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Sexual Adventures Of A Professional Wrestler
by Smackdown (

Part 3: "Working Out Seduction"

James eyes slowly flickered open as he tried to figure out where he was.
The last thing he remembered was feeling a sharp pain in his head from the
impact with the windshield and that it was his good 'pal' Page who decided
to use is head as a ram.

"Hey man, you Ok?"

James focused his eyes to see Steve standing their snapping his figures
and waving his hand and a female on the other side of the bed.

"Hey, you in their James?"

"Yeah, I'm in here at least I think I am. Where am I ?"

"Well let's see, you where thrown through a windshield. Where do you
think you are?"

"Sorry, light headed. Who's this?"

The older female took out a little light and stood beside the bed, "I'm
Dr. Thomas, Mr. Kildred could you follow this light with you eyes please?"

James did as he was told and sat up a little.

"How long was I out?"

Steve sighed, "Three months."


Steve laughed and fell back into a chair beside the bed.

"Mr. Kildred, you were out for an hour."

"Real fucking funny Steve !"

"I'm sorry (snicker) I had to see the look on your face."

"Can I walk?"

"Yes, all that we did was put some stitches in your head and let you
rest. You should be 100% in a couple of days."

"Listen, Eric talked with Page and now it seems that everything is back
to normal."

"The asshole should have been fired. Couldn't he just have punched me in
the face?"

"Well, you did almost break his neck so I guess you could call it even.
Listen, say here tonight, relax and catch the flight in the morning to
Winston Salem. Ok?"

"Yeah, yeah."

Steve turned and walked towards the door.

"Hey Steve."

Steve turned around and asked what he wanted.

"Did you set that thing up with the girls?"

"You've forgot Mona, right?"

He pointed at James, walked out the door and entered the elevator.

"Your welcome!" said Steve as the door's closed.

James had done what Steve had said, he took the morning flight to Winston
Salem and rented his car and drove to the arena. James pulled into the
parking lot and got out of his car. His head had stopped hurting but he knew
that tonight he would have to work. He entered the arena and walked to the
locker room where Steve and Lawerence (LEX) were preparing for tonight's

Lawerence turned to see James come in and shook his head in disbelief,
"Well, if it isn't the luckiest son-of-a-bitch in the WCW."

"In more ways than one" chimed in Steve, still a little bitter about the
fact that James had already had sex with three women in two months and he
hadn't screwed his wife in six.

"What are you doing back Lawerence?"

"Eric called me so we could set up this Lex betrays Sting thing."

"Again? Isn't that getting old for you two?"

Both looked at each other and turned to James and shook their heads yes.
James sat his bag down when the locker room door opened and in came Kevin
Nash along with hot, no nuclear blond.

"James, it's good to see your alive. Listen, we've decided to work with
this little attack and use it for an angle."

"What kind of angle?"

"Well, we've decided to let you feud with Page and be part of FALL BRAWL.
You'll be part of the Goldberg, Sting, Hogan team against Steiner, Paige,
SID, and well me. So tonight, you do an interview and next week we'll do the
little you Vs DDP thing and set up the PPV ok."

"Do I have a choice?"


"Ok then, I'll do it."

"Wonderful, oh this is Torrie Wilson. Torrie, this is James Kildred."

"Nice to meet you Torrie."

"Oh, it's so very nice to meet you."

Both Torrie and Nash left the locker room but before the door could close,
Torrie stuck her head through.

"Oh James."


"I'm good friends with Jenny and you came how should I say... highly

Torrie licked her lips and closed the door as she left. James turned
around to see a smiling Lex and Steve.

"Now that's an exit, wouldn't you say Steve?"

"I sure would Lawerence."

James went to the ring later that night and did his little interview
with Mean Gene and then headed for the back. James wasn't used to being in
a building just to do an interview, now he knew what life was like for Nash.
After heading to the back he stopped and talked with Bret Hart about how he
was doing and even took time to sign some autographs for two kids who came
with some lady from Entertainment Weekly.

After finishing with the autographs and interview for some ET story that
Eric wanted him to do, James headed to the locker room to pack and leave for
the night. Steve was in the locker room with Lawerence playing WCW Mayhem
(advanced copy for WCW stars).

"Hey James, did you end up humping Mary Hart from Entertainment Weekly
after the interview?"

"Funny Steve, so when was the last time you got laid?"

"He got you their man."

"Shut up Law! When's the last time you got some? Huh!"

"Stewardess on the plane here."

"Fuck both you all, I'm married and your single so kiss my ass!"

The three talked a little as James packed his bag. Just then a knock
came on the door.

"Come on in."

The door opened and their stood Torrie Wilson in a pair of black cowboy
boots, black mini shirt and a small bra top.

"Hi guys. Listen Steve, would you and Lawerence leave for a sec so I can
talk with James. Please."

She gave Steve and Lex those puppy dog eyes and they were basically melted
to nothing close to men.

"Sure thing!"

"Yeah, bye James!"

The door closed and Torrie turned around and locked it.


"Uh so umm what's up."

"Oh I'm sure I know one thing that is up and ready to go."

James thought the one thing that any man would have thought after that,

"I talked with Jenny on the flight here."

"Oh really, Ah gee I hope she didn't say anything embarrassing." James
finished his statement with a nervous laugh.

"She said you were a great fuck and if I ever had the chance to have your
cock to ride it until it hurt."

"Ok, I would say that goes in the realm of uh embarrassing."

Torrie walked up to James, her skirt so high that every time she took a
step her upper thighs and some of her panties were visible.

"So James," she walked right up and grabbed James between the legs and
squeezed hard on his balls, "you wanna fuck me? You wanna feel my breasts
rubbing your face, my lips around your cock, and to taste my pussy?"

James really didn't know how to react but his little brain knew exactly
what to say. "Yes."

She released her grip on his cock and walked to the door.

"Maybe some other time." She flashed a smile, brushed back her long
blonde hair, pulled her skirt down some, unlocked the door and left the room.

James was still stunned by what she had just done and only one word came
to his mind, "Bye."

"Jenny! Jenny!"

James had left the locker room in time to go see Jenny to find out just
what she had done.

"Oh hi James, what's wrong?"

"Why did you tell Torrie about us?"

"I tell all my friends about who I've fucked, it keeps from having rumors

"How many friends do you have?"

"Just 7."

"And just how many work here?"

"Uh wow, look at the time. Gotta go! Bye!"

"Jenny!! How many?"

"7" screamed Jenny as she turned back in time to go dance with the other

"Oh fuck, I'm in some deep trouble."

James was walking out of the building when he heard that same voice from


James turned around to see Torrie, wearing the same outfit only with a
cowboy hat.

"Nice Boots James."

"Uh thanks. I got them about a month ago, you like?"

"Oh yes, but I think they would look better on the floor... by my bed."

Torrie got up against James and began to grind her body against him in
the parking lot! James put his arms around her and began to trail his hands
down the skin of her back. James was getting harder as Torrie's full, ripe
breasts rubbed against him. James hands were about two inches from her ass
when Torrie pushed James against his car and walked away. James watched
her walk over to a Jag, open the door, slowly bring her long luscious legs
into the car, close the door, start her car, and leave the parking zone.
James took a deep breath and slowly (you known why guys) climbed into his
rented Saturn.

"GOD DAMN!!" James screamed inside the car followed by slamming his head
against the wheel which wasn't very smart at all. James grabbed his head
after lifting it off the wheel and cursed himself out and then looked down
at his pants. "You know, you ain't helping much either!" he yelled at his
groin only to look up and see Spice laughing at him. He ducked low, started
the car and left theparking area and headed to his motel.

James had received Thunder off and had flew home to see his folks before
headed to Philly for Nitro. James hadn't been in the spectrum ten minute when
he saw Torrie seating at a table looking at him while he had dinner. Her just
sitting their wouldn't be enough, oh no not for her! James had to watch as
Torrie slowly licked on a lollipop and suck on it while looking directly at
him. She worked the lollipop in and out of her mouth and James, who wasn't
sexist, had visions of something else sliding in and out of her mouth. She
was working it faster and rubbing her legs under the table when she... bit
the lollipop in two and picked up her tray. The biting thing caused pain in
James groin but the pain vanished when she slowly bent over to pick up a
piece of paper, giving James a great look at her panties. After her show
Torrie smiled at James, licked her finger and left.

"Man, that girl is shameless."

"Hey Steve."

"Damn man, I mean damn!"

"I know, I know. She's driving me crazy."

"So why don't you do her?"

"She won't let me! She has teased me three times already and I'm about to
explode! What would you do?"

"I'd go to the expert."

"Right, the expert! Who's the expert?"

James stood outside the locker and knocked on the door.


James opened the door with his hands over his eyes, their was no way he
was getting it a sexual thing with all of these girls!

"Hi Jenny, listen can I talk to you?"

"Sure, let's talk outside."

The two walked to the door, James wasn't able to ignore the 'I'm going
fuck him' stare of the other girls, except Kim who wasn't their.

"So James, what's up?"

"Torrie's up! She's stalking me!"

"How do you mean?"

"Well, she rubs her body against mine, she does things with lollipops,
and she bends over a lot."

"Oh gee, it most be horrible."

James could hear the giggle in Jenny's voice and now that he heard it
himself he felt stupid but she was driving him nuts.

"It's not funny Jen. What do I do about her?"

"Wait until tonight."


"Because she asked for your room number at the hotel."

"You know my room number. How?"

"Well, let's just say that Lex won't need his pipes cleaned for a while.
I gotta go."

James was getting used to being stunned by Jenny on a regular basis but
it was almost movie like when Lex walked by reading a paper. He didn't even
look at James, he just said, "I'm weak for tail."

James somehow avoided Torrie, but in avoiding Torrie he bumped into Page.

"Oh shit, listen Page I didn't mean to plant you at Road Wild but you
almost killed Steve so I..."

"Shut up and listen for a second!"

James swallowed as he waited for the worst.

"I'm sorry how I acted at Road Wild and for throwing you through a


Page smiled a kicked James in the stomach.

"No you fucking asshole! I'm going finish what I started at Thunder in
the ring tonight!"

"Hey Page!"

"What you want...." before Page could finish Steve punched him in the
face and knocked him out.

"That's for Road Wild asshole!"

Steve helped James to his feet, "You alright?"

"Yeah, (choff, choff) but I ain't fighting him tonight."

"Or ever."

Steve and James turned around to see Eric standing their with his little
"president" clipboard and format for Heenan.

"I plan to keep you and Page away from each other. Page, if you ever
attack James again: You're fired!"

"James, your match tonight has been changed to a tag title defense against
Harlem Heat. So, why don't you to get ready alright and I'll inform the guys
of your condition."

Steve and James waited in the ring for Booker and Lane (Stevie Ray) so
they could get this match on.

"You sure your alright? Page did kick you pretty hard."

"I'm fine, I'm fine let's just do this match."

"Ref, how much time do we have to fill?"

"20 minutes."

Booker walked over to the ref and asked for the time himself.

"You fuckin kidin right! Shit!"

James and Booker started off in a headlock, "So, you got your ass thrown
through a car uh."

James whipped Booker into the ropes and then clotheslines him. He climbed
on top and began "punching" away at Booker while answering his question.

"Actually (punch) it (punch) was (punch) a (punch) windshield (punch)."

Whip rope into a powerslam. James picked him up and whipped him in just
like he said and powerslammed him.

"We'll talk later."

James went over and tagged in Sting and let him go to work. The tags went
back and forth until after 17 minutes it was time to end it.

"You ready Booker?"

"I should be asking you that question."

At 19 minutes James threw out Lane. At 19:30 the ref was missile
drop-kicked by Booker. At 19: 45 SID hit the ring and powerbombed Steve. At
19:50 the ref woke up. At 19: 55 Steve had been pinned and at 20 minutes
James was powerbombed through a table by SID. James had to lay their for five
minutes until the trainer came out and checked on him. One thing was for
sure, James was really getting tried of the stupid powerbomb! Lane and Booker
talked with Steve and James while James back was examined for any real

"Your fine. See you on Thursday."

"I hope I see you as a friend and not a client doc."

"Hey James, the guys are going to a strip club in town. You wanna come

"Not tonight guys, I have to meet someone."

"I know who that is. Good luck man."

James packed up and headed towards his hotel room, wondering if Torrie
would show up or if Jenny was just pulling his leg.

At around 12:55 James nodded off to sleep, a little upset that he missed
out on the club for nothing. James had been asleep for about ten minutes when
a knock came on his door.

"Who is it?"

"It's Torrie."

James sprang up from his bed and straightened his shirt and answered the

"Hi, did I wake you?"

"Me, no of course not."

"Well why were you up at 1:00 at night? Do I need to go down to the desk
to see if you need a spanking?"


"You really shouldn't be jerking off when you could have real pussy
instead of imaginary."

James closed the door as Torrie stepped inside wearing a tight blue mini
skirt, a tight white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers that just reminded James
of his days at college.

"Listen Torrie, if your here to leave me high and hard again with your
little 'look at me, I wanna fuck' act then you can leave. But if you have a
reason for being here then talk."

"Getting forceful are we? I like that. Can I get a drink?"

"Sure, what's your poison?"

"What's yours?"

"I don't drink."

"I don't drink either unless it's salty and warm."

James took out a Pepsi and drink some of it down, "I don't have time for
this Torrie so why don't you leave."

"Oh I get it ! You can't fuck me can you? Well then I guess I'll go find
a real man."

James jumped over the bar, grabbed Torrie, spun her around, and kissed
her hard on the lips. He then pushed Torrie against the wall and kissed her
hard again.

"Is this what you want Torrie? To be fucked against a wall, to be pounded
until you know my name as the lord, is that what you want!?!"

"Yes!! Please fuck me!! I want you to pound me until it hurts!!"

James ripped her shirt from her body to reveal her breasts, no bra or
anything just her firm, ripe melons. James squeezed and sucked on each one
of her Everest-sized breasts and licked and bit the little pink nipples.
James was a madman, he reached under her skirt and proceeded to rip the
panties from her body. Torrie's hands were roaming his back as James
unbuckled his pants and pulled out his long cock and prepared to give this...
this...vixen what she wanted.

"Do you want it Torrie?"


"Beg me for it!"

"Please shove your hard cock into my tight, wet pussy. I need to feel you
deep inside of me!!"

James grabbed one of her long, athletic tanned legs to open her wide.
James reared back and shoved with all of his might. Torrie let out a scream
that could probably be heard in California as James pushed is entire length
into her and began to pound away at Torrie.

"Yess Yess, Fuck MEEE!! Give it to me! Do it you long stud!! Fuck me!!"

James was a blur as he fucked Torrie, the pressure wasn't building inside
as he wanted to hold this load, to make Torrie feel what she wanted. Her
tightness clung to him, trying to milk his cum from his cock but he hadn't
given her all that he wanted to.

"I'm cumming Damn you!!! AHHGHH FUck!!"

James stopped and pulled out.

"What!! Why did you stop?"

James carried Torrie over to the bar and bent her over it. James had only
did what he was about to do twice and this girl had the ass that needed this.
James shoved three fingers into her and lubed them up.

"I know what your going do! Well, go ahead and fuck my ass if you think
you can!"

James shoved the lubed fingers into Torrie's rectum and prepared her for
his thunder. James didn't go slow, fuck slow! He shoved his dick into her
and Torrie let out a blood curdling scream. James wasn't a demon though, he
gave Torrie 10 seconds to adjust before he pounded away at her ass.

"Oh GOD!! Yeah, yeah oh fuck that ass!! UGH AHHH!!"

James grabbed Torrie and bent her so he could feel her tits while he
plunged in and out of her forceful anal passage. Torrie came again, her body
shivered as the tingle went through her body again. Torrie was wearing out
and she knew that James wasn't even tired. Torrie slid her fingers into her
pussy, trying to bring on her fourth orgasm of the night.

"I'm cumming again!! SHIT!!!"

James pulled out of her ass and again pounded away at her pussy.

"Please, MERCY!!! I can't Ugh It's too Ahh!! I beg of you (Oh GOD) no

James listened to her pleas and tossed Torrie on the bed, straddling her
lovely chest. Torrie's eyes were closed from being wore down, it was too much
and now James was sliding his dick between her artificial tits.

"Ohh yeah!! I love it when men fuck my tits!! Faster honey!"

James slid all the way up her breast and wiped his cock across her lips.

"How about a drink Torrie?"

Torrie eagerly sucked on James dick like it was a sugar stick. Her mouth
was warm and James moaned as she flicked her tongue along the bottom of his
shaft. James alternated between the lovely confines of Torrie's mouth and
the sensation of her breasts wrapped around his rod. James dug his fingers
back into Torrie's cunt, bringing her again to another mind blowing orgasm.
James was ready to shoot and he had his target. James told Torrie hold her
tits together while James rode tunnel formed between them.

"Yes!! Faster just give me your seed!!"

James blow his load all over the tits of Torrie, the semen flowed for a
full minute and coated her breast with cum. Torrie weakly massage the seed
into her tits as James laid beside her.

"I can't move my legs."

"Really Torrie, well lets take a break."

James took a sip of his Pepsi that was at the bar and walked over to

"Ok, minute's up! Let's go!"

Torrie had a weak look of horror and yelled the only thing that came to
mind, "WHAT!!!"

Thursday James came into work and ran into Jenny.

"James! Is it true that you rode Torrie until she couldn't walk and then
you did her again!"


"Well I'm upset with you! Why didn't you do that for me?"

James took off his sunglasses, looked at his watch and smiled at Spice.

"Well lets see, it's 4:50 and you don't do any TV until Monday and I'm
not on till 9:30. Ok, I have time let's go!"


James grabbed her arm and took her to his locker room and asked Steve to

"Damn! Why don't you just.." before Steve could finish James slammed the
door and locked it.

Kevin walked up to Steve, "What happened?"

"Oh uh James is just fucking Spice."


End Chapter 3

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