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Sexual Adventures Of A Professional Wrestler
by Smackdown (

Part 2: "Coping With Loss"

"Don't let it get you down man, there's still plenty of tail in the sea."

James had been sick over the past four weeks; he just couldn't get over
the fact that Mona left without saying goodbye to his face. He had also
accepted that the night of passion they had was worthless, she just packed
up and shipped back to Florida. Steve had been a real friend; he had even
tried to hook James up with a 20-year-old redhead who could do some amazing
things with a ping-pong ball and a quart of Jello. It just seem to be no
use, James had over the time that he and Mona had went out fell in love.

"Hey, did you hear? Page's suspension has been lifted, he'll be back on

James just shrugged, "Great, so then the pain I feel will end after he
kills me."

"Hey, snap out of it! What you better do is make sure Page isn't gonna
try and kill you."

"And how do I do that?"

"Simple, just go ask Kim. I mean she is married to the guy, maybe she
can tell you if he's still pissed and if he's pissed at you."

This had to be the worst James had ever felt in his life. Eric had not
been too happy on Nitro when James made mistake after mistake after mistake
and almost got his neck shattered by Chris and Scott during a title defense.
Luckily, Scott saw that James wasn't all their and informed Steve during
their confrontation with each other. So when Bam and Kanyon went for the
Spike Piledriver, Steve made the save and won the match. The pay-per-view
hadn't been that different since he wasn't in the show, Kev and arranged
that himself and Steve would go at it for the world title. Kevin had also
arranged that he would win by DQ thanks to interference by Goldberg, the
spear wasn't that impressive on Kev but it got the job done. James finished
thinking back on the past couple of weeks and came to the Nitro Girls locker
room. He knocked three times and waited for someone to respond.

"Who is it?"

"It's James. I came to talk to Kim."

"Come on in."

The locker room smelled a little, no a lot like fresh cut roses. The
bottles of perfume lined the mirrors but no one seemed to be near them.
James checked his watch, it was only...11:55! `Shit,' James thought, '
I was thinking for a full hour! Well, maybe Kim is still here.'


James looked towards the showers to see a completely naked Spice standing
before him. James turned around and apologized.

"I didn't know you um were uh in there. I uh geez, I'm sorry."

"You don't have to apologize, but you could hand me that towel on that
bench over there."

"Yeah sure."

James walked over to the bench in front of the girls' lockers and grabbed
the towel, funny there were two towels laid out. James walked backwards and
handed the towel behind his back until she grabbed it from his hand.

"Thank you."

James took a deep breath and waited.

"Ok, you can look now."

James turned around to see the little blonde wrapped in a long white
towel, her hair was still glistening with the water from her shower.

"By the way, my name is Jenny. Your that guy that Mona was hanging out
with before she left aren't you?"

"Yeah, that's me. Uh listen, I was wondering if Kim was here. I have to
ask her about Page."

"Sorry, she left."

"Oh uh well then I should be going I mean you need to get dressed and
all so."

James turned around to head out the door only to be faced with a dripping
wet Storm standing in front of him.

"Oh, your not going anywhere boy," said the ebony goddess standing before
him, "Steve told us about you not handling this Mona leaving thing well so
he thought we might be able to cheer you up. Right Jenny?"

"Right you are Janice."

Each girl grabbed James by a hand and lead him towards the couch just
north of the showers.

"Have a seat," before James could even react the two lovely ladies pushed
him down Onto the couch and smiled, "I think your going to enjoy this."

Jenny and Janice sat down of both sides and proceeded to kiss his face
and neck. A million things were running through James mind and for the first
time in four weeks none of it was about Mona. Jenny (Spice) stopped kissing
James and looked at Janice (Storm) and then back at James.

"What is it Jen?" asked a confused Janice.

"Is it just me or is one of us three overdressed?"

Janice looked a James who was wearing his training pants, which at the
present time looked more like a striped tent than pants, and nice white
t-shirt with his name on it.

"You're right Jen. Maybe we should help the poor dear out of his pants,
I mean it looks like little James is uncomfortable."

'Great,' thought James, ' I've know her ten minutes and already she has
named a body part. Females.'

The two beautiful women dropped to the floor and proceeded to remove his
cowboy boots, something Mona had bought him at the concert awhile back and
he kinda liked it, and then went to work on his pants. Unfortunately for
James, the ladies didn't bring them down slow but rapid causing his dick to
be pulled with them.

"Yeoowww!" Janice and Jen both looked up and saw what the pain was.

"Oh my poor baby, hear let Jenny kiss it and make it better."

Jenny kissed the outside of James's briefs where the head of his cock
was straining for freedom. Jenny slowly showered the outside of the briefs
with kisses while feeling his ball sac through the fabric. James brain was
headed for overload and he knew it so he requested that Jen stop before he,
as he said it, creamed his shorts. Shakespeare he was not but it got the
sexy blonde to stop her kissing assault. James reached for Jen and she
slapped his hand away.

"Not yet young man, first me and Janice are going to give you a lesson on
the female anatomy. Isn't that right, Professor Janice."

"Why yes it is Professor Jen."

The two women stood in front of James naked as the day they were born
only a lot more developed since that day.

"Now as you can see, women come in all different shapes and sizes.", Jen
was the first one to start James on this lecture that James knew would make
any teenage boy in America stay awake during class, "Take me for example,
while I don't have huge breast or as you men like to call them tits or cans,
I do have a tight firm ass that would make any man forget about my bra size."

She spoke the truth, when James first saw her he didn't know why she was
a Nitro Girl but now that he saw those ripe preaches he couldn't care less
about her chest.

"But, if you look at me you can see that I have firm breasts and an
average ass but the conclusion is still the same and that is..."

Jen flashed a winning smile and finished Storm's sentence, "We both have
something that makes us great fucks."

"Now then let us move onto lesson two and that is pussy tightness."

"Professor Janice is going to lay on the floor in front of you and I
will proceed to start the lesson on tightness."

James hadn't touched his cock or these "teachers" but his cock was rock
hard and ready to go to work. Jen got between the long outstretched legs of
Storm and looked up at James.

"Testing the tightness of a pussy is quite simple really. First you take
you finger and lick it like so," the vixen sucked her finger into her mouth
and slowly withdrew it, "then you slide it into the female's pussy like so."

James watched closely as Jen slowly pushed her finger into the pussy of
Jancie and worked it in and out.

"Sometimes UH though one (shit) finger isn't enough so another is Ummm

Jen pushed her second finger into Janice and saw that it was the last one
that could fit in her tight, juicy pussy. Jen began a slow steady rhythm that
was slowly gaining speed little by little by little.

"Lesson three is about what to do after checking tightness and that is to
check for taste."

"Oh yes Jen, check for AH taste, check my fucking pussy for taste."

Jen really didn't need any encouragement, she slowly crawled her body
down Janice's legs until her mouth was even with her dripping snatch. She
then slowly extended her tongue and dragged it up the juice filled slit
before her, eliciting deep throaty moans from a extremely horny Storm.

"Of course (uh yes), some (ah fuck) like to just lick without checking
for (ah yes) tightness."

Spice continued to glide her tongue up and down the juicy hole of her
lovely friend, enjoying the delicious taste and feel of sweet love juice.

"Please Jennyyyy, let us... god...move on to lesson uh four."

Jenny lifted her head up from her new lover's bounty and sweetly smiled
at her.

"Gee Janice, I don't remember what lesson 4 is?"

"Well, why don't you spin around and give me your hole and maybe I can
refresh your memory."

Spice stood in front of James and spin around, aligning her sweet pussy
with Storm's head. James stared at Spice's lovely ass, wanting sooo bad to
kiss, suck and even lick those perfectly formed cheeks. Spice slowly lowered
her pussy onto Storm's face and giggled when Storm extended her tongue and
began to rapidly lick the blonde beauty's cunt.

"Oh baby, yeah work my pussy. Oh so good!"

Spice eyes fixed on Storm's pussy, her own saliva still coating the edges
of her extended clit and moist lips.

"Oh god, I'm thirsty again baby. I think I want a drink."

Spice lowered her head back between the legs of Storm as the two formed
a moaning, sweaty 69 right in front of James. James eyes stayed fixated of
Spice's sweet little ass and James knew that wanted to take Spice from behind
just so he could keep his eyes on that angelic sight. Spice lifted her head
and let loose a earth shaking scream followed by several short whines
signaling that Storm had taking her of the brink and shattered her with an
intense orgasm. The two broke their 69 and Spice twisted so she could kiss
her new found lover (or at least James thought) on the lips.

"Jenny dear, I haven' t cum yet and I need to some bad."

Spice pressed her small breast against Storm's considerably large
mountains and licked her own cum that had been left on Storm's chin.

"Oh your going cum my dear. But I don't think that poor James will be
able to survive another parade of our screams unless we can get him

Spice stood up and sat on James lap, her snatch just rubbing against his

"Would you be a dear James and fuck my tight pussy while I bring our big
chested friend to climax?"

Now James wasn't about to say no to her but just in case she slowly slide
her over her lips and then proceed to kiss him, hard. James tongue entered
her mouth, exploring the warm confines and making contact with a tongue that
had just enjoyed the pleasant taste of it's own juices. James hands went up
and tweaked her hard little nipples, rubbing his palm over her small mounds
of flesh.

"Ooooh, I thank that as a yes."

Spice laughed and stood holding James hand and leading him behind her as
she once again knelt between her friend's smooth, silky legs. Once again
James heard the slurping sounds of Spice's tongue as she again worked on the
dark skinned queen's puss. James just sat behind Spice for a few moments and
thought about what was happening in her. 'I'm about to fuck two hot women!'


James snapped out of thought to see Spice looking at him with a little
anger in her eyes.

"Are you gonna fuck me? Or do I have to go find a real man!"

One thing was for sure, James was going to fuck her but now that she had
goaded him on she would get the hardest fuck of her life.

"You want it? You got it !"

James lined up her pussy with his tool and shoved forward, slamming his
cock deep into the depths of her crevice. Spice's head lifted off Storm's
pussy as she screamed in pleasure louder than when she had came.

"God Damn!! Yes, pound me you fuckin stud!! OH YES!!"

James didn't need her encouragement or permission, he was going to fuck
her harder than he had fucked any women in his life. Storm wrapped her legs
around Spice's head so she couldn't comment on the deep strokes that were
filling her with hard meat. Soon James was a blur as he rapidly pumped into
the tight, hot pussy squeezing his shaft like a vice. The locker room was
filled with moans from both James and Spice as well as loud comments made
by Storm on how well her little blonde slut licked her pussy.

"Dammit I'm cummminnn!! OH Goddd YES!!! Mmmhnnnm!!"

James slowed his fuck pace so that Spice and Storm could share in a deep
kiss. When the kiss broke James saw that Storm's mouth was outlined with cum
that had flowed from Spice's mouth. James looked down and saw that Spice had
crawled onto Storm and was rubbing her clit against Storm's as James pounded
her. James saw an chance to sample the black beauty and not receive any anger
from the horny blonde. In one swift motion, James pulled free of Spice and
pushed his dick into Storm's glistening cunt.

"OH FUCK!! Damn Jenny, it feels so good!!"

"Yeah, I know and your tits feel sooo good rubbing against mine. Oh let
me suck them honey."

"Who's (ugh) going (ahhh) stop.. Fuckin.. you ?!!!"

James pumped away at Storm's tight snatch as Spice suckled away at her
mammoth mammaries like a little baby looking for milk. James soon found a
pattern that he liked, 20 strokes into Storm's tight pussy and 20 strokes
into Spice's tighter pussy. The pace was rapid as the sweaty pile of flesh
rubbed together and juices coated the mat that they were engaged on. James
used his hands to rub the heaven made bodies before him, enjoying the feel
of Spice's little nips and smooth, tight asscheeks along with the large
hills of Storm that were topped with brown pebbles. James was having the
time of his life, but all good things must come to an end and James was
coming to his.

"I can feel it! Who wants it?"

Both girls responded that they wanted to feel the hot cream flowing
through their bodies. James told the girls to put their heads and both would
receive the boiling cum. Both girls kneeled in front of James and opened
their mouths as he shoot streams of the bubbling brew into their mouths and
over their bodies. The cum flowed down their hot faces and spattered the
chest of both females, a amount each girl would not let be wasted as they
licked the remains off the others breasts.

"I think we may need to take another shower, Jen?"

"Well, it was worth it Janice. Don't you think James?"

James just laid on the floor and nodded, wore out from the events that
just took place. Outside of they door, Steve looked at his watch.

"Damn! 35 minutes. This kid's in the wrong business."

He turned and walked away from the door of the locker room.

"Man, if I wasn't married I'd could've had both those girls myself. Oh
well, at least I wouldn't have to worry about him crying over Mona anymore."

The three showered quickly and Storm quickly dressed and left for a
late flight at the airport to make her sister's wedding.

"So Jenny, does your husband know what you do?"

"Are you kidding? Fuck, he screwed my sister on our bed! We both know we
like to fuck, hell that's why we got married! There's nothing like a three
way with me, my husband and anyone we find who's interested. Are you

"Oh no, I don't fuck a girl with another guy. It just seems a little gay
to me."

"Suit yourself."

The two cleaned up the locker room and walked toward the parking lot.

"Hey Jenny, do you know why Page tried to kill everyone that night?"

"Oh yeah."

James stopped and looked at her.


"Well, I almost killed Page and I would like to know why I almost had to
and if he now wants to kill me?"

Jenny walked to her Mustang and opened the door, throwing her bag into
the vehicle.

"I can tell you why he was pissed that night. Do you remember meeting a
Scott Levy? Was Raven here in?"

"Yeah, got his release about two days ago. Why?"

"Well, he kinda fucked Kim in her hotel room and she told Page."

James almost just stood their.

"How could she tell him before the match?!!! Steve and me almost got
killed by that maniac!"

"Well," Spice closed her door and started her car, "I don't even know why
she told him? Scott was terrible fuck."

James eyes almost popped out of his head as Spice smoked her tires and
left the parking lot. James hadn't seen Page the whole Thunder show and know
it was time to head to the hotel. James walked into the parking lot and
headed towards his pick-up truck.

"Hey, James!"

James turned in time to be punched hard right in the jaw. He stumbled to
the ground and saw the Page had just slugged him. But Page wasn't done, he
picked up James and punched him three times in the stomach. Page lifted James
head up, "Don't you ever fuck with me again boy!"

The last thing that James saw was the windshield before he went through

End chapter 2

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