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Sexual Adventures Of A Professional Wrestler
by Smackdown (

Part 6: "What Up George?"

"What's your name?"



So here was James, stuck sitting inside of a fucking arena signing
autographs for people who in a week would hate him more than they do now.
James still couldn't get over Russo. First the stupid asshole reforms the NWO
and now he wants him to join the bunch. Just fine, just fucking great. So now
he would be a heel with the head booker, rehab man, steroid R us, the chosen
dickhead, and of course Hart.

Steve would be gone until after the January PPV thanks to some shit with
Russo and actually getting his elbow fucked up. So now when Steve (Sting)
comes back, he is supposed to lay him out during a title match against Hart
to give him a way into the NWO. Great, it's nice to be tossed around like a

To make things worse, he was sitting at a table as smart marks came up
asking shit like 'when you starting that tag team with Disco' and 'I know
this injury of yours is a bullshit work'. James was really beginning to hate
the internet more and more everyday.

However, this trip did have its perks. The first night in town he did fuck
a mildy hot female and he was sitting next to another who looked absolutely
Gorgeous. Of course, that was what WCW thought of and for once, it fit
perfectly. The one simply stupid part was the George on the end, it was used
and pathetic. The other prob was her contract was up in four months and she
was struggling to smile the entire two hours of the signing session. After
the session was over she through on her sunglasses and jacket and informed
Madusa and James that she would be in the limo. I didn't know her all that
well, I knew her name was Vickie and that she dated Mr. Poffo (also know as
Randy Savage).

"Hey Madusa, what's wrong with her?"

"Oh, she's having a rough week. You see, umm don't tell her I told you
but Randy called and said he was fucking a little Asian girl and that when
he got back that they were done."

"Geez, what an asshole. Well, she can always find another guy that likes

"She's not really upset about that as much as she thinks she'll end up
a stripper in Vegas again."

James and Madusa got in the limo and found that Vickie was crying.

Before they got in James looked at Madusa and said, "Listen, I'll ride up
front with the driver so she won't get embarrassed by me."

"Thanks James."

James walked to the front of the limo and knocked on the side door and
waited until the driver unlocked it. Once he did James opened the door and
climbed inside, "Lady in the back is crying, don't mind if I sit up here do

"No sir Mr. Kildred."

James closed the door and buckled his seatbelt. The driver had just put
the car in gear when he turned to James and said, "So, when you joining the
Filthy Animals."

They all arrived at the hotel about 20 minutes later, James was happy
to get away from the driver who thought that some guy named King Samson was
coming to WCW to feud with me over a woman. Sadly, that may be true however
it would be a real man named Samson and he'd might be Jenny (Spice) husband.

James entered his room and sat down on his bed, his shoulder was still
bothering him but not as bad as before. He went over to the little fridge in
the room and pulled out a Pepsi which according to the pay list was $1.50
for a 20 once bottle. James had just turned on ESPN when their was a knock
at the door.

"Great, probable Russo with a great plan for me verus Jim Duggan." James
opened the door and saw Madusa. "What's up?"

"James, Russo just called me and said I am to report to Tulsa for
tonight's Nitro. Listen, could you watch after Vickie cause she's really
tore up."

"But wouldn't that give away that I know?"

"She already knows, I told her that you'd be over to her room at 7:00 to
talk and watch the show. You know Russo policy."

Ah yes, Russo policy that you must watch Nitro and Thunder even if you
don't appear on them. His stupid way of keeping us up with storylines.

"Ok, I'll go over their and keep her company. Will you be back?"

"Yeah, I'll be back tomorrow before we head to Dallas. I'll see you then
and thanks." Madusa pecked James on the cheek and hurried to the elevator.

As James watched her ass scurrying he began to rethink that he wanted to
fuck her again. James closed the door and laid down until it was time to

At about 6:00, James woke up and took a shower and began to get dressed.
He had just put on his pants when a knock came on the door.

"Who now?" James opened the door and saw Vickie standing in the door.
"Vickie? What are you.. I was supposed to come over to your room."

Her eyes were red underneath and he could tell that she had been crying
pretty bad. "I know but I needed someone to talk to now."

"Ok, Umm come on in."


James moved so she could enter the room, he did take the time to admire
her body again while she wasn't looking. Her ass and hips looked great in a
tight pair of black jeans that she was wearing. She was wearing a loose
white t-shirt and her bra outline was partly visible underneath. Her hair
was a beautiful blonde that hung done the side of her face.

"Nice room."

"Thanks. Listen would you mind if I finish changing so we can go get
something to eat."

"That's fine but I don't wanna go out to eat, I can't face an autograph
seekers tonight."

"That's ok, I'll go finish getting dressed and then we can order some
room service."

She gave a small smile and nodded her head. James went in the bathroom
and put on his shirt, while inside her heard a faint whimper from outside
the door. James peeked through a crack and saw Vickie crying into her hands
and sniffling. James didn't really know what to do, he had never been good
at cheering women up. He took a deep breath and headed out the door.

"Hey hey, don't cry. It's alright."

"I can't believe (sniff) that he (sniffle) cheated on meeee!!"

She put her head on James shoulder and began to cry in earnest, wetting
his shirt with her cold tears.

"Listen," James lifted her face and stared into her eyes, "what he did
was wrong and it's not your fault. He's an asshole for what he did to you
and you need to realize that."

James wiped her eyes off with the back of his hand.

"Thanks James, I feel a little better."

"Good enough to get some food in your stomach?"


"Alright, let's look over those room service menus and order something."

James and Vickie ate their meals, the service was fast and the food was
average at best. Still, $7.00 for a rack of BBQ ribs for him and a Caesar
salad was rather low.

"So Vickie, if you don't mind me asking umm how long had you and Randy
been dating."

"Eight months. I thought he really loved me, but when I became more
popular than him he got pissed at me. Then Russo sent him to Japan and that's

"Well, I don't see where you have anything to worry about, after all you
were more popular."

"I never did think of that, your right. Thanks again James."

"Hey, no prob. Well, it's 7:55, I guess we better watch the show huh?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

James walked over and clicked on the TV, when the screen came to it was
nothing but white snow.

"Great, well I guess my sets out."

"Well, we could just go to my room and see if it's working in there."


James entered Vickie's room and notice that her room was larger that his,
much larger. However, James realized that Madusa was also staying in this
room so he understood. Vickie clicked on the TV and it was working just fine.
Vickie turned to Nitro and laid on her bed. James headed over to Madusa's bed
when Vickie stopped him.

"James, why don't you lay on the bed with me. Besides, I might need a
shoulder to cry on."

It sounded like a reasonable request, so James climbed onto the bed next
to Vickie who snuggled close to him. James watched the show and tried not to
think about the fact that a hot young women had her head on his chest. After
about an hour Vickie got up and head towards the bathroom. James breathed a
sigh of relief that he hadn't hardened in front of that delicate flower.

Ten minutes later, Vickie came out of the bathroom and crawled back next
to James.

"What'd miss?"

"Norman beat Dave in a hard-core match. Crowd was surprising behind

"He makes me laugh."


"His scream is soo funny and I don't know why?"

"Yeah, I guess he was kinda funny."

"Yeah." Vickie shifted her body and sat up.

"What's wrong Vickie?"

Vickie turned towards and looked him in the eye. "James."

"Yeah Vick."

"You have been soo caring to me, I can't even begin to thank you."

"Hey, It was nothing. After all, what are friends for."

"Yeah, you know that reminds me of a song lyric."

"Really? Which one."

Vickie leaned in a kissed James full on the lips, catching him off guard
initially but he eventually wrapped his arms around her. The kiss broke and
James saw a new glare in her eyes, a glare of hunger and desire.

"The lyric was how can we be lovers if we can't be friends. Well, you
said we were friends soo," Vickie grabbed the bottom of her tee and lifted
it over her head, "I figured we can now be lovers."

James was in awe at how her bra seemed to look almost a full cup size too
small for her. Her top of her breasts were a light tan color and her nipples
were barely peeking over the top. Vickie kissed James again but something in
James brain clicked, he couldn't do this. This girl was confused and
heartbroken, he couldn't take advantage of her.

"Vickie, stop. I can't do this."


"Because it's wrong. You don't know what your doing, your just latching
onto the first male that is nice to you."

Vickie climbed onto James lap and looked down at him, James still could
get over how nice her chest looked.

"James, I know perfectly well what I am doing and who I'm doing it with.
I'm getting back at Randy and if you won't help me then I'll go find a man
off the street who might hurt me instead of make me feel good."

Well, James couldn't argue with that logic, at least half of his brain
couldn't. "Alright, but no one finds out."


James reached up and grabbed the back of Vickie's head and pulled her
in for a kiss. The kiss was warm and wet, their lips fighting for a position
of power. James hands rubbed her back, the skin felt smooth and soft on his
hands. James couldn't believe any man would cheat on her, especially a old
fart like Poffo. James felt her bra strap and began to work on unhooking the
snaps. Vickie lifted up and pushed James hands away as James lifted into a
sitting position and licked the cups of her overfilled bra. His saliva coated
the tops of her flesh, a sweet smell of strawberries oozed from them and they
tasted a sweet flavor that he couldn't describe.

"Ugh god, it feels good James."

Vickie finally unhooked her bra and let it slide down her shoulders,
exposing a absolutely flawless set of breasts. James looked at her tits as
if they were a gift from god himself, a perfect round shape that was firm
and tanned all over. Her nipples were rounded and the size of a quarter, the
tip begging to be sucked as if a canteen containing water for a man in the
desert. James reached up and lightly touched her chest, almost expecting it
to vanish as this had to be a dream because he felt they couldn't be real.
But they were, they were firm and pliable all at the same time. James felt
all around and yet could find no indication that they were fake. They did
have a slight downward angle to their firmness but he knew they could be

"They are."

James looked up at her and she smiled at him. She leaned down and pressed
them against his shirt, the warmth they contained felt through his shirt.

Vickie leaned close and whispered into James ear, "I know what your
thinking, yes they are real. It runs in my family."

James formed a smirk as he imagined all the happy men in that family.
They kissed again, their tongues entered each others mouth and wrapping
around one another.

Vickie sat up and smiled at James, "I feel that someone has arrived."

Vickie stood up to the side of James and allowed him to remove his shirt.
Vickie took time to kneel beside the bed and kiss James abs and to lick his
chest. She kissed his nipples, something James didn't usually like but she
made it feel great. Vickie grabbed James legs and pulled them off the bed,
her hands rubbing the stiff area around his crotch. She began kissing his
flat stomach, unfasten his pants as she went. She slowly licked his adomen
as she pulled his pants to his ankles and then off his legs. His boxers were
sticking up, Vickie began to massage his pole through his boxers. She rubbed
his cock through the material causing James to moan and almost beg her to go

James leaned down and kissed her again before she pulled down his boxers
and revealed his hard rod ready to plunge within her. She looked a James
with a smile as she wrapped her left hand around the base and began to pump
his tool. Her right hand was fondling his balls, squeezing the sac and
causing a delightfully painful sensation. Vickie's tongue extended from her
mouth and began to slide up and down James shaft. She was slow and steady,
not going fast but rather slowly torturing James senses. She tensed engulfing
the rod, opening her mouth wide and putting the pole in her mouth but only
breathing her hot breath on it. She didn't close her lips around the shaft
but continued to pump her hand up and down soft and smooth.

"Please Vickie, stop torturing me."

James couldn't believe he had surrendered that she was driving him insane
but it was well worth the cost when she closed her soft lips on his cock. Her
mouth felt so warm and the slurping sounds coming from her mouth sliding up
and down were like a music that filled his ears. Vickie would pull her mouth
off and lick the tip of his cock with her tongue very rapidly, the feeling
causing him to head towards the brink of insanity. Before James could say he
was going to cum, Vickie pinched the bottom of his cock and gently massage
his balls causing his sperm to back down. Vickie repeated the process two
more times, bringing him to the edge and pulling him away before it could

James finally lifted Vickie, he had enough of her torture but now it was
his turn. James laid Vickie on the bed, sucking on her right breast slowly
and easily. He slide his tongue around the nipple while he gently circled
her other nipple with his finger, making Vickie moan. James kissed his way
done her stomach until he reached her jeans. James unhooked her jeans and
slowly pulled them down her legs, licking her flesh as it appeared before
him. Her panty-covered crotch, inner thighs, hips, knees, calves and her
ankles. He didn't kiss her feet, that wasn't his style nor would it be even
though her feet were perfect. Her calves were firm, her hips had just the
right amount of flesh and her inner thighs had a slight wet coating eluding
from her pussy.

James slid his tongue tip across her panties, not enough to make her cunt
feel pressure released but enough to make moan with anticipation. James
licked the top of her panties, not the area on her cunt but above her hot
zone. Soon she was begging, James had won round two by making her beg while
she was still in her panties. James hooked his fingers under her panties
string and pulled them down. She had a small patch of brown hair above her
pussy indicating a dye job to her hair on her head. James slowly licked the
area around her pussy, careful not to touch her cunt lips to offer her any
relief. James continued to circle her cunt lips, making her beg and plead for
James to give her any sexual release.

James finally couldn't stand it himself, her pussy looked perfect like
the rest of her and he had to see if she tasted perfect. James extended his
tongue and licked her folds, causing her to jerk up and moan in pleasure.
The taste she had was like the fruit of the gods, delicious and sweet with
the scent of desire. James licked her folds softly, her peeble of pleasure
just beginning to appear before James eyes. It was small and James knew that
the sweet fluids that were flowing into his mouth came from that peeble
glistening before his eyes. James licked softly at the peeble and Vickie
grabbed her breast and began to feel them. Her face was looking down and her
tongue was licking her own nipples.

"Eat me (uggh) Oh yess, (mmmnnn) you are going to (fuck) make me (shit,
oh god) cummmm."

James sucked her clit, the fluids now flowing directly into his mouth
rather than the waterfall of her delicious lips.

"Fuck, I'm cummmminng. SHIT, Oh ughhh FUCK OH FUCKK!!!"

James sucked harder as he heard her screams and he felt a torrent of
juices flow into his mouth and down his throat.

"James, (ugh) Please fuck me now. I need it sooo bad! Please James fuck

James kissed her tits again as he aligned his cock with her sweet moist
hole. James had not used his finger to test her for tightness so he thought
he should go slow and feel the friction that her cunt would cause. As James
pushed an inch he immediately felt he lips wrap hard around his shaft. She
was not tight, she was beyond that word. She was the tightest pussy he had
ever felt. Another inch and Vickie was moaning from deep within her, she was
gasping and little cries of pleasure.

After five minutes, James began his rythmn, a slow easy pace to start.
Her pussy was grabbing and pulled on his cock, the feeling was almost beyond
his mind set.

Vickie began to pump her hips, "Faster James (ughh) FUCK ME!! (Ugh) Fuck
me, fuck me (ughhh) Come on (ughh, AHHH) AH FUCK!!"

The pace become a slight more rapid, his balls slapping against her inner
things as he swung her legs over his shoulders.

"HARDER!! (AHHH, UGHHH) FUCK MEEEE!!! DO it!!!! Give it to ME!!"

Her breasts were going up and down as James slide her body across the
sheets of her bed, her hips slapping against his stomach as his balls
slapped against her ass. Soon Vickie was thrashing about on the bed, the
feeling was making her come. Her mind was going out of control, the
pleasure was emense. James felt her cunt tighten around his cock some much
that it felt as if all the blood had stopped flowing inside of his dick.

"YES! YES! Cummmiinnnnggg!!! AH FUCK!!"

Her muscles lossened and James pounded her even harder, the slapping
sound almost no breaking at all, the pace had gotten to the point where
James knew any faster and they would be the first couple to fuck and break
the sound barrier at the same time.

"Oh shit, Come on! Cum on me James! Cum all over my tits!! Pull out and
shoot on my big natural breasts!!"

James looked at her and felt that he had reached the end. James pulled
out and climbed out her chest, careful not to put too much weight on her.
Vickie wrapped her breasts around his cock and James began pumping his hips
back and forth.

"Fuck em! Come on! FUCK MY TITS!! GIVE ME YOU CUMM!!!"

James threw his head back and sprayed his salty load all over her her
upper body. She giggled as stream after stream covered her face and tits,
massage the creamy load into her body. Finally after coating her entire
upper body the cum subside and James collapsed beside her.


James spun towards the door and saw Madusa standing in only a g-string,
her big breasts hanging down on her chest.

"He bought it huh?"

Vickie sat up next to James and wiped some cum from her face onto her
finger and sucked the salty cream off, "Hook, line and sinker."


James looked at the two women and said the only thing that came to his
mind, "What the FUCK is going on?"

Madusa smiled and slipped her string off and smiled saying, "Simple
James, it's time for a three way..."

END Chapter 6

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