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The following story contains strong sexual content and should not be read by
anyone under the age of 18 years. The series was created by smackdown. All
names are property of WCW and not my own. This is 100% fiction, odds are
these ladies aren't like this and you should remember that. I don't know them
nor do I pretend to. Don't sue me, I'm poor.

To avoid confusion, please read chapters 5 and 6 to understand what is going

Vickie= George
Maddy= Madusa

Sexual Adventures Of A Professional Wrestler
by Smackdown (

Part 7: "The Setup"

"I don't fucking believe this shit. You lied to me, both of you lied to
me." James was still in a state of initial shock. Vickie (George) hadn't been
in need of someone to watch over her and Madusa didn't even leave for Nitro
or Thunder or whatever, it wasn't a concern. They had lied to him and he had
bought it hook, line and sinker. Sure, it wasn't an unpleasant lie but still
they had set a trap. "I'm guessing that you're not a lonely, older woman who
is just looking for the right man?"

"Ha, I found my man six years ago but what he doesn't know won't hurt

James seemed to realize that was the overall consensus of the females at
WCW. "And I'm guessing that Randy didn't cheat on you with another woman and
dump you?"

"Well, Randy did fuck a little Asian lady like I said but I don't care."

"Listen James," said the top-heavy older female walking towards the bed,"
we didn't mean to upset you but the seduction is all the fun." Madusa leaned
him front of James, her massive tits swayed, as she looked James in the eye.
"We knew all about you from Jenny (Spice) and we decided that it would be
exciting to seduce you for a change not just physically but emotionally. It
makes for a better, harder fuck."

"Enough talk," Vickie positioned herself beside Maddy, "I wanna fuck!"

James eyes almost exploded as the two top-heavy blondes kissed each other
on the lips. James watched as their mouths opened and they exchanged an
extremely hot French kiss. Vickie moved her hands to the back of Maddy, their
chest touching each other. Soon Maddy wrapped her arms around the back of
Vickie and the two began to grind their tits together. The pace became more
rapid as the nipples touched, they were rubbing tit to tit in an erotic
fashion. They stopped grinding as Maddy pushed Vickie's face towards her
chest and she motioned for James to come closer. Although his brain was
telling him that they had used him for thier own personal amusement, James
'other' brain sent a very simple message. "So, what's your point?" Although
James did agree with his brain, the more dominant one had a better point.
James crawled in front of Maddy and kissed her full on the lips as Vickie
slowly ran her tongue across the left nipple of the ample chested wrestle
babe. Soon Maddy was moaning as James ducked down his head and began to work
over the right nipple as Vickie continued to lightly tease the other nipple
with her wet tongue. "Yes, umm suck my tits." Vickie took the command and
pulled part of the mammoth tit into her mouth.

James once again lifted his head and kissed Madusa full on the lips,
sucking on her bottom lip the same way he had sucked on her large, warm
breast flesh. Vickie decided it was time to simulate her friend further and
slowly kissed her way down Madusa's tanned body, sliding her tongue ever so
softly around her belly button. Madusa moaned into James's mouth as Vickie
began to lick the small amount of hair placed over the succulent petals of
the pussy. Vickie continued to tease the skin around her juicy flower as
James once again sucked her right breast while pinching her left nipple just
enough to raise Madusa higher and higher.

Her mind was spinning as the two younger individuals worked her mature
body over and over with their mouths and hands. "Oh god, you two are driving
me crazy," moaned Madusa as Vickie finally sank her tongue between the wet
folds of Madusa's pussy.

James quit working on the breasts of Maddy and made the decision to plant
soft kisses on the back of George, looking to raise the level of intensity
that she was working on Maddy. James lightly patted the smooth ass of Vickie
as he continued to kiss her back. The spanking began to have it's desired
effect as Madusa began to moan louder and quicker as Vickie rapidly darted
her tongue in and out of Madusa's pussy. James moved in behind Vickie, still
softly spanking her ass, he dove in and started to nibble and suck the
drenched cunt lips of Vickie. Her juice was still unbelievable, so tangy but
with a familiar flavor that he still couldn't place even though he had tasted
her twice in less than two hours.

Madusa was going insane; as soon as James drove his tongue into Vickie her
speed doubled every ten seconds. Her pussy felt like it was on fire; she
couldn't stand it and knew she was mere seconds from flooding Vickie's mouth
with sweet juices. Vickie may have teased her more had her mind not been
fogged by the pleasure that James was bringing her. It was just too much, she
was burning inside and needed James to quit teasing and slide his thick meat
into her and she needed it now.

"Oh please James, fuck my sweet pussy," screamed Vickie after lifting her
head from between the legs of Madusa. "Fuck me hard, make me come you fucking

James didn't need to be asked twice, he had used his teasing techniques on
this beauty earlier. This was about fucking her; fucking her harder than he
had fucked Torrie that night she had came to tease him. He was going to make
these two pay by pounding them, pounding them in both holes until they begged
him to stop. Thanks to fucking Vickie earlier he knew that he would have the
staying power and these sluts were going to receive the hardest fuck they had
ever received in their lives.

James quickly lifted his body up and slammed his dick deep into the tight
folds of Vickie, her loud scream heard from her place trapped between the
hard thighs of Madusa. James began slamming her, the force of his thrust
driving her face harder and faster into the pussy of Madusa, making the older
blonde legend scream and moan as she was pushed faster towards the edge of
her climax.

"Oh fuck, eat me you little bitch," screamed Madusa as she placed her hand
on the back of Vickie's head. "I'm gonna cum (ahh) in your mouth you little
slut, your gonna (ugh) suck me dry (ugh) like the cum bitch you (oh fuck)

And with the last word, Vickie was force-fed the steaming liquid as it
filled her mouth and forced her to swallow every drop. The sprays that didn't
find her mouth landed all over her face, leaving her sweet innocent face
covered in girl cum. Madusa held her face against her pussy until the last
drop was drained, immediately pushing the younger blonde away from her as
soon as the tidal wave of her cum stopped.

James hadn't been focused on Madusa, he was too busy pounded the tight
hole of Vickie with every ounce of strength he had left. His blood was rising
as his hips slapped against her, the sound echoing through the room. Vickie
was biting the covers to avoid screaming her passion, the thrusts of James
penis within her were driving her to madness and she loved it. She had never
been taken as hard as James was taking her and she loved every minute.

James decided he had taken her high enough with her pussy, now was time
that she felt a smooth warm shaft spreading her tight ass that had so many
times squeezed tightly against her shorts. James didn't lube her ass, he was
out to teach these women a lesson and this slut was going to be his first
lesson. With a quick uplift, James inched his way into her ass causing her
eyes to widen as this man took her roughly up her anal passageway.

Madusa was in awe at what was happening; she was watching this young man
who she thought was an innocent slide his way deeper and deeper into her
friend and sometimes lover. She listened to her friend scream louder and
louder, her eyes welling up with tears of pain and maybe a small amount of
pleasure from being taken so after starting the initial assault. Madusa felt
sorry for Vickie on one level of her mind, but the dark side of her made her
aroused and forced her to squeeze her breasts.

Vickie had no idea what to do, it seemed that the louder she screamed that
James would thrust into her harder and harder and harder. She didn't
understand how this could happen, but just as she thought she would hate this
man for the rest of her life. Something unusual happened within side her.
Part of her loved what was happening, part of her wanted James to thrust
harder and pound her relentlessly. Soon she had changed her tone, her screams
of pain become moans of ecstasy as she relaxed her ass muscles and allowed
this man to do what her body now hungered for. She wanted to be fucked up her
ass, to be used like an easy slut who she saw in the porn videos and cum
mags. James had unlocked a wilder streak that she never knew she had, a part
of her now screamed to feel the delicious pain and maybe someday even enter
into the world of porn just to have the forbidden pleasure of some man she
hardly knows pumping deep inside of her body.

James felt a change; he knew that his lesson that he shouldn't be played
was lost on both of these hot ladies. He watched Madusa slide her hands over
and around her tits, massaging them and enjoying the site of him powering his
way into her co-conspirator that had tricked him into their bed. Soon the
painful cries of Vickie changed, she began to do something he had not really

"Harder, yes! Oh god, fuck my sweet ass you bastard. Take me, I'm your cum
toy. Just please don't stop fuccckking meeee," screamed Vickie in the throes
of pleasure. "Yes (ughhh) please give it (ummm) to me you fucking asshole,
fuck my ass you sick fucker!"

"Uhhh goooodddddd, I'm cumming," yelled Vickie with an almost girly scream
that almost made James blast deep inside her tight ass. "Ughhhh, YESSS!!!"

Her body spasmed, Vickie had received the greatness shock she had ever
experienced, she had cum while a man fucked her in the ass. As she felt him
begin to withdraw, she begged and pleaded for him to stay and continue to let
her feel the forbidden, to let her feel the intense heat of his dick inside
of her. But as she lifted her sweat soaked face and saw her older, sometimes
bolder friend rubbing her cunt with her right hand and breast with her left
she knew that her time was up. She would now have to watch on as a spectator
as her experienced lover took the same pounding that she had taken.

James had hated to pull himself from Vickie, but her needed to have Madusa
one more time and to take her forbidden entrance just as he had taken Vickie.
In his wildest dreams, he never believed that a day would come where he was
sitting with two women who could be mother and daughter but weren't related
yet lovers who had seduced and used him as a human dildo. The anger he had
felt before when he had inserted himself into Vickie's ass was gone; he
realized that he shouldn't care. He had just fucked one of the best Asses in
wrestling and now he was going to do the same thing to a fantasy of man male
fans from the WWF days of Women's champion Madusa.

James walked in front of Madusa and kissed her roughly on the lips,
sliding his tongue into her mouth where she willingly sucked on it. "Get on
your knees Maddy," James whispered in her ear before gently kissing her neck
and cupping her right breast.

She didn't speak, just rolled onto her knees and separated her legs for
some balance. James looked at her ass, not the best but in excellent
condition for a woman her age. To think he had believed that she was a single
who couldn't get laid, how načve had he been when this trip started.

"Wait!" James looked over his shoulder to see the sexual sweet Vickie
crawl next to him and look at his bobbing dick. She then did something he
never thought he'd see, Vickie slide his cock into her mouth and sucked on
it. She sucked with great force, rapidly sliding her wet mouth up and down
like a piston. James was about to grab her head and forget about Madusa when
Vickie quickly pulled her head away and left his hard tool in the cold
air-conditioned air.

"Just getting it lubed up, we can't have the people on this floor he two
loud blood curdling screams," said Vickie with that stunning smirk that had
been part of her rise to stardom (the breasts were the main reason). "People
may get suspicious and think your killing us in this room."

Vickie lifted her finger and licked it; she used the moist finger to
circle the asshole of Madusa to the point of tickling her pleasure sensors.
Vickie quit with the rubbing and sank the finger in, gently sliding it in and
out in preparation for the meat that she knew would be pounded that ass.

James put the head of his cock at her asshole and slowly began to inch his
way into Madusa's asshole, he knew this would be short fuck but he hoped it
would be unforgettable for her as well as him. Madusa gritted her teeth, the
pain making her want to scream out but also moan and beg him to shove his
dick inside her. Madusa quickly made the choice, she wanted it all in her ass
and she wanted it all in her ass right now.

"Quit stalling you shit, slam that meat in and fuck me," screamed Maddy
over her shoulder. "Come on you chickenshit! You scared that my tight ass
might break your little toy off?"

James didn't hold back any longer, he reared back and gave Madusa the
brutal shove she had begged for. Madusa moaned and screamed in the orgasmic
pain that had overtaken her body, mind and soul. The delicious feeling of no
control, no power, just good ole fashion hard fucking that she loved so much.

"Oh fuck, yeah (unhnn) harder baby, give me your (ughhh) hard dick (umm),"
moaned Madusa as the pleasure continued to blast her senses. "Fuck my ass
honey, give it to me."

"Oh damn yes, oh fuck me you bastard, faster please faster," urged Madusa.
"Pound it, pound my ass you little boy, fuck me like I know you wanted to
when you were young."

Madusa knew the fantasies, she had helped quite a few young men experience
having their way with her over the years with an increasing number
approaching her after she came back to WCW. She never went a night with a
hard dick pounding her pussy, but tonight was the night that she allowed a
youth to experience fucking her up the ass and she loved every minute of it.

George lay off to the side watching, just waiting for the moment that
James stopped the forceful thrust into Maddy's ass that had hypnotized her.
His smooth cock sliding in and out, the deep throated moans of her accomplice
as she took the steel-like rod in her ass. Vickie just watched, unable to
peel her eyes away from the constant forward and back motion that had sent
Madusa into frenzy.

Madusa was becoming lost in the pleasure, her screams and moans didn't
seem audible to her anymore. The only thing she could hear was the slapping
sound of James athletic thigh slamming powerfully into her strong hips and
tight ass. She knew she was still begging and pleading for him to increase
the pace but the only sound she heard was the slapping sound that she would
forever associate with absolute bliss.

James was going as fast as he could, the pace almost frantic as he tried
harder and harder to please the demand for a quicker pace. He knew he was
drawing close, the feeling of her ass added onto the dirty words that seemed
to be flowing from her mouth. He knew that in a few more strokes that he
would cover these beauties with his steaming cum as they had planned all
along. Just the thoughts set him off, he called to the ladies that it was
time and pulled his dick from Madusa's ass.

Vickie quickly crawled next to Madusa and kissed her friend as both
wrapped a hand around the wet shaft and pumped. The two looked at him as his
moans grew quicker, it was time and they were going to get the juice they had
wanted to pull from him the whole time as a duo.

James threw back his head as the gusher of his cum blasted from the tip,
coating the faces and huge breasts of both with a hot, pearly foam. His shot
lasted for almost 15 seconds; the build-up had equaled the amount with the
perfect satisfaction of spraying both of these women with his cream. He
refocused his eyes in time to watch the two share a deep kiss and press there
cum soaked upper bodies to each other. The site capped off a night that went
from betrayal to pure animal lust for two hot babes.

An hour later, the three of them fell asleep in each others arms on top of
the hotel bed with the ladies covered with his dried cum as exhaustion had
kept any of them from showering. Even with the two lovelies pressed to either
side of him, he couldn't help but wonder about what this would do to him both
mentally and physically.

James peeled himself from between the two women and glanced at the side
alarm clock that now read 2 am, part of him wanted to just collapse back
between them but a familiar thought of the betrayal from earlier by Mona had
equaled to this on some plain. While these two women had betrayed his trust
for a fuck, Mona had betrayed his heart for a final good-bye. The pain he
thought was gone was coming back, and a side he hoped won't surface for good
was back. They had pulled him from the position that fucking Torrie had put
him in only to slam his sanity back in his face and throw him back to the
depraved world of only searching for sex.

For the first time in his life James was confused, and it was a confusion
that could only be settled one way. He had to get away from WCW and do it



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