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Sex On The Beach Part 2
by Josh (

The knocking continued at the door ... Stacy threw me a towel and told me
to put it on. She picked up her's and wrapped it around herself then opened
the door cautiously. "Sara!" Stacy said in relief. Sara stepped into the
sauna, looked over and saw me, saw Stacy's bikini on the floor then smiled.

"What's going on here?" Sara asked, as if she didn't know.

"Oh, nothing you've never done," Stacy replied with a giggle.

"Who's this? He looks familiar," Sara asked walking slowly towards me.

"That's Mike, he's an intern. Mike, meet Sara," Stacy said.

I must have been feeling super confident after banging Stacy Keibler
because I stood up and put my hands on Sara's hips. Like us, Sara was
wrapped in a white towel with her long black hair cascading down her
shoulders. Sara put her hands on my chest then shoved me down onto the
bench hard. My head almost cracked against the wall. Sara's demeanor
turned from pleasant to not so pleasant.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to piss you off," I apoligized.

"What? You thought just because you got some of Stacy that I'm gonna let
you have some of this?" Sara asked as she peeled off her towel revealing a
baby blue bikini. Her body was flawless, perfectly toned and proportioned.
Nice breasts, a nice firm looking ass, toned arms, abs and legs. She looked
great but also tough as she berated me. "Answer me!" she yelled.

"I ... I ..." I couldn't get anything out. Sara came closer to me and
grabbed my throat. All of a sudden she broke out laughing, as did Stacy.
"I love it!" she let out.

"You're too funny, Sara," Stacy said as the two laughed at my expense.

"Loosen up, Mike, if you're gonna get any of this you're gonna have to
stick up to me and be cool at the same time," Sara explained.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" I asked.

"What'd you think, Stacy? Should I let him have some of this?" Sara

"I don't know if he could handle it," Stacy said.

"Mike, baby, it must really suck to be you," Sara said.

"Why? What'd you mean?" I asked.

"Well here you get to bang Stacy Keibler, I'm considering using you to
release my sexual tension and yet you can't tell anyone about it," Sara

"What makes you think I wouldn't tell anyone?" I asked.

"I'm sure word would get around if you told anyone and Andrew (Test) and
Mark (Undertaker) wouldn't be too pleased now would they?" Sara smiled.

She was right, there was no way I could tell anyone about it and expect to
live after those guys got ahold of me. "Maybe I don't wanna have sex with
you," I said, getting on the defensive...

"You're so silly," Sara said, glancing down at my crotch.

I looked down to see that my towel had slipped off and I was semi-hard.
Sara bent down and wrapped her full lips around my cock, took it deep in her
mouth then licked up the shaft as she brought her mouth off it. She licked
her lips and turned to Stacy, "Mmmm ... you can stay and watch if you want?"
Sara asked.

"Oh no, I think I'll leave you two alone. Now don't hurt him," Stacy
laughed as she left the sauna.

"I'll try not to," Sara said to her.

Stacy shut the sauna door and Sara moved her attention back to my cock.
Those exotic full lips felt so good against my shaft. Sara was a lot more
aggressive then Stacy at sucking my cock, she prefered more sucking then

"Oh .. Oh ... Ohhhh Sara," I moaned as I ran my hands through her dark

Sara took my cock out of her mouth for a moment, "Yeah, you like that?
Like me sucking your cock?" Sara asked.

"Yeah, don't stop..." I said.

Sara vigorously sucked away on my dick, bobbing her head up and down. She
used one hand to stroke down the shaft as her mouth went in the opposite
direction. I was able to really hold out with Sara after going two rounds
with Stacy earlier.

"Eat me out, I wanna feel your tongue against my clit," Sara said.

"I thought you'd never ask," I responded.

Sara slipped off her bikini bottoms, she had a small trimmed strip of dark
brown pubic hair. I got up and let Sara sit down on the bench. She spread
her legs apart then grabbed the back of my head, motioning me to begin. I
began nibbling on her and Sara began to softly moan, "That's it ... yeah ...
I like that ... oooh."

I knew I was doing the trick when I glanced up to see that Sara had taken
off her bikini top. She was rubbing her big breasts and moaning softly. Her
firm, toned body glistened with sweat in the hot sauna. "Fuck me, Mike, give
it to me now," Sara demanded.

I stood up and pulled Sara to the edge of the bench. Slowly I worked my
cock deep inside of her. Sara wrapped her legs around my neck. I bent
forward and placed my hands against the wall to support myself as I pumped
into her. "Mmmmh, that's good ... yeah, give it to me," Sara moaned.

I began to increase the speed, pounding into Sara's pussy. She had a
smile on her face as she encouraged me to keep giving it to her as hard as I
could. "Unnnnnnnhhhh ... come on ... ohhhhh fuck ... hard like that ...
unnhhh god!" Sara moaned.

I took my hands from the wall and stepped back a bit so I could place my
hands on her waist. I was breathing heavy now but I didn't want to let up.
"Fuuuck ... mmmmhh Sara ... ohhh ... ohhh," I moaned.

"Why are you slowing down?" Sara asked.

"I can't help it," I said.

"You need to workout more ... let me get on top," Sara said.

Sara stood up so we could switch positions. I sat down and Sara straddled
me. Sara leaned forward and we shared a long kiss. She placed her hands
around my neck and said, "Now I can have some fun, and rock your world."

Sara began grinding back and forth on my cock. I moved my hands up her
toned abs to her large breasts. I rubbed them with my hands then leaned my
head forward so I could suck on her left nipple. I alternated between her
left and right nipples while Sara grinded on me. Sara pushed my head back
and began bouncing on my cock. I shifted my hands to her firm butt.

"Ohhh Sara, ohh god, ohh yes," I moaned as she rode me.

"UNNH! OH! OH! FUUUUUCK! Oh your cock feels so good! Ohhh fuck yeah!"
Sara screamed in ecstasy.

Every few moments, she'd stop riding then slow down and grind a bit then
go back to bouncing up and down. "YEEESSSS! YES! I love it! Unnhhhh god!"
Sara moaned.

"Oh fuck, Sara, oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" I moaned. I couldn't hold out
anymore. Sara got off and knelt down in front of me.

"Shoot that cum in my mouth!" Sara said, opening up wide.

I did my best to shoot my load into her mouth but some of it splattered
on her cheek and chin. Sara grabbed my dick out my hand and pumped it dry.
She licked up the cum off her chin and cheek then licked my cock clean.
"Mmmmmmhhh ... mmmmmhhh" she moaned.

Sara got up, grabbed her towel and started to walk out of the sauna. I
stared at her firm butt walking away from me and I said, "Is that all you

"What?" she responded.

"I thought you were more then I could handle but I'm fine," I said.

"You asked for it," Sara said.

Sara came back over and knelt down in front of him. She began working
over my cock with her hand until it got semi-hard. She placed it between her
tits and began rubbing them against my cock. Sara licked the lip until she
felt it get hard again. Sara got up and turned around with her butt facing
me, she held the bottom of my shaft and slowly worked her asshole down onto
my cock.

"Ooohhh shiiiiit," I moaned.

"Yeah, you like that?" Sara asked.

"Oh fuck yeah, Sara, give me your ass," I moaned.

Sara moved her ass up and down slowly. I rubbed Sara's firm buns as she
began picking up the tempo. "That's it ... ohhh that feels good ... bend me
over, Mike, bend me over and fuck my ass," Sara directed.

I picked her up and moved her down to the floor. Sara was down on all
fours with her ass sticking up in the air. I was down behind her and now
took control. "You want it, Sara?" I asked.

"Yeah, give it to me hard ... pound that asshole," Sara replied.

I grabbed her hips and began pumping hard into her ass.

"Ohh god! Unnnhhh fuck my ass!" Sara moaned.

I lifted my hand and brought it down against her butt, *SMACK*.

"Yeah you like that don't you?" I asked.

"FUCK YEAH! Give it to me! FUCK MY ASS! UNNNNHHH GOD!" Sara moaned

*SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* I smacked her ass a few more times.

"Ohh fuck Sara you're so good ... fuckin' take it! Ohh yeeah!" I moaned,
pumping my cock into Sara's asshole as hard as I could.

"Come on! Don't stop! Unnhhh yeah! Ohh fuck that asshole!" Sara moaned.

Now I was getting more then I could handle. I was sweating like mad and
trying desperately to hold out for as long as I could. "Oh fuck!" I just
couldn't hold out any longer. I pulled out and unloaded all over Sara's
firm buns. I squeezed that last drop out and smacked my cock against her
butt a few times just to make sure it was all out. I stumbled back and
leaned against the bench in exhaustion.

Sara got up and wrapped the towel around herself then picked her bikini.
"Thanks for getting my blood pumping, Mike, now I can go hit the gym and
workout," Sara said as she walked out.

I could barely keep my eyes open I was so exhausted...

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