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Do not read if you are under the age of 18, the following contains fictional
situations of a sexual nature and doesn't represent the real life form of
those involved.

WARNING: The following story contains strong sexual content and should not
be read by anyone under the age of 18 years. The series was created by
Smackdown. All names are property of WCW/WWFE and not my own. This is 100%
fiction, odds are these ladies aren't like this and you should remember that.
I don't know them nor do I pretend to. Don't sue me, I'm poor and I don't
make a dime off this anyway.

Sexual Adventures Of A Professional Wrestler
by Smackdown (

Part 9a: "Screaming For Love" [no-sex, plot]

"Wait a minute...that's...that's Kilred...what is he doing here," screamed
Scott Hudson as James came flying through the crowd and into the ring.

"No! Kilred just nailed Goldberg in the back with a chair, Goldberg is
down to one knee," said Hudson as James slammed the chair across the spine of
Goldberg before tossing it to the ground.

"That sucka is about to learn that you don't mess with my brother Booker
T," said Stevie Ray as James spun around Goldberg and hit the double under
hook power bomb on Goldberg onto the steel chair.

"No, it can't end like this," said Hudson as Booker T came off the top
rope with a leg drop as Kilred rolled the ref into the ring. "Here's the
cover, 1...2...oh no please...3...damnit!"

"That's right sucka, your winner and STILL WCW World heavyweight champion,
my brother Booker T!"

10 minutes later in the back...

"Damnit Vince, he slammed me down way too hard out there," whined Goldberg
to Vince Russo as he was checked over by the medical staff.

James knew he would hear shit about it, but he really didn't give a fuck
about it. James was back, he had just cost the top face in the company the
World title and in three months he was out of this zoo. Nothing could bring
him down; nothing Russo could say to him could bring him down. He knew Russo
knew he couldn't just make him vanish after that angle, he would have to use
him although James wouldn't have cared if Russo would have fired him on the
spot. `Wait until Thursday,' thought James with a smirk on his face. `Wait
when he finds out the main guy in his biggest angle wasn't resigning with the

But James wasn't a total asshole; he knew why Bill was like that. The
stupid company had that damn undefeated streak planted in his mind and his
ego just went over the top. Not to mention that he was constantly getting
thrown into stupid angles that no one believed he would lose, the credible
opponent list they were giving him was thin to no one. Besides, this guy
could really end his career and he knew a match with him would be booked
and probably be booked for a "loser leaves WCW" or something like that and
only this time the loser would actually be gone.

`Shit, I better swallow my pride,' thought James with a sigh as he walked
over to Bill.

"Bill, listen I'm real sorry but some damned kid dumped soda on me and I
guess some was still left on my hands. Are you ok?"

Bill looked surprised, not many people in this company actually had a soul
but it had to be refreshing to see one did. "Yeah, I'll live."

James shook Bill's hand, told him that he was sorry again and walked over
towards the locker room.

"Wow, James Kilred saying he was sorry to Bill Goldberg," said a familiar
voice from around the corner that James had just passed. "I can't believe
that you would apologize to the man who treated you like a test dummy last

"Don't start with me Steve, why don't you go talk with Rob about your

"Hey, a match with Rob "the dog faced gremlin" is a big time match for

"Damn Steve, you're the most popular man in this company's history behind
Ric and you've allowed yourself to be turned into the whipping boy of Russo's
warped mind."

"Hey, Sting can't remain on top forever."

"And why not? Why the hell are you even staying with this damn company,"
said James in a whisper to Steve Borden aka Sting.

"Hey, this company is still family friendly and I'm just not a WWF man.
What's with you though, it sounds like you're considering jumping ship."

James walked down the hall without answering; Steve wasn't about to let
him off that easy so he followed his friend to the locker room.

"Holy shit, you are jumping aren't you?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Man, I can't believe it."

"What can't you believe? I've been here almost a year and a half and this
damn company is changing bosses every hour and coming unglued more and more
every minute. I can't stay here and hope they figure shit out when I damn
well know they aren't Steve."

"James Kilred in the WWF, I can hear the net heads flipping out already."

"Yeah well, I'm sure some moron has posted that shit before."

"More than likely my friend, more than likely."

As James packed up some of his stuff a slow knock came on the locker room
door. Steve walked over to the door and peaked his head out as James toweled
off his face of sweat and arms of soda.

"Yo James, you got a visitor man," said Steve as he stepped aside and let
Stacy Kiebler walk into the dressing room. Stacy smiled at Steve and gave him
that `you should go' look, Steve just laughed and walked out of the room to
go talk with Rob about their match.

"Stacy, how are you," said James as he stood up and gave Stacy a quick
hug. "Has everything been going alright?"

"Much better thank you very much, still a little sore from the you know,"
she said as she rubbed her left hand across the back of her butt. "I just
came in to say hi."

"Well hi, but I get the feeling there is more to this than just a welcome
back talk," said James as he smiled at Stacy. "So what can I do for you or is
it what I can do for Midajah."

"Neither silly boy but I must admit I did come in to ask you a favor,"
smiled Stacy with shy smirk. "See I was suppose to go out with Daffney
tonight but I totally forgot and earlier tonight I agreed to go out with

"Ok, who is David and who is Daffney? You don't mean David Flair do you?"

"Yes, I mean David Flair."

"So you have a date with David but you scheduled it on the same night as
a night out with this Daffney. So what does this have to do with me?"

"I decided I would do both, I would hang around with Daffney and go on the
date with David and the prefect way to do both would be to find Daffney a
date for the night as well."

"Oh I get it, you want me to be the blind date so you can make it into a
double date situation to get you out of the jam."

"Well yeah, that's the plan."

"And what does this Daffney girl have to say about your plan?"

"Daffney is always looking to go out and after I described you she was
very much interested in the plan."

"Wait a minute, once you described me," said James, realizing that Stacy
had already set it up and assumed he would say yes to her. "Stacy, didn't you
think you should have asked me first before setting it up?"

"The thought crossed my mind."

"So I either say yes or it looks like I blew the poor girl off and I look
like some asshole."

"That's the story I'll go with."

"You sure have changed a lot haven't you?"

"Yeah but I knew you would have said yes to me anyway."

"How did you figure that?"

"Because I would have just bent over in front of you and showed you my
ass, maybe give you a quick suck job if the ass thing didn't work."

`Damn,' thought James as his eyes widened at her statement.

"Ok I'll do it."

"Great, we're going to a club just inside of town. David agreed to drive
if that's cool with you."

"That's cool with me."

"Good, be in the hotel parking lot at around 11:30," said Stacy as she
turned and started walking towards the door.

"Hey, aren't you forgetting something?"

Stacy turned around and looked at him with a smile and said, "Silly boy,
I said I would do those things if you said no, not if you said yes."

`Shit, I should have been paying more attention,' thought James as Stacy
turned but just as she reached the door she lifted the back of her skirt and
gave James a long peak at her tanned ass and the little thong she was
wearing. She turned back at James; blow him a kiss and left the room. `I
think David is in for more than he bargained for,' thought James as he poured
water on his head from the bottle he had in his locker to cool off.

Time seemed to fly by after Stacy left the room. Of course time might have
flown by because James will still trying to get a grip on his mind after the
little peak Stacy had given him. Sure he had already had sex with her,
although calling it sex seemed just wrong, but she still had an ass that most
men would kill to get their hands on. Hell, some men would kill just to get a
picture of that little tight ass of Stacy Kiebler. James wasn't sure how much
Stacy had changed until she did that but maybe he was jumping to conclusions
on how much the young woman had changed.

James had been in thought the whole time he drove to the hotel, glancing
at his watch every now and then to make sure he wasn't going to be late.
Should he even be doing this? He didn't even know this girl but did that ever
matter before? Actually, yeah it did matter. James had been on a few dates
with the women in WCW. The first with Mona and he didn't want to go down that
memory road again. The second was with Chastity and that one ended a little
weird, not unpleasant but still very weird. The third was with the older
woman Madusa and that wasn't even a date, it was just going to dinner cause
he was hungry and that was all just a set-up to get him into a three way with
her and Vickie (George). Dating was just a risky road, what would happen if
he liked this girl or vice versa? He was leaving WCW; he couldn't get
involved with someone.

"Relax James, you're just doing this as a favor to Stacy, nothing more or
less," said James to himself as he pulled into the parking lot and spotted
David Flair standing next to Stacy. James parked his car, got out and walked
over to the pair as they talked and laughed.

"Hey James, no time long see," said David as Stacy burst out laughing.

"David, if you're drunk there is no way I'm getting in that car," said
James as he detected the strange way David talked to him.

"I'm just messing with you, I'm cool. We're just waiting for Daff, she had
to go get something from her and Stacy's room."

The trio made small talk until Stacy spotted Daffney coming towards them
from the lobby. James turned around to look and saw a kind of short woman
walking towards them carrying a small handbag.

"Geez Stacy, did you really need this stupid thing?"

"Yes, if I didn't why would I ask you to get it?"

James looked at the woman as she walked up, her black hair tied back in a
ponytail and swishing across the back of her black t-shirt. Her lips matched
her hair, black as the night and her pants were a little lighter but still
black. Add on the black shoes and James was worried he had just agreed to go
on a date with a supreme Goth chick.

"Well now I feel strange, I'm walking in on a conversation and I have no
clue what you're talking about and this guy probably thinks I'm some typical
slow poke chick."

"Actually I think I'm the one feeling strange, I've had to stand here all
by myself with no idea what you looked like listening to these two talking
about stuff I don't understand."

"Well from the way you're looking at me I think you're either approving or
scared that you've just been giving a date with a vampire."

"Stacy really didn't say much about you some I'm just not sure whether to
introduce myself to a beautiful young woman or run screaming for my truck."

"Well, I don't know whether you just insulted me or complimented me," said
Daffney with a smile, impressed that he was honest about it.

"Since you're saying it with a smile and not slapping my face, my name is
James Kilred."

"Daffney Unger."

"Well, that was pathetic," said David as he walked to the driver's side
and climbed into the red four door Taurus. "Totally pathetic," said Stacy as
she climbed in the passenger side door about the same time as David climbed
in the other side.

The foursome drove out to the club, James and Daffney making small talk
about music and other small stuff as both tried to get a feel of the person
they were with tonight. They continued to talk at the club, surprisingly
having no trouble communicating over the crowd. Also surprisingly it seemed
they clicked on some levels. Daffney loved rock music, the harder the better
but she also listened to Garth Brooks, Dwight Yoakum and some Paul Simon.
She explained that she did wear black a lot but she wasn't some crazed out
Goth chick, most of the time the black was part of her character. She did
admit some days she liked to wear black to make people think she was having
a bad day and then come at them with a constant attacking of smiles and
pleasantries. James had to admit, he liked to do the same thing.

The foursome broke apart once they got to the club, agreeing to track each
other down at around three. James and Daffney sat down at a table and ordered
some drinks so they could continue their conversation.

"So are you a wrestler?"

"Me? No way, I'm an actress," said Daffney as the waitress returned and
placed a bottle of Budweiser in front of her.

"Wait, you're an actress," said James as Daffney nodded her head. "Ok, so
what are you doing in WCW?"

"You don't know?"

"No clue, I've been on the shelf for a while now," said James as the
waitress gave him a coke; he was still unable to drink alcohol for at least
another week.

"Are you sure you want to know?"

"Yes, why wouldn't I want to know?"

"Ok, don't say I didn't warn you," said Daffney as she took a drink of

"Warn me about," before James could finish Daffney screamed at the top of
her lungs and then followed it up with a mad laugh, directing all eyes at the
table and making James jump in his seat a little.

"What the fuck was that?"

"That is why I'm in WCW."

"What is?"

Daffney screamed at the top of her lungs again, James shaking his head and
rubbing his right ear after this one as the scream rocked his eardrum.

"Ok, that is crazy."

"What's crazy?"

"WCW hired you to scream loud?"

"Yep, that and I have that dark girl look."

"The dark girl look?"

"Yeah, I look like the kind of girl who will fuck you not you fuck her,"
said Daffney causing James to choke on his coke.

"Well (cough), that's an interesting way (cough) to describe you," said
James as he tried to get the coke down his throat.

"I didn't say I was describing myself, I said I was describing my

"So you're nothing like that."

"What do you think?"

James looked deep into Daffney's eyes and said, "No, you're nothing like

"That's right, I mean I'm just not that girl."

"So no part is the real you?"

"Nope, I barely get dates. I mean I'm just a simple girl looking for

"I think you might have the wrong guy for that."

"Why's that?"

"I don't have the best luck in the way of love."

"I've never even been in love."

"Well, I'm sure someday you will."

"But not with you?"

"No, not with me."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I doubt we'll have a second date."

"What? Don't you like me?"

"Yeah, I like you but I don't know, I'm just in things for fun right now."

"I never said I couldn't go on dates to have fun, I said I was looking for
a guy that I could fall in love with."

"What's the difference," said James as he drank some of his coke. "How can
you be in it for love but also be in it for a good time?"

"Years of practice plus I'm young and sometimes I just want to have some
fun. Besides I think I could think of something that could get you to go on a
second date with me."

"And what's that?"

"I lied earlier, part of the Daffney WCW is the real Daffney."

"Oh really, and what makes you think I would agree to a second date after
finding out whatever it is?"

"Because the part that the real Daff shares with the WCW Daff is the

"So what, you could yell at me for hours on end?"

"No," said Daffney as she took a sip of beer and leaned across the table,
motioning James to her so they were inches apart. "The only time I use the
scream is during orgasm."

Daffney quickly kissed James on the mouth and then stood up with her beer
in hand. "Come on, lets go dance!" Daffney took another quick drink of her
beer before slamming it down on the table and shaking her way to the dance

James couldn't believe she told him that but she was right, it was the
PERFECT way to get him to agree to a second date. James looked at his coke,
realizing it wouldn't do a damn thing to calm his nerves he just stood up
and hit the dance floor with Daffney.

For the next twenty minutes James and Daffney danced to the hard rock
music including Daffney going completely nuts when "Enter Sandman" started
playing. She shook her body and sang the words above everyone, laughing and
yelling every now and then. James found himself doing the exact same thing as
the two just went wild, dancing and joking as the rock music kept blasting.
When Daffney wrapped her arms around James shoulders as she yelled he knew he
would go on a second date with her just because the girl was wild. The girl
was crazy. The girl was the most fun he had on a date since Mona and when the
group finally left and they said their goodbyes, James and Daffney didn't
have sex that night.

* * *

On Thursday everything went as planned, James told Russo that he was
leaving WCW and he was more than willing to give them a big feud with
Goldberg and allow Goldberg to win cleanly. Russo was frustrated but he
wasn't a complete moron, he was still going to get his money match and
Goldberg would get the outcome he wanted with no hassles. Russo had
expected hassles with James but James wasn't going to take WCW down with
him, James was sure WCW could take itself down without his help.

Over the next several weeks everything went according to plan. Sting
confronted James on `Nitro' about why he did what he did to Goldberg and
James had laid Sting out in the middle of the ring. Then with the help of
Booker T on `Thunder', James once again laid out Goldberg and left a bloody
Kevin Nash in the leftovers of a broken table. Russo loved it, the angle
was hot and the fans were tuning into `Nitro'. Simply put, the stock price
of James Kilred was soaring and the net writers were going completely
insane when they received word that he wasn't resigning with WCW. What
drove them even crazier was that James hadn't made contact with Jim Ross
recently, just a short phone call where he told JR he wanted to schedule
a meeting with Vince just after his contract expired.

While all this was going on, James and Daffney had become the fun bunch
of the WCW locker room. They joked, they partied in every town, they kissed
openly in public, and more importantly they were having the times of their
lives. But while all this was happening, James had yet to tell her he was
leaving WCW. Even worse, he felt that feeling in the pit of his stomach.
James couldn't believe it; he was falling for Daffney Unger.

He tried to push it out of his head, after all the two hadn't had sex and
Daffney seemed like she understood James was in it for fun. Course that's
what he had told himself but lately both had noticed a change in the looks
they gave one another and the way they talked. They both knew what was
happening and to be honest neither believed it was happening. James couldn't
believe it cause he was suppose to be leaving in a little over two months and
Daffney couldn't believe it cause James wasn't interested in love so she
couldn't fall for him.

James tried to stay focused, tried to clear the thoughts of Daffney out of
his head as he prepared for his PPV match-up with a vengeful Sting. The match
was billed as a semi-main for good reason, former Tag partners in a street
fight with the winner getting a WCW title shot. James didn't understand the
title shot business but he didn't care what the mad puppet master Russo was
planning as long as he didn't fuck things up. James was loosening up and
stretching when his good buddy came walking over in his face paint and black
trench coat.

"You ready for me to kick your ass?"

"Excuse me `Sting', but it's your ass that gets pinned."

"Details my friend, just details," said Steve as he sat down beside James.
"You sure you want to do this, I mean it seems like you're going out to prove
something that you don't need to."

"What are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about, you're not Mick Foley man," said Steve
with a serious look and tone on his face. "I can't believe you talked Russo
into letting you use these things, I mean barb wire and fire?"

"Maybe I'm going to ECW."

"I'm sure Paul Heyman will call you after the match if you're still

"Look, I have to prove I can do hardcore matches if they need me to."

"Come on man, fire and barbwire are crazy! You're the reason this damn PPV
got the ECW-WWF rating!"

"I guess I got Attitude."

"I think you've got a death wish."

"And I agree with him James," said a female voice from the doorway of the
locker room. James and Steve looked up to see Daffney standing by the door.

"I'll leave you two alone," said Steve as he walked past Daffney and out
the door.

"So do you mind telling me why?"

"Why what? Why am I using props?"

"A flag is a prop James, barb wire and fire are dangerous weapons!"

"I don't have the time nor do I need to discuss this with you Daffney."

"What do you mean you don't need to discuss this with me," her voice was
beginning to get louder and she was storming closer. "I think you need to
tell me more than anyone!"

"Why huh? Are you my wife or something?"

Daffney slapped James hard across the face; his cheek feeling like it was
set on fire from the impact of her palm. James snapped his head back and
looked into the face of Daffney. She was crying, her eyes were watered and he
could tell she was scared. Even worse, she was in love with him. He could see
it, he could see she was trying to deny it, trying to fight it but it was
overpowering her. James hugged her close to his body and softly lifted her
chin. He knew he was in love, nothing else mattered to him anymore but the
fact he was in love with her. He kissed her hard, the kiss of two lovers as
opposed to the quick kisses they always shared. It all had changed; they had
changed with one kiss.

As their lips broke James wiped the wetness from under her eyes and smiled
at her, she smiled back.

"I love you James."

"I know."

"I wish you would quit reading my eyes."

"I know you love it."

"I do but it's annoying," said Daffney with a chuckle in her saddened
voice. "Are you still going to do this match?"

"Yeah, but trust me all right," said James as Daffney shut her eyes. "Hey,
nothing is going to happen to me, I'm not going to lose the woman I love

"That sounded so sappy."

"I'm rushed for time, give a guy a break."

"I loved it."

The two kissed once more and nothing else in the world seemed important,
all was forgotten including the most important thing. James forgot to tell
her he was leaving WCW.


Coming up in 9B

The Kilred Vs. Sting match changes James image and changes the way fans see
WCW. James finally realizes what he has done and tells Daffney the truth, now
he must right the wrong. The final match of James career in WCW leaves the
wrestlers respecting him as he says his final goodbyes.

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