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Sex On The Beach Part 1
by Josh (

I needed a few extra credits towards my degree at UConn, which could be
obtained through an internship. I've been a huge wrestling fan my entire
life so I headed to Stamford to see if the WWF was accepting any interns
to work at Titan Towers. Luckily, they had a spot available for some part
time intern work in the office and I got the job. It wasn't a glamorous
job, all I did was make photocopies or get people coffee or do a whole
assortment of odd jobs. I was just there to do the menial tasks which
other people didn't have time to get done. However, one day the head WWF
photographer Rich came into the office. I overheard his conversation with
one of the front office staff and apparently he was doing some photo shoot
and one of his interns pulled out. I walked casually by the two having the
conversation and it worked. Rich called me over and asked me if I'd like
to intern for him on his upcoming photo shoot ... in the Bahamas! No, I'd
rather sit in a stuffy dingy office building then goto the Bahamas and
intern on the latest WWF Divas swimsuit shoot. Of course I was in but
little did I know what was in store...

I flew down to the Bahamas with the crew and three WWF divas; Torrie
Wilson, Stacy Keibler and Sara. I didn't get to interact with them at all
and I didn't expect to. I'd be happy with oogling at them from a distance.
My job would be to basicly hang around all day and be a gopher. Any thing
that the crew or the divas needed, I'd take care of it. This was great
because a lot of the first day I got to see all three divas posing on the
beach in swimsuits. The second day I reported to one of my 'bosses' to see
if they had anything that needed to be done. She gave me a small package
and asked me to take it up to Stacy Keibler's room for her.

I took the package up to Stacy's room and knocked on the door. Stacy
answered the door in a little t-shirt and some little khaki shorts which
showed off her long lean legs. "This is for you," I told Stacy, handing
her the package.

"Oh, thanks. What is it?" she asked me as she took the package out of my

"I dunno, I was just told to bring it up to you," I answered.

"Huh, well there's only one way to find out," she said. Stacy opened the
package and pulled out a tiny, and I mean TINY light blue G-string bikini.
"Oh cool, its the bikini I wanted," Stacy said looking it over.

"Not much of a bikini," I commented.

"What? You don't like it?" Stacy asked.

"That's not what I mean. I meant its so small, I'm sure it'll look
great," I said.

"You don't mind if I try it on and see how it looks?" she asked.

"No, not at all," I said.

Stacy went into the bathroom and came out a few minutes later with the
bottoms on and her T-shirt still on. The tiny baby blue G-string was
flossing her beautiful butt cheeks. "How's it look?" Stacy asked, turning
and showing me her butt.

I struggled to compose myself and say, "Spectacular!"

That's when the phone rang. Stacy picked it up and then told me that she
was due down at the beach to get started on some photos.

I left the room, satisfied with my close up look of Stacy Keibler's
glorious ass. It was fantastic, a one of a kind. I've never seen such
perfection. I headed down to the lobby, with visions of her ass in my
head. I was snapped out of my day dreaming with another task. That was
to come out onto the beach in case anyone needed anything. I spent the
next hour or so on the beach watching Stacy Keibler pose in that ultra
skimpy light blue G-string bikini. I noticed throughout the hour that
Stacy kept giving me looks and winking, it was like she was flirting with
me. Stacy was rolling around in the sand, doing various poses and when
she got up, she was all covered in sand.

"Could you grab that hose?" Rich asked.

I picked up the hose and proceeded to spray down Stacy. First I rinsed
off the front of her long, lean body then she turned around and rinsed off
her backside. While the water was splashing off her butt, Stacy turned her
head over her shoulder, looked down at me holding the hose and smiled. When
we were all done, Stacy walked up to me and whispered in my ear, "Meet me in
the sauna in about thirty minutes." She winked and walked away. Wow, what
thoughts went through my mind. But I didn't want to let my imagination get
the best of me. She couldn't possibly be hinting at that ... Nah, never, it
could never happen...

I wrapped up what I was doing then headed to the gym. The gym was
completely empty as I walked through it, looking for the sauna. I found the
sauna door but it wouldn't open. I knocked on the door and it was pushed
open. I walked in and Stacy Keibler stood in the hot room, wrapped in a
towel. She pushed the door closed behind me and then rested her arms on my

"I saw you admiring me today, looking at my body out there," she said
looking deep into my eyes.

"I couldn't resist, you're perfect," I responded.

"I've been admiring you, too. We're all alone down here in the hot
Bahamas and posing all day in those skimpy bikinis just gets me so HOT,"
Stacy said.

"I can only imagine."

"You don't have to imagine ... it's so hot and steamy in here, I just
wanna get real down and dirty with you."

"I want you Stacy, I want you so bad."

"It turns me on when I see a man getting excited over my body," Stacy said
as she sat me down on the bench. She stepped back and started dancing. She
slowly removed her towel. Underneath she had on the fantastic light blue
G-string bikini. I was sweating bullets. I don't know if it was from the
steamy sauna or the sight of Stacy dancing around for me in that skimpy

Stacy danced around, moving her lean tanned body in the most sexy of ways
right in front of me. Those long sexy legs, trim thighs, sexy tight waist,
perky breasts, magnificant ass, and her perfectly cute face. She was all
mine. Stacy leaned in close to me and I ran my hands through her long blond
locks, pulling her face close to me and kissing her. I kissed those luscious
lips as our tongues found each other. We kissed some more then Stacy kissed
my chin then my neck. She pulled off my t-shirt and began kissing down my
chest until she got to my shorts. She looked up and smiled as she slowly
slid off my shorts. My cock sprang through my boxers and Stacy took it in
her hand.

"I'm gonna have fun with this," she said. She wrapped her lips around the
head and licked a bit. She pulled it out and began licking the underside of
my shaft with long, slow licks. She rubbed her saliva around, getting my
cock wet with her hand. She licked around the shaft then took it back into
her mouth. I pulled back her hair so it didn't get in the way as she began
sucking on my rock hard dick.

"Mmmh Stacy, ohhh Stacy," I moaned softly as she worked me over like a
pro. She continued working over me, licking and sucking every inch of my

I brought Stacy up to her feet and rubbed my hands around her slender
waist. I moved them around behind her and undid her bikini top, letting it
fall to the floor. I sucked on each of her perky nipples, getting them nice
and I hard. I moved my hands down her waist and onto her ass. I held them
there, rubbing the flesh of her amazing buns. I sat Stacy down on the bench.
She lifted one leg in the air so I could caress and kiss it all over. I
rubbed her left leg from the trim thigh down to the firm calf. I kissed it
all over then kissed her feet, sucking on her toes. I moved from her left
foot to her right foot. I kissed up her right leg, caressing every inch of
its greatness. When I got to the top of her thigh, I pulled her G-string to
the side revealing her tight, clean shaven pussy. I licked her clit, making
Stacy, "Oooohh and aaah." I stretched out her soft pussy lips and tongued
her clit. I would taste her get wetter and wetter as I increased the
stimulation. I looked up and Stacy had her eyes closed. She was running one
hand through her hair while feeling her breasts with the other. "Ohhh come
on, I want you to fuck me!" Stacy let out.

Stacy got up to her feet and I stood behidn her, rubbing up her thighs
to her ass. Stacy reached back and began stroking my rock hard cock. I
continued to rub the amazing soft firm flesh of her tanned butt.

"Oh god Stacy, your ass is so perfect," I said. I grabbed my cock out of
her grasp and smacked it against her butt. "Oooh yeeah!" I moaned. I pulled
the light blue G-string from between her butt cheeks and slid my cock between
it. Her blue G-string pulled my cock tight against her her amazing ass.
Stacy pressed my cock up against her butt and moved around, rubbing it all

"I bet you wanna fuck me," Stacy said.

"Yeeah I wanna fuck you so bad," I moaned.

Stacy spread her legs apart and I bent down, grabbing her G-string in my
teeth. I pulled it from between her buns and down, rubbing my face up
against her. Stacy helped me, pulling the sides down then stepping out of
her g-string. Stacy stepped forward and leaned up against the wall,
sticking her butt out. She leaned back and said, "Well, what're you waiting

I stepped forward and rubbed her soft firm ass then bent down and gave her
asshole a little lick. I then slid my cock deep into her tight pussy. Her
love tunnel gripped my cock but it was more then wet enough for a good
pounding. "Ohh my god, ohh yes, you feel so good, Stacy," I moaned, slowly
pumping her from behind.

"Unnnhhh ohhh yeeah, slide that cock in there ... fuck my pussy the way I
like it!" Stacy moaned.

I put my hands on her slender hips as I thrusted in and out of her. "Ohh
yeeah, look at that perfect fuckin' ass!" I commented.

"Yeeah, you like that? You like fucking me?" Stacy moaned.

"Yeeah Stacy I could fuck you forever, ohhh fuck you're so fucking hot!" I

"Unnnhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! AAAAHHHHH! YEEEESSS FUUUUCK! Fuuuck me
harder! Ohhh god!" Stacy moaned.

I picked up the tempo, fucking Stacy's pussy harder from behind, standing
up. "OHHHH! Like this? You like being fucked like this? Ohh shit you feel
so good!" I moaned.

"YEEEAH! Give it to me! Pound me! Fuck me! You like touching my ass
while you fuck me?" Stacy moaned.

"Oooohhh yeeah!" I moaned as I pulled out momentarily and slapped my cock
against her ass. I was starting to tire out a bit, standing up and fucking
this gorgeous leggy blond was making me weak in the knees.

"Sit down on the bench, let me ride that hard cock," Stacy said.

I pulled out of Stacy and sat down on the bench, leaning my back against
the wall. Stacy straddled me, lowering herself down onto my cock. "Ahhh
fuuck yeeah," I moaned.

"Ooohhh you like that, baby? Yeeah, grab my ass!" Stacy moaned.

I reached around and placed two hands on her soft ass. Stacy bounced up
and down riding me cock. She'd lean forward and kiss a bit but she was
panting and moaning too much. Her lean tan body glistened with sweat from
the steamy sauna. "You're so beautiful, ohh fuck, Stacy," I moaned.

Stacy moaned loudly as she picked up the tempo, riding me really hard.

I tried to lick her perky nipples but she was bouncing too fast. "Ohh
shiit Stacy, I can't hold out much longer," I told her.

"Unnhhhh I wanna (ooohhh) make you (AHHH GOD YES!) cum in my mouth!
Fuuck!" Stacy moaned.

"Get ready, I'm gonna cum!" Stacy quickly got off me and knee led down
infront of me, just in time to catch my load of hot cum in her mouth. Some
of it splattered on her chin and cheek but she wiped it up with her fingers
and licked it off. She took my cock in her and sucked it dry.

"Mmmmh, mmmhh yeeah," she moaned as she licked up all my cum.

"Ohhh Stacy, ohh, ohh, Stacy," is all I could keep moaning.

I lied down on the bench in absolute ecstasy. Stacy laid down beside me,
with her butt against my crotch. My cock started to get a little harder
again and it poked against her asshole.

"Oooh!" Stacy let out.

"Sorry," I said.

"No don't be, I like that. Are ... are you into that?" Stacy asked.

"I'd die to get into that with you," I said.

"Slide it in, nice and slow," Stacy said.

I pushed my cock into her tight asshole as I laid next to her.

"Ohhh, oooohh, ahhhh yeah that's it," Stacy moaned softly as I pushed my
way into her.

"Ohh that feels good," I said.

"Keep pushing it in a few more times," Stacy said.

I did, taking it out and putting it in slowly a few times, feeling it
loosen up each time. Stacy then got up and told me to get up, off the bench.
I did and she got down onto all fours on the bench, sticking out her perfect

"I know what you want, you know what I want, now fuck my ass!" Stacy said.

I knelt down behind her and stuffed my cock deep into her asshole. "Ohhhh
fuuck yeeah!" I moaned.

"Mmmhh yeeah, fuck it, baby, fuck my ass!" Stacy moaned.

I slid in and out, slowly, feeling the greatness of her ass. I rubbed the
soft flesh with my hands. "I'm gonna pound this fucking awesome ass, I'm
gonna give it a good fucking," I said, getting up to my feet and straddling
her ass.

"Yeeah, give it to me, I want it!" Stacy moaned.

I rested my hands on her shoulders as I just pounded that perfect asshole.
My pelvis smacking against the flesh of her butt which each thrust. "OHhhh
fuuck yeeah Stacy! OHHH FUUUCK! Ohh my god you're ass is so fucking great,
you're so hot! Ohh god!" I moaned.

"YEEEAH! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT HARDER! Unnnhhh god yeeah! Ohhh shiit
that's it! Give it to me good! Ohh fuck!" Stacy moaned.

It felt so good, humping this gorgeous tight ass of Stacy Keibler. I
wrapped my arms around her slim waist, holding her tight as I pounded her
even harder.

"UNNNHH FUCK! FUCK YEAH! Fuck my ass hard like that! OHHHH GOD!" Stacy

"Ohh shit! Ohh fuck I can't hold out much longer!" I moaned, feeling
close to orgasm.

"Shoot it all over my ass, yeeeah ohh yeeah!" Stacy told me.

I pulled out, "Ohh take my cum on your hot ass," I said as I unloaded all
over her gorgeous butt.

"Yeeah, that feels so good, that hot cum against my ass, I like that!"
Stacy moaned.

I sat down on the bench, exhausted. Stacy bent over in front of me,
picking up her blue G-String. She turned around and tossed it to me, "You
can keep this to remember me by."

"Trust me, I could never forget this," I said.

That's when we were startled by a knock at the sauna door...

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