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Sex On The Beach Part 3
by Josh (

After my orgasmic day I decided to take it easy for the rest of the night
so I went back up to my room, ordered some room service and tried to figure
out how I got so lucky. I came to the conclusion that I was just in the
right place at the right time and left it at that. There was still another
day left of shooting so I called it a night and went to bed...

The next morning it was back to business as usual. I was back getting
coffee and doing menial tasks but if it wasn't for that boring work, I
wouldn't be in the Bahamas. Today; Stacy, Sara and Torrie Wilson were doing
a few group shots. All three have very distinct looks. Stacy is the long,
lean girl next door. Sara is the tough, exotic looking beauty and Torrie is
just plain hot. At one point, Stacy and Sara were talking with Torrie and
they pointed over at me and waved then went back to talking. I waved back
and some of the crew looked at me like 'Why would they be waving at you?' but
they didn't say anything. We wrapped things up late in the afternoon. We
were scheduled to fly back to the US the next day so we had the rest of the
night off to do whatever we wanted.

I headed back to my room and took a nap for a couple hours then went
downstairs and ate a late dinner at the hotel restaurant. The sun was
setting and the beach just looked beautiful. I decided to go out and take
a walk on the beach for a bit. The air was warm and crisp at the same time.
I walked along to the beach until I saw someone sitting in the sand. As I
got a little closer, I noticed it was Torrie. "Nice night," I commented,
striking up a conversation.

"Yeah it really, its so nice and peaceful out here," Torrie responded.

"I wish we didn't have to leave," I said.

"Me neither, except its been really lonely out here the past few days,"
Torrie explained.

"Really? I thought it'd be fun with Stacy and Sara."

"Oh it has been but there's certain things they just can't provide."

"Like what?"

"Well ... I was talking to Stacy and Sara and they said that you did
something for them."

"I guess you could say that," I responded not 100% sure we were talking
about the same thing.

"Could ... oh this is a little embarassing, I'm not usually like this
but ... could you do it for me?" Torrie bit her lower lip and looked up at me
with puppy dog eyes.

"I'd do anything for you, whatever you want."

I extended my hand and Torrie took it, stepping up to her feet. She was
wearing a loos, thin, almost see thru covering with what looked like a skimpy
white bikini underneath. We walked up the beach and back to the hotel then
Torrie took me up to her room. We entered her room and Torrie double locked
the door shut and flipped on the lights. I walked over near the bed. Torrie
took off her covering reaveling the skimpy white bikini which was struggling
to contain her big breasts. Torrie walked over and placed a hand on my face.
She moved her mouth close to mine and kissed me. As we sucked face, I felt
Torrie move her hand down onto my crotch. She rubbed my semi-hard rod
through my pants as we kissed. I moved my hands down her back and undid her
bikini top, letting it fall to the floor. I moved my face down and sucked on
her tasty left nipple for a second. Torrie moved down to her knees and undid
my pants, letting them fall to the floor. She pulled down my boxers exposing
my hard on. She wrapped her mouth around it and began sucking. She sat me
down the bed then got next time, bending over so her head was at my crotch.
Torrie spat some saliva onto my cock getting it nice and wet. I moved my
hand around to her perfectly shaped ass which was next to me. I rubbed her
butt while she worked over my cock. She liked toying with the head, licking
it all around. I began rubbing Torrie's pussy through her thong. Her moans
were muffled by a mouth full of cock. I moved my other hand underneath her
and fondled her big breasts. These were much bigger then Sara's.

"Mmmmh, you wanna fuck my titties?" Torrie asked. "You like having your
titties fucked?" I asked. "That's why I bought them, I love it!" She said.
Torrie laid down on her back and I stradedled her chest. I slid my cock
between those glorious mounds and Torrie pushed them together. I began
pumping between them. "Oh fuck Torrie, oh I love your tits!" I moaned.
"Yeeah, come on, fuck those titties," Torrie said enjoying it. My cock felt
so good between those big mounds. "Oh shiiit, I'm gonna cum," I let out.
"Ohhh yeeah, cum on my titties, please, cum all over them," Torrie moaned.
I pulled back and exploded with cum all over her big tits. Torrie began
rubbing the cum all over her tits. I rubbed my cock around her nipple a bit,
playing with it until I was sure the last drop of cum was out. I got off her
and sat next to Torrie. "I'm gonna clean these off then I wanna feel that
cock inside me," Torrie said getting up. Torrie went into the bathroom for
a few minutes to clean my cum off her breasts. This allowed me some time to
reload and get ready to fuck this hot piece of ass.

"Ok, all clean," Torrie said as she emerged from the bathroom. "Now lets
get dirty," she said. "I like that," I responded. Torrie laid down on the
bed and spread out her legs. I knelt down close to her and slid my cock deep
into her love tunnel. "Yeah ... ooooh ... yeeah fuck me," Torrie moaned
softly. I began pumping into her, nice and steady. "MMMMMMmmmm ... ohhhh
... yeeah ... fuck my pussy ... fuck it good," Torrie moaned. I began
pumping harder. "Ohh yeah fucking take it, Torrie, take it in your hot
little pussy ... ohh fuck!" I moaned, fucking the hell out of her. "UNNHHHH
OHHHHH FUUUUCK YEAH! That's it! Ohhhh god, give it to me!" Torrie moaned.
Her freshly washed tits were bouncing all over the place as I pounded her.
Torrie grabbed onto them and played with them. I pulled my cock out and
slapped it against her pussy, "Fuck Torrie, you're too fucking hot!" "Oh I
know it! Get it back in there!" Torrie said. I slid my cock back in and
continued to pound her wet hot little hole.

Torrie would soon reach down and grab my cock, stopping the fucking. She
got up to her knees then laid me down on my back. Torrie climbed on top,
straddling me and lowering her beautiful body down onto my cock. Torrie
wiggled around a bit, making sure I was deep inside her then she began
bouncing up and down. I reached around and grabbed her amazing buns as she
rode me. "Ohh god Torrie, ohh that feels so good," I moaned. "UNnhhh ...
ohhh you like that? Ohhh yeeah! Fuuuuckk! Unnnhh fuuck me!" Torrie moaned.
I watched her big tits bounce around like crazy. "Uuuhhh shiiit .. ohh god"
I moaned, I didn't know how much longer I could last. "Ohhh am I gonna make
you cum? Are you gonna cum? Yeeaah I wanna make you cum!" Torrie said as
she kept riding me. "Oh fuck yeah! You're so hot! I'm gonna fuckin' cum
again!" I let out. Torrie got off me and moved her head down to my crotch.
She wrapped her mouth around the top of my cock and stroked the shaft. I
began squirting cum up and into her mouth. Some of it dripped back down onto
my cock but Torrie licked it all up. "Ohh ... ohhh ... fuuuck ... I can't
believe it, you're too hot!" I moaned.

"We're not done, baby, not yet," Torrie said. Torrie got up and knelt
over my face. She then sat her beautiful soft butt down on my face. I dug
my fingers into her fleshy tanned buns, pulling them apart as I worked over
her asshole with my tongue. Torrie would kneel up every few seconds to give
me some air then sit back down on my face. I could hear her moaning softly.
"Ohhh ... ooohhh I'm ready," Torrie said. She got off my face and leaned
over the side of the bed, sticking her ass out. I walked behind her and
grabbed the flesh of her buns in my fingers, jiggling it ever so slightly.
I licked her buns a few times then circled her asshole gently with my finger.
She continued to moan softly, her head down her hands. I stepped back then
brought my hand down against her butt with a *SPANK* which startled her. She
reached back and rubbed her backside. "What was that for?" she asked.
"You're ass is too fucking fine!" I said. *SPANK* "Why are you so hot?"
"I just am!" *SPANK* "Why is this ass so nice?" I asked. "Just fuck ...
please, just fuck my ass!" Torrie demanded. I stepped forward and slowly
slid my cock deep into her asshole ... "Ohhh fuuuuck! Ohhh Torrie!" I
moaned. "Fuck it ... fuck that ass you love so much," Torrie moaned. I
began pumping in and out of her tight asshole. "Oh god this feels so good
... oh fuck!" I moaned. "Mmmhhh ... unnnhhh ... OOOOOOOoooohhhh! Oooooohhh
giiiiive it to meeeee!" Torrie moaned. "I'll give it to you ... ohh fuck ..
I'll give it your hot ass!" I moaned. I picked up the tempo, pounding that
Torrie moaned loudly. I kept fucking her tight asshole but it felt too good
and it looked too good. "I can't oohhh take much ohh god more!" I moaned.
"Oh god! Oh god! Keep going ... oh yes ... please ... UNNNNHHHH YEAAAH!" I
closed my eyes and tried to hold out but Torrie was so hot. I pulled out,
stepped back and shot my cum all over her amazing ass. "Oooohh its so hot
... mmh," Torrie moaned. She rubbed it around on her butt then licked off
her fingers. *SPANK* I gave her ass got smack. "Ohhh fuuuck you're so hot!"
I said then sat down on the bed. Torrie leaned over me and gave me a kiss.

"Thanks babe," she said then walked into the bathroom to shower off. I
took that as my que to leave. The next morning it was on the plane and back
home. I had gotten a lot more then I had bargained for on this little

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