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Sexual Adventures Of A Professional Wrestling
by Smackdown (

Part 5: "All American Girl (or is it Woman?)"

"One, two, three and ring the bell"

The crowd lets up a thunderous cheer as the match comes to a close.

"And your winner: GOLDBERG!"

James laid on the mat like he was supposed to, acting unconscious
although being in more pain than he had ever been. He had hoped that when a
new president stepped in that he would be able to step out of the match
against Goldberg and go on the injured reserve. But no, the new prez came up
with the brilliant fuckin' idea of him still jobbing to Golddick and then
going on the injured reserve and have the announcers say that Goldberg had
injured him. Sure it was true but for Christ sake's, it really sucked big
time. James got up off the mat and left the ring, heading toward the back
and enjoying the comments of little kids who were there with their dads.
James finally got through the curtain and leaned against the wall, his
shoulder shot to shit and the pain too intense to ignore.

"Kildred! Come here!" The new prez was sitting in front of the TV with
the new head of angles, Vince "I created the WWF of today which means I'm
better than you" Russo. James had meant him earlier in the week and
developed the feel that the guy was a certified ass.

"Yea boss."

"Kildred, since your injured and all we have decided that you will join
the event pump tour."

'Great! Just what I fucking need, a god damned autograph tour with Dusty
Rhodes' thought James, not letting his facial expression show what he was

"I know what your thinking James," Russo had a way of making himself
think he was friends with people when in fact we all hated his ass, "you
won't be on another autograph tour. You see, the new concept is to show some
of our talent to people who haven't seen it and naturally we use injured
stars or high stars who don't have a use a this time."

'Fuck,' James thought, 'even worst, Hacksaw Jim Duggan' "Fine, so who am
I touring with?"

"Glad you asked, you'll be going with Madusa and Vickie."

"Who the hell is Vickie?"

"Gorgeous George."

"Oh, so I guess it's me, Madusa, Randy and Vickie right?"

"Wrong. Randy is in Japan and Vickie was asked by Randy to stay here and
well, she isn't doing anything for what we are paying her so..."

"So you thought you would slap her onto this tour to add to the fan fare
around it right?"

"See Vince, I told you that boy had a mind in his skull."

James finally was given the details of the trip and he headed to the
locker room.

"Steve, you in here?"

"Yeah! What is it?"

"I need to ask you something."

Steve exited the bathroom area, his face paint ready for his world title
defense against Terry, "What's up?"

"Have you ever been contacted by the WWF about wrestling for them?"

"Yeah, it's a six month gentleman's agreement that WCW and WWF have. You
see, when only six months remain on a wrestler's contract then the other
organization has the right to call the wrestler on the phone."

"Oh, ok."

"You get the call huh?"

"Yeah, yeah I did."

"Who called you?"

"Jim Ross."

Steve stumbled back a little and sat down, "Jim Ross! You got called by
Jim Ross! Shit man, those guys really are interested."

"Why? Who did you get called by?"

"A woman in charge of contract settles or some shit like that. Just the
usual person who calls at six months but damn man, Jim Ross."

"What is so special about Jim Ross?"

"He is in charge of WWF talent recruiting and he is the second man to
Vince McMahon. When Ross calls, you have got a little bit of a contract war
on the horizon pal."

"Great, just fucking great. Well, I have to pack up and get out of here."

"Where you off to?"

"Airport, I got to meet Vickie and Madusa for a flight to St. Louis for
some autograph crap."

Steve snicker a little.

"What's so funny Steve?"

"Oh just the thought of you traveling with two women, both with huge jugs
why I can just hear the trip now... Give it to me ugh yes yes."

Lawerace and Liz came out of the shower room which was on the other side
of the locker room, "What the fuck is going on? Should me and Liz leave you
two alone?"

"Very funny Law. You know you and Steve should form a comedy act together.
You know, go on the road and see if you can find someone you thinks your good
at what you do."

James picked up his bag and headed towards the locker room door, only to
hear Law join in on Steve's little joke. "Oh James, Please harder." James
gave them both the finger as he headed out of the locker room.

James arrived at the airport after driving for 30 minutes and his shoulder
was killing him. James was really starting to hate the fact that he wasn't
married. Oh sure he loved the tail he got from being single, but he hated
that he never got a vacation when he was injured. James headed for the gate
that had the flight to St. Louis ready for boarding, his shoulder felt like
shit and he was hungry for almost anything. He thought about stopping at the
snack bar in the airport but changed his mind when he saw they were watching
the Halloween Havoc reply. James finally arrived at the gate and saw one hot,
no sizzling female and another big chested lady that looked like her mother.
'That must be them.' James thought as he headed towards them.

"Vickie and Madusa?"

"Yeah, you must be James. It's nice to finally meet you."

James shook the hand of Vickie (Gorgeous George) and Madusa.

"Well, shall we?"

James didn't like flying, in fact he hated it with a passion. The
turbulence, the food and the assholes who always occupied coach. But for
once he would have to worry about all of that. WCW had sprung for first
class tickets to St. Louis and they were the only ones taking the 12:45 to
St. Louis.

James tossed his carry on into the overhead and sat down in the middle
aisle, wanting to avoid the window seat as much as possible. Madusa and that
sexy friend of hers sat down near a window, apparently not afraid to fly the
friendly skies. James buckled his seat belt and did what any man who was
afraid of flying would do, act macho and act like it didn't bother him while
his mind played the plane crash from "Fearless".

Luckily he survived takeoff with his lunch still in his stomach, although
he would have rather it been his dinner that stayed. The stewardess came by
later and asked if he wanted something to drink, the selection ranging from
water to some red crap that smelled like filtered piss. He decided to decline
on all the crap in the cart, except for a bag of salted peanuts which would
serve as his inflight meal.

"So, how long have you been afraid of flying?"

James turned to his left and stared questionably at the older Madusa.

"Excuse me?"

"I said how long have you been afraid of flying?"

"What makes you think I am?"

"Well, the death grip that you had on the armrest was one clue and the
fact you looked like a deer in headlights."

Damn, his emotions always revealed themselves somehow! Madusa stood up
from her seat and adjusted her powder blue business suit skirt and sat next
to James.

"So, how are you doing with the company?"

"Great, and you?"

"Terrible, all they want is for me to show my chest on television and
act like a little slut."

'Well anything to distract people from your face,' of course James thought
this, he didn't feel like getting his ass kicked by a female on a plane not
to mention he was traveling with her for about three weeks. "That's too bad."

"So James, did you go to college?"

"Yeah, Iowa."

"Did you graduate?"

"Yeah, ugh communications degree."

"That's good, I went to Wyoming but I dropped out to pursue a career in

'Like I could care less grandma.' Ok, so James was thinking negative
thoughts but he was starving and needed something to distract him from that
fact. She really wasn't altogether unpleasant but she wasn't his type. James
dad taught him one factor which he had always lived by with women, 'Big tits
don't make a good woman.' James wasn't going to be mean to her face, after
all she was a former women's champ from around the world.

"Listen, I'd hate to be rude but I'm kinda tired and if you don't mind I
would like to catch a nap before we land."

"Oh sure, no problem. Hey listen, before you fall asleep I was wondering
if you'd like to go get something to eat when we land. I didn't get any
dinner and I really don't need a bunch of drunken men hitting on me."

Well you can guess what James was thinking about her last comment, but he
was hungry and figured that it couldn't hurt to escort her to dinner. "Sure,
I'd be glad to."

"Great, well goodnight then."

"Yeah, goodnight." James leaned back, closed his eyes, and drifted off to
dreamland for the remainder of the flight.

James was woken a little later by a cheerful, too cheerful, stewardess
who informed him that they were about to land.

"Listen, Mr. Kildred."

James looked at the stewardess, unsure of what she wanted although he was
so tried and hungry he couldn't care. But as always he was very polite. The
cheerful girl just wanted an autograph for her nephew, so she claimed, which
James was happy to do.

"Have a good sleep?" Madusa asked as the stewardess went to wake up
Vickie from her peaceful slumber.

"Yeah, how about you?"

"Just fine. Are we still on for that dinner when we land?"


The plane touched down, ending the nervous ticks that James sometimes
experienced on a landing. The three walked out to the limo that Russo was
gracious enough to spring since he knew that the rent-a-car would be closed
at three in the morning. They all piled in and had the driver head towards
the hotel, Vickie once again fading out of consciousness and giving James
no time to even talk to her. Surehe knew she was dating Randy but that
didn't mean they couldn't be friends. Since he wasn't going to get the
chance to talk to Vickie, James began to talk with Madusa again.

"So, you were in the WWF."

"Yes, I was for a while before coming back to WCW. I even threw the WWF
Women's title in the trash."

"Did you get sued for that?"

"Nah, the division was folding so they really didn't care. What about

"NCAA wrestling champion."

"Your parents must have been very proud."

"Yes, yes they were. But I wasn't going to make any money doing it so I
decide I would give WCW a shot."

"I know what you mean, I retired for a while but came back when they said
they were forming a women's title."

"And then it fell through, right?"

"No, it's just that Bischoff was going to kill the idea and fire me when
Turner fired him. So, Russo said the division will be staring soon and then
I'll be in business again."

The limo arrived at the hotel, a classy 5 star that Russo had sprung
for but had only decide on two rooms. James could have saved Russo even more
money, he won't have minded sleeping in the same room as these two, separate
beds of course. Madusa woke up Vickie and we headed inside, Madusa told the
driver to wait for us. They got the room keys and Madusa took Vickie to their
room and James headed back to the limo and waited.

About five minutes later, Madusa re-entered the limo and told the driver
to go. James noticed that she did in fact have very nice legs, and her face
wasn't altogether unpleasant.

"How old are you James?"

"22. You?"


James was a little, no check that he was a lot shocked. When he had seen
her he thought she was only 37 or maybe 38, but 42 was older than any of his

"You seem surprised."

"Well, frankly I am. I thought you were only 36 (ok, he lied) but your 42.

"Gee, you make it sound like I'm ancient."

"No, no it's just that I'm impressed by how young you look."

"Thank you, you don't look a day over 18 yourself."

"Mrs. Milceli, we're at the restaurant you requested earlier."

"Thanks. Well, shall we?"

The restaurant was an excellent place, it turned out that she knew the
owner of the fine Italian establishment and he was delighted that she was in

"Maddy, itsa so good to see you again."

"Hello Frankie, how have you been."

"Ah you know, business has been good but those annoying French down the

"Frankie, I would like to introduce you to James Kildred, he works at the
company with me. James, this is Frankie Cuertlie."

"Nice to meet you James."

James shook the older gentleman's hand, he seemed to be a very nice guy
and knew Madusa very well.

"So Maddy, how long are you going to be in town this time huh."

"Just a few days, I'm on a promotional with the company I work for."

"Ah that's my Maddy, alwaysa working. Well, I'll be happy to make your
favorite if itsa ok with your friend here."

"Gee I don't know, James do you like ravioli stuffed with green peppers
and meat served with a cheese, tomato sauce."

"That's fine by me."

"I'll bring it right out."

Frankie headed towards the kitchen as James and Madusa took a seat near
the bar, Frankie turned and told them they could fix anything they like.

"So, who's he?"

"He's my uncle, a great chef who moved away from Wyoming about 28 years
ago and opened this. I stop by everytime I'm in town."

"Why did you say the company. Why didn't you just say.."

"Shhhh. Uncle Frankie used to watch wrestling in the 40's and he still
thinks that its a brutal contest only for men."

"I see, aren't you worried he'll find out if he watches it."

"Frankie doesn't watch TV, he is either working on new recipes or he
reads classic novels. He thinks TV is a crazy mans invention."

"Huh, well I can see why he doesn't know. After all, a female wrestler
who appears in the crazy box."

The dinner was delicious, James had to admit the man could cook. He
was also very wise for someone who doesn't watch television.

"Good-bye Maddy, you don't forgeta your Uncle Frankie now."

"I haven't for 28 years Uncle Frank."

"Good-bye sir."

"Yeah, a good-bye to you too. Heh listen." James was pulled close by
Frank who spoke low into James ear, "Don't tell Maddy, but I knowa your a
pro wrestler just like her."

James looked at him with a little smirk.

"Ah, a customer brought it in as a thank you for such a good meal when I
didn't charge him and soa he gave me a TV. Just wish that Seinfeld won't

James shook his hand and climbed into the limo, finding it funny that
Frank had told him even though they just met.

"So, what was that about?" Madusa asked.

"Oh, nothing. Nothing at all."

"Driver, how about a drive around St. Louis in privacy."

"Yes Ms. Milceli."

The black darkened window rose up, eliminating the drivers view of the
back and their view of the driver.

"So James, have you ever been to St. Louis before?"

"No, it's my first time in town. How many times have you been here."

"Hundreds, and I never get tried of coming back." She smiled at James,
and he just smiled back and turned once again to look out the window. Madusa
lowered her head and let out a loud sigh.

"Hey, what's wrong."

Madusa slowly lifted her head up and looked at James, a tear had formed
in her eye, "You don't find me attractive."

James was a little taking aback by this, but then he remember that she
had worked with Mona and had probably seen him. 'What if she developed a
crush on me?' James hadn't even considered it. But all this time she had
spent getting to know him, was she hoping to form a relationship with someone
almost half her age?

"Madusa, you weren't trying to start a relationship with me were you?"

Maddy looked down at her lap and sniffled, "No, I just wanted someone to
think I was attractive enough to desire me. But I guess you don't."

James looked at her, he was half her age but she had great qualities. She
was smart, funny, nice, pleasant to be around, and she had a sexy body on
some levels. He looked at her sitting their crying and decided that if she
was younger he would have wanted to date her, but for now he just.....wanted

James slowly put his left hand under her chin and lifted her even with
his eyes, her face was red and wet from her tears that had flowed down her
face. James took his right hand and gently wiped the tears from her eyes and
stared into her eyes. Madusa stared right back, fighting off any sniffles
that tried to surface. James touched his lips ever so softly to her cheek, a
slight teary taste in his mouth before he backed away from her face.

"Madusa, I do find you desirable. But, as a couple we would never work
and I didn't want to end what might be the start of a long friendship for a
night of passion."

A tear fell from her eye as she looked at him and said, "James, I do want
to be friends with you. But, I can promise that one night won't ruin the way
I feel and I know a relationship could never developed because of our age.
James, I just want to be with someone who I really care for and that person
is, is you."

James brushed a small strand of wet hair away from her face and he put
his left hand on the back of her head. He caressed her hair softly before
pulling her lips closer to his as they shared a brief kiss. The first kiss
lasted just a second but the second was deep and long. James rubbed his
right hand down her legs, squeezing her firm, athletic thighs as the erotic
pleasure of the kiss intensive. His hand journeyed upward, tenderly grazing
her covered breast. Madusa gave a faint whimper as her temperature rises and
James explored areas of her body. As the kiss broke the two looked deep into
each others eyes, they didn't care about the anything except what pleasures
awaited them.

"Maybe we should wait until we get to the hotel?"

James wanted to be cautious, he didn't want some camera inside of a limo
capture and image of him having sex with Madusa. Madusa, however, didn't care
what the limo saw as she told James, "The hard stuff can wait. But the small
stuff doesn't wait."

She pushed James back and slowly pulled up her skirt. James saw that she
was wearing panties from Victoria secret, a name that was wrapped around
the waistband. She slowly began to rub her hand on the outside of panties,
licking her lips and smiling at James. James didn't need to be turned on
anymore, he was turned on enough from the kiss and feeling her body. James
moved closer to her and began to rub the areas her hands didn't. His hands
rubbed her smooth, tan thighs which were full yet firm. James lowered his
body and proceeded to lick the front of her panties, her fingers running
through his hair.

"Umm, your making me feel sooo good. Take them off James, go for the
real treat."

Madusa raised up her lower body as James removed her panties, pulling
them down past her calf muscles and placing them in the pocket of his pants.
Her pussy had strands of brown hair, indicating that she wasn't a natural
blonde but when you are this close, hair color really isn't that important.
James extended his fingers and spread open her flower, a easy job since it
appeared that Madusa wasn't all that tight.

James extended his tongue and began to slide it up and around her sweet
hole. He sucked on her folds, savoring them as her juices began to soak
down. Her heavy breathing and soft moans were a good indication that she was
enjoying the oral simulation very much. James fished his tongue around until
he found the pinnacle of her prize, the tiny little button that controlled
all her feelings running through her. James decided to just tease her first,
licking the area surrounding the gentle button. He swirled his tongue slowly
around, torturing her by not going for her pleasure.

"Please James, stop tensing me. I beg you, please."

James abided by her wishes, licking and suckling her button until her
moans increased in volume. James sucked on her full force now, her eyes
rolling as she came. James pulled away, her juices covering the area around
his mouth, sweeping his tongue the juices were there no more. James rose up
and kissed Madusa on the lips, her tongue forcing its away into his mouth as
though she wanted her own taste on her tongue.

Madusa pushed James down in the seat beside her and kneeled in front of
him. She unbuttoned the front of her jacket, her breast desperately trying
to free themselves from the prison of her blouse. She opened her blouse and
let her mammoth breast sway free, a gigantic set of mountains that made
James grasp. She rubbed her tan breast down James as her hands rubbed the
outside of his pants, her fingers working free the belt and pulled down the
zipper. James' rod was pressing hard against his boxers, forming a tower of
cotton and immense sexual energy.

Madusa felt the tip from through his boxers, squeezing and pulling on
the fabric that held his tool of pleasure. Madusa didn't wait to remove the
boxers, she engulfed the cotton over the rod, making a wet tower of cotton.
She sucked three times before lifting off, the air was cold as the wet
fabric clung tightly to his rod. She peeled the wet undergarment away from
James. His rod was solid, the blood pulsing rapidly as he waited to discover
what she was going to do next.

Madusa wrapped her hand around the base and began to slowly jerk his cock
in an up and down fashion, the precum began to slowly ooze from the tip of
his bulbous helmet. Madusa kissed James on the lips before slowly lowering
her warm mouth onto his rod. James let out a barely audible moan as she began
to bob her head up and down, her mouth like a heavenly vacuum. She pulled his
hot sword from her mouth with a quiet pop, her tongue circling and grazing
his balls.

"I can't wait anymore James, please fuck me now!"

"Are you on the pill?"

"No, but I have a condom."

James looked at the woman kneeling before him. Her large, tanned breasts
swayed as she continued to slowly stroke his cock with her hand. Her legs
looked so smooth and athletic, he knew that he couldn't wait until they
reached the hotel either.

"Alright, give me the condom so I can put it on."

"Oh no, I'll do that myself."

Madusa reached into her purse and pulled out the small plastic package
and tore it open. Taking the condom, Madusa smiled at James before placing
the condom into her mouth and engulfing his tool again. James watched in awe
as she used her mouth to place the protective cover over his cock. Madusa
removed her mouth and the condom was in place. She slowly stood as high as
the ceiling of the limo would let her and sat on his legs, her slit just
grazing against the stiff rod that she desperately wanted. The two of them
shared a deep kiss as she slid forward and lifted, driving James cock into
her moist oven. Madusa began to rock back and forth on James cock, sweat
beads forming on her face as she moved her hips. James just looked at the
sight before him, a slightly older woman sitting on his dick with her smooth
hips rubbing against his and her extremely large breasts shaking side to
side in front of him.

James was mesmerized by her breast, the mammoth silicone globes shaking
before him. He reached out with his hands and began to massage her artificial
tit flesh, the feeling wasn't very lifelike but still a joy to hold. James
leaned his head forward and latched onto her right breast, licking and biting
at her nipple as she pumped her body on his thick rod.

"Oh James, (ugh) it feels soooo (uhhh) good. (Mmmnn) Fuck me with your
young (oh god) thick dick."

James heard her words and decided it was time he gave her a really good
fuck. He grabbed under her breasts and proceeded to rapidly lift Madusa up
and down, faster and faster, harder and harder.

"You like that. Do you, you horny hottie."

Madusa was screaming loudly, she shook her head left to right as her
pussy was pounded. "Fuck yeah! Yes, yes do it! Yeah, fuck!"

James was tiring, but he wanted to give her the orgasm she desired and he
would hold out as long as he could. But it wasn't that long until Madusa
screamed her release and came in a powerful burst of sexual release, her eyes
glazed and rolled back as she was overcome by her own energy.

"Cummming! Fuck (ughhh) cumminnggg!!!"

James knew that was his signal that he could release his load into the
latex casing which surrounded his cock. The hips of Madusa stopped pumping
as she knew that he had released his load, their encounter over.

"God, that was the best fuck in a long time" said the sweaty Madusa as
she climbed off of James lap and sat beside him.

"I get that a lot." James leaned over a kissed her breast, then neck and
finally her salty lips (from the sweat).

"Maybe we could do this again sometime James?"

"I'll consider it, but for now let's get dressed."


"Because we are about two miles from the hotel and I don't think the
driver needs to see us naked."

"Maybe your right, but first," Madusa leaned down and removed the condom
from James cock, "I think I'll have myself a drink."

With that Madusa did something that shocked, excited, and sickened James.
She dipped her tongue into the inner part of the condom and licked out some
of the sperm inside. "Mmm tasty."

James opened the door to his hotel room, through the card key onto the
bedside table and collapsed onto the bed. "Man, I gotta get some sleep."

Suddenly the phone on the side table rang.

"Who in the fuck?"

James got up off the bed and went over to the phone and picked up the


"James, Russo here. How would you feel about betraying Sting?"

End Chapter 5

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