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WARNING: The following story contains strong sexual content and should not
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WARNING TWO: This is the most extreme story I have ever and will ever write.
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you are willing. If they do, stop reading and just let it go. If you want
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then just read the last paragraphs after the sexual encounter. This chapter
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Sexual Adventures Of A Professional Wrestler
by Smackdown (

Part 8b: "Freaking Out"

James was walking out to his car in the parking lot of the Mixing Lot.
Midajah was a crafty woman, crafty and from what he could tell with a very
dark side to her. First she basically teases the hell out of him and then
James learns it wasn't a tease but a sick plan. A sick plan he had agreed to
just to have sex with her. And now he found himself walking to his car and
preparing to drive to his hotel room for a continuation of the night with
these three women. Well, two women.

Midajah had a plan to get rid of Torrie for the night; the plan was to get
her a man so she could get laid. The man turned out to be Billy Kidman, a
fellow wrestler at WCW who had been working cruiserweights when James had
found himself on the DL. Turns out, according to Midajah, Billy very much
wanted to be an item of Ms. Wilson but sadly didn't have the courage to ask
her. It was kind of odd since Billy seemed like the kind of kid who didn't
have courage problems when James met him months ago before Road Wild. How
could a cocky, arrogant kid with dreams of being number one in WCW be unable
to ask out Torrie?

Midajah had set up a plan with Billy earlier in the day. Her plan; Billy
would arrive at the Mixing Lot by way of a friend who would then leave him at
the club forcing Billy to find another way home. Midajah knew Torrie had a
soft spot for Billy and was just looking for a chance to be alone with him,
in a non-sexual situation. What could be more innocent than the young man
needing a ride home but showing he's too shy to ask the lovely Torrie if he
could hitch a ride?

Torrie, in an action that didn't surprise her cunning friend, offered to
give Billy a ride back since they were all staying in the same hotel as long
as James didn't mind dropping Midajah and Stacy off when they were done
painting the town. James wondered in the back of his mind what part of him
Midajah would have ripped off first had he said no to Torrie.

Midajah had everything worked out; she knew James wasn't staying at the
same hotel as the workers since he was still inactive. The woman was like a
sexy James Bond only her interest was shoving a strap-on dildo into her sweet
friend Stacy while James helped drive the innocence out of little Keibler.
James mind swirled as the three of them walked towards his truck, how could
he even conceive going through with this? Then again, how could he not?

Part of him knew that if this is what Stacy wanted to happen and with two
people she trusted, maybe the reasoning was sensible. Midajah had said Stacy
wanted the "innocence driven away." Maybe Stacy needed something slutty to
happen before she could crack her shyness shell and goodness knew she was too
shy to consent to a three-way no matter how much she trusted the two she was
with. It was her way to break free, let loose, and open a new chapter in her

Or maybe James was just justifying the fact that Midajah had blackmailed
him into a situation that still seemed overly wrong. Midajah knew she could
convince Stacy to go along, besides Stacy was a friend of Torrie and knew
that Torrie really wanted a long-term relationship with Billy. James had to
chuckle to himself, thinking the words `long-term' and Torrie in the same
sentenced just didn't seem possible. Then again, Torrie did find out that not
every man she teases was in her control. The all night event with James might
have changed her views on her wild lifestyle.

James reached his door and took a deep breath. `This is it James,' he
thought to himself. `You get in the truck, you're going to be put in a
strange situation.'


A yell broke James from his train of thought.

"We leaving or what, I don't got all night to stand here while you do
whatever the hell you're doing over there."

James unlocked his door and climbed inside, he broke the line and was
going along with this. He unlocked the passenger side door and watched
Midajah push Stacy in next to him.

"Midajah, I'm," Stacy didn't get to finish her statement as Midajah pushed
her in right next to James. James hadn't noticed before but she smelled
really good. He looked at her shy face again, he couldn't do this, and it was
too cruel to put her through what Midajah wanted him to do.

But another part relayed James another message, this girl was too shy to
even survive a month as a sexual object for the millions of WCW fans. She may
have had the look, but the sweetness was in her body and he had a good idea
WCW wanted a girl next-door type that makes you want to fuck.

She had that, but she also had that look that made you believe with enough
sweet talk that she'd cave in with fear and let you use her. That wasn't
good, someone in WCW who wasn't her friend would use that and she may not
want that to happen. She had trusted Midajah with her fantasy; she wanted
Midajah to be there when it happened. A trusting figure for her to know that
it could all be stopped at a moment notice. She knew what kind of person
Midajah was, it was almost like she knew what would happen if she started a
major angle in WCW still stuck in her deep shell.

She had to know, she had to have heard the stories of girls used and then
tossed like trash. Her look would carry her far, but she needed an attitude
that would make sure no one could use her like the other girls. He decided as
her sweet body was pushed against him that even though he hated to do it, he
had to do it.

"Don't worry Stacy, he won't bite you," said Midajah as she climbed in
next to her friend. "Now me, he may bite me."

"James, I'm sorry about Midajah," said Stacy in a near whispered, a mix of
embarrassment and that shyness that could get her crushed.

"Don't worry Stacy, you don't have to apologize for her."


"Hey, stop with the chatter and lets get rolling!"

James fired up his pick-up truck, he had no idea how Midajah was going to
convince Stacy that headed back to James' hotel room would be a good cap on
the evening but he knew she had a plan. Since he was in it and since he had
no idea where to go anyway, he set the ball in her court and prepared to play
her game.

"So ladies, where to?"

"I don't know, I mean this was all Midajah's idea."

"Lets go back to your place James, you got to have a hotel room with booze

"Umm yeah, there's alcohol there but is it alright with Stacy."

James didn't even know why he asked, this girl was like a quarterback for
the Redskins; she'd fold under the pressure. The pressure wasn't a defense,
it was much worse; it was Midajah.

"C'mon Stacy, we can just watch a movie and chill out with James."

"I don't know, I guess it will be ok as long as we won't be disturbing you

"Me, nah I'll be fine. I won't get much sleep tonight anyway."

"Then it's settled. Driver, take us to your hotel and step on it."

James put the car in gear and they were on their way. If Stacy had a clue
what was about to happen, she didn't show it. She still looked sweet and
innocent, a look she may have for a long time. But James had to wonder, how
would she be around people after tonight?

----------------------------------Time passes-------------------------------

The drive hadn't been long, about ten minutes before they arrived at
James' hotel. Even on the DL he was able to get a five star hotel with the
money he was making. He still wondered how WCW was ever able to give him a
one-year deal worth so much, and he wondered how they were still able to pay
him even though he had fallen off the planet in WCW storylines.

The three of them piled into the elevator, little Stacy walking to the
back of it with her same shy demeanor that was so cute and yet so sad that it
almost hurt to look at her. At the moment, it hurt James to look at her
blushing face knowing what was about to happen. As the elevator started up
towards his room, he began to debate the issue with himself again.

No matter how many times James fought himself, two major factors continued
to win the battle for the depraved act. The first factor, Stacy wanted this
to happen and with Nitro just two days away who knew what Midajah could throw
together. James was a man of his word; he would never talk about the incident
with anyone. The other guys in the WCW locker room, the story would be on a
website before lunchtime on Tuesday. The second factor was simple; something
had to be done before she got crushed. She had a future in wrestling, James
could feel it; but she was just too shy to fight back in any situation.

The elevator came to a stop and the three exited onto the fifth floor.
James led them to his room; he inserted the card key and allowed the ladies
to enter his room first. Midajah gave him a deep look in the eyes as she
walked in behind Stacy, a look that said they were going through with it and
now she wasn't taking his no as an answer. It was going to happen to Stacy
tonight whether it was with him or not, Midajah would do it all herself if
she must but it wouldn't be Stacy's fantasy and she'd still be searching for
the time it would happen.

James sat on the bed next to Stacy as Midajah headed towards the bar area,
"So, what's the plan Midajah?"

"I say I get hammered and we all watch a movie."

"Ok, what movie?"

"No, no, Stacy will get the honor of finding the movie to watch. I can't
do everything around here."

"I don't know what you guys want to watch."

"Anything is fine with me Stacy, I'm just here to get you ladies home."

"Hey James, you got no ice in this joint! Take me to the ice machine while
Stacy gets a flick on."

"You'll be ok here alone won't you?"

"I'm not a kid James, I'll be fine for a few minutes. Besides, I don't
want Midajah getting lost in this place."

"Good point. Alright Midajah, grab the ice bucket and lets go."

James and Midajah head for the door, James knew that something was up and
it had nothing to do with ice. This was probably where Midajah would finally
give him the details of her plan, he had the basics but he had no clue how
Midajah planned to go through with it.

Midajah didn't say a word as James walked her to the ice machine, maybe he
had thought wrong. Maybe this WAS all about ice. `Great, this bitch is just
going to spring it,' thought James as he finally arrived at the ice machine.

Midajah put the bucket in the machine and turned to look James in the

"You ready?"

"Midajah, I have no idea how the hell you're going to do this."

"Simple sweets, we start when I come out of the bathroom. After I come out
you go in and I'm going to kiss little Stacy on the neck and cheek for a few
minutes until she pushes me away."

"How do you know she'll push you away?"

"I'm sure she'll have a good idea that it's happening tonight when I start
kissing her, she'll play along and push me away."


"When she pushes me away, I'll give her a little leading me on speech and
throw her on the bed. I'll call her a little teasing bitch and when you hear
that you come out and stop me."

"Huh? I don't understand."

"You grab her away, bitch at me like you're her protector and hug and kiss
her on the lips, she'll try and block and you get pissed off. Then we'll just
go from there."

"What do you want done first?"

"Throw her back on the bed and I'll tie her down. You just follow my
instructions and go along with everything I say unless I tell you to stop.
When I say stop that means she gave me the signal word and I'll find out
what's wrong. If she wants to end it, we end it."

"Ok, I get it."

"Don't worry, if it all ends before you get off, you can still fuck me."

"Good to know."

"You ready?"

"As I can be for something like this, I just feel wrong Midajah."

"Good, I'd been more worried if you would have felt right about it."

"Guess I should be glad the walls are soundproof in this place."

James walked with Midajah back to the hotel room; the ice bucket was
filled to the top just to keep Stacy off guard just a little longer. Part of
James knew she had to have a feeling by now, no one could be that načve as to
not know that something unusual was going on. James opened the door and was
greeted to a site; Stacy holding a little stuffed Teddy Bear that James had
bought for his niece while watching what looked to be Bambi.

`Christ, can this be made any harder than it already is,' thought James as
Midajah shuffled past him with the ice bucket while he closed the door. James
spent an extra long time closing the door; the site, which his eyes had just
seen, was like lime sprinkled on a deep cut. His chest burned around his
heart, the image now placed in the front of his mind as his imagination
blasted the image with the brutal things Midajah wanted done.

"Damn Stacy, what the fuck have you turned on?"

"Disney channel, this is my favorite movie."

"God damn girl, you need to grow up some."

"I guess I'm still young at heart."

The words made James wince as he knelt behind the bar to get a soda out of
the fridge, it was like he was about to violate a 13 year old innocent girl
that he and his girlfriend were suppose to be babysitting. `Please Midajah,
come tell me you can't go through with this," thought James, begging with the
powers above that she would do so.

"Fuck girl, when I get out of the bathroom we are so getting on something



James stood from behind the counter, as he looked at her he almost felt
like crushing Midajah's plan and actually protecting Stacy from what was to

"This is a nice bear James, do you collect them?"

"No, it's actually for my niece. It's her birthday next month and I'm
going to visit her and my brother in Florida."

"How sweet. I'll put it up then, I'm sorry I took it out of the bag."

"Don't worry about it, I needed to wrap it anyway."

Stacy walked over and put the bear back in the bag, the room was silent
except for the movie on the television screen.

"So, you like Disney cartoons, huh?"

"Yeah, but Bambi is my all time favorite and it's been awhile since I've
seen it."

"Maybe I can convince Midajah to let you finish it."

"That's ok, maybe once I've been in WCW long enough I can go buy it for

"I'm sure you will be able to, I'm sure you will."

James sat on the floor next to the bed; he couldn't bring himself to sit
next to her without her permission.

"You can sit on the bed, I don't mind."

"Are you sure? I mean, you kind of got forced by Midajah on the way here."

"No, it's fine. I guess I'm looking for more nice people to be around."

`Help, I've been shot,' thought James as he felt like a bullet had just
ripped a three foot hole in his stomach.

"I'm sure you'll have lots of friends after being in WCW for a while."

"I'm not that good at making friends actually."

"Your friends with Midajah and Torrie, you gotta be able to make friends."

"No, they sort of took me under their wing. They are worried I might get
in trouble in WCW."

"What do you think?"

"I know I will, I'm worried I won't be in WCW long if I don't change."

The girl was basically confirming everything Midajah had said, Stacy knew
what the future might hold if she didn't change. She wanted to succeed in WCW
but even her two friends had told her she needed to change to survive. Now
she was almost pleading with James to help her break her shell, James knew
that Stacy was trying to get tonight to be the night.

She had admitted her trust in him; James knew Stacy wanted two people she
could trust to be involved in the situation soon to be played out. Stacy had
officially choosen James as the other trusted person, she was sure he would,
like Midajah, listen to her when she wanted to stop. She knew, he saw it in
her eyes. It was a mix of fear and pleading, fear of what was going to happen
but pleading that he helped her break down the glass bubble surrounding her.

He smiled at her, not only to tell her it would be ok but that she had
nothing to fear in him. James knew it wasn't a love she felt for him when he
had seen her eyes and as he stared into her eyes with his smile he saw them
give a thanks still with the fear.

"Finish watching your movie Stacy, I'll make sure Midajah lets you finish

"Thanks James," said Stacy and James knew that it was also her thanks in
helping her feel partly safe about what was to come. James had meant it to,
the movie was nearly over and he was damn sure going to let the movie end
before Midajah had a chance to do anything. The girl deserved to feel as safe
as possible, as comfortable as possible in what she was to embark on. He knew
that the movie made her feel safer; he wanted her to be completely calm. It
was going to take a lot out of her, more than James thought she knew.

"Damn, I feel better now," Midajah said as she exited the bathroom. "Now
it's time to get something on this TV."

"Midajah let her finish the movie. It's got like 10 minutes left, it won't
kill you to watch the movie for 10 minutes."

James looked right in her eyes, Midajah looked right back at him. She
seemed to understand, apparently agreeing that her friend needed to be a
comfortable as possible before it happened.

"Fine, but I'm choosing something when this shit ends."


James looked at Stacy; she smiled and relaxed back to finish the movie.

Stacy had a sweet, happy smile on her face as the movie came to a close.
James couldn't tell Midajah that Stacy was already onto the plan; it wouldn't
have mattered since Midajah knew she was going to figure it out sooner or
later. Stacy still didn't have a clue how it was going to go down or how
rough Midajah would make it. All Stacy knew, from what Midajah had said, she
could stop it in a moments notice.

It was time for James to do his part; Midajah was not going to wait any

"Excuse me ladies, I have to use the bathroom."

James got off the bed and headed into his bathroom, shutting the door
behind. He could hear the conversation outside the room. He heard Stacy ask
Midajah why she turned off the television, he heard Midajah tell Stacy to
relax and go with the flow, and then he heard the gentle sound of lips
touching skin. Then he heard Stacy begin to protest, not loud enough to make
out the words but enough to know she was doing it.

"What? You mean to tell me I worked so damn hard to get you to trust me
and you won't even give me a kiss!"

"Midajah please. I'm just not like that, I'm sorry you got the wrong idea

"Sorry! You're sorry! Well sorry doesn't cover it, I didn't care for your
scared ass for my health."

James heard the scuffle through the door; he heard Stacy scream and the
bouncing of bedsprings. She was on the bed; Midajah was working her plan to
a tee.

"Midajah please let me go. I'm sorry, please just don't hurt me."

It sounded like she was crying in her voice, genuine fear that she was

"Shut up you fucking cunt! Your going to be sucking my pussy clean tonight
you little teasing bitch!"

James inhaled as much air as his lungs would hold when he heard the cue
word; it was time to go through with this plan. James pushed open the door
and looked at the bed. Midajah was laying over Stacy, pinning the leggy
blonde's arms to the bed as her big breast inched closer to the young
innocence face of Keibler. Stacy's mini skirt had inched up higher; most of
her thighs exposed as she tried to desperately kick Midajah off of her but
was failing miserably. Her little white blouse had become untucked during her
struggle with Midajah and her face was pointed right up at her friend with a
pleading look as she continued to beg for her release.

"What the fuck is going on here! Midajah, what the hell do you think
you're doing to her," said James as he pushed Midajah off of Stacy and pulled
the poor young girl into his arms. Stacy was crying against his shoulder, she
was literally terrified of the situation that was happening or she was just a
damn good actor.

"Easy Stacy, everything is alright," said James as he gently ran his
fingers through her long hair, trying to appear to calm her down. He put his
other hand under her chin and lifted her face so he could look into her eyes.
Stacy had been crying, but that look from earlier was there. She did know
what was going on so it was time to start the second stage and see how far
Midajah was prepared to take Stacy and how far Stacy was willing to go.

James kissed her softly on the forehead as she sniffled, Midajah was off
to the side gathering her belts and ties in preparation for the next step in
this cruel fantasy of Stacy's. James kissed Stacy on the cheeks, the salty
taste of her tears still very much present as he moved closer to her lips.
James gave her a light peck on the lips and Stacy backed her head away.

James kissed her lips again, this time Stacy began to struggle anew as
James grabbed the back of her head and tried to forcefully kiss her.

"Nnn Stop it James, let me go, ummm."

Stacy beat her hands against his chest, smacking her small hands against
his shirt in an effort to get free of his grip. Stacy moved her right hand up
higher and smacked James on the cheek, the line had been crossed and the
action was now to begin.

"You fucking bitch," said James as he tossed her back down on the bed. "I
save your uptight ass and you can't even offer me a little reward?"

"I told you James, a little fucking tease," said Midajah as she joined
James on the bed and held down the left arm of Stacy. "I say we teach this
whore a fucking lesson about what happens to little cunt teases in the REAL

"Let me go please, somebody please help me," said Stacy. Her screams
weren't incredibly loud as even she knew that getting caught like this would
get all three of them fired from WCW, not to mention the fun the internet
people would have with a story like this.

"Shut up slut, Midajah is right," said James as he leaned close and eyed
Stacy's breast through her blouse. "I say we fuck this pussy all night long,
I say we make her our special cum slave for the night."

James had no clue where the words from his mouth were coming but he was
sure they would never be said again as long as he lived. James pushed his
left hand under Stacy's blouse and gave her bra-covered tits a rough squeeze.

Her tits felt like they were wonderful, soft to the touch but probably
sitting firm with the right amount of sag on her chest. Her struggles were
causing problems; he looked at Midajah and wondered when she was planning on
tying Stacy to the bed. He was going to have to get the ball rolling on that
one himself it seemed.

"Fucking bitch won't stop squirming, I can't do anything with just one
hand. We need to find a way to keep her still or at least find a way to free
up our arms."

"No problem," said Midajah as she finally began tying Stacy to the bed.
Stacy continued to struggle and plead with them to let her go, but they both
knew that it was all part of her act. Midajah finished tying Stacy down and
slapped her in the face. The slap wasn't too hard but it made a sound and
Stacy stopped talking and just whimpered and cried.

James began unbuttoning the blouse Stacy was wearing, eager to look at her
small, delicate body that he was supposed to use at the orders of Midajah.
Although it was against his better judgment, he could feel excited building
within him as he worked the buttons open one by one until only one button
remained hooked in place.

He could see the underside of her bra, a little pink number that looked to
cover her breasts and not allow even a hint of what it was hiding from the
world. James undid the last button and brushed the blouse off away from her
bra allowing his eyes to take in the site before them.

Stacy was wearing a cute little pink bra, her nipples gently pushing
against the fabric. There was no way to remove her bra so James did the only
thing that he could to reveal what it was hiding. He grabbed the bra cups in
his hand and slides them up and over her breasts, the treasure finally
unveiled to his eyes.

Her breasts were not big, they were small by all standards of WCW women
but they were natural with, as James expected, just the right amount of sag
to them. They weren't tan; the obvious shyness of Stacy had made her keep her
top on at the tanning salon that she had to go to. Her body was just too tan
in the areas that bikinis don't cover for her to be going to beach every day.
And this was Atlanta; the beaches were a good ways away. The contrast of her
white breasts topped with perfect pink nipples to her deep tanned stomach
created an unbelievable sexy image. James slowly leaned his head down and
kissed her right breast, opening his mouth and sucking the pink nipple
between his lips. She had a sweet taste to her body as well, everything
about this girl had been sweet and it made just hunger to just rip off her
mini-skirt, shred her panties and taste the juices that had to be flowing
from her pussy.

But James knew better, he was not the one in control of what was to happen
that was Midajah. James waited for her instructions, actually becoming
increasingly eager to ravage this little sweetheart but still prepared to
stop if Midajah said. Midajah stood up beside the bed, removing her blouse
and bra so both individuals lying next to her could see her perfect breasts.

The breasts of Stacy and Midajah could only be described as night and day.
Midajah had big, firm breasts that matched her body's deep tan proving that
she wasn't shy about her body. Her nipples weren't small, each an inch long
and begging to be licked and sucked. `It should be illegal for someone that
body to look that damn good,' thought James as he eyed the body of Midajah.
It was his first time finally seeing parts of her body and it would be damn
worth the pain to feel those tits pressed against him without clothes
covering them.

"I think it's time we go a step further with this. James, drop your pants
and shove your dick in her stuck-up little mouth."

James eyes lit with a cruel desire, he was very much looking forward to
feeling Stacy's mouth wrapped around his dick although he still wished it
were under different circumstances. James climbed off the bed as Midajah sat
down next to Stacy and began to pinch her little nipples. Midajah was really
working them over, twisting them around with her fingers and making the skin
around them turn red from the blood being stopped.

"Look at him bitch, look at that bulge in his pants," said Midajah as she
grabbed Stacy's head and made her watch James removing his pants. "You see
that, that's a cock and your little whore mouth is going to be sucking it,
you understand that bitch!"

"You better suck it to or I'll hurt you more than any of your nightmares,
you got it slut," said Midajah as she yanked Stacy's hair and made her look
her look Midajah in the eyes. "I said do you got it slut!"

"Yes, just please stop hurting me."

James removed his underwear, freeing his dick from the tight confines. He
once again climbed on the bed and moved his dick towards the head of Stacy.
He didn't force it into her mouth; instead he set it near her face and
allowed Stacy the chance to back out. James didn't feel cool air long as his
cock was surrounded by a warm wetness that could only be the mouth of Stacy

James let out a deep moan of his own as Stacy slowly began giving him a
blowjob, her mouth feeling unbelievable as her tongue tickled the underside
of his dick while it was in her mouth. She had sucked a dick before; either
that or she was just a damn good faker. James looked down as Stacy moved her
head back and forth with her eyes closes, the whimpers still coming out from
around his cock and the air from her nose tickling his pubic hair. James
watched as Stacy clinched her eyes tighter and a low, painful sounding moan
came from her throat. Had James dick not been in her mouth it would have been
a scream.

Midajah was licking, sucking and biting the breasts of Stacy. She was
being a little rough with Stacy but James knew that it was to be expected in
this type of strange encounter. Midajah quit biting on Stacy's tits and
ordered her to get back to sucking James' dick or she'd make the night even
worse for her.

Stacy once again worked her mouth on his dick, sucking and licking his
penis as it filled her mouth. James loved the warm feeling, the silky
smoothness of her mouth and the sensations that her tongue sent through his
body every time it touched the underside of his cock.

"Alright, James pull your dick out of her mouth and fuck this little slut
while she services my pussy with her tongue."

James reluctantly pulled his dick from the warmth of Stacy's mouth and
stood up from the bed. James took a second to watch Midajah remove her pants,
revealing that she had done away with her panties for the occasion.

"Please Midajah, please don't make me do."

Stacy's words were cut off as James watched Midajah sit on the face of
Stacy and force her mouth to lick her pussy. James wanted to walk around
front and watch Stacy lick the pussy of Midajah but he knew that Midajah had
ordered him to fuck Stacy and he knew better than to disobey. Stacy wasn't
kicking her legs as much, it was easy for James to pull the black mini off
and get a good view of her little pink panties.

James grabbed the panties and pulled them down Stacy's legs, revealing a
perfect pussy that had just the smallest amount of brownish hair over her
lips. The area where her panties were was the same white as her breast,
setting off the slight amount of hair on her. James walked over to his pants
and got his wallet, removing a condom that he had learned to carry at all
times since joining WCW. He even had a safety condom that was used if the
first one broke or had already been used that night. James opened the
package, covered his tool with the rubber and headed back towards the legs of
Stacy Keibler.

James lifted the legs of Stacy as Midajah turned her head so she could
watch the penetration as it happened. James placed his dick against her slit
and slowly pushed his dick into Stacy, her tight pussy grabbing at his dick
like he was taking her virginity with his first thrust. James slowly pulled
back until just the head was in her pussy and rocked forward, sending more of
his hot meat into her tight, wet tunnel as he began to develop an in-and-out
rhythm and fucked Stacy.

"Hard, fuck the little (ohh) bitch (oh ggooodd) faster! Give it to the
little (uughh) whore!"

James followed the orders and increased the tempo; the motion actually
caused him pain, as Stacy was virgin tight and the juices following only
minimize the delicious agony of driving into her again and again. His tempo
wasn't on tap with the way he fucked Torrie or Midajah but he was inching
closer to the speed as his body inched closer and closer to coming. He
continued to drill Stacy as he looked up and watched the body of Midajah
rocking back and forth on the face of Stacy faster and faster.

"Shit, oh shit (uggg) I'm coming! Oh fuck yes, yes, damnit (ah uh ah) Ohhh

The rocking motion stopped as Midajah finished covering the face of Stacy
with her hot female juices, forcing Stacy to drink cum as it splashed her
mouth. The picture of Midajah's head falling back and her hands gripping the
unseen head of Stacy as she was coated with fresh cum forced James to the
edge and just seconds from going over it.

"I'm cumming Midajah."

"Cum on her tits, coat the little cum slut's tits with your sperm!"

James did as he was asked, ripping his dick from the vice-like grip of
Stacy's pussy and shedding the condom in an desperate attempt to get in range
of Stacy's creamy white perfections. James threw back his head as his cock
released its second load of the night, this one coating the breasts of Stacy
Keibler with the hot solution. James finally stopped cumming after coating
the small tits of Stacy with his warm cum, Midajah dipping her finger in the
wetness and sucking it into her mouth while staring at James.

Midajah dipped her fingers in some more and took them around to the front
of her body and downward saying, "Lick my fingers clean bitch, and lick that
cum off my fingers."

"That's a good little girl, suck those fingers you cum hungry whore."

James collapsed back onto the floor, wore out and sure that he was done
for the night. It hadn't been as bad as he thought it would be on Stacy,
Midajah had taken it light on her compared to what she had done to him.
Sadly, James wasn't just wrong about the easy way things went, he was dead
wrong about being done for good.

Midajah had climbed off the bed and walked over to James, her huge tits
swaying as she stood over him with her pussy dripping the excess juices that
Stacy had left behind down her smooth, tight legs.

"I hope you don't think we are done boy, we have just begun with this
little bitch."

"I can't go anymore Midajah, I'm worn out."

"Oh, I think you can and I think a little show is all you'll need to get
back into things."

Midajah walked away from James and over to her bag, opening it and pulling
out the strap-on dildo she had told him about in the bathroom. James had
forgotten all about it when he started with Stacy but as he watched Midajah
step into the leather panties that held the dildo, he was damn sure perplexed
by the site before him. Midajah had carefully set the dildo in place,
stroking the rubber dick as though it was a real part of her body.

"I think it's time I get a piece of little Stacy's pussy, don't you

Midajah climbed onto the bed between the long legs of Stacy, spreading
them as wide as she could. James heard Stacy let out a soft no, her body
starting to suffer from the wear and tear of what she had asked of Midajah.
James watched as Midajah lifted Stacy's spread legs and placed them on her
shoulders, preparing Stacy for a round of fucking like she had never
experienced. Sure Stacy had felt a man between her legs, but what kind of
mental shock does it inflict when the dick sliding into you is attached to a
body with big, firm tits?

Stacy Keibler was about to be the first demonstration that James had ever
witnessed as Midajah thrust her hips forward and moaned. James heard the
quick intake of air from the mouth of Stacy and saw the way the muscles on
the back of her thighs tensed with the shove from Midajah. Soon Midajah began
to build a rhythm, her ass clinging and her waist pushing forward as she
drove the plastic cock deeper into the pussy of Stacy Keibler.

"Yeah, you like that don't you? Say it, say you love it bitch!"

Stacy didn't say it, instead the muscles on her thighs continued to flex
as she appeared to be trying to escape the pounding from Midajah but unable
as she was at the mercy of the black hair vixen.

James didn't want to admit it to himself but he could feel his cock
beginning to stir as he watched the ass of Midajah tighten and relax with
each quick pound. The moans and dirty talk flowing from the mouth of Midajah
was also reenergizing his dick, the flesh stiffening as his mind created an
image of what it must have looked like from the front. James felt like he no
longer controlled his body as he stood up on wobbly legs and walked closer to
the scene before him.

As James stepped around to the front just to the right of Midajah he saw
that his mind had not correctly portrayed what was really happening. His mind
was not erotic enough for the truly strange sexual picture before his very

James watched as Stacy's small body was driven back and forth by the rapid
thrusts of Midajah, the small breasts shaking, her precious eyes closed, and
her mouth hanging open but no sounds coming from it. Midajah was an equally
erotic site, her large breasts shaking rapidly, her waist moving forward and
back at a quickening pace, and the cruel smile on her face as she sawed her
plastic extension into the sweet pussy of Stacy Keibler.

Midajah tore her eyes off the jiggling body of Stacy to glance over at
James, her eyes leaving his face and focusing on his penis. Once she looked
at his once again hard dick, her eyes once again focused on James and formed
that devilish smile from the bathroom at the club earlier in the night.

"I knew that little dick would grow hard, no man can resist my body. I
think it's time we move sweet Stacy onto the next stage, it's time for the

James had heard that term before, from the reviews of porno movies that he
sometimes read for a good laugh. He knew what it was, a women having two of
her holes filled with cock at the same time as he suspected. James started to
go towards the head of Stacy, the open mouth like a siren to sailors on the
open sea. But before he could complete his travels to her mouth, Midajah
slapped his arm with extreme force, leaving a dark red mark where her hand
had made contact.


"I don't mean a mouth-pussy DP silly boy, I mean the OTHER DP."

James couldn't believe it; Midajah wanted James to fuck the ass of Stacy
while she fucked her pussy with the strap-on dildo. James was confused
though, how could he fuck the ass of Stacy with her still tied to the
headboard. Midajah read the mind of James and stared at him like he was a
complete moron.

"Untie her hands from the headboard, retie her hands together and lay her
on top of me. Then you climb in behind her, lube up her ass and fuck it while
I fuck her pussy."

"Lube it with what?"

"(Ughhh) Look in my (oh fuck) purse, you'll find (oh shit, ah ah) a little
tube that says (unnh) jelly on it. Open it and (ahh) rub some on her asshole
(oh shit)."

James did as he was told, opening up the purse of Midajah while she
continued to work over Stacy's pussy. James found the small tube and popped
the cap, squirting a small amount of the cool liquid onto his hand. James
rubbed the gel onto his rock hard cock; preparing it for the action that
Midajah wanted him to take with the small ass of Stacy.

James untied Stacy as Midajah pulled free from her pussy, the little woman
struggling rather weakly as she knew what was coming.

"No, please don't do this. Please you two, stop now and I won't tell
anyone, just please don't go any further."

James quickly retied Stacy's hands above her head as she began to softly
cry and beg for this to end. But Midajah wasn't giving him any signal to stop
and the eyes of Stacy still showed that she was well aware of everything and
still ok. James laid Stacy on top of Midajah, the black haired babe
positioning her fake dick back into the slit of Stacy.

Midajah let out a loud grunt as she quickly slammed her hips up, thrusting
the plastic penis deep into the pussy of Stacy yet again.

"Oh fuck, oh damn you're a tight little bitch," yelled Midajah as she
slammed her hips upwards harder and harder. "James, hurry up and fuck this
girls ass!"

James looked at the soft cheeks of Stacy's ass as it was forced upwards
with each thrust of Midajah. James did as he was told, spreading the smooth
ass cheeks and looking at the puckered anus of Stacy Keibler. He knew this
was going to be extremely tight, her pussy had been almost like a vice
crushing his cock. James took the tube and placed a small amount of gel on
his fingers, sliding his smallest finger into her ass and hearing the sharp
intake of air from Stacy.

"No, no, no," moaned out Stacy, her words hard to come by from exhausting
and the slamming thrusts of Midajah. "Don't, please don't fuck my ass."

James slides his middle finger into her ass alongside his pinkie, trying
his dandiest to loosen the asshole of Stacy and make it easier on her and
him. Her ass was crushing his fingers; James now had proof that it was going
to be an incredibly tight hole to penetrate.

James placed a kiss on the back of Stacy and put his hands on her
shoulders as Midajah held open Stacy's ass. James slowly began to push
forward, his dick coming to the smallest hole in her body and applying
pressure to make it accept his rod.

"No, fuck no," screamed Stacy. "Damnit, gods don't let this happen!"

James didn't listen to her pleas as his dick finally inched its way into
the sweetest looking ass he had ever seen. Stacy continued to scream as James
pushed another inch into the ass of Stacy, just two inches and a few more to
go. It took a few slower rocking motions and more screams but James finally
sank his dick deep into the ass of Stacy.

"Now then (ahha) lets really fuck this slut," said Midajah as she began
rapidly pumping her dick up into the pussy of Stacy.

James could feel the other shaft through the thin membrane but his main
train of thought was about the unbelievably tight, hot ass that his dick was
now inside. Stacy wasn't just tight; her ass was the tightest he had ever
had. James slowly started to work up speed as his strokes became faster and
faster into the tight ass of Stacy Keibler.

In and out she pumped, his speed slowly coming closer to the inhuman pace
that Midajah had set with her slam fuck of Stacy's pussy. Soon they had
formed a rhythm, each thrusting in as the other was thrusting out of Stacy.
Stacy was still screaming, but the screams sounded more like screams of
pleasure than pain. Although her strange fantasy was to threat this like a
rape, her body and mind both knew that these actions were of her own free
will. Knowing that, her body had begun to respond to the swift pounding her
body was receiving, pushing her closer and closer to another orgasm that
wasn't forced but welcomed by her.

Stacy couldn't pretend anymore, she loved every second of it and didn't
care about the fantasy part of the encounter anymore. Stacy Keibler wanted to
be fucked and that was all that mattered to her now.

"Fuck me (ahh) fuck me (ohh) please keep fucking (mmmnn) me," screamed
Stacy as she rubbed her smaller breasts against the mammoth tits of Midajah.
"Fuck me with your dicks (oh fuck) just don't stop (oh god) don't stop (ohhh)
don't you dare fucking stop (ummm)."

The words coming from the innocent mouth of Stacy made James and Midajah
both pump faster. They couldn't believe that this sweet girl was enjoying it
so much that she would scream out her pleasure. As they pounded faster and
faster, Stacy would talk dirtier by the thrust. Her body and mind were as one
and they both wanted to get royally fucked on the bed by two people she
trusted very much.

Soon the pace became too fast for them, Stacy's screams were making them
want to fuck her harder than humanly possible. James couldn't believe that
Stacy would scream for him to fuck her ass harder but the girl did, it was
like a wall inside her had not only be busted but the pieces had been set on
fire. This girl wasn't a little sweetie anymore, she was wildcat that was
actually learning to clinch her ass muscles and increase the painful pleasure
that James felt.

Midajah was sweating profusely, the pace had become well too fast for her
and she had to think of a way to slow it down. The tingling sensation in her
pussy was driving her crazy, she wanted to come but the pace was so rapid
that her body didn't have a chance to. She had to change the game a little
or she would lose control of a sexual encounter. Midajah never lost control
of a sexual encounter and she wasn't about to start with sweet little Stacy

James was pounding harder and harder, sliding the little nipples of Stacy
faster and faster across the sensitive nipples of Midajah. She had to do
something drastic and she knew just what that step would be to regain the
control of the situation without making it look like she ever lost control.

"I think (fuck) it's time we give (urghh) her a little extra (uhhh)
treatment James," said Midajah. "Lets give her the special DP."

James had no idea what the hell Midajah was talking about but he was aware
of her pulling her plastic cock out of the pussy of Stacy. James didn't mind
what she said he was too caught up in his rocking motions into the ultra
tight ass of the cute blonde in the doggy style position on the bed. But
James strokes were interrupted seconds later as he felt something touching
his dick. James looked down to see what was going on and saw the plastic
dildo that Midajah was wearing inching closer to the stretched asshole of

James now knew what the hell she was talking about, Midajah actually
wanted to try and stuff her toy into the ass of Stacy WITH his dick.

"Midajah, what are you doing???"

Stacy was suddenly frantic, more so than she had been the entire night.
This was a very real sense of fear; she was suddenly terrified of what
Midajah was about to attempt to do.

"No, no.sweetdown, SWEETDOWN!"

"Hold up James, stop," yelled Midajah as James quit his pumping of
Stacy's ass. "What is it Stacy?"

"Not both in the same hole Midajah, that's too far," said Stacy
completely out of breath. "The other stuff is fine but not that."

"Ok sweetie," said Midajah as she softly kissed Stacy's lips. "Just go
back to what you were doing James."

James felt the adding pressure near his penis again as Midajah slide her
strap-on dildo back into the tight pussy of Stacy Keibler and restarted the
deep DP of Stacy. James once again began his slow in and out rhythm as he
and Midajah worked back into the fucking motions. Stacy continued to cry and
moan, the double stuffing getting to her on a new level. Her high pitched
squeals becoming oddly exciting as she breathed harder from her wide-open

"Such a sweet (ugghh) fucking (ahhaa) pussy you have Stacy, I love (oh
god) fucking you (oh shit) in your (ummm) cunt," screamed Midajah as she
thrust her pelvis upwards into the pussy of Stacy.

James and Midajah were crushing the small, soft body of Stacy Keibler
between their bodies as they pounded her holes with brute force. James was
watching the face of Midajah over the shoulder of Stacy, the look of ecstasy
etched on her face as she slammed into Stacy over and over. James was still
enjoying the incredibly tight ass that was milking his cock, the white
triangle of skin from where she had laid in the sun.

As James slammed his dick harder into the ass of Stacy, he felt hands
grabbing hard onto his back. Midajah had wrapped her arms around James,
squeezing him closer as she worked closer and closer to climax. James felt
her nails stabbing into his back, her nails preparing to withstand the
tremendous orgasm that was about to consume her body. James then realized
what Midajah was about to do; she was about to slice his back with her nails
like she did with his ass in the bathroom at the Mixing Lot.

The realization came just one second too late as an orgasm overtook
Midajah and her nails slammed hard and deep into the flesh of James's back.
The pain set off James, throwing his head back as his cock blasted cum into
his condom. Stacy was sent off by James, which made Midajah cum yet again,
this time making her drag her nails through the flesh of his back.

"FUCK," all three screamed as the intense wave of orgasm literally pasted
through the three of them. Midajah pulled her nails from the back of James
and kissed Stacy softly on the lips, the sound of their lips impact audible
to James as he lay on the sweaty back of Stacy Keibler.

James pulled himself free of Stacy's ass after filling his condom full of
cum. Stacy was wore completely out and finally Midajah had weakened enough
for James to believe that it was finally over with between the three. James
rolled Stacy off of Midajah and her plastic toy, gently kissing Stacy on the
forehead as he laid her down on her side. He grabbed a pillow from the floor
were it had been knocked during the intense fucking that had taken place.
James carefully lifted Stacy's head and put the pillow under it, softly
putting her head on the pillow and allowing her to drift into a much-needed

James carefully helped Midajah to her feet and helped her take off her
fake tool, tossing the item off to the side as he walked Midajah to the bed
as well. James laid Midajah beside Stacy, repeating the same actions with her
as with Stacy. Midajah cuddled in behind Stacy, draping her arm around her
weary friend's body and drifting off to sleep. James walked away from the bed
to retrieve a pair of shorts, sliding them onto body and laying down on the
floor beside the bed. As his back made contact with the floor he felt extreme

`What the fuck,' thought James as he stood back up and walked into the
bathroom. James flicked on the light and looked at his back in the mirror.
His back was covered with deep scratch marks from Midajah's fingernails, some
producing the slightest amount of blood.

"Damn," James said out loud as he examined his back.

"I guess I should say I'm sorry about that."

James turned to see the still very naked Midajah standing in the doorway,
a tried look on her face but that same hungry look in her eyes.

"You should be asleep."

"Why, I didn't really get that much of a workout tonight."

"But you were."

"I was faking it silly, I wanted to see how you'd react if I was
helplessly in your control. I must say I was surprised by your actions."

"Yeah well, I guess I was just too tired to take advantage."

"Ha, you can't lie to me little man. Men don't get tired, they just get
soft until a woman can suck em back," said Midajah as she grabbed his penis
and began to stroke him again.

"Look woman, I'm done," said James as he swatted her hand away from his
dick. "You'd have to rape me to get me to fuck you again."

Midajah got a scary look in her eye as she stared straight back at James,
a smirk appeared on her lips as she once again looked down at his dick.
Suddenly James was on his back, Midajah had swept his legs out from under him
and set him crashing to the floor.

"Fuck," said James as he tried to gather his bearings again. It seemed
like he was being dragged towards the toilet area. Suddenly, James felt his
arms being lifted above his head and then two clicking sounds.

"What the fuck," said James as he realized Midajah had cuffed him to a bar
just to the right of the toilet. "What are you doing?"

"You said I would have to rape you to get fucked again," said Midajah
as she quickly stroked on James's dick. "Well, I have accepted your

"Where the fuck did you get the handcuffs?"

"You should have better searched my bag. Enough talk, I'm ready to fuck

"Hey, you better not try what I think your trying."

"Oh don't worry, the only ass I want fucked is mine," said Midajah just
before dropping her hot mouth onto James dick again. The pain was near
unbearable, James had just come twice in under an hour and for her to be
trying to milk one more erection out of his still very sensitive dick was
painful to say the least. Her lips sliding up and down his meaty shaft sent
a stinging tingle throughout his body, James struggling hard in a hope that
the cuffs weren't locked in properly. But it was a lost cause as was his dick
trying to stay limp in the mouth of Midajah.

James could not believe what was happening, his dick was not only becoming
hard but it was becoming more sensitive with each rise and fall of Midajah's
lips. Her moans of delight added to the sensation of her wet lips and
stroking right hand. James eyes nearly popped out of his head when Midajah
pulled her mouth off his meat and revealed yet another erection. Most men
would have been proud of getting up three times this fast but James knew that
this fuck would be torture.

Her right hand still sliding up and down his dick wasn't pleasure it was
pain. Midajah finally stopped jacking his dick and softly licked the head of
his penis making James lower body lift off the ground from the tingle that it
sent down his spinal cord.

"I knew you couldn't resist my mouth, no dick has yet."

Midajah quickly rose into a crouching position and spread her ass cheeks,
the small hole of her ass become visible. James took a deep breath at the
same time as Midajah, knowing that this was going to be even more painful
than the blowjob she had just given him to get his dick hard.

"Fuccccckk," screamed Midajah and James as she forced his hard dick into
her puckered little asshole. James smacked his head against the floor of the
bathroom just enough to block out the initial pain; he looked up and saw
Midajah with her eyes closed but a sick smile on her face. She loved what was
happening, she was in complete control and this time James couldn't do a damn
thing about it. This woman wasn't a tease like Torrie Wilson, she was a
predator and James was helpless to her sexual whims. He wanted to close his
eyes and hope the pain would go away but that would mean he'd be unable to
watch as her body lifted hard up and down on his dick.

For all the pain, the only thing that offered a small amount of pleasure
in this devilish encounter would be to watch her delicious breasts and smooth
thighs as she pounded her body harder onto his cock. Her screams and his
become in perfect harmony, forming a tone of intense pain and intense sexual
pleasure. Her pleasure began to win the battle over pain as her clinching ass
squeezed him for everything, trying to suck his soul from his body. He
couldn't imagine going through this without the handcuffs, he would have
stopped and tossed her off his body. But the handcuffs forced him to enjoy,
forced him to watch her body as she climaxed, and forced him to endure the
painful crush that her climaxing muscles placed on his dick.

This woman had placed him in a new realm, a realm that made him squeeze
his eyes tight and beg the woman above him to stop. His will was being
shattered by this woman, she was doing something no woman had done in a
sexual encounter; she was overpowering him.

She brought her hands down onto his chest and scratched hard again,
forming deep red welts on his muscular upper body. Midajah ducked her head
down and licked the wounds, the saliva from her mouth actually feeling good
as she licked the wounds that her nails had created.

"Come on (ughhh) and cum for me (urrh) just one more (oh fuck) time."

James felt his eyes rolling back, his body had reached the breaking point
and blasted right past. His dick released the little sperm that was left in
his body into the clutching grip of Midajah's tight ass, Midajah screaming
out loud as she received the item she had begged for.

James felt like he was about to pass out, darkness seemed to be consuming
him. He faintly heard the cuffs being unlocked and felt the cold air circling
his dick as Midajah lifted her ass off of it. He felt her heavy breast crush
into his chest and her hair tickling his arms as she lay down on top of him.
Her body felt warm and her breathing was rapid from the exhaustion she had
caused both of them.

"Fuck James, you are amazing."

James wanted to answer but couldn't, he didn't have enough strength in his
body to speak. Instead he wrapped his arms around Midajah and started to fall
asleep, something the lovely woman above him had already done.
_ _ _

James awoke around five and noticed something; he noticed two different
hair colors lying on each shoulder. James glanced through his tired eyes and
saw the face of Stacy Keibler, she had apparently came into the bathroom and
lay down with her strange lovers of the evening. James noticed that she had
snuggled close to Midajah and wrapped his arm around her naked body. James
smiled and reluctantly woke the two women; he carefully helped them to the
bedroom and led them to the bed.

"James," said Stacy in a tired voice.

"Yes sweetheart," whispered James to the tired beauty.

"Please sleep with us, just like in there. You make me feel safe."

James smiled and nodded his head, lying on the bed as the two women
carefully lay down on each side. Placing their heads on his shoulders,
snuggling in close and all drifting back to sleep together.
_ _ _

James woke up around eight the next morning and drove the ladies back to
their hotel. He gave sweet Stacy a gentle kiss as she once again flashed that
smile. She had been through a lot and James could tell from the way she
smiled that even though it had been trying, she was happy with what she did.
James could sense a new confidence in her, it wasn't near the confidence
level of Midajah but it was enough to keep her from getting suckered by
someone in that locker room at WCW.

"Goodbye James, I guess I'll be seeing you when you return," said Stacy in
a level that was actually audible. The girl had definitely changed for the
better and some of the weight of guilt James had felt the night before was

"Yeah, I'll be seeing you Stacy."

Midajah climbed out of the truck as Stacy went bouncing towards the lobby
and headed for her room.

"She is almost like a new person Midajah."

"Yep, and I'm feeling like a freshly fucked one. Maybe we can get together
again when you return."

James grinned and laughed.

"No way, you're too damn rough for me lady."

"So now I'm a lady am I?"

"Believe or not, I think you're a lady deep down who just loves to party."

"I guess you learned a lot yourself last night James, good for you."

"Yeah, I think I did Midajah. I guess I should thank you."

"No James, I should thank you for going through with it last night. You
went through with it and you haven't looked at me or Stacy any differently
this morning, I put you in a tough spot and you've remained a decent guy,"
said Midajah, giving James a kiss on the cheek.

"You're a good man James Kilred, I hope someday you do find what you're
looking for."

Midajah started to walk towards the entrance to the lobby, the last
statement had caught James somewhat off guard, he didn't understand what she
meant, and he had to know.

"What did you mean by that?"

"Excuse me."

"I said, what did you mean you hope I find what I'm looking for."

"I think you know James, I think you already know what I meant."

Midajah smiled at him one more time as she entered the lobby, leaving
James standing alone as he climbed back into his truck and headed back to
his hotel room.

While driving down the highway, James was still thinking about the
statement and everything else that was going nuts in his life. His cell phone
ringing broke his thoughts; he hoped it was Jim Ross because he didn't feel
like hearing another sales pitch about the great WWF.

"Hello, this is James."

"James hi, it's me Vince Russo. How's the shoulder?"

"Much better, I'm ready whenever you guys need me."

"Well, we need you next Monday for Nitro. Call Tammy at the home office
with your location and she'll set up a ticket for you. See you next Monday."

The phone went dead, James figured that Russo was still doing booking on
the fly and he wouldn't know what he was doing until Monday. No matter what
he was doing, he was going to give WCW his notice that he was leaving WCW
sooner than later and it was up to them whether they wanted him to hang
around for three months or fire him on the spot.

But either way, James was back and he was ready to prove to WCW, the net,
and the WWF that he was not the same James that left. He was new, he was
improved, and he was ready to rock and roll.

NEXT CHAPTER: Screaming for love and the last days of WCW

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