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Sex On The Beach Part 5
by Josh (

After a great night of sleep, I woke up with an amazing peaceful feeling.
I had found out that Terri was the one that requested I come on the trip and
why she had made that request. I reflected on the passionate night with Terri
for a bit but then it was time to go downstairs and get to work for the day.
I got dressed and headed downstairs where I saw the head photographer, Rich,
talking to Lita. Lita was wearing a small tight black t-shirt and little
black shorts. Rich saw me and waved me over.

"Lita, have you met Mike? He's interning with us," Rich said.

"I've seen him around, how's it going, Mike?" Lita asked.

"Not bad, yourself?" I responded.

"Pretty good," she said.

"Mike, here's what I need you to do. Lita wants to go buy a couple more
bikini's and there's a store about twenty minutes into town. I need you to go
with her, pay and make sure she's taken care of," Rich explained.

"You make me sound like a child," Lita joked.

"When do you wanna go?" I asked.

"Let's go and get it over with now so I can get back to the grueling work
of getting my picture taken."

Rich gave me a company credit card then sent us on our way. The sun was
shining and the skies were clear for our walk into town. Lita commented how
nice it was to be able to walk around and not be noticed. I responded that I
didn't know how that felt. That's when Lita said,

"You would if the world knew what you've been doing."

"What have I been doing? Interning?" I asked.

"Maybe that should be, *WHO* you've been doing. Word spreads around fast."

"Oh ... well, uhm ... Uhh," I didn't know what to say.

Lita just laughed, "Don't worry, that's all real cool with me. I just wish
I would've gotten to you sooner."

Lita smiled but soon changed the subject before I could get anymore
details out of her about what she meant. I knew what she meant but like
before, I wanted to get confirmation. Soon we arrived at the store. I took
a seat while Lita looked around at the bikini's. She picked out a few
things then walked over to me.

"All done?" I asked, standing up.

"I'd like to try them on first and see how they look," Lita said.

"Ok, I'll wait here."

"Could you come back there with me? I want a mans opinion on how they

We walked back to the changing area which was a room with a few mirrors
and chairs then three smaller individual changing rooms. The store, much like
most of the Bahamas, wasn't very busy at all. I took a seat as Lita went into
one of the smaller rooms. Shortly she emerged wearing a modest but still
revealing blue bikini. Lita's body was as close to perfection as you can get.
There wasn't an ounce of fat on her and she was extremely toned. The nice
golden tan highlighted her great toned body.

"How's it look?" Lita asked.

"It's nice ... I like it."

Lita looked herself over in the mirror a bit then went back into the
changing room. After a few moments, the door opened a bit and Lita poked her
head out.

"Can you come in here and look at this one?"


"It's not quite as conservative as the other one, just come in," Lita

I slipped into the smaller changing room and Lita closed the door. She had
on a gold bikini. The top was loose and just rested over her breasts. She
turned around to show me that it was a thong. A small thong deep inside her
perfectly tanned and toned buns.

"Holy shit," I let out at the sight of her amazing ass.

"I take it that you like it?"

"It's ... it's spectacular,"

Lita turned around and moved in close to me, pinning me against the wall.
She took one hand and slid it down my shorts. I already was getting a little
hard at the sight of Lita's amazing ass and now I was pretty much there as
she touched it.

"Shhh ... I just want a quickie. This thong is so hot and I can see and
feel its making you hot," Lita explained.

"You want it in here?"

"Yeah ... I can't wait, I need it, I need to feel your hard cock inside
me. Just make it quick, I'll be quiet and we'll be fine."

Lita went into her purse and pulled out a condom.

"Here, wear this so you don't make a mess," Lita said handing me the

Lita turned around, leaning against the wall in this small changing room
and sticking out her incredible butt. I pulled down my shorts and put on the
condom. I grabbed the flesh of Lita's buns and felt her firm ass in my
fingers for a moment. I pulled the thong to the side for a moment as I slid
my cock deep into Lita's pussy.

"Ohhhhh that's what I want ... Don't hold out on me, whenever you have to
cum then cum, we have to make this quick," Lita whispered.

I bucked into her with my eyes locked on her sexy firm ass, this was gonna
be quick whether she wanted it to be or not. I looked up to see Lita biting
her thumb, trying her hardest not to make any loud moans. "Mmmph ohhh," I was
starting to cum.

"Yeeeah let it all out," Lita whispered.

I held her tight around the waist, pressing against her as I released my
last two squirts of cum. "Daaaamn," I commented as I pulled out with a cum
filled condom still on.

"Now what?" I asked.

"Put your clothes on, go into the bathroom and get rid of the evidence.
I'll get changed and I'll meet you in the store so you can pay," Lita
explained the plan.

I went to leave but she grabbed my shoulder. I turned around and Lita
planted a kiss on me, "Thanks," she said. I smiled then casually left the
small changing room then found the bathroom where I disposed of the condom
down the toilet and cleaned myself off. I headed back into the store where
I proceeded to pay for Lita's things then we started to head back to the
resort. Neither of us talked much on the walk back, it was pretty awkward
after what had just happened. Once we got back to the resort, Lita slipped
a card into my hand.

"What's this?" I asked.

"It's a private key for the gym, just in case you wanna go for a workout
at night when its closed," Lita smiled and winked then walked off.

Later that night...

I headed down to the gym and used the private key that Lita gave me to
open the door. The gym, as expected, was deserted. I walked around until I
thought I heard women's voices. I saw a door marked 'Hot Tub', slightly
open. As I walked closer, the voices were louder. I opened the door to see
a nude Lita and a nude Trish Stratus in the hot tub. I watched on from the

Lita took a bottle of baby oil and squeezed a bunch onto Trish's beautiful
bare breasts. Trish began rubbing the oil all over her breasts, making them
slick and shiny. Lita then squeezed some onto her ample breasts and Trish
started rubbing the oil all over Lita's tits. Lita leaned forward and planted
a kiss on Trish. Trish and Lita moved in close and started rubbing their
oiled up breasts against each other. Trish moved down and lightly bit Lita's
nipples making them hard. They kissed some more as they felt each other up.
I looked down and I had a full hard-on going in my shorts. Lita got up, her
toned body dripping with water. She saw me peeking in through the door...

"Its ok, you can come in and watch," Lita said.

I stepped inside and took a seat. Trish smiled then turned her attention
back to Lita. Lita sat down on the edge of the hot tub, spreading her legs
apart. Trish crawled forward towards Lita. Trish nippled on Lita's nipples
a little more and Lita moaned softly. Trish kissed down Lita's toned abs to
her shaved pussy.

"Ohhh Trish ... unnhhhh ohhhhh baby," Lita moaned.

My shorts were off now and I was stroking away watching these two
incredibly hot divas dyke it out. Trish worked over Lita's clit with her
finger and tongue. Trish soon grabbed a silver dildo and added to Lita's
pleasure. "Bend over for me, Lita, let me really get at that pussy," Trish

Lita bent over the side of the hot tub, sticking her great butt out.
Trish started banging Lita's pussy hard with the dildo, while rubbing her
firm butt. "Ohhh yeah fuck me ... ohhh ram that dildo deep inside me, ohhh
fuck Trish, ohhh god!" Lita moaned.

SMACK! SMACK! Trish gave Lita's great ass a few smacks. Lita soon felt it
time to recipricate so Trish sat on the side of the hot tub. Lita fondled
Trish's big breasts and sucked on her nipples. She then moved down to Trish's

"Ahhhh yeeah Lita, mmmmhhh yeeah lick my pussy," Trish moaned softly.

Lita rubbed her tongue ring against Trish's clit. Trish closed her eyes
and began grabbing her breasts, trying to contain her excitement. "Unnhhh
fuuck, ohhh you know how to work it," Trish moaned louder.

Soon Lita backed away from Trish and grabbed the silver dildo, licking the
tip. "You want this, don't you Trish?" Lita asked.

"No!" Trish responded.

Lita was surprised, "What? Why not?" she asked.

"I want the real thing, I want him," she said looking over in my

"You're right Trish, who needs dildos when we have the real thing?" Lita

Trish and Lita stepped out of the hot tub and began walking over towards
me. "You can take your hand off your cock, Mike, that's ours now," Trish said
with a grin.

I got and began to kiss Trish while Lita sucked on Trish's nipples. Lita
then moved down and pulled off my shorts, exposing my hard on. Trish knelt
down as well and the two licked the sides of my cock, sending chills up
through my body. Trish took control, sucking on it with her soft lips. Lita
wanted some so she took over. Trish stood up and let me feel her up.

"Mmmhh Trish, come down here and get some more," Lita said softly.

Trish moved back down and wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked away.

"Ohhh I love watching you suck his cock, ohhh it makes me so hot," Lita
moaned as she began touching herself. Lita and Trish started to toy with me
with little licks.

"You wanna fuck us, don't you big boy?" Trish asked.

"Oh god yes!" I responded.

"I call first!" Lita butted in.

"Oh you bitch!" Trish responded with a laugh.

Lita laid down on the bench, spreading her legs apart while Trish knelt
down beside her. Slowly I eased my cock into Lita's hot wet pussy. "Ohhhh
I've thinking about this all day," Lita moaned.

"Me too," I said. I pumped in and out of Lita while Trish moved her face
down and started licking Lita's clit while I fucked her.

"Yesss ohhh yesss give it to me baby! Ohh fuck me! OHHHHH UNNNNHHHH
YEEEAH!" Lita moaned.

As I kept fucking Lita, Trish began rubbing herself. "I want you to fuck
me now, I want that cock deep inside me," Trish requested.

"Go ahead, fuck her, I wanna see you fuck that hot bitch and make her
scream!" Lita said with a smile.

Trish laid down next to Lita and spread out her legs. "Please ... fuck
me ... please, I want it," Trish moaned softly.

I couldn't get over it. Trish laying there in all her glory, her firm
tanned body, her nice big breasts and beautiful face, asking to be fucked. I
rubbed my cock against her amazing shaved pussy.

"Don't tease me," Trish said.

I didn't, I pushed my cock deep inside of Trish.

"Ohhhhhh yeeeeahh, that's it ... ohhh fuuuuck give me that cock! Fuck me,
baby, FUUUUCK MEEEEE!" Trish moaned.

I started increasing the tempo, pounding Trish's pussy. Lita got up beside
me, whispering into my ear. "Fuck her hard, yeah that's it fuck Trish, fuck
that hot bitch like she wants it, oh that's the way, keep doing her like

"HHhhhhunnnhhh ohhhh fuuuck! UNNNHHH FUUUCK ME!" Trish moaned louder as I
fucked her real hard.

"I wanna taste her sweet pussy," Lita said.

I stopped and pulled out of Trish. Lita sucked off Trish's wet pussy juice
from my cock, "Mmmmhh Trish, you taste so good," she moaned.

"I want more, keep fucking me!" Trish demanded so I thrusted back inside
of her.

Lita moved over to Trish and began rubbing her breasts.

"Uhhhh fuuck Trish! Ohh you're so fucking ... ohhh god ... hot!" I moaned
as I pounded her as hard as I could. I was getting a little winded so I
grabbed Trish and moved down to the ground. I was on my back and Trish was
now on top of me.

"Ride him, Trish, ride that fuckin' cock like you know how," Lita said.

"Ohhhh yeah, I'll ride it good," Trish moaned. Trish began bouncing up and
down on my cock real fast and hard.

"Ohhh Trish, ohhh fuuck keep doing that!" I moaned.

"Unnnnhhh yeeah! You like that baby? Ohhh fuck I like that cock in me!"
Trish moaned.

I reached up and caressed Trish's breasts as they bounced around. Lita
moved around behind Trish. "Oh god look at that ass," Lita commented. Lita
started feeling Trish's ass in her hands, "Its amazing, its so round and
soft. Ohh god I'm getting so wet just looking at it shake and jiggle while
you fuck him," Lita said.

*SMACK* Lita smacked Trish's ass, "Oh look at that shit! Oh Trish your ass
is so perfect," Lita moaned.

"Ohhhhh fuuuck! YEEESSSS! Unnhh god you like my fuckin' ass? Ohh I like
this fuckin' cock!" Trish moaned loudly.

"Grab her ass, grab it!" Lita demanded.

I moved my hands around and grabbed a hold of her ass. It was everything
Lita said and more. It so nice and round and felt great in my hands.

"Ohh fuck Trish! Oh shiit, I'm gonna fuckin' cum!" I couldn't hold out any

"Cum on my face and my tits! I wanna taste it!" Trish said as she got off
of me and knelt down.

I stood up in front of Trish but Lita grabbed my cock.

"Hands off!" she barked.

Lita started stroking my cock, "Cum on Trish, cum on her pretty face!"
Lita said.

"Ohh ... unnhh shiiit," I moaned and the first big stream of cum shot out
and landed in Trish's mouth and on her chin. I moved a little closer and Lita
kept using her hand on me. Several smaller squirts of cum came out and landed
on Trish's breasts.

"Mmmmmhhh yeeah," Trish moaned as she licked the cum off her chin and
rubbed the rest all over her breasts.

"Let me clean those off," Lita said as she took moved over to Trish and
started to lick my cum off her breasts. Lita continued for quite some time
until all the cum was off Trish's amazing rack.

Lita stood, licking her lips. *SMACK* Trish smacked Lita's ass.

"What was that for?" Lita asked.

"You've got quite the butt yourself," Trish replied.

"You think so?" Lita asked.

"Oh I certainly do, and I'd love to see it get fucked!" Trish said.

Lita turned to me and said, "Do you wanna fuck my ass?"

"I've been thinking about it ever since this morning," I responded.

"Then what're you waiting for?" Lita asked as she got down on all fours,
sticking out her firm ass.

"Oh god this is gonna be so hot," Trish commented. "Stick it in, nice and
slow, yeah you got it," Trish said as I slowly worked my cock into Lita's
nice tight asshole.

"Mmmmmhhhh uhhhhh," Lita moaned softly.

I pulled out and smacked my cock against her firm buns then re-entered her
asshole. Slowly I pumped in and out, feeling it starting to loosen up.

"Oooohhhhh unnnhhhh my ass ... ohhh fuck it ... yeessss," Lita moaned in

Trish went over and picked up the silver dildo. Trish came back over and
got down on all fours next to Lita, giving me a nice view of her fantastic
ass. Trish reached back with the dildo and started working it into her own

"Unnhhhh ohhhh fuuck ... huunnnhhhh unnhhh," Trish moaned softly as she
was fucking her own ass with the dildo.

"Come on faster ... fuck my ass harder! Give it to me!" Lita demanded.

"You want it Lita? Huh? YOU WANT IT HARD?"

"OHhhh fuck yes! FUCK MY ASS HARD! FUCK IT NOW!"

I grabbed onto Lita's trim hips and pounded that asshole as hard as I
could. My balls were smacking against Lita's wet pussy as I pounded her ass.

UNNNNHHH MY ASS!" Lita moaned loudly.

I looked over to see Trish still lightly working over her own asshole with
the dildo. I reached over and gave Trish's round tanned ass a big *SMACK*!
Trish jolted a bit and looked back. "Come on Trish, fuck that hot ass with
that dildo!" I told her, breathing heavy and still pounding Lita's ass.

"I can't," Trish started, "I need a man to do that!"

Lita looked over at Trish then back at me, "Give her some, fuck her hot

I pulled out of Lita, bent down and gave Lita's tasty buns a few kisses
then moved over behind Trish. "Are you ready Trish?" I asked.

"Oh I'm ready, give it to me."

I grabbed two handfulls of Trish's great buns, pulling them apart. I
pushed the tip of my cock into Trish's asshole and moaned "Oh..." Then I
pushed my cock halfway into her asshole, paused and moaned "My..."

Finally I shoved it all the way in and moaned, "...God! Oh my god!"

"Ohhh baby you like it don't you? Well I want you to fuck it like you
fucked Lita's tight ass!" Trish instructed.

I started pumping into Trish's asshole like she wanted.

"Oooh that's it fuck her ass, fuck it yeah!" Lita moaned while rubbing her
own asshole.

I reached forward and cupped Trish's breasts with my hands then started
humping her asshole real fast and hard.

"OOHHHHHH YEESSS! Fuckin give it to me like that! Unnnhhhh fuuuuckk my ASS
GOOD! Ohhhh sooo good!" Trish moaned.

Trish's ass felt and looked so good as I worked it over.

"Oohhh fuck Trish, ohhh your ass feels so good, ohh shiiit!" I moaned.

"Spank it ... ohhh yeah spank my ass," Trish moaned.

*SPANK* *SPANK* I gave each bun a swift spank and watched them jiggle.

"OH! OH! Harder, fuck me harder and spank my ass harder!" Trish moaned.

"Ohhh god this is sooo hot!" Lita commented as she was rubbing herself
like crazy.

*SPANK* *SPANK* *SPANK* *SPANK* I brought my hand down on Trish's ass
four times with four good solid spanks while still pumping into her asshole.

"Ohhh ... ohhhh ... ohhhh that's good enough. Give Lita some more, finish
her off," Trish said.

"Whatever you want," I said pulling out of Trish.

"Ooohh get back in my ass, I'm so hot," Lita moaned.

I got back behind Lita and penetrated her asshole. I knew it wasn't going
to be long before I was going to explode again but I was going to hold out
for as long as I could. "Ohhh yeeah Lita, oh fuck I love this firm ass,
mmmhh" I moaned.

"Unnnhhhh yes, keep fuckin' it, ahhh ahhh like that, oooohhhhh," Lita

I gave a few more thrusts but I couldn't hold out anymore. "Fuck Lita, I
can't ... I'm gonna blow!" I warned her.

"Shoot that cum all over my ass, baby, do it," Lita moaned.

"Yeeah, cum on her firm nice ass, yeah that's it," Trish encouraged.

"Ohh shiiiiiit! Fuck! Unnhh god!" I grunted as I blew a big load of cum
all over Lita's great ass. "OH FUCK YES!" I let out as I slapped my cock
against Lita's ass and admired my work. Trish crawled over and sucked the
little bit of cum left from my cock.

"Ohh that does look good," Trish said looking at the cum splattered all
over Lita's ass.

"Lick it, Trish, lick it all off," Lita said.

Trish took one long lick up Lita's ass, licking off the cum. "Mmmhhh
mmmhhh tastes good," Trish moaned before taking several more licks of Lita's
ass until the cum was completely gone.

"Thanks Trish," Lita said.

"No, thank you," Trish responded licking her lips.

Trish and Lita got up and looked around for their clothes. Actually all
they had were bikinis. I leaned back against the wall, exhausted. I watched
as Trish pulled a black thong up into her round ass and Lita pulled a red
thong up into her firm ass. Amazing. I looked down and noticed that I was
getting hard again! After all that somehow I was getting hard again. Trish
noticed this then nudged Lita.

"Would you look at that?" Trish asked.

"What?" Lita responded.

"That horny bastard is still getting it up, after all of that!"

"How?" Lita asked.

"I don't know, your butts are just that good," I responded.

"What're we gonna do about this?" Lita asked Trish.

"I know..." Trish started then she whispered into Lita's ear.

"Will that work?" Lita asked.

"There's only way to find out," Trish said. "Lay down," Trish said.

I laid down on my back. Trish straddled my face then lowered her tasty
butt down, sitting on my face. I was in heaven.

"Ok, he's ready," Lita said shortly and Trish stood up. My cock was now
fully hard forever whatever they had planned. Trish and Lita stood over me
and slowly took off their thongs.

Lita and Trish dropped their thongs on my face then Trish straddled my
pelvis, just above my cock. I could feel my cock rubbing slightly between
her buns. Then Lita straddled my thighs facing the opposite direction. Lita
and Trish both shifted back so their butts were tight together and my cock
was sandwiched between their buns.

"Holy shit that's amazing," I commented.

Trish and Lita started moving their butts up and down, rubbing against my

"Ohhh fuuck! OHHH MY FUCKING GOD! OH YESS!" I moaned loudly.

The feeling was incredible, their hot asses moving all around with my cock
tightly between them.

"Its working," Trish commented.

"It is! Keep doing it, ohh god this feels so good, ohhh fuuuck!" I moaned.

Lita and Trish started moving their asses a little faster then slowed down
and I felt my balls tighten.

"Oh shit! Oh fuuck!" I grunted.

"Let it out, let it fly!" Lita said.

"Fuuuuuuuckk!" I moaned as uncontrollable bursts of cum shot up out of
my cock and landed on Trish and Lita's buns. "Oh god that was great!" I
commented as I just laid on the floor almost motionless.

Trish and Lita got up and got dressed this time.

"He's done," Lita said.

The two giggled and left, leaving me lieing in absolute ecstasy on the

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