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WARNING: The following story contains strong sexual content and should not
be read by anyone under the age of 18 years. The series was created by
smackdown. All names are property of WCW and not my own. Don't sue me, I'm

Sexual Adventures Of A Professional Wrestler
by Smackdown (

Part 4: "Lively Bait"

"This schedule is getting on my nerves man."

James hadn't been happy of the way things had started going in WCW for
the last couple of weeks. First, Eric had him working his ass off at house
shows all over the damn country because of his little meeting he had with
some of the disgruntled mid-carders that backfired on him. Then the rumors
of how Eric's job was in serious jeopardy because of the piss poor ratings
that Nitro had been drawing was causing a lot of chaos among the guys who
were only winning in WCW because of Eric. Not to mention that Jenny and the
rest of the Nitro girls were never around cause of some stupid new girl
search or as Kevin (NASH) put it 'the hunt for fresh pussy'.

"You really need to relax James," stated Lawerence reading his Wall
Street Journal with a highlighter in hand, "your letting things get way out
of hand."

"Yeah chill out," Steve wasn't really paying attention as he was to busy
playing that stupid wrestling game, trying to beat James created wrestler,
"maybe your not used to being a heel in this business."

Of course that was the little surprise Eric had sprung last week, that he
would come down during a Sting-Goldberg title and nail Bill with a tire iron
which would get Sting DQ. It worked out perfectly, except for the fact that
at Halloween Havoc he would have to pull the J-O-B.

"Yeah right, relax. Are you crazy? What happens to me if Eric gets fired.
I'm screwed."

"No, your not screwed because only Page hates you and that's slowly

It was true, James had helped Page in a bar fight with some drunk
psychos who attacked him with a broken bottle. James wasn't even sure at the
time why but he did anyway and saved Paige from getting killed by 6 guys.
Page had told him that he still hated his guts but not as much as before.
Definition from Paige "I'm not going to kill you now."

"Listen James," Lawerence put down his paper and walked over to James,
"don't worry about these rumors and just get ready for your match."

"Yeah your right, I just need to clam down."

"Shit! You fuckin bastard!"

Law and James turned to the TV just in time to watch Sting once again get
powerbombed by James character for the three.

"How in the fuck have I lost to your stupid guy ten fucking times, I mean
shit man."

"I can I show him now James."

James nodded his head with a smirk as he turned to leave as Lex accessed
the attributes for James wrestler.

"ALL FUCKING 10's !!! God Damn it!!"

Steve, Lex, and James all went to the ring preparing for the main event
against Terry (Hulk), Bret, and Bill.

"This is got to be the stupidest thing ever." exclaimed James who wasn't
to happy with all this Goldberg crap. Every time Bill would come to the ring
that stupid PA system would play a Goldberg chant loud above the crowd.

"How long we got ref?"

"15 minutes, lets go."

James stood on the outside on the apron watching as Sting and Bret
started things off. It wasn't anything fancy, just typical Bret crap. Lex
was next in and he got put against Hulk boy as the PA played a Hogan chant
above the crowd.

"Damn Steve, this is fucking pathetic man."

"Why do you say that?"

"We get more real cheers than the faces."

"I actually find it quite funny."

Law tagged James on the arm, "Your up. Remember you beat down Terry,
Terry tags Bill and you tag in Steve like your scared of Bill."

"It's complete bullshit but ok."

James jumped in an locked up with Terry, "So man what do you think of the
rumors about Eric."

Hulk put James in a headlock, "I think he's in big trouble this time,
into ropes and clothesline by you."

James did as he was told and then put an armbar on Hulk, "How's the wife
and kids."

Hulk screamed no at the ref like he was supposed to do, "Their fine, how's
the sex life?"

James picked but Hogan and set him in the corner and slapped him across
the chest, "It's kinda dead right now, but I'm entitled to a slump. Slap,
Hulk up, punch me a few times in the corner tag, and then go tag Bill."

"No prob, hey nice talking to you James. See you and your parents
Christmas right?"

"I won't miss it."

James slapped Hulk and did his little breath harder thing that almost
made James laugh his ass off, he then proceeded to put James in the corner
and punch him a few times until going over to tag Bill. James did as he was
told and got out of the ring and sent Steve in.

James really hated watching Bill wrestle, it was just soo corny. He
yells, he screams and he looks like an android. The end of the match was
simple, Page came down and hit the diamondcutter on Bret and allowed Steve
to get the three. James entered the ring when Goldberg did, as planned, and
allowed Bill to spear him. When James hit the mat he heard a loud tearing
noise come from his left shoulder.

'Oh fuck!' James thought as the pain slowly began to sweep up and down
his arm. James used his right arm to get himself into a sitting position.

"Hey James, you alright man?"

"I think something is wrong with my shoulder."

Lex walked over and kneeled by James and Steve, "What's going on?"

"Lex, James screwed up his shoulder. We gotta help him to the back without
the people being suspicious."


The guys helped James to his feet and walked him to the back.

"Doc! We have a problem."

"Well, he tore a muscle. It's not serious but your out of action for at
least a month."

"Oh no he's not! We have been hyping his fucking match with Bill for a
few weeks now! You had better find a way that he can wrestle in that match
or your fired."

The doctor stood by James and Steve as Eric stormed out of the room. The
Doc wrote out a prescription for pain killers and handed it to James, "I'll
be happy when they fire his worthless ass."

James and Steve left the office and headed towards the locker room.

"Painkillers. Shit man, I didn't want to start on painkillers."

"Hey don't worry. The Doc only gave you enough for Halloween Havoc so you
can wrestle in that match."

The two walked into the locker room just in time to see Law and his
girlfriend Elizabeth (yes, the Elizabeth) kissing.

"Oh for Christ sakes, get a room will yeah."

James walked in and introduced himself to Liz.

"Hey, I've heard about you for Law. Well, don't get any ideas about me

"Believe me, I would never betray a friend even if he did have an
extremely hot girlfriend."

"Yeah keep that in mind James or Law will beat the hell out of you for
me. Right honey."

"Right you are dear."

One week later everything in WCW was out of control. Friday the
announcement came that Eric Bischoff had been fired as president of WCW and
that some changes would be made. James wasn't really as worried as before
when Kev talked to him and told him that since the fans like him he would
remain in WCW for a while. James had been assigned to autograph duty which
met that he spent 5 hours of his days out in the lobby of the arena signing
autographs until an hour before the show. James didn't mind the autograph
duties but after 5 hours of signing things and getting his picture taking,
his eyes were sore and his hand was severely cramped.

James waved good-bye to the people and headed towards the back, of course
some kids would be in front of the entrance and he would sign a few there. A
kid said thank you to James so he turned his head and said good-bye.
Unfortunelty he bumped into someone and knocked them down.

"Oh I'm really...sorry."

James was a little stunned at what lay before him, a little blonde in
a schoolgirl outfit laying on the floor.

"Why don't you watch where your going jerk."

"I'm sorry, here let me help you up."

James took her hand and helped her stand, he also took notice on how soft
her skin was.

"I'm James."

"I'm Chastity."

"Listen I'm really sorry, I was talking to a kid and just.."

"You don't have to explain. I'm sorry how I snapped at you, it's just
been a bad day."

"Hey, it's ok. Listen, I'd like to apologize to you a little better.
Could I buy you a drink later."

"Welllll, sure I guess that will be ok. Besides it will take my mind off

"Great, how about 11:30?"

"Sounds good, I'll see you later ok."

She said her byes and James watched as she walked away, man did she look
good. James headed to the locker room and noticed that only Steve was there.

"Where's Law?"

"Supply closet with Liz, I swear those two are like rabbits."

"Listen, I can't go to the club tonight with you and Kev."

"And why is that?"

"Because I'm meeting someone for drinks."

"Someone eh, well I'm sure that someone is going to try and get laid."

"I just meant the person for Christ sakes Steve, I'm not that common."

"So who is the lucky filly."

"Some girl named Chastity."

Steve stood up and walked to where James was sitting, "Your going out
with Chastity. WCW's Chastity."

"Yeah why?" Steve just laughed a little as he walked over to his locker.

"What's so funny Steve?"

Steve stopped his laughing, "Oh nothing. Listen I got this movie I'd like
you to see."

Steve handed James a video cassette tape.

"What is it?"

"It's a little movie called LIVE BAIT, I think you'll like it."

"Steve, is this one of those porno crap things you always have. Who stars
in this one? Asia Carrere and the 62nd airborne?"

"Oh come on, it's a very nice production. Besides you what to make sure
the pieces work."

"Your very funny Steve. Maybe you should hang onto it. Besides your the
one who needs to make sure everything works."

Steve got up and walked out the door, turning to just curse to James and
leave the room. James went to put the tape back in Steve's locker but realize
that Steve was a little right, he did need some relief and he didn't plan on
trying to get that Chastity girl into bed. So James stuffed the tape in the
bag and sat down to watch what was left of Nitro until 11:30.

James had did as was planned, he had met Chastity after Nitro and they
had went out for a drink at a bar. Chastity had changed before coming to the
bar, opt for a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt instead of the little
schoolgirl outfit WCW had her parading around in. No one really recognized
Chasitdy but many of the patrons in the bar asked James for his autograph.

"Don't you ever get sick of that?"

"Of what? Signing autographs?"

"Well, yeah I mean you don't really have a life of your own anymore."

"Sometimes it can be annoying but hey, I'm famous now."

James and Chastity sat and chatted for an hour, of course the only thing
that James could think about was how good she looked. He didn't want another
relationship with a female in WCW because of how fast they could leave,
especially now with all the rumors floating around.

"What's with your outfit?"

Chastity looked at James a little stunned, "Excuse me? You don't like
what I'm wearing."

"Oh no, not this outfit the other outfit."

"Oh THAT outfit. It was Eric's idea to make me more sexy."

"I don't see how that is possible."

James took a sip of his soda as Chasitdy replied, "Nice one, but your not
getting in my pants after one night."

James choked up a little as he swallowed what was in his mouth fast, the
burning sensation was worth avoiding the embarrassment of spitting out his
drink like he did that time with Mona. Chastity went to pick up her glass of
beer when it slipped from her hand and smashed on the bartop.


The drink had splattered onto Chastity's shirt making a wet circle in
between her breasts and revealing that she was wearing a bra. A man at the
end of the slammed down his hand and gave the man next to him a $20 when he
saw the outline of her bra.

"Maybe we should leave so you can go change."

James paid for the glass and drinks, walking behind Chastity as they made
it to the car.

"Damn, this stuff is cold. Do you have a shirt I can borrow?"

James unlocked her door and let her into the car.

"Um yeah, their should be one in my bag in the back."

James unlocked his door and settled into his seat. They had just pulled
out of the parking lot when Chastity leaned back to the front seat.

"Live BAIT? Where did you get this?"

"From Steve why?"

"Have you seen it yet?"

"No. Why? Is it sick or something?"

Chastity leaned back and turned so her back was facing the front seat
as she took off her wet shirt. It was too dark for James to see anything
expect the outline of her bra before she put on James extra shirt.

"No, its not sick. You really haven't seen it yet?"

James was a little puzzled why she was wondering if he had seen it or
not, "No. Why are you so interested in it?"

"No reason."

James drove her to her hotel which was just two blocks for James.

"Listen, I had a great time tonight Chas. Don't worry about my shirt."

"Thanks James."

James walked back towards his car when Chastity called his name.

"Listen James, give me a call after you've watched the movie ok."


"Just do it ok?"

James shrugged his shoulders and agreed, unsure of why it was so
important to her but determined to find out.

James got back to his hotel room and plugged in the VCR he took with him
on trips, just in case he felt like watching a movie. He put the tape into
the VCR and pushed play, no credits just the title and into the first seen.
James watched as some huge chested lady started kissing a man about half her
age and with a head smaller than her right tit. James wasn't really turned on
by the fact that she was about to screw a man old enough to be his dad. James
was about to hit fast forward when the phone rang. He hit mute and walked to
the bathroom where his cell phone was.


"Yes, is this a James Kildred from World Championship Wrestling."

"Listen, if this is one of those over the phone Hard Copy interviews about
wrestling then you'll have to call the main...."

"Oh I'm not from Hard Copy. I'm from the World Wrestling Federation, my
name is Jim Ross."

"Listen, I'm already under contract with WCW and I am not going to break
my contract and leave early so forget it."

"This call is nothing like that Mr. Kildred. You see, here at the WWF we
always call talent we are interested in when only six months remains on their
current contract."

"Is that legal?"

"Only if the company that the person is signed with allows us to and well,
WCW gave us your number."

James was a little... no a lot suprised by this! He had thought that WCW
was happy with his work but this told him otherwise.

"Why are you calling me now?"

"Well, you see Mr. Kildred we at the WWF are just letting you know that
when you contract is up that the WWF is prepared to make you an offer. I'll
be calling back in 5 months with our offer an you can think about it and
then make your decision. Ok."

"Yeah, fine."

"Thank you for you time Mr. Kildred."

James hung up the phone and sat on the toilet with the lid down and just
thought. James looked at his watch and realized that it was getting late and
he had left that stupid video on. James walked out of the bathroom and
couldn't believe mot what but who he saw on the screen.


James just stared as he watched a beefy man above Chastity, banging away
at her pussy on the screen. 'So that's why she was so interested' thought
James as he watched Chastity being pounded harder and harder and even with
the volume off he could tell that the man was riding her hard. James stopped
the tape and just sat in disbelief, he had just dated a woman who had been in
a porno. James then remembered that she had asked him to call her when he was
finished watching the movie, but would he dare call her.

James slowly got up and walked into the bathroom and grabbed his cell
phone, but didn't activate it just yet. 'Why does she want me to call her'
James wasn't really sure if he should make the call but she did tell him to
and so he couldn't be impolite to her. James dialed her number and waited for
an answer.

"So what did you think."

She didn't even say hello, talk about getting down to business.

"Uh well, I was surprised that's for sure."

"Did you like my performance? Did it get you hard?"

"Uh yeah it did."

"Would you like me to relieve that pressure for you?"

James cleared his throat and thought about what she asked. After about a
second of intense thinking, James gave the response any (and I mean any) man
would give when confronted with this question.

"Oh yeah."

"Then come on over."

The line went dead at the other end and James turned off his cell, grabbed
his keys and bolted out the door. Two minutes later James was in the parking
lot of the hotel where Chastity was staying and climbing the stairs to the
second floor. He walked over to her room and knocked one time on her door.

"Who is it?"


"It's open."

James took a deep breath and opened the door. His eyes nearly fired from
his sockets as he saw the site standing before him. Chasitdy had ditched the
t-shirt/jeans she had been wearing earlier and stood before James in her
little outfit. She had on white tennis shoes, white knee socks, a plaid shirt
that came about 7 inches above her knees leaving her tanned thighs clearly
visible, a button up collar shirt with short sleeves, and her white blonde
hair tied back in an adorable ponytail.

"Do you like my outfit mister," she was talking in a little schoolgirl
voice while twirling around showing her white cotton panties beneath the
skirt, "My mommy bought it for me."

Ok, James wasn't real sure how to act because he had never, well almost
never, had a fantasy about ravaging a schoolgirl. Luckily James brain relayed
the message that cleared James doubts away, 'She's not really a schoolgirl,
sick her!' James walked up to Chasitdy and smiled down at her.

"Do you have something for me mister? Do you huh?"

James gave a smirk, he had decide to play along and go with the flow,

"I sure do honey. Would you like to know what?"

"Oh yes mister, what is it."

"It's a long warm sugar stick and I think you'll like it."

"Where is it mister?"

"Just open the front of my pants and you'll see."

Chastity dropped to her knees right in front of James, looking down at
her he actually thought she was just a little girl that he was about to

"It looks big mister. Is that it?"

"Yes it is dear. Just open the zipper and pull it out."

Chasitdy reached into James pants and her soft hand gently pulled James
cock into the open.

"Oh, I've never seen one of these before. What do I do mister."

James was a little turned on by this but this naive act was getting to be
annoying. But it was role-play and even though it's a role James would NEVER
play in real life, he didn't really mind in fanstay land.

"Just lick the tip with your tongue and you'll get a sweet tasting

Chastity looked up at James and smiled as her tongue slowly grazed the
tip. James head fell back against the wall they where near with a moan.

"MMMMnnn. It was warm and good. Did I do a good job mister?"

"You sure did, would you like some more."

Chastity didn't even answer, she just once again slowly licked the tip of
James' penis, her tongue making James moan and struggle to hold back his cum.

"Take the whole thing in your mouth honey, you'll like it."

Chastity did just that, sucking James deep into her mouth and slowly
pulling him in. Chastity broke out of character and brought her hand up to
his meat and began to jack the part that was not nestled deep into her warm,
moist mouth. Chastity jacked James faster, her mouth began to go like a
piston with a rapid forward and back motion that made James want release.

"Chastity dear."

Chastity pulled James' dick from her mouth, the cold air of the room
sending a chill down James spine, "Yes mister."

"Can I fuck you honey."

"I haven't done that before mister." A chuckle escaped her lips as she
tried to play the part of the little virgin who had just sucked her first
dick and was now being asked to give up her virginity.

"I promise you'll like it."

"Well, I guess so mister. What do I do?"

James could have said drop the panties and spread your legs but he wanted
to play it like it was her first time. "Just lay back on the bed and let me
do the work."

Chastity did as she was told, only she crawled onto the bed giving James
a long look at her sweet ass encased in white cotton panties. She turned her
self over and faced James as her took off his shirt. James had to admit, Eric
was right about the outfit making her look hot. Her breast made slight
ripples in her shirt either meaning she had a small chest or that she was
wearing a shirt that was too big for her. Either way James wanted to suck on
her breasts, to lick her aureoles and gently pinch and tweak her nipples.
James began unbuttoning her shirt as he saw that Chastity was really playing
the part, she actually looked scared. James was about to stop and back away
but her winking of her right eye confirmed she was acting.

"Relax honey, I won't hurt you. I just want to see your breasts ok."

Chastity nodded her head as James removed her collar shirt. Chastity was
wearing a little white cotton bra, her breast weren't straining against it
but rather just being held up by it. James laid his head down on her chest
and slowly licked the sides of her bra-cased tits. Chastity moaned, her voice
its regular tone confirming that she really liked what was happening.

"Lift your back sweety."

Chastity sat up as James reached around and undid her bra and thrown it
to the floor. Chastity stayed sitting up, her small breast sitting firm on
her chest. Her breast were tanned around the edges with a noticeable creamy
white are showing the position of her bikini's. The nipples were a light
pink, small little nubs that look almost to small to suck but with a begging
need to be.

James leaned down and kissed Chastity softly on the lips, her hard
nipples pressing against his belly. The first kiss was short, but the second
contained a forbidden passion that burned from deep within a person soul.
James kissed his way down her body, licking softly at her neck and brushing
her shoulders with a light kiss. He slowly began to kiss the top part of her
breast where the tan met that creamy white that was soo sexy in his eyes.

"More please James." Chastity had broken character once and for all, the
pleasure had apparently become too much for her to kept herself acting as a
little girl.

James ran his tongue ever so gently over the tip of her right nipple,
repeating the process with her left. James hand sneaked down between
Chastity's legs, his hand grasping her panty covered crouch. James rubbed her
mound hard but with an agonizing slowness that made Chastity whimper. James
continued to rub her as he sucked and nibbled on her right tit, causing a
feeling that made Chastity wish he would just plunge into her and ravage her.
But James slowly sucked like a babe in arms until Chastity pushed his head
downward with her hands.

James licked down the middle of her belly, taking the time to kiss around
her navel. James head disappeared under Chastity's skirt as he licked the
outer line of her panties, kissing her inner thighs and rubbing her ass
cheeks with his hands. James gripped Chastity's panties and slowly pulled
them down, tracing kisses on her thighs and sock covered calves. James kissed
his way back up her legs, taking the time to suck some of the flesh of her
perfect thighs into his mouth.

James lifted her skirt to see that her treasure was hairless, a perfectly
shaved delight that awaited his tongue assault. He licked slowly around her
cunt lips, savoring the taste of the area around her prize. James slowly
darted his tongue at her pussy, a act that made Chasitdy sit up from the
pleasure that it caused.

Chastity moaned constant as James licked her cunt area and suckled her
clit. James surprised Chastity to a orgasmic state as her pushed his finger
into her anus. Her breath was rapid and heavy as he sucked her love button
and penetrated her ass with his single finger. "Please (oh god) fuck me (ugh
uh mmm) now James. I (uhhhhhh) can't take it anymore. Please!!"

James didn't stop, he wanted to first sample the fluids that she held
within her. He sucked hard until Chastity orgasmed, her eyes rolled back
into her head as she hollered her release. James lifted his head smiled at
Chastity, waiting until she came down for her high.

James positioned his tool at her entrance, prepared to feel the moist
insides of her sweet tasting cunt. James slowly inched his rock hard member
into her tunnel, the walls gripping at his shaft and almost pulling him
inside without his pushing. James closed his eyes, her pussy squeezing him
for everything he was worth. James finally finished his descent into her,
taking a moment to bask in the tight, warm heaven he was in. Chastity wrapped
sock covered legs around his back and begged him to begin to fuck her.

James slowly pulled back until his tool almost exited her moistness then
he returned to her with a deep stroke. Chastity's moans grew in volume as
James pistioned in and out of her, driving her towards another needed orgasm.

"Yes James! Fuck me, come on! Do it yes baby, harder!"

James did as she asked, increasing his pace slightly on each stroke while
changing angles so he could feel every contour of her. Chastity sat up and
wrapped her arms around James, pressing her chest to him as he pounded her
over and over again.

"Come in me James! I'm on the pill, fill me with it!! Please!"

James pistioned his hips against hers as he pounded up into her.

"Come on! Cum! Cum!"

Chastity words of plea brought James to the edge and pushed him off. His
hot seed erupted into Chasitdy, filling her with his manly cum. They kissed
each other hard on the lips and released their grip on one another, satisfied
at the result they had produced on this night.

Chastity and James enjoyed a warm shower together after that and Chastidy
revealed that she only wanted what they did to be a one time thing as her
video made her too horny for her own good. James agreed, not willing to argue
after all that had already happen that night.

The next Monday, things had changed in WCW for the unusual. On Sunday,
it was announced that Eric had been fired from president of WCW and that a
new head would be named soon. That Monday more than 20 people received their
release from WCW and one of those was Chastity, her career at WCW ended
thanks to Eric's gimmick. James remained employed but he still wondered
something, why did WCW allow the WWF to call him?

End Chapter 4

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