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Sex On The Beach Part 4
by Josh (

It had been about a week since my unexpected trip to the Bahamas which
ended up being the greatest few days of my sexual life. Any time I found
myself aggrevated with the routine college and work schedule, I just thought
of my time with Stacy, Sara, and Torrie. That was until a Monday morning
when the WWF head photographer, Rich, approached me at the headquarters
while I was making some photo copies.

"Mike, are you available to come down to the Bahamas again?" He asked.

"Again? Do interns usually get to go twice?" I asked.

"Not usually but apparently we've a request for you to come down. I really
don't know why but I can use all the help I can get, so can you get out of
school again?"

"Oh sure, I can take a few days off again,"

"Well I'll call you with the details tommorow, ok? Thanks."

"Just one question, who's going on this shoot?"

"Trish ... Terri ... Lita, yeah those three, why?"

"No reason, just curious."

What an exciting turn of events. I assumed that one of Stacy, Sara, and
Torrie had talked to Trish, Terri, and Lita and somehow recommended me. Or
maybe it was just one of the crew impressed with my work? Naahhh, its gotta
be the first one, right? RIGHT? Regardless of that, I would get another
brief vacation and a chance to oogle and three more hot divas.

The first morning in the Bahamas, I was expecting to go out and get a
good look at Trish, Terri or Lita but that wasn't the case. Instead, I was
stuck inside doing some paperwork. I came to the Bahamas for paperwork?
That was not a good way to start the trip in the least. By the end of the
paperwork, I was really starting to get pissed off. I decided to go to the
gym and work off some steam. I hit the punching bag a bit and lifted some
weights. Then I remembered the sauna. How could I have forgotten the place
where it all started? I went in the sauna and waited, expecting something
to just happen but nothing did.

Later that night, I went down to the hotel restaurant to get something
to eat. I noticed Terri sitting alone at a table. Terri was wearing a tight
little red tank top and her breasts were just bursting through. I couldn't
help but stare for a moment. Terri looked up and saw me looking at her. She
smiled and waved me over. "Come, sit down, have dinner with me," Terri said.

"You wanna have dinner with me?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure, it's better then sitting alone," Terri joked.

We made some general small talk until our food came. After it did, I
noticed that Terri was just picking at her food and not eating much.

"Is something wrong with your food?" I asked.

"No, its fine," Terri responded.

"Oh, not hungry?"

"Not for this," Terri said looking up seductively.

"Wha ... What'd you mean?"

"Don't think I don't know what went on down here the last time," she said.

"What was that?" I asked, playing dumb. Afterall, I had been sworn to keep
those details a secret.

"Oh I know ... and just so you know, I was the one that requested that you
come on this trip," Terri said.

"It was you? You mean..."

"Yes, you little fuck puppet," Terri cut me off, "I brought you down here
so I can use you."

"Use me ... Use me for whatever you want."

"I will and you won't tell a soul,"

"It sounds like a fair trade off to me,"

"I think this conversation is getting a little too HOT and personal for
the dinner table ... why don't we take things somewhere a little more
private? Like my room," Terri said.

I left some money on the table and we headed upstairs. Terri had on a
white shall to go with that little red tank top. We entered Terri's room and
she flipped on the lights. It was a nice room, much nicer then mine. I could
see there was a nice big bathroom and a big bed in the middle of the room.

"Where do you want to start?" Terri asked.

"Whatever you want ... Use me, Terri, I'm yours," I responded.

"Come here," Terri said, directing me over with her finger.

Terri grabbed my shirt, pulling me down. Our lips met and I felt like I
could kiss those luscious lips for days. My hands soon moved down to her
shall. I pulled it off and rubbed my hands against her butt. It was real nice
and had a great bubble. I'm sure Terri could feel my rapidly growing cock,
pressing through my shorts against her stomach. Terri moved her hand down
my pants and began lightly stroking it. I could feel some precum rise, Terri
ran her finger across the head, then brought her hand out. Terri sucked the
little bit of pre-cum off her finger and smiled. Terri reached down and
pulled off her tight red shirt. She had no bra or anything on underneath. I
stared at her big round breasts. Terri licked her lips then knelt down,
pulling off my shorts and boxers.

Terri wrapped her lips around my cock and began to give me an amazing
blowjob. It was real wet and noisy. Terri didn't seem overly aggressive but
she barely ever took her mouth off my cock. She didn't lick or toy with it
much, she just loved sucking on it. After a few minutes of this, she took
it out of her mouth then went underneath and licked my balls a bit while
stroking the shaft. She then rubbed the head against her hard nipples. "You
like that?" she asked.

"I do, Terri," I said.

"I wanna feel that cock between them," she said. Terri laid her little hot
body down on the bed. I straddled her chest. "Just a sec," Terri said. She
reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a bottle of lubricant. She
squirted a bunch on her luscious mounds and rubbed it all over, getting them
nice and wet. "Now, fuck my titties," Terri instructed.

I slid my cock between her lubed up breasts, Terri pressed them together
against my cock. I began pumping in and out. "Ohh that's the way, yeah, keep
fucking my titties," Terri moaned.

"Ohh Terri, ohh this feels so good," I moaned. I kept sliding my cock
between those amazing mounds, fucking Terri's great tits. "Ohh fuck I'm gonna

"CUM ON MY TITS! Ohhh shiiit! Fucking cum all over them!"

I blew a huge load of cum all over Terri's breasts, just covering them.
She rubbed my cum all over her tits, mixing it in with the lube. Terri lifted
her head and sucked off the head of my cock, taking the last drop of cum.

"Oh Terri, you've got an amazing rack," I complimented her.

"Good work, now let's go get me washed off," Terri said.

We went into the bathroom and Terri turned on the water in the shower.
Terri took me into the shower then looked down and noticed she still had her
white thong on. She slowly slid the thong down and out of her great little
ass. Terri tossed it out of the shower. She placed her body under the
streaming water then handed me some soap. "Clean me, I wanna feel your hands
rubbing all over my body," she said.

I took the soap and started on her shoulders and moved down her back. I
took the shower head and rinsed off Terri's back then got some more soap.
Kneeling down, I gave her round butt a kiss then began to rub the soap all
over it. "Ooohh that feels good," Terri said softly.

I spent quite a bit of time rubbing the soap into her butt and enjoyed
every second of it. I moved down to her legs, Terri had nice tight thighs
and calves. I rinsed off her backside and legs then turned Terri around. She
grabbed the back of my head and gave me a kiss, "Make sure my boobs are
spotless," she said.

I rinsed off the cum from her tits then soaped up my hands. I was more
carressing and groping her breasts then cleaning them. Terri's eyes were
closed and she moaned softly. My hands moved around her big breasts for quite
some time before I shifted down to her tight stomach. Lower I went and saw
that Terri was cleanly shaven. I took the water and rinsed off her breasts
and stomach, leaving them sparkly clean. "All done," I said.

"Thanks, now lets go pick up where we left off," Terri said. She stepped
out of the shower and toweled her gorgeous body off. We headed back into the

Terri crawled onto the bed, sticking out her beautiful bubble butt. I was
already hard again after rubbing her all over in the shower. "You know what
to do," Terri said.

She closed her eyes and turned her head forward, not looking at me. I
placed one hand on her hip then used the other to guide my rod inside of her.
With my cock firmly inside of Terri's pussy, I put my other hand on her hip
and began pumping. "Ohhh fuuuck that's it ... ohh god ... fuck me with that
hard cock..." Terri moaned softly.

I rubbed her nice butt a bit while I fucked her from behind. "Mmmmm Terri,
ohhh you feel so good ... ohh fuuck," I moaned.

"Come on baby ... unnhhh yeeah give it to me ... give it Terri ... OH!
AHHHH YES! YES!" Terri moaned louder as I picked up the tempo, pounding her
harder. "Don't be afraid, keep fucking me harder," Terri said encouraging me
to keep picking up the pace. "Bring that dick here, I wanna taste my pussy,"
Terri insisted.

I pulled out and moved around to her face. She wrapped her beautiful lips
around my cock, sucking off her wet pussy juice, "Mmmmm, I love the way that
tastes, mmmmm," Terri moaned.

After savouring her own juices for a moment, Terri sat me up against the
head board of the bed. She straddled my cock, lowering her hot little body
down on top of me. Terri's round breasts were right in my face. I couldn't
resist taking her rock hard left nipple into my mouth and sucking on it.

"I knew you'd like that," Terri said.

My mouth was too full with her nipple to speak. I'd always fantasized
about sucking on Terri's nipples because they were always on display. Terri
began grinding back and forth on my cock. She started out slowly so I could
continue working over each of her nipples. Soon Terri would put her hands
around my head, moving my mouth away from her nipples then giving me a kiss.
She moved her hands down onto my shoulders and started bouncing up and down.

"Oh fuck Terri, fuckin' ride my cock," I moaned.

"Ooooh ohhh ahhh ahhh yes," Terri moaned softly.

I moved my hands down her back and onto her butt. I squeezed her ass as
she started riding me harder. "OH FUCK TERRI! RIDE ME! Ohhh yeeah! You're so
beautiful! Ohh fuck," I moaned.

"UNNHHH YEEEAH! FUUCK YEAH! Ahhhhh! Ahhhh yesss! My pussy, ohhhh your cock
feels soooo good! UNNH GOD!" Terri moaned loudly.

I grabbed Terri around the waist, holding her tightly and started
thrusting upwards as hard as I could.

god! Unnnnhhhh," Terri moaned.

"AHHH FUUCK! I'm gonna cum Terri! I'M GONNA FUCKIN' CUM!"

"CUM INSIDE ME! It's ok, just shoot that hot cum inside me!"

"Ohhhh shiiit," I squirted one stream of cum up into Terri.

"Come on, let it all out ... let out all that hot cum," Terri moaned.

"AHHHH FUUUCK! Ah .. ah... ohhh Terri," I moaned as I bucked upwards,
releasing all my cum deep inside of her.

"Oooohhh I like how that feels," Terri said.

"So do I..."

Terri climbed off me and went into the bathroom for a moment then came out
wearing a bath robe. "Thanks for a great night," Terri said, "We both have to
get up early so its best that you get going."

"Whatever you want, I'm glad you had a good time," I responded getting

Terri walked over and gave me a big kiss. "You're a sweetheart, I'll see
you around," she said.

"I hope so," I responded as I gave her a hug then left...

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