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Sexual Adventures Of A Professional Wrestler
by Smackdown (

Part 1: "Feel The Madness"

It was a bright, sunny afternoon as the dodge ram pulled into the parking
lot. James couldn't believe he was here in Baltimore working for WCW. He
really hadn't expected his wrestling skills to be worth money to him someday
but now, here he was. James carried his bag towards the back entrance, fans
lining the back just stared a him as he walked toward the door.

Suddenly, a loud honk woke him for his daze as a car flew toward him. He
lunged to the side, just escaping certain injury but having to deal with the
group of fans laughing at him as he stood up "Hey, watch it pal" said a man
with blonde hair as he emerged for the red sports car that had almost ran
James down. The crowd started "whooo" chants as the man walked toward the
door. The man just walked inside, not paying attention to the people. James
brushed off the dirt from the ground he had to lunge into, his pride bruised
from the fact that the "Nature Boy" had almost killed him and had then acted
like it was his fault. James reached for his bag, but a womanly hand beat
him to it.

"Are you alright?" said a pleasantly southern voice.

James slowly looked up and saw a vision of pure beauty, blonde hair and a
perfect face. James had to stare at her for just a minute to take in the fact
that someone this perfect looking was talking to him.

"Hello? Is anyone home?" said the female again as she waved her hand in
front of his face.

"Oh, ah yeah sorry I uh yeah I'm fine." was all James could say as the
female handed him his bag and went on her way. James took a deep breath to
try to compose himself as he headed inside, dealing with the mockery of the
people as he reached the door. Before James had even put his foot through
the door a overweight man with a tight security shirt put his hand in the
way and said, "And just where do you think your going?"

James had figured something like this would happen so he just told the
guard his name and waited as the heavy-set man went down his list. "James
Kilred, Mr. Bischoff is expecting you. He'll be in the fifth locker room on
the right."

James said his thanks and started to walk towards the locker rooms, being
passed by random people who seemed to be in a crazed hurry to get things
done. James arrived at the locker and knocked on the door.

"Yeah, who is it?"

James cleared his throat and told his name through the door, gaining
admittance from whoever was inside. As James entered two men were talking
about random matches and what should happen.

"Kev, let's be serious, do you think that we need to keep pushing this
Hammer gimmick. The fans hate him and his performance at House Shows has been
terrible!" stated the man whose hair color didn't seem to match the age of
his face.

"Hey, we pushed Glen and his stupid Disco crap and the fans are behind
him now."

"Kev, come on that was only because of the finisher that we gave him," as
he spoke motioned for James to take a seat, "Let's just drop Hammer's push
and move on."

James took his seat and waited to find out what was going to happen with
him and more importantly his salary.

"OK, Mr. Kilred, my name is Eric and I'm the president of this company
and this is one of our bookers Kevin, he'll tell you before shows what's
happen that night and the outcomes. It will be up to you and whoever your
opponent is to figure out how the match will happen in the middle."

Eric reached down and brought up a briefcase and placed it on the desk in
the room.

"We were very impressed with your college record, undefeated in your first
three years at Iowa until you lost your first match of your senior year and
finished your season losing two more. The report from the power plant was
very good and we hope you understand that well, all of this now means nothing
as of right now."

James was just a little worried after hearing that last sentence, figuring
'great, been here 20 minute and already I'm fired.

"I really don't understand?" said James, hoping his worries were wrong
and that maybe he was still employed.

"OK, it's like this," said the tall, brown haired man who he did recognize
as Kevin Nash for his days of watching wrestling on WWF, "Your here now. We
have big plans for you, big plans, and we hope that you can live up to them
because if not, your fired."

James was relieved that he wasn't fired, of course the little if you fail,
your fired part at the end didn't have him jumping for joy. "OK, I can deal
with that but what are your plans for me?"

"I'm glad you asked that question, you see," Eric was cut off by a knock
on the door and a voice that seemed familiar to James but he couldn't tell
through the door, "hold that thought, come in Mona."

"Randy is pissed about that lost to Hogan that you organized Kev and he
wants to talk to you."

"Why doesn't that son of a bitch just take it like a man, shit I'll talk
to you later Eric and you, ah James."

Kevin left the locker room in a sort of man on a mission stomp, slamming
the door behind him.

"Ah James, I'd like to introduce you to Mona or as we call her Miss
Madness. She was our newest employee until you came along."

James stood up and turned around, his head almost exploded when he saw the
same girl from the parking lot.

"Oh, we sort of met earlier. Ric almost hit him with that ferrai of his,
you know how fast he drives."

"Yes, I know."

James was still a little lost in her eyes but he did manage to shake her
hand and introduce himself to her.

"Well, since you to have met Mona, why don't you show him around if that's
not much trouble?"

"Sure Eric, no problem I'll show him around."

"Great, well James you enjoy the tour and see Kevin at about 6:30 and
he'll get you ready for tonight. Ok."

James shook Eric's hand and headed out the door behind the lovely Miss
Madness as she showed him around.

"Well, I would introduce you to Vickie but she's in their with Randy and
he doesn't like new people. So, I guess I could show you the ring and stuff
first and then introduce you to some people if that's Ok?"

James just gave a smile and said that she was the tour guide and that it
was up to her, Mona gave a little smirk as they headed toward the ring area.
As James stepped through the curtain he was taken aback by what he saw. The
Dome was huge, the lights were set on low and pointed at the ring like the
North Star leading the way to land for sailors.

James slowed walked down the aisle toward the ring, Mona was way ahead of
him but James didn't care. He walked the aisle and imagined the sound of fans
chanting his name as he headed to the ring, camera's flashing as he slapped
hands with the golden circle fans. James slowly climbed the steps and entered
the ring, the size was immense as stared at the ceiling still hearing the

"I hope your not going to be in their long, we do have practice."

James snapped back to reality and saw a group of girls outside the ring
with Mona. James slid under the bottom rope and walked over to the group.

"James, these are the Nitro Girls, Girls this is James."

"I didn't know you had a boyfriend who looked like this Mona, where'd you
get him."

Mona blushed at what the short blonde said. James stood quietly as she
explained that he wasn't her boyfriend but rather the new kid in town.

"Oh, so James are you single?" said the red headed looker with a look of
hope in her eyes.

"Yes, yes I am. Why? Have any ideas who I could date?"

"I could think of a few." said the hot Asian girl next to her as both
giggled a little.

"Down ladies, we have practice. James, it was nice to meet you and welcome
to the family."

"Hey Kim, I don't think you should say family the way that Jeri and Ling
are thinking." stated the lone black woman of the group with a giggle.

"Shut up, Janice. You're thinking the same thing!"

At this point Mona grabbed James by the arm and took him to the back,
trying to avoid the wolves. "I'm real sorry about that, the girls can get a
little, how should I say this?"

"Horny?" was the first word out of his mouth, and boy he wished he hadn't
said it until Mona laughed and agreed with him.

The two walked around a little longer, Mona introducing him to Bryan Adams
and Scott Bollea, also known as Horace Hogan, as she slowly concluded her

"Well, it's 6:15, which means I have to go. It was a pleasure being your
tour guide."

James gave he a big smile and complimented her on a wonderful tour. As
Mona was walking away James said her name and ran up to her. "I wouldn't
suppose that you would like to go get a cup of coffee with me after tonight's

Mona smiled cheerfully and accepted his offer, and headed off saying she'd
see him at 11:45.

"Starting off early ain't ya?"

James turned and almost, almost shrieked in terror at a man with his face
paint white and black.

"Hi, Steve Borden but everyone just calls me Sting."

"Oh, uh hi, James Kildred and everyone calls me uh well I guess they

"Listen, the meeting is starting in ten minutes and well, if we don't get
going we're going to be late and Kev doesn't like that."

"We're?" Steve looked at James a little puzzled.

"Kev hasn't told you yet has he?"

"Kev hasn't told me anything."

Steve gave a little laugh and patted James on the back, "Come on, I'll
explain on the way."

After talking with Steve the story behind Jamie's character was comin' to
light. He was to become the tag team partner of Sting and together they would
add to a slowly rebuilding tag team division, not to mention the fact that if
James was going to get over with the fans he would have to start with a fan

At the meeting, Kevin told James that during the Sting vs. SID match for
control of WCW, he was to jump out of his first row seat, attack Rick Steiner
and Nash until Hall hit the ring and hit him with the 'Outsiders Edge'. So,
after being hit with Edge about ten times and talking with Kevin, Scott and
Rob (Rob being the real name of Rick Steiner) James headed to his ringside
seat and watched the show.

The whole time sitting their James couldn't keep his mind off Mona. He
had only known her for three hours and already he wanted her, not her a
girlfriend but for different needs. The show went by as planned, Mean Gene
did an interview with him early in the night stating his College records,
Sting had fought Sid as planned and as planned James had jumped the railing,
hit a few clotheslines and them was hit with the Edge for the 11th time.
James was happy he wasn't Steve who was powerbombed by Kevin and Sid.

After the show James packed his bags and headed for the door, he was
stopped by Kevin who congratulated him on a job well done. Kevin then
informed him that since Steve said that they were getting along just fine
and since they were now partners, he would be the third person in the locker
room with Steve and Lawerence (first name of Lex Luger).

James left the arena, he was still in a little pain from that powerbomb
which didn't really surprise him as Scott did tell him that out on camera he
would have to do it quicker. James stood and waited for Mona, he didn't
really know when she would be out or what she would be wearing.

Fifteen minutes later, James had the feeling he had been stood up. James
just sighed, he hoped that she liked him a little but he thought that maybe
she was just being friendly to him. He started to head for his car when he
heard someone say his name. He turned to see Mona walking towards him, waving
her hand.

"I hope you didn't think I forgot did you? I was talking with Vickie and
lost track of time."

James shrugged his shoulders, "Me, no. I understand, hey I've been caught
up in a conversation and lost track of time lots of times."

"Oh, well are you ready to go?"

" Sure."

The two walked over to James car and headed out of the parking lot and
into town. On the way James and Mona talked about each other. James was
able to discover that she had meet Eric at CNN were she was working as a
secretary, Eric said she was pretty and that he was looking for a smart
person with a southern accent to help with an angle. She had been married
once but her husband divorced her after she went to work for CNN three years

James paid close attention to everything she said but kept his mind on
the road, the only time he almost crashed was when she revealed that her
breast were real. The two talked more at the coffee shop about each other
and what they had in common. They discussed politics and other things along
with work at WCW.

"You haven't meet Vickie yet have you?"

James nodded his head no and sipped at his coffee. Mona pushed a strand
of hair out of her face and continued on.

"Well Vickie is Gorgeous George. Man I swear, other than Kim she must
have the biggest tits in WCW."

James abruptly spat his coffee all over the place, choking on the little
that was in his throat as he tried to speak.

"Oh, (coff, coff) I (hack) I hadn't noticed."

"I'm sorry, I didn't upset you did I?"

"Me no, no (coff, hack) I always choke on coffee at random points when
I'm drinking it."

Mona laughed and James joined in as the two apologized for the mess and
headed back to the car. After driving back to the parking lot, Mona got out
of the car and thanked James for a lovely evening. As she walked towards her
rental, her backside moving side to side as she went James had to find out
if she even liked him at all.

"Hey Mona!"

She turned around as she reached her car, brushing the hair from her
face, "Yeah."

"I was wondering if, ah you know I might see you outside of work again?"

She flashed a big smile, "You can count on it."

With that she entered her car, fired it up and drove away. James shook
his head and beamed with confidence, "Oh yeah, she wants me."

For the next three weeks James went about what was becoming a normal

Monday he would fly into a city, team up with Sting, kick some ass and
talk with Mona.

Tuesday was the lone day that he'd spend in that city and seeing how Mona
wasn't all that popular, she would spent the day with him. It still hadn't
entered the bedroom but James had a feeling that one of these nights, he'd
get her in bed.

James was hoping that it would happen soon, due to the fact that he was
running out of ideas for dates! He'd already done the dinner, dancing,
concerts (a lovely Dwight Yokam, not his style but she loved the country),
boardwalks, beach and even a rodeo. The only thing that kept James at bay
was well, even he didn't know.

Wednesday, another flight to either Thunder or a house show on a Friday.

Saturday was the day for his daily, you and STING go sign autographs and
have about 100% want Sting and 55% want you. However, this Saturday was a
little different because it was Pay-Per-View Week.

Yes, it was time for he and Steve to go for the Tag gold and boost him
to Superstardom, that's of course that Kev and Eric decides that the fans
are sick of Page and Scott (also known as DDP and Bam Bam) having the gold.

James arrived at the arena at exactly 6 am on Saturday, as was ordered by
Eric and failure met fired.

"Why are we here on a Sat. Steve, I thought this thing didn't happen till

"It's Road Wild, this thing happens on a Saturday. Hey, how's it going
with Mona?"

"Still chasing that rainbow for her pot of gold."

Steve looked at James like he was the world's dumbest person, "What,
where did you learn a saying as stupid as that?"

James just laughed, "Just something my dad used to say and I thought I'd
never say it."

"Alright guys, tonight we got a big show and not much time to prepare. So
listen up," stated Kevin who looked like he slept a total of two hours, "Mark
(Buff) defeats Ernest, Oscar (Rey) loses the title to Billy, Rob (Rick
Steiner) will defeat Dean to retain, Sid loses to Bill, Will (Hugh) and Fit
will both lose to Jim (Hak) for the hardcore trophy, Steve and James defeat
Page and Scott after interference by Perry to win the titles, Randy loses to
Dennis and Mona, Eric wants to see you now, and finally Terry (Hulk) loses to
me after Jeff (NWO Sting) interferes. Alright, go to work."

James was pleased that he and Steve would win the titles but he still
wondered what Eric wanted to see Mona for? He really didn't have any time to
worry about it, he and Steve had to go to practice so he'd have to ask Mona
after the show.

After a few hours of working out the kinks of the match with Page, Scott,
Perry and Kanyon, James headed to the back to get something to eat and then
lay down and watch the show from the back. As James headed to seat down he
spotted Mona fiddling with a Caesar salad she had in front of her. James
could tell from looking at her that something was wrong.

"Is this seat taken?"

Mona looked up from her salad with a little weak smile and shook her head

"What's wrong?" James could tell from the puffy areas around her eyes that
she had been crying.

"Oh, nothing just a pay cut, that's all."

"Must've been a major one?"

Mona just gave a weak laugh and put her fork down.

"Listen, how about you come over after the show, will order room service
and we can talk about it."

Mona slightly nodded her head in agreement and said her good-byes and
walked towards the locker rooms.

The show started on time-as usual (with Tony and Bobby hyping the match
that they really knew nothing about) Kevin had decided after the little Mick
Foley champ thing that got them hammered that he couldn't kept his mouth
shut, and Bobby didn't really care about the winners to be told and then onto
the first match. Oscar vs. Billy:

James really was impressed how good those two did their 'dance', which is
other term for practice, with no screw-ups. The matches went smooth, until
Ernest actually kick Mark in the face and made him loopy but lucky Ernest was
smart even to dance around the ring for a few minutes and taunt the crowd.

"You know, he's better good at this."

Steve just nodded as he drank his water, preparing for the make-up, "He
should be, after all he is a 'three time world karate champ' hiay-ya"

All the while he was saying it Steve motioned his arms the way Ernest did.
James watched the matches with limited interest, knowing the winners wasn't
that fun and made the match stupid. However, he did watch the match before
his with great interest, Randy vs. Rodman.

After about ten minutes, Mona (Miss Madness) climbed the turnbuckle and
kicked Randy in the face. It was a pretty hard kick as it allowed Dennis to
roll up Randy for the three. Their was a knock on the door, a wormy little
man peaked in and said, "It's go time boys. Ready?"

It was a long walk for James to the entrance way, Steve just slightly in
front. The two were stopped right at the entrance and told the traditional,
"Wait for the music, go on it and clear the platform within 20 seconds of
music start unless you want to be part of the explosion."

Steve turned back to James, his face painted with the black white, "Ready
to roll?"

"You bet your ass!"

"Remember, no screw-ups."

James smashed his hand into his fist, pulled up his finger gloves, took a
deep breath and headed out behind Steve as the music started.

In the ring, the action was slow at first, Page had already messed up
twice by using a DDT instead of a bulldog and neckbreaker instead of a
hammerlock. James just stood in the corner, hoping Page would quit the improv
and stick with the plan.

Steve finally came over and made a tag, almost completely out of breath,
"Something ain't right. Page is pissed about something and he almost broke my
neck so watch it."

'Time to work' James thought as he hit the ring, ducking Page's
clothesline and grabbing him in a headlock.

"Chill Page, you almost took my head off with that clothesline."

Page just snarled and whipped James into the ropes. James came off the
ropes and was planted with the backbreaker from hell.

'Jesus', James thought as he withered in pain, 'he's trying to kill

Scott tagged in and helped James up and put on a headlock.

"James, Page is pissed about something. I'm going try to keep him out
until he cools so beat the hell out of me."

James whipped Bam into the ropes and caught him with a big powerslam.
After beating on Bam for a while, Steve tagged back in and beat him down.
But, Steve through him into Page's corner and Page slapped his back and
clotheslined Steve in mid-air as he went for the splash. Steve was down and
looked like for good.

"Fuck this." James jumped the ropes and tackled Page at full speed. "Look,
you either calm the fuck down or I'm gonna powerbomb your ass through the
fuckin' ring."

Page just got up and charged full speed again and went for a clothesline.

'I warned you,' James ducked the clothesline, grabbed DDP's hair, spun
him around and set him up. "Goodnight asshole."

James lifted Page way above his head, dropped his legs out and drove Page
full speed into the ring. The impact of the powerbomb caused Steve's dazed
body to literally bounce up five inches of the ring. The referee just counted
the three and the crowd erupted into loud cheers. James walked over to Steve
and helped him up.

"Did we win?" said a completely mentally gone Steve, still shaking his
head from the clothesline.

"Yeah, although I think I might have killed Page."

"Oh well, I never liked that son-of-a-bitch anyway."

James laughed and then howled as the ref gave him and Steve the belt. The
ref grabbed James by the arm, "I got a message from Eric," James stood with
a look of I'm screwed on his face, "He says nice fuckin recovery."

James cracked a smile and held up his belt in the corner and yelled as
the stretcher took Page out of the ring, due to the fact that he was out like
a light.

As Steve and James arrived in the back, they bumped into Kevin.

"Well, he aint' dead but he'll wake up with one hell ova headache. Good
job." Kevin held out his hand, James shaking it, "Hey, thanks alot."

"Listen, you two can take the Sunday and Monday off, in fact you can say
home until Thursday. See you on Thunder."

After changing out of his wrestling gear, James headed for his hotel room.
All he could think about was laying in a nice hot tub and let the pain in his
back fade away.

"Hi," James turned around to see Mona standing their in a white blouse,
tight blue jeans and her hair down, "ready for dinner?"

'Shit, I forgot' James unlocked his door and let Mona in ahead of him.

"So, you actually powerbombed Page."

"Yeah, that's about the full of it. More wine?" "

"No, thank you."

The two had did as they had played, Mona and James had ordered room
service and enjoyed a quiet meal together. A soft country song was playing
through the radio that James took with him on trips, Mona had turned on the
country and to say that the music that night was romantic was an

"Mona, would you like to dance?"

"Yes, yes I would."

The two dance closely, their bodies exchange the heat as the moved closer
and closer to each other.

"I've never met anyone like you Mona."

"And I never you James."

The two looked deep into each others eyes, both seeing the passion that
burned within one another. Their lips met and in a deep, long kiss that
brought them ever closer, almost melting them together.

As the first kiss broke another followed, this time both parting their
lips allowing their tongues to explore ever inch of the others mouth. The
kiss broke again, only this time Mona slowly undid the buttons to her blouse,
as James took his shirt over his head. James slowly brushed the blouse from
her shoulders, uncover the twin globes incased in a white lacy bra.

James slowly kissed his way down, starting at her neck and reaching the
bra that hide the milky treasures that he longed to taste. Mona slowly
pushed him away and unhooked the bra and allowed it to slowly fall from her
body. Her breasts were perfect in every way. The perky, globes fit her body
to absolutely perfection. The lightly tanned twins were spectacular, James
reached out and barely kiss the top of her right breast. He planted slow
kisses all around it, flicking his tongue ever so gently across the nipple

He repeated the process with the left, paying even more attention to the
nipple, sucking light on it. Mona let out a moan, the sensation was inching
her towards a bliss undescribed.

James stood back up as Mona slid down his body, kissing his chest and
washboard stomach and unsnapping his jeans. She smiled up at him as she
pulled the zipper down with her teeth, and quickly pulled the jeans off.
Mona lightly rubbed the tip of his tool still inside of his boxers, she
gradually licked the outside of the boxers around the tip. James had to sit
on the bed as she pulled down his shorts revealing his hard pole.

Mona caressed the bottom of his cock as she licked just the tip to get him
riled. She ever so gently sucked the tip into her mouth before release her
soft suction. Mona opened her mouth and engulfed the rod, sliding down her
throat. James couldn't stand the feeling as she let the cock slide out slower
than she had let it slide in.

Mona massaged his balls as she once again went down on the meat, her
tongue licking across the underside, sending a chill up James's spine. Mona
released the meat from her mouth, giving the head one last lick as she stood
up in front of him.

Mona undid her jeans, pulling them down her silky, smooth, tanned legs.
James stood in front of her, kissing and slowly laying her on the bed. James
licked the outside of her white panties, making contact with her pussy and
cause her to sigh from the contact. James hooked his fingers under her
panties, pulling them down to reveal her golden prize.

Her light blonde hairs confirmed that she was indeed a blonde, her pussy
looked to be extremely tight. James sank down and went to work, licking the
outsides of her pussy, eliciting a quick yelp from the contact.

He then spread her pussy lips to uncover a wet treasure. James continued
to lick at her pussy, her juices sliding down his throat. He could have spent
the entire night right there, drinking her fine nectar. After constant
licking, her clit came to sight. He went right for the prize, sucking and
nibbling on the round bulb.

"Oh yes, please don't ugh stop. Make me cum ohhh James, please."

James picked up the tempo, sucking harder and faster and driving Miss
Madness mad with desire.

"Oh God, Oh Yes, ooo here it ahh cummms! Oh please, oh ooo God YES!"

James ever so slowly came to a stop, licking the last of her juices from
around her lips.

"I want you now James, please fuck me."

James slowly rose, position his rock hard beast at her soft, pillowly
doorway. He rubbed the tip along the entrance, teasing her, making her burn
with want.

"Please, please don't tease and just fuck me."

James pushed his mammoth forward, penetrating her for the first time and
loving the feel of her tightness as it slowly engulfed his rod.

"OH God, it's so big. Oh yes, fuck me-fuck me now!"

James pushed the rest of his rod forward, feeling the pillowly cushion
inside of her adding pressure. She was so incredibly tight! James pulled
back, almost until he had left the warmth inside of her, and pushed forward
a little faster and with a little more force.

"OH YES, OH God yes!! It feels so GooD! Faster, harder, fuck me harder!"

James took Miss Madness' wish and began to pound into her, his eyes
rolling into his head as she increased his pace. Soon his strokes were rapid,
her screams get louder as they went. He lifted her back off the ground and
hugged her against her chest, her hard cherry nipples scraping against his

She whispered into to his ear, "please, don't cum (gasp) in my (ugh)
pussy. I want you to, Oh God, pop my anal cherry. Please, I want to remember
(ah, oh) you (gasp) forever."

James slowed to a stop, sad to pull his cock out of the tight, warm
wetness that it left but looking forward to the tightness that waited. Moan
turned over onto her knees, and spread her legs. James pushed a finger into
her ass to loosen it up just a little, using his other finger to rub more
juices on for added lubrication.

"Are you sure about this, I mean it's gonna hurt at first."

"I know but I'm ready."

James withdrew his finger from her anal passage and placed his cock at
her hole. Mona closed her eyes and grinded her teeth, waiting for the pain
to come. James slowly eased his cock into the tight hole, only able to get
an inch on the first push. Mona was breathing in short breathes everytime
their was a push on her anal ring. James finally sank the rest of his cock
into her after six, slow easy pushes and now he waited for her to adjust to
the size in her. Mona rocked her hips back into him, starting her on ass
fuck rhythm which he just picked up on and went with it.

"OH GOD! God, it feels goood! Fuck my ass, shove your cock up my ass.
Comin and cum in my ass!"

James reached forward pulling her back, reaching around and squeezing her
breasts. It was just so tight, James couldn't hold out much longer, it was
becoming too much for him. Miss Madness was a great fuck and he was luck to
finally be getting her. James reached around with his other hand and joined
Miss Madness hand in fingering her pussy. Both rapidly pumped their fingers
in her pussy, trying to drive her to another climax.

"Cumming, Oh GOD! YES, OH YES, I'm comiNNg!!!"

James felt the load covering his fingers, he brought his hand to her
mouth where she licked her own juices from his fingers but now it was his
turn. His balls had been aching and boiling for the last ten minutes since
he had started into her ass and now he was ready to fire his load into her
deflowered ass.

"I'm cumming!!" James was closed his eyes as he fired the first shot of
his thick cream deep into the bowels of her ass, the muscles dragging every
last drop from him.

"OH Yes, cum in that ass!! Fuck yeahhhAAAAHHHHhhhhhh!!!!"

James pulled himself from Miss Madness' ass with a plop and laid on the
bed with her. Cum slowly trickled down her hips, James placed some on his
finger and Mona greedily sucked it from his finger, their night of passion
was finally over and James felt that they had become one.

That Thursday, James entered work as usual and went to Randy's locker
room to see if she was their. James knocked on the door but no one answered.
That was strange?

"James." he turned to see Steve slowly walking towards him.

"Hey Steve, have you seen Mona? I can't find her, I've looked in the
lounge, the arena, the parking lot, the,"


"What Steve?"

Steve sighed a little and figured that the only way to say it was to.
"James, Mona got fired and well, she's gone."


End of Part 1

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