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Sex On The Beach Part 6
by Josh (

The day after my amazing experience with Trish Stratus and Lita in the
hotel gym, it was again back to work. I figured I'd try and make myself
noticed just in case Trish and/or Lita had any more desires. However, I
stepped off the elevator and when I walked out to the lobby, I was met by
the head photographer, Rich.

"Have a good sleep?" He asked.

"You wouldn't believe it," I responded.

"Well, I need you to pack your things because you're going to a different
part of the island. A few of the other girls are staying at a different hotel
and shooting at a different location. You'll be going over there to help
out," He explained.

"Alright, I'll go get my stuff ... Say, which girls are over there?" I

"Uhh, Ivory and Molly and some others, why?"

"No reason..."

I headed off to pack my stuff and say goodbye to any slim possibility of
hooking back up with Trish, Lita or Terri. Me and a few other crew drove for
about an hour to the other location then got set up at the hotel. I got my
key then went to the elevator. A woman ran towards the elevator and yelled
for me to hold it and I did. The woman got in and it was Ivory.

"Hey Ivory, my name's Mike, I'm an intern down here," I started.

"You came over from the other location?"

"Yes, how'd you know?"

"Word gets around honey. I've been talking to Trish and boy am I glad
you're over here."


"Oh yeah sure. Say, Molly and I are going out tonight, how about you come
with us?" Ivory asked.

"That'd be great,"

"Meet me outside around eight.."

Ivory got off at the next stop. She's just full of energy and it must be
great to party with her is what I was thinking. Also, exactly what did Trish
tell her?

Later that night...

I got ready then met up with Ivory and Molly outside of the hotel. Ivory
was wearing a pair of tight black pants and a tight black tank top showing
off her nice big breasts. Despite being in her late 30's, Ivory has a tight
body. Molly was dressed a little more conservative in some jean shorts and
white shirt. We talked to some of the locals and found out what the best
night spot was. We headed over there but it wasn't really buzzing at all but
we figured it'd pick up. Ivory and I had a couple drinks but Molly didn't
wanna drink. She said she'd have fun without getting drunk. Ivory wanted to
get things going so she pulled me out onto the dance floor. We started
dancing a bit then Ivory pulled me in closer and grinded her privates against
my leg. Ivory grabbed one of my hands and moved it down onto her big but firm
ass. Things were heating up between us but no one else really seemed to be
dancing. Ivory got fed up and wanted to leave. We went back over and got
Molly. Ivory suggested we all just back and hang out in her hotel room.

Back in the hotel room...

We got back and sat around, talked a bit then Ivory got the key to the
mini bar. We raided the mini-bar and started to drink. Ivory finally
convinced Molly to just have a wine cooler and chill out. Molly started out
slowly but soon finished it and got another wine cooler. The next one went
down a little faster. On the other hand, Ivory and I were getting very
plastered, drinking lots and drinking it fast. The next thing we knew the
mini-bar was empty! Ivory said that she'd go down and get some more liquor
from the hotel bar and be back in a bit. That left me alone with the very
pretty Molly. Molly looked to be pretty drunk as she must have a low
tolerance so those few wine coolers was all it took.

"Wanna watch some TV?" Molly asked.

"Sure," I responded, "If you come over and sit with me."

Molly obliged and came over to the couch and sat next to me. I was pretty
lit so I didn't think before I acted. I put my arm around Molly and kissed
her ear.

"I'm glad we're alone," I said softly to her, "I think you're very

"You do? I'm no Trish or Torrie or even Ivory," Molly responded.

I put my other hand on her exposed thigh (her jean shorts were pretty
short). "You're all beautiful in your own unique way," I said, laying on the
mush thick.

"You're so sweet," Molly said looking me in the eyes.

I made my move, giving her a quick kiss on the lips. She didn't object so
I kissed her again. Molly moved a hand up around the back of my head and we
continued to kiss deeper. We sat there, kissing for a few minutes. Then the
door opened and Ivory walked in with a few six packs of beer, she set them
down and walked over to us...

"Well look at this," Ivory said.

Molly and I both just smiled at her.

"Well are you gonna fuck him or what?" Ivory asked Molly.

"Oh ... no. I don't want it to go that far, we were just kissing, that's
all," Molly explained.

"Then step aside, sweety, and let IVORY HAVE SOME COCK!" Ivory shouted.

Molly laughed and got up. She went and sat down in a chair a few feet away
from us. Ivory looked down at me on the couch, "What're you waitin for honey?
LET'S GET TO FUCKIN'!" Ivory yelled.

I looked over to Molly and asked "Is she serious?"

Molly nodded.

Ivory turned around and pulled down her tight black pants, exposing her
amazing thong filled ass. "Yeah you like that BIG ASS?" Ivory asked and
SMACKED her ass. "Lick it!" Ivory demanded.

"Lick it?" I asked.

"LICK IT!" she shouted.

I leaned forward and licked Ivory's round right bun.

"OH YEAH! Are you in for a real party or what tonight?"

"It looks like it!"

"Gimme that cock, I NEED COCK!" Ivory demanded.

I slipped down my shorts as Ivory knelt down infront of me. She pulled my
shorts all the way off exposing my semi-hard cock. Ivory wrapped one hand
around the base of my cock then began sucking away on it with muffled moans
of joy. She pulled my cock and slapped it against her tongue, "Mmmmmh yeah!
I LOVE THIS COCK! Mmmmhh!" Ivory stuffed my cock back deep into her mouth,
sucking away.

Soon Ivory got up to her feet and quickly stripped down until she stood
in front of me buck naked. Her body was so nice and toned with nice big
boobs and a big round ass. "ALRIGHT! It's FUCKING TIME!" Ivory shouted. She
straddled me, lowering wet hole down onto my cock. I moaned softly at the
feeling of being inside of Ivory. "Suck on my nipples, taste my big tits,"
Ivory said leaning forward.

I took her breasts into my hands, rubbing them all over. I moved from
nipple to nipple, sucking on them and getting them nice and hard. I guess
Ivory couldn't wait any longer as she started bouncing up and down, riding
my cock. I moved my hands around onto her big ass.

"YEAH! Grab my BIG ASS! Grab on while Ivory FUCKS THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!"
she shouted.

I glanced over to see that Molly with a hand down her jean shorts, playing
with herself.

she rode me hard.

"Ohhh fuck Ivory! You fuck me so good! Oh god! Fuck me till I cum!" I

Ivory's breasts were bouncing but that was it because the rest of her body
was so tight. "I'll make you ... ohh fuuck ... cum ... unnhhh FUCK YEAH!"
Ivory moaned. Ivory slowed down and started grinding back and forth slowly on
my cock.

"Ohhh shiiit! I'm gonna..." I moaned but Ivory cut me off.

She quickly got off me and knelt down in front of me, taking my cock into
her hand. "I want all your cum! I wanna taste it!" Ivory wrapped her lips
tight around the head of my cock.

I stroked the shaft until I unloaded with cum into her mouth and throat.
When Ivory removed my cock from her mouth, there wasn't a trace of cum on it
or in her mouth.

Ivory looked over and saw Molly rubbing herself. Molly had one hand down
her shorts and one up her shirt. "She wants it," Ivory said looking up at me.

"I do ... I want it bad now!" Molly said.

"Can you give it to me? Please? All I want is a good fucking."

"Are you kidding? Bring that big booty over here and I'll give you what
you want!"

I stood up and Molly walked over to me. I ran my hands through her white
blond hair as we began to kiss. I moved my hands underneath her shirt and
undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Molly stepped back and pulled
her shirt over her head exposing her nice big natural breasts. I pulled her
in close, tasting her greats breasts with my tongue. My hands wandered down
her back and onto her big booty. I sat Molly down on the bed and gently laid
her down. I kissed down her flat stomach to the top of her jean shorts that
were half unzipped. I fully unzipped Molly's tiny blue jean shorts then
flipped her over onto her stomach.


I brought both hands down onto her butt, grabbing handfuls of jeans and

"Be gentle," Molly said.

"You wanna spank an ass? SPANK THIS ONE BABY!" Ivory said coming over and
sticking her butt out.


I rattled the flesh of Ivory's butt making her laugh in joy. Ivory went
back and sat down on the couch while I turned my attention back to Molly.
Slowly I pulled off her jean shorts, revealing her nice big backside. There
was no cellulite or anything, it was just nice, big and round. Much to my
surprise Molly wasn't wearing any underwear. I spread her butt cheeks apart
and nuzzled my face between them, licking her pussy with my tongue.

"Mmmmhh oohhh I want your dick in there," Molly moaned softly.

"Come on! JUST FUCK THE BITCH!" Ivory shouted from the couch.

I rolled Molly over onto her back and got up on the bed. In the missionary
position, I slid my cock into Molly's sweet pussy. It was much tighter then
Ivory's. "Ohhh ... ahhh Molly ... ohhh fuck you're so nice and tight," I

"I bet she's nice and TIGHT! Loosen that slut's tight pussy up!" Ivory
yelled from the couch.

"Oooohhh ooohhh I'm not ahhh ... a slut!" Molly said in between moans.

"For the next few minutes you are so just enjoy it!" Ivory said.

"Ohhh .. ohhhh ... oook!" Molly moaned out.

I started pumping into Molly a little harder and her moans starting
getting louder and louder.

"OHHHH! OOOH YEEAH I LIKE THIS! Ooohhh this is good! Ahhhh ahhh oooh
yess!" she moaned.

I watched Molly's breasts jiggle with each thrust into her.

"Do her DOGGYSTYLE! You know you wanna see that big ass while you fuck
her!" Ivory suggested.

"I do .. I do," I said as I pulled out of Molly.

Molly got on all fours, sticking out her booty. I rubbed my hands over
her backside then moved closer, sliding my cock back inside of her.

"Now fuck her HARD!" Ivory demanded.

"You want it hard Molly?" I asked.

"Ahhh ahhh yess give it to me hard," Molly moaned.

I dug my fingers into her booty, grabbing two big handfulls of butt and
held on as I started giving it to her hard.

"Ohhh god! OHHH YES! OHHH FUUUCK YESS! Unnnhhh ohhhh ahhhh ahhhh OHHHH
GOD!" Molly moaned louder.

"Oh fuck Molly oh fuck yeah!" I moaned as I pounded harder and harder
into her. I grabbed onto her hips and fucked Molly as hard as I could.

"UNNNNHHHH OHHHH MY GOD! OHHH GIVE IT TO MEE!" Molly moaned real loud.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhh fuck I'm gonna cum!" I pumped into her a few more
times then pulled out and shot a big load of hot cum all over Molly's big

"Look at that shit!" Ivory said looking on at Molly's cum covered butt.

"Ohh that was wonderful," Molly commented. She turned around and kissed me
then got up. "I'm gonna go clean up, I'll be out in a bit." Molly went into
the bathroom and shut the door.

"Now do I know how to party or what?" Ivory asked as she was getting

"Nobody parties like you," I said as I put on my shorts and grabbed my

"Go get some sleep," Ivory said. "Anytime you wanna party, I think you
know who to call."

"That's for sure, see you around." With that I walked out the door and
headed back to my room for the night...

The End

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