that cum on my tits!"

I squeezed out the last drop then got off her, admiring her oiled up, cum
covered rack. Stephanie laid there, playing with her jugs.

"As good as this feels, I'm gonna go wash these off in the water because
we've only just begun!" Stephanie said.

She walked down to the water and I caught my breath as I stared at her big
butt sway from side to side and jiggle a bit as she walked. Stephanie walked
back, her big breasts bouncing all over the place.

"All clean?" I asked.

"Clean and ready to get dirty again," Steph said, putting her arms around
my midsection and then leaning in for a kiss. I went to kiss her but she
pulled back then moved down, kissing down my chest. She took my member in her
hand and teased me, almost putting it in her mouth but then pulled back a
bit. She rubbed it, getting it harder then wrapped her lips around it. It
wasn't long before it was fully erect and deep in her mouth. Stephanie cut
the blowjob short and directed me to lie down on my back. She pulled the
thong to the side as she straddled my crotch, and lowered herself down onto
my rod.

"Mmmhhh ohhhh ooohhhh," she moaned softly as she wiggled around, getting
nice and comfortable on my cock. She began grinding back and forward, getting
warmed up. "How's that feel?" she asked.

"Good, real good," I said.

Stephanie started bouncing up and down on my rod. I reached around and
grabbed two big handfuls of her meaty buns as she rode me. "UNNNnnhhhh! Ohhh
god! Ohhh YEESSS! YESSS! FUUUUCK YESS!" Stephanie moaned loudly. She began
fondling her big breasts, pushing them up to her face and licking her nipples
between moans.

"Oh fuck you're incredible Steph! Fucking ride my cock! ohh god!" I

The sounds of her big butt smacking against my thighs with each bounce
were loud and sexy. I could see Stephanie was getting a little short of
breath so I grabbed her around the stomach and laid her down her back in
the missionary position.

"Ohhh god fuck me, fuck me nice and hard! Ohhh yess do it to me!" she

I began pumping into her wet pussy. My face was staring down into her
chest, watching those jugs bounce with each thrust into her. "Unnhhh ohhh
fuck ohhh fuck you're too fucking good!" I moaned getting closer and closer
to orgasm.

"Bring that cock here, cum down my throat! I love the way it tastes!"
Stephanie demanded.

I knelt down over her face and pushed my member down into her mouth.
Stephanie grabbed it and gave it a few strokes. She held the base tight so
the cum just dripped out into her mouth. A few gulps later, it was all gone.
Stephanie licked my cock clean and smiled as she pulled it out of her mouth.

"Mmmmh mmmmm mmmhh!" she moaned.

"Oh god you're incredible," I said sitting down.

Stephanie stood up and fixed her thong, burying it between her big buns.
She smacked her ass, making it jiggle then looked over her shoulder. "You
really like this big ol' thing don't you?" she asked.

"Hell yeah!" I answered.

"Come get some," she directed.

I knelt up and felt up her ass then slowly peeled down the thong. Steph
stepped out of her thong and I picked it up then slapped it against her butt.
"Ohh yeah, bring that thing here," I said laying down on my back.

Stephanie straddled my face and sat her ass down on my face. My face was
emerced in her squishy backside. I couldn't see but I soon felt Stephanie's
hand on my cock. She stroked it until it got hard again. She lifted her butt
up then moved forward and lowered her billion dollar asshole down onto cock!

"OHHHH SHIIIIIIT!" I moaned loudly then *SPANKED* her ass!

"You like that? Huh? You fuckin' like that cock in my ass?!" Stephanie
asked as she continued to ease herself down.

"OH FUCK YEAH STEPH!" I screamed again and gave her booty another hard

Stephanie slowly moved her asshole up and down on my cock. "Unnhhh ohhh
that's good," she moaned.

"My god, you're too much! Fuucking hell!" I moaned, grabbing two handfulls
of her booty and holding on.

"Ooohhh ooohhh god! I love a cock in my ass!" Steph moaned.

I couldn't take anymore of this slow ride. I got up on my knees and bent
Stephanie over on all fours. *SPANK* *SPANK* I gave her booty two big spanks.

"Are you ready for a real butt fucking?" I asked.

"Ohhh yeah give it to me! FUCK MY ASS!" Stephanie wanted it and I wanted
to give it to her before I exploded. I grabbed onto her hips and began
pounding her asshole, my flesh smacking against her booty. "Unnnhhhh fuuuck
my ass! Ohhh you fuck it so good! Fuck yeah! OOHHHH MY GOD YES!" Stephanie
moaned as I pounded her hot ass.

"Oh fuck take it Steph! Oh yeah!" I moaned, pumping into her asshole. "Oh
god I'm gonna fucking cum!" I let out.

"Shoot that hot cum on my ass! All over my big booty!" Stephanie moaned.

"Oh fuckin hell!" I moaned as I pulled out of her asshole and painted that
big ass white!

"Ahhhh that feels good," Steph moaned.

"Looks even better," I commented. I slapped my cock against her booty a
few times, making sure all the cum was out.

I was thoroughly exhausted from the experience as was Stephanie. We both
laid down on the beach. I must have nodded off because I opened my eyes and
Stephanie was gone except for her black thong which was placed next to me...


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