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those involved.

The following story contains strong sexual content and should not be read by
anyone under the age of 18 years. The series was created by smackdown. All
names are property of WCW and not my own. This is 100% fiction, odds are
these ladies aren't like this and you should remember that. I don't know them
nor do I pretend to. Don't sue me, I'm poor.

Sexual Adventures Of A Professional Wrestler
by Smackdown (

Part 8a: "Freaking Out"

"This damn company makes no sense," said James to himself as he flipped
through the newest edition of WCW Magazine. This was another genius plan of
whoever was in charge this week in WCW, James had gotten sick and tired of
keeping track of whom his boss was. He was having a hard enough time
remembering who he had slept with in the past three weeks let alone who was
sending him on these stupid assignments week in and week out.

Other WCW superstars were given an actual month off when healing an
injury, hell some even got about five months off for a sprained ankle. But
not James Kilred. No, James was forced into every stupid autograph session,
fan appreciation day and press junket that WCW could think of. Usually it
was a nice thing since he seemed to always be touring with a hot woman and
sleeping with her before the trip was up.

Even though he had been fucking some of the hottest woman in WCW over
the last few weeks, including a hot little Nitro girl who only wanted to be
called Naughty-A as they fucked in her hotel bathroom, James was missing
wrestling. For one thing, he really needed the money and another was the WWF
didn't want to have to reintroduce his character if he decided to "jump

James hadn't told Jim Ross, but his mind was already made up about
leaving WCW. James was getting off this train while it was stopped at the
station looking for a new conductor. WCW had some perks and all of them had
nice sized breasts and perfect bodies. But that didn't matter; hell he could
sleep with any woman he wanted once he jumped to number one. Part of him did
feel bad about treating the WCW fans like trash and just leaving when they
had grown to love him, but how long would their love last if he was
eliminated from all storylines as WCW had a tendency to do. What was a man
to do but leave and salvage what was left before he ended up on some 20/20
special about the horrific world of pro wrestling. Or worse, getting pinned
by Koko B. Ware in front of 100 people at some high school in Butte, Montana.

So what genius idea does the WCW musical chair committee think of for
one of their youngest stars and the man every wrestling website felt could
revive the quickly dying WCW? Why, an interview for WCW magazine about his
life before wrestling and how the perils of the sport have changed his life.
Great, James wondered if they wanted him to leave out the part about fucking
more than half the WCW female locker room in the few months he had been with

"Mr. Kilred." James attention was drawn up from the magazine he was
reading and stared into the face of the young temp working the desk for this
dog and pony show. "Mr. Hensen will see you now, he's in room 416 which will
be the studio area on your left." James gave her a smile as he started on his
way, a flash in his mind wondered what she was like in bed, but she was only
18 at best from the looks of her and the young girl was already going to have
a hard enough time holding her job without being pressured into a situation
with someone like him.

James proceeded down the hall, wondering just how many crappy questions
this asshole was going to throw at him and whether or not he wanted honest
answers or WCW fluff. James finally located the door to 416, the door said a
photo session was in progress but the young girl said go and far be it for
James to disobey the gods of WCW magazine. James was really glad he had not
waited outside the room when he opened the door and walked inside.

Sometimes things make you react in a non-verbal manner, but the non-verbal
manner turns into the loudest voice you will ever hear or in most cases feel.
This time it was the harsh feel of quickly tightening pants as James saw a
sight that could feed the dreams of any man on the planet, three extremely
hot women hugging each other close dressed only in little Christmas colored
negligee. `Some kids are going to have a Merry Christmas when they open the
mailbox to the sight in front of him,' James thought to himself.

"Ok ladies I'm spent, you can all get dressed and I will see you tomorrow
for the interviews," said a man with graying hair while handing a camera to
the older woman next to him. "Oh, Mr. Kilred, I'll be with you in a few
minutes." James wasn't a Tupac fan, but when the three beauties all looked at
him he knew the feeling of `All eyes on me' and he was glad he wasn't wearing
tight fitting shorts.

"Oh my god, why I haven't seen you in two months and some part of me
is really glad about that," said Torrie Wilson, her tanned body looking
unbelievable in a red and white teddy. Then again, her body looked even
better without the teddy bent over a barstool while he fucked her from
behind. The memories of that glorious night flooded back into his head, he
just wished Torrie didn't tell him that she could never allow him to fuck
her again since she really needed to be able to walk in the mornings. James
still wished that part of her wanted him just one more time cause he'd be
more than happy to oblige lovely wetness for hours.

"My Torrie, you're looking as hot as ever I see," said James with a slight
smirk still remembering that night." I'd invite you over for drinks but I
don't think you'd be able to ride...over in my truck from here." Torrie's
eyes widened at the remarks James was making in front of the other two girls,
apparently the new girls weren't part of the Spice gossip circle before she
was released from WCW. But what was the point of allowing Torrie to have a
secret if you couldn't rub it in her face from time to time.

"Who's your friend Torrie?" Before proper introductions to the black
haired honey on Torrie's right, James couldn't believe this woman was in WCW.
Something about her face seemed familiar, but the body her head was on was
too perfect to be 100% natural. Then again, being natural was too rare a
trait in WCW for James to care anymore.

"Oh, James Kilred I'd like for you to meet Midajah, she's working in WCW
as Scott's personal freak," said Torrie as James took the hand of the dark
haired vixen and gave it a kiss.

"Jeez Torrie, this boy is making me feel like I'm a queen or something and
I kind of like it." Her smile was intoxicating; it oozed a sexuality that
could make a man with less control feel almost intimidated into her bed. For
James, he wouldn't need intimidation, just for her to ask and that would be
more than enough for him.

"And this is Stacy Kiebler, although she's better known right now as Miss
Hancock," said Torrie with a giggle towards the long legged blonde on her
left. James gave Stacy the same treatment, kissing her hand and giving her a
polite how do you do.

Midajah and Stacy were almost like night and day. While Midajah had an
intimidating beauty about her with a fantastic set of breasts, Stacy had an
almost sweet innocent girl next-door look with an amazing set of long, tanned
legs. If you divided this girl in half, you'd probably still have another
10% that would be legs. She looked to have medium sized breasts that looked
well set under her tight teddy, but it was plain to see that her breasts
wouldn't need enlarging as long as she had those long limbs holding her

"So ladies, what brings you to this place," said James with an almost
immediate regret. He felt like he had just screamed out, "Hey girls, lets all
go back to my hotel room and fuck all night." He was almost certain Torrie
would decline had he said that, but part of him had the feeling that Midajah
would have suggested they skip the hotel and just start in the studio. And
judging by that smile, he had a feeling she was already thinking what he was
thinking. If she asked, he'd obey.

"Well James, we are here doing a holiday shoot for the magazine in our
little skimpy outfits so people can feel really happy on Christmas," said

"In other words, WCW knew us in these outfits would get all the men to
buy so they could jerk off looking at us," said Midajah, confirming that she
wasn't a shy girl at all.

"Midajah!" whispered Stacy to her friend, confirming and magnifying her
innocent look to nuclear proportions.

"I see, well I'll be honest and say I think they are on the right track
with this one," said James with the feeling that someone in WCW had finally
thought of a way to make big money. Course knowing them they won't advertise
thus ending any chance of the huge payday that the magazine would bring.

"Anyway James, we were going out for drinks tonight and since me and you
haven't talked I thought maybe, if it's ok with the rest of you," said
Torrie, looking over and getting a yes nod from Midajah and a blush from
Stacy. "Maybe you would like to join us later tonight at around 7:30 at the
Mixing Lot downtown."

"Sure, I'd love to go with you three," said James with a smirk of his own
like a kid being asked if they wanted a free puppy.

"And who knows, you might just get lucky once the night is over."


"Oh be quiet Stacy, like you two aren't thinking the same thing."


"James, we better go before Midajah jumps you right here in the studio,"
said Torrie grabbing her friend and pulling her towards the dressing room.
"We'll see you later tonight, meet us in the VIP zone upstairs."

"And if you're bad enough, I'll be seeing you much later."

"Midajah, would you please stop that."

"Lighten up Stacy, god what are you a nun or something?"

The three ladies disappeared behind a door most likely leading to the
dressing room and James began to wonder if maybe he was in way too much over
his head with the three of them. Hell, he'd probably feel in over his head
just with Midajah but add on Torrie and Stacy and it was just too much. Like
a fantasy overload, James couldn't help thinking about all the things he
could do to them and wondering about all the things they could do to him.
`Settle down James,' he thought to himself. `Its just drinks at a crowded
bar, you're just letting your mind run away from you.' But with the images
that his brain was producing, he was starting to wish it would just keep on
running full force so at least he'd have a fantasy or thirty that would last
a lifetime.

"Mr. Kilred, I'm ready for our interview now," said the gray haired man,
waving James towards an office in the back. Now James just hoped that some
of his thoughts didn't come out in the interview or he could have some big
trouble in little Atlanta.

--------------------------------Time Passes--------------------------------

James pulled into the parking lot of the Mixing Lot at around 7:25, what
was the point of arriving early to scope out the women inside when your
meeting three that some men would kill for. The Mixing Lot was very popular
in Atlanta, supposedly the best drinks in the entire South and the hardest
tequila in the United States outside of Texas. Course, the men loved the
place for the hot women who always seemed to be at the bar on a weekend night
while the women, well James didn't know why the women came but who would

James didn't have a problem getting in, seemed the bouncer immediately
recognized his cousin Earl from Tupelo. If it got him into the
club quicker James would have allowed himself to be mistaken for Jeff
Foxworthy, he was sure that the bouncer would let the ladies in since it
seemed they were more recognizable than the poor wrestler who hadn't seen TV
action in a few months. Stupid shoulder.

James entered the club/bar and was just plain out shocked. This place was
packed full of people, you wouldn't find this kind of turn out at the Playboy
Mansion on Slumber Party night. Now came the difficult part, finding the
ladies in this mass of human insanity before he was trampled to the ground,
or worse even before he was recognized. So, how would one find the VIP zone?
`Will you walk, or rather shuffle, until you are able to find stairs leading
up and hope that cousin Earl is on the VIP list for this joint,' James
thought to himself.

James made his way to the bar; maybe the bartender would have an idea just
where the hell the VIP lounge was. "Excuse me," said James, trying to get the
attention of the female working behind the bar serving out drinks.

"Yeah, what you want."

"Can you tell me where the VIP lounge is?"

"Drink first, question second."

'Christ, another one of THESE type of bartender,' thought James, already
knowing that humiliation waited for having to say what he had to order.

"Give me a Pepsi."

"A Pepsi, you want a Pepsi," she said with the look James recognized from
up north when he encountered this same kind of bartender. Then he saw her
reach under the bar and pull up a bullhorn.

"Attention everyone near the bar," she screamed into the horn. James
didn't have time for this shit.

"Look lady," James reached up and pulled the horn away from her mouth. "I
already dealt with type of bullshit in New York, and if you think I'm going
to let another fucking person do that to me again you got another thing

"I'm on meds, that means no liquor of any kind," he said looking right
into her face. "Just give me the Pepsi and please just point me towards the
VIP area."

She didn't look happy, fact of the matter was if she were a man he'd
already be in a fight over touching the stupid horn. But happy or not, she
tossed James a glass with Pepsi for around $5 dollars and pointed towards an
open elevator with a man standing in front of it. James took his drink and
headed towards the elevator, only to be stopped by a big black man wearing
dark sunglasses.

"You suppose to be up their little man."

'Little man, bitch I'd kick your ass if I wasn't such a nice guy,'
THOUGHT James, using judgment not to say the line for fear of possible riot
or imprisonment.

"Yeah, I'm meeting some people up there."


"James Kilred."

The man just looked down at his list then glanced up and moved to the
side to give James entrance to the elevator.


James made his way up in the button less elevator, still wondering how he
was going to find the ladies in the more than likely heavily crowded VIP
area. But when the doors opened, the answer to his question was very quickly

There were about 10 people in the lounge area, which basically was a
balcony above the dance floor and bar below.

"James, over here."

And standing at the bar, the three most beautiful women a man could ever
ask to see; Torrie Wilson, Stacy Kiebler and the woman he only knew as
Midajah. And they were dressed to kill.

Stacy had doubled the innocent look but added an amazing amount of sex
appeal. She was wearing a little black mini-skirt that showed off her legs
and a white blouse. The blouse was tied up, exposing her belly and making an
already extremely hot young lady even hotter.

Midajah was going with a little bit of a different approach, wearing a
pair of ultra tight leather pants and a see through blouse that had the top
two buttons unbuttoned. She was wearing a red silk bra that her breasts
seemed to raise out of the top of without the nipples quite making it all the
way out.

Torrie was looking lovely as ever, wearing a gold bra top that pushed her
breast together and a white leather mini-skirt that drew attention to her
dark tanned legs and smooth thighs.

"Glad you finally got here, I was beginning to think you chickened out on
us," said Torrie with that little smirk smile that was still sexy as hell
even though he knew personally that it was sexier wrapped around his organ

"I'm only five minutes late Torrie, are you really in need of my company
that much," said James, giving her a hug while his right hand felt the
smoothness of her thigh.

"Down boy, you know the rule about that," whispered Torrie into his ear
while lightly pushing his hand off her thigh.

"Sorry Torrie, just hoping you forgot," whispered James back to her.

"Yeah you wish I forgot," said Torrie loud enough that the other two could
hear her.

"Forget what Torrie," asked Stacy, clearing showing her curious nature.

"Nothing Stacy, just me and James talking about old times," said Torrie
while still looking at James.

"Probably talking about the time they fucked each other," said Midajah as
she scanned the floor level of the Lot from above.

James focused his eyes on Torrie, the look of shock in her eyes confirmed
that Midajah was just guessing, either that or someone else in WCW knew her
bad little secret.

"Midajah, what made you say that," asked Torrie as she turned to look at
her friend.

"Just guessing, something tells me your too comfortable around him to not
have had a taste," said Midajah finally looking at her friend. "Besides, in
the dressing room you seemed too sure on your guess about his sexual

'Yep, in way over my head here,' thought James.

"Well Midajah, why guess when you can just ask me about it," said James
towards Midajah.

"Ok, James how good are you in the sack?"

"Sorry baby, I'm not like a car dealer," said James. "I don't give
information about the ride."

"Hmmm, do you give out test drives?"

"Midajah, please stop that."

"Midajah, your embarrassing Stacy with your question so just cut it."

"Fine Torrie," said Midajah as she walked next to James. "I'll be
expecting to know your answer a little later on baby," whispered Midajah to
James before giving him a smack on the rear that was audible.

'Holy shit, she really wants to fuck me!' thought James.

"Why don't we seat down at a table up here?"

The trio headed towards a table, Midajah had headed to the elevator and
down to the floor level. Something told James that a young man downstairs was
about to get the wildest dance of his life.

"Listen you two, I'm going to go get some drinks over at the bar so why
don't you two get to know each other," said Torrie as she headed back over to
the bar.

"So Stacy, how long have you been in WCW?"

"Not too long, I started out as a Nitro Girl but that didn't last so they
are putting me in some angles."

"Really, any I should know about?"

"Umm, they are going to have me be a member of Standards and Practices and
just walk out with a clipboard during matches. I'll be wearing my hair up
with a business jacket and skirt, oh yeah and a pair of eyeglasses."

"Hmm, sounds intriguing."

"Yeah, I guess so."

The girl was shy, James found it hard to believe that a girl this good
looking could be this shy. She would always look up at James, flash a smile
and when he smiled back she would blush. It was like he was talking to a
young teenager that had a crush on him. Every time she did it, James wanted
to check on her age to make sure she was really above the age of 18.

Torrie finally returned with the drinks and the three of them chatted for
a good hour before Midajah came back up and plopped down in the seat beside
James at the table. After about half an hour of the four of them talking it
up, Stacy and Torrie announced they were going to do some dancing downstairs.
James didn't feel like dancing to the pop selections they were currently
playing, but he nearly changed his mind when Midajah said she was danced out
and wanted to sit for a while.

`No, don't leave me behind, help,' thought James. Even though the chance
to be alone with Midajah was very appealing, it was also kind of frightening.
It was just something about her.

"So James, do you have an answer."

"To what?"

"You know, can a sweet little girl like me get a test drive?"

"Midajah, you're far from sweet and you're definitely not a little girl
anymore in any places."

"One part of me is still like a little girl, but if you don't think I'm
sweet I guess you think I'm naughty."

"Well after hearing comments like the little girl thing, I'd say you're
also past naughty."

"Maybe I just need a spanking."

"Umm, as tempting as that sounds I need to use the restroom."

"You know they have laws about beating off in public."

"I'm not even going to reply to that, I'll just say I'll be back."

"I know you will, they always come back."

James got up and headed to the bathroom, thank goodness for the privacy
of the VIP lounge bathrooms. James headed to the sink and splashed some cold
water in his face. "Ok James, just calm down, she's just messing with you."

"What makes you say that?"

James spun around and should have been shocked by what he saw, but he
wasn't. Midajah was leaning back against the door, her breasts pushing
towards the sky as she had her pelvis thrust out.

"Midajah, you do know this is the men's room?"

"Yeah I know," said Midajah as James heard a clicking sound from behind
her that could only be interpreted as the door being locked. James suddenly
felt like a mouse cornered by a cat only this wasn't a cat but something more
dangerous. This woman was far more dangerous.

"So, what's up," said James as Midajah inched closer to him.

"Oh I don't know," said Midajah. Suddenly her hand darted down and grabbed
James by the crotch as she said, "I think I've found something that's up."

James was having trouble breathing as Midajah began to massage his penis
through his pants, her hand roaming up and down the outside of his pants
before squeezing his balls and forcing a exhale of air. Her other hand came
up behind his head after another exhale, she pulled his lips to hers and
began to kiss him. It was pure lust, savage as it felt like she was trying to
completely suck him into her body.

James was losing air; her right hand was still massaging and pulling his
dick while she brutally kissed his lips. James arms hadn't moved, he was
afraid to get involved in the actions she was taking.

"I want you James, I want you deep inside of me right here and right now,"
said Midajah after breaking the kiss. She began tugging at his belt, trying
to quickly force his pants down to his knees and get to his tool.

"We can't, not here."

"Why not, the bartender won't be bothering us."


"I got him a young blonde bimbo, she's behind the counter sucking his
dick as we speak."

"Still we," before James could finish his sentence, Midajah pulled down
his jeans and shorts and tugged extremely hard on his cock and balls.


"You liked that didn't you, I felt the surge run through you when I did
it. You want to fuck me right here and right now don't you? Don't you!"

James couldn't speak; his voice was leaving his body as she rubbed her
hand hard up and down his shaft. Just as he felt a peak, Midajah would
brutally pull on his balls and kill the feeling of wanting to cum and
replacing it with a dark feeling. James finally submitted, shaking his head
yes in admittance that he wanted to fuck her.

"Say it, say it or I'll walk away right now and you'll NEVER get this

"Yes, damn it I want to fuck you."

"I know you do baby, but there's a condition."

"What, I'll do it."

"I want you to help me help someone fulfill a dark fantasy."

"What are you talking about," said James, grunting between words as
Midajah continued her torture on his dick.

"Your going to help me fulfill the dark fantasy for little miss innocent,
your going to help me fuck Stacy and your going to do it tonight."

"I can't, she'll never."

"She'll go for it, I told her I'd help her fulfill that fantasy with
someone and your it."

"What...what do I have to do?"

"Simple honey, tonight you and I are going to fuck little Stacy. You and
I are going to use all her holes all night long and she'll love every second
of it. But there are conditions."

"Jesus anything, just let me fuck you right now!"

"First the conditions, the first condition is you never tell anyone ever
about what happens. Second, we don't tell Stacy that it's happening tonight."

"Wait a minute, I'm not raping anyone just so I fuck you."

"Easy young man, Stacy told me that part of the fantasy is she doesn't
know it's happening it just does. She gave me a safety word so if she doesn't
like what happens then we stop and the fantasy ends."

"I don't get it, [grunt] what the hell [urghh] is this fantasy."

"You ever heard of a mock rape James?"


"Well, Stacy's dark fantasy is a man and a woman take her one night
against her will and sweep away her innocents."

"How do I know I can trust you on this Midajah?"

"Because, would I also risk prison just to fuck a woman? I'm fucking her
too you know."

"Yeah, but I'm the one penetrating her."

"So am I, my purse has a strap on in it just for tonight."

"You knew I'd do it?"

"Honey, I'd knew if I got you alone for ten seconds you'd do anything to
get me."

"Alright I'll do it, but I've got a ground rule."

"Hmm, the follower has a rule for the leader. Alright what?"

"Nothing touches my other hole."

"Is that all?"


"Ok, I'll deal with you. I'll only fuck Stacy's ass but I'll leave your
ass out of bounds."

"Fine, so what time and what's the word."

"No more talk, all this has me hornier than ever. I need to fuck."

Midajah released James dick and unzipped her pants, quickly pulling the
tight leather down her tanned legs and sliding down her panties.

"Fuck me James, fuck me against the wall right now."

James quickly kissed Midajah hard, wrapping his arms around her back and
spinning her so her back and his arms smashed into the bathroom wall. James
didn't waste time; he grabbed his rock hard dick and quickly shoved deep
into Midajah's pussy.

"Ooohh fuck, yess come on and fuck me."

James rocked his hips back and forth, slamming Midajah harder and faster
against the wall as the smoldering heat of her tight pussy made his cock
feel as though it was set ablaze with fire. The tempo was rough, the loud
smacking of Midajah's ass against the wall as their flesh collided mixed with
the uncontrollable moans of Midajah as they fucked. It was the fuck he wanted
to give her, a brutal pounding that made the fuck he gave tease Torrie seem
like a love making session. All the lust, the intimidation, and the sexual
energy she had was being pulled into his body. It was a fuel that made him
press harder and deeper, faster and faster until the pace was beyond his or
her control.

The animal part of James had taken over and nothing would stop him until
this woman was full of his seed. Nothing except for the words that came from
her mouth in quick gasps, words that made him want to stop.

"Fuck my mouth (urghh) James, stick that (ahh) big cock in my slut mouth

James didn't slow the pace; he wanted to feel the thrill of the
temperature change and to make her pussy pulse as it felt a sudden emptiness.
Midajah moaned very loud as his cock ripped free of the tight squeezing grip
her cunt had had on it, the cold air racing across his burning cock made
James exclaim as the thrill was painful and pleasure at the same time.

Midajah didn't let his dick stay cold for long as she quickly dropped to
her knees on the cold tile floor and jammed his dick into her mouth. The
sensation of her mouth was incredible, the rapid sucking combined with a hard
death grip her right hand had as it pumped the part of his shaft that wasn't
sliding in her mouth.

Midajah pulled his dick free with a pop, the cold air once again a spine
tingling torture.

"I said fuck my mouth James, just grab onto my head and jam your dick into
my mouth. Fuck my mouth like you were fucking my pussy you bastard, do it

James did just that, wrapping his hands in her long black hair and shoving
his rod into her moaning mouth. This was something entirely new, actually
fucking the face of a woman. Her hands were to her side as James glanced down
at the spectacle before him; his cock was literally forcing its way deeper
into her mouth. Then James felt something unbelievable, his dick was sliding
into her throat! He heard her gagging and began to pull back some but Midajah
would have none of it, digging her nails into his ass and forcing his dick
deeper into her throat.

The woman was a cum-hungry slut, she wanted to feel abused and used by
James. He grabbed her hair tighter as her nails dug deeper, James did as her
nails instructed and quickened the rapid slams into her face. The tight
feeling of her cunt was nothing compared to the tight feeling of her throat.
Her throat muscles seemed to flex as though she was gasping for breath but
her body was refusing to allow her any relief. Every time James thought about
backing off and giving her breathing time, her nails sliced his flesh and
shoved him forward back into her throat.

It was all too much, James couldn't hold back anymore.

"Fuck, I'm cumming...oh fuck I'm cumming."

James tried to pull out but she wouldn't allow it, she wanted his seed
blasted down her throat into her belly. James couldn't hold anymore, his eyes
rolled back as his penis fired his thick seed deeply into the throat of
Midajah. Her nails quickly released his ass as he fired; James knew this was
the sign to pull out of her mouth. He did as he thought he was supposed to
do, pulling his dick from deep in her throat and collapsing on the floor next
to her.

Midajah immediately began coughing wildly as his dick came free, she was
gasping for air and trying to swallow the rich cum that was coating her
throat. She quickly stood up and rushed the sink, turning on the water and
taking quick drinks to wash down the seed blocking her airway.

After drinking the water, Midajah slid down the wall and sat next to James
on the cold floor. Both were desperately trying to catch their breath,
Midajah still coughing and gasping in small intervals.

"You (huuuu) alright (huuu) Midajah," asked James, completely out of
breath and energy.

"Yeah (cough) I'm just fine (cough). That was a good warm-up fuck."

"Warm up?"

"You didn't forget about tonight did you?"

"No, but how will you get rid of Torrie?"

"Don't worry, I'll handle that one."

James breathed hard and laid his head against the wall, using the back of
his right arm to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

"Your not tired are you?"

"No, I'll be fine."

"Good, cause you got five hours until we give Stacy her fantasy fuck."

James exhaled, only five more hours and he'd have to be at it again only
with a young girl who didn't know what was coming with a woman that was a
sex machine.

"You better get dressed, I'm sure Torrie and Stacy will be done dancing
by now. You better go lead them away so I can get dressed, unless you want
to explain what just happen between us to them."

`Great, I've just blown all my energy fucking and now I've got to get
Torrie and Stacy to go dance,' thought James as he stood up and pulled up
his pants.

"Give me three minutes."


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