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Look, you know the drill. This is fiction, it's false, and it's 100% untrue
and never happened. James is just a created character, he's not real and any
real person that shares his name is purely accidental. The women involved
more than likely doesn't act like this and even if they do then it's really
no ones business.

Sexual Adventures Of A Professional Wrestler
by Smackdown (

Part 9b: "Mistakes" [M/F, oral]

James took a deep breath as he looked back at Daffney with a smile one
last time before headed to the ring. Truth be told he didn't know why he was
adding the extra stuff to the match but Russo loved it. He knew the net heads
and the fans in the seats wouldn't believe that WCW was about to use fire and
barb wire. It had been so long since Dusty Rhodes had a barbwire match on WCW
television and fire was almost never used. It would be fresh, it would be
different and it would send the stock price of James even higher. That is, if
everything went according to plan and they didn't screw things up.

James heard his music fire up and exhaled, he walked slowly through the
curtain and soaked in the loud chorus of boos from the crowd. James was
nervous before he walked through the curtain but the atmosphere immediately
switched him to his game face, these people would learn to hate him and
respect him in one swoop. James didn't get a chance to do any heel type
things to the crowd as Sting came from behind and nailed him across the back
of the head with a clothesline. The street fight was on.

Sting leaned down and grabbed James by the head, James knew what he was
suppose to do for now so for now Steve just went to work. Sting quickly
slammed James head into the steel stairs, his head bouncing off the metal
like a basketball before he stumbled away from Sting and down to the hard
matted floor. Most people didn't know it but the pads didn't offer much
comfort, sometimes they hurt more than the floor they were meant to protect
the wrestlers from. James lay on the ground as Sting stomped away at his
chest and stomach, laying in shot after shot before reaching down and
hauling him back to his feet.

James was tossed onto the announce table and Sting climbed on and picked
him up, it was time for the bad guy to swing the momentum into his court.
With a quick shot to the groin, Sting let go of James and ended up being the
one whose body was driven through the wooden table and crushing into the
floor underneath.

"You alright?"

"Yeah, so are you going to taunt the crowd and give me some time to get
my breath or what?"

"Did you give me time?"


"Alright, then you know the answer," said James as he got to his feet and
kicked away at the fallen Sting. "Get your ass up!"

The last part he made sure the fans near the fallen warrior heard they had
to believe he was taunting Sting for it to hold an ounce of believability.
James grabbed Sting by the hair and pulled him up only for a few seconds
before driving him head first into the table remains with a DDT. James
decided he would give Steve some time, so he walked away and grabbed the ring
announcer's chair. James yelled at Sting, demanding him to get to his knees
as he gripped the cold steel chair in his head and prepared to cave in his
skull. At least that was the fans would see it, and they got just what they
expected as Sting lifted his head and was nailed right in the face with the

The crowd was booing but also stunned, Sting was getting the life beat out
of him on the outside and the only place the pin could happen was in the
ring. It was just a good ole fashioned beat down, nothing more than an angry
man laying waste to a legend of the sport. The fans didn't know it but a
chair was the least of Sting's and James problems in this match.

James walked away from the now bleeding Sting and lifted up the ring apron
for his next weapon of mass destruction. The fans were expecting maybe
something stupid and gimmicky like a trash can or a fire extinguisher; they
never expected a wrestler on a WCW PPV to pull out barbwire. Not wrapped
around a board, but just a long string of barbwire pulled from under the ring
and about to be used to destroy Sting once and for all. That had been James'
plan but Sting somehow got a surge of energy and nailed James with a boot to
the stomach, causing him to lose a grip on the wire that had been held in his
white taped hands.

Sting picked the wire up and dragged the metal across the face of James,
dragging the edge across his forehead and getting the crowd to celebrate in
still shocked belief. James hit the ground near the ring apron, the apron
giving him the perfect cover to cut himself. But James noticed something, the
wire had already done the damage, his blood was already starting to flow from
a cut made by the sharp metal. While James was lying near the ring apron,
Sting (Steve) did what he was suppose to do and wrapped the wire around the
chair that had been used to `bust him open' earlier in the match. The real
dangerous parts were about to begin.

James lifted his head from under the ring after Sting wooed, the signal
that the chair was ready to do its worst. James turned his head and felt the
chair slam down on his face, the wire slashing at his skin and making the cut
already on his head burn with pain. Small pieces of the wire gripped his skin
as Sting dropped the chair, the piece dragging along the right edge of his
cut and widen the torn meat. The pain was terrible, almost making him want to
tell Sting to roll him into the ring and pin him but he knew better. Tonight
was going to be memorable, tonight he and Sting were out to win some praise
and he was out to prove what he could do.

Sting grabbed him by the hair and dragged him over to the steel steps;
another slam on the steel left a smear of red across the top that would have
to be cleaned before the next match.

"You ready to get this into the ring," said Sting before slamming James'
head hard into the ring post.

"The real question is are you?"

With that Sting rolled the body of James into the ring and went for a
cover. Only a two count, no way would the match end that easily. Sting
signaled the crowd he was going for the Deathlock, but a poke to the eyes
and a brutal clothesline stopped that plan dead in its tracks. James went
to work, slamming Sting down with a few DDT's, a piledriver and a trio of
spinebusters. James left the ring again, going out to get the final few
weapons of destruction. The first was the table, which he slide into the
ring, and a small bottle that was placed beside a ring post with another
small item that couldn't been seen clearly.

James rolled back in and set up the table, it was time to introduce these
WCW fans to a little fire. The line Russo wanted him to shout before he did
it was corny as hell but hopefully the fans would be more interested in the
flames than what he had to say. James lifted Sting up and slammed him hard
into the corner and placed him on the top rope. It was time to do it.

James walked over to the post and picked up the bottle and small square
object, with a few quick sprays onto the table and a flick of the square
object, the WCW fans were treated to a fiery blaze.

"How about a little fire, Scarecrow," said James, feeling like a fucking
asshole all of a sudden. James climbed the rope and prepared to powerbomb
Sting off the top onto a flaming table. Course once again the plan backfired
as Sting got a few hard punches in and reversed the positions of the two,
with a quick lift James was looking down at his feet as Sting superplexed
him off the top towards the flaming table.

James hit the table with just the right amount of force, the flames were
smothered as he hit them although a few kept going and forced him to quickly
roll out of the rumble before the pain increased more than it did. It had
hurt worst than the barbwire chair but the effect had been perfect, the crowd
was going nuts and a few were chanting something but he couldn't make it out.
Now he had to make himself look like a real bad ass as Sting crawled on top
of him and the ref began to count.

"Here's the cover, this one is over," said Scott Hudson to the crowd
watching at home. ", he kicked out! How in the world did he kick

James hoped Hudson didn't screw that up, he hoped that the morons calling
the match weren't wondering about Steiner against Booker later on. As James
thought about Hudson he felt Sting lifting him up, it was time for more "what
the hell" thoughts to be placed into the fans minds. Sting twisted the body
of James under his arm and slammed his back and head into the mat, no way
would someone kick out of the Scorpion deathdrop after being driven through
a flaming table with a top rope superplex.

No one except James who kicked out at about 2 and 7/8th, the crowd groaned
in shock and out of the corner of his eye he saw some fans jumping up and
down while others had their hands on their heads as if shocked beyond belief.
Sting slammed his hands hard on the mat, not sure of what he could do to win
the match. He lifted James up and tossed him towards the ropes and went for a
running clothesline, the surprise was evident in the crowd when James ducked
the clothesline attempt, bounced off the ropes and leveled Sting with a
clothesline. James and Sting lay barely conscious on the mat but in reality
it was a very tired Steve and the bloody and aching body of James Kilred.
James looked at Sting and gave him the nod; it was time to end this crazy
match once and for all.

James slowly pulled himself to his feet at about the same time as Sting,
the two traded punches before a kick to the stomach gave James an advantage.
A super kick to the face of Sting gave James the upper hand and the time to
get his toy to finish this. On tired legs, James rolled out of the ring and
grabbed the barbwire wrapped chair for the final shot to the head of Sting
to put an end to this. But James and Steve had agreed on one thing, proving
James to be tough wasn't enough to keep him a heel. He had to destroy Sting;
he had to leave Sting out cold in a puddle of his own blood. It felt weird
as James lifted the chair above his blood soaked face and slammed it
brutality across the face of Sting. Steve had expressed his concern and in
the end he decided that maybe he should increase his beating in this match.

James tossed the chair into the middle of the ring and raised Sting up
into a piledriver over top the barbwire wrapped chair and with a quick motion
he sent Sting head first into a mass of twisted metal. James covered the
lifeless body of Sting, it was all over or at least it would have been had
James not pulled the bloodied head and shoulders of Sting off the mat just
before the three count. No, a piledriver onto the chair wasn't even. With all
the strength he had left, James pulled Sting off the mat and hooked his arms.
The crowd was booing and some begging him off as James hit his double
underhook powerbomb onto the chair. This time James didn't pulled up on the
cover as the ref made the three count and James left the ring as the number
one contender and with his former best friend and mentor left in a pool of
his own blood.

* * *

"Shit, that fucking stings Mel," yelled James as the trainer worked on the
deep cut across his forehead. "Damn man, I know you have to clean it but do
you need to use a brillo pad?"

"It's a little piece of damp cloth James, I really think you're acting
like a baby," said Mel as he patted the blood away from the cut. "If you act
this bad about the cloth how are you going to act about the stitches?"

"He'll cry like a little girl," said Steve as he sat in the back of the
room as the assistant trainer checked on his back. "I mean it was only fire
and barbwire James, I honestly think you're making a big deal about nothing."

"Funny you two, hey everyone who slammed themselves through a flaming
table and had barbwire wrapped slashed across their face, please raise your

"Would you like for me to give you something for the pain, god knows the
agony it will cause you for a few stitches."

"Can it Doc, just stitch the stupid cut alright."

As the doc began the work on the cut Daffney walked into the room, her
eyes looked a little red but otherwise she seemed fine and very happy to see
James breathing.

"Yuck, your head looks like a piece of raw steak."

"Why thank you Daff, I'll never want to eat steak again."

Daffney walked over and gave James a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'm just
glad you're alright."

"Me too, I don't think Steve knew what he was doing."

"Yeah, it looked like total amateur hour when he was swinging that chair."

"Hey, I'm still in the room you know!"

Daffney smiled at Steve before kissing James again and saying she would
see him after the show.

"Ok, I'll see you later."

"I love you James."

"I love you too," said James as he watched the reflection of Daffney
leaving the room in the mirror. As she left Steve looked right at the face of
James in the mirror with a look of confusion and shock.


"Did you just say you loved her?"

"Ummm, yeah."


"I think it's pretty self explanatory don't you?"

"James, what about the thing?"

"What thing?"

"The thing you told me, the thing that only me and the management knows."

"Oh, that thing."

"Yeah, so what is this man?"

"I'll talk about it later with you, right now I think the doc wants to get
to work."

"Yeah, you better tell me and then you better tell her!"

Steve left the room; he seemed a little bit angry about what he just found

"What thing?"

"Don't worry about it Mel, let's just get this cut dealt with."

* * *

"So are you going to explain this to me?"

"What's to explain, I'm in love with her," said James as started throwing
what remained of his stuff into his bag.

"This is a bad move James, a real fucking bad move," said Steve as he sat
across the room. "You're leaving this company and you haven't even told her."

"Why do you assume I haven't told her?"

"Because of the way she acted, that girl knows nothing about you leaving
next month!"

"I'll handle that."

"Oh you'll handle it, how the heck do you plan of handling it? How well
did you handle it when Mona left?"

"That was different, that bitch," James stopped himself in mid sentence,
the angry and pain still obviously deep inside of him. "Mona left without
even telling me, I'm going to tell her."

"When huh? When you're walking out the door? What, are you going to send
her a `I know you love me but sorry I gotta go' card?"

"This really isn't any of your business Steve," said James as he grabbed
his bag and headed for the door. Just as he got to the door he was jerked
back by a hand on his shoulder, Steve was standing there very much pissed
with James.

"THIS IS MY BUSINESS! That is a sweet girl and I'll be DAMNED if I'm going
to let you treat her like that when I saw the shit it put you through. You
tell her, and you fucking well tell her tonight or I WILL tell her on Monday

"You wouldn't."

"Try me."

"Alright, I'll tell her tonight."

"Then go."

James looked at the hand still clinching his shoulder; Steve released him
and let James walk out the door. As he walked James realized that everything
Steve had said was right. He couldn't put her through it but it was already
more than likely too late to prevent. Why did he have to fall in love with
her? Why couldn't he just had sex with her and been done with her? What the
hell was the matter with him?

James knocked on the door to the locker room that Stacy and Daffney shared
along with a few other ladies. He continued to knock but got no answer, he
didn't understand why no one was answering the door.

"Hey James what's up?"

James turned around and saw Stacy and David standing there already fully
dressed. They had their stuff and it was obvious they were heading out of the
building and back to the hotel room.

"Hey, have you guys seen Daffney?"

"Oh shit, she didn't tell you? Russo made her leave a little while ago,
she and Devon have an autograph session to do in Jackson tomorrow afternoon.
I guess she was in such a rush she didn't have time to tell you."

"Great, that's just great."

"Why? What's up?"

"Oh...nothing I just wanted to talk with her about some things."

"Devon said they were both scheduled to be at the Thunder tapings on
Tuesday," said David, trying to be helpful instead of standing next to Stacy
like a lost puppy dog. "I got Devon's cell number and if it's really
important you could call them during the session tomorrow."

"No I'll just wait till Tuesday, but thanks David."

"No prob' man, Stacy we better get going or you'll be driving to dad's and
not me."

"James we have to go, there is no way I'm driving 200 miles to North

* * *

Tuesday came with James still not sure how he was going to break it to
Daffney. With less than two months left on his contract, James knew he should
have told her sooner. Then again, he hadn't planned on falling for her. She
probably hadn't planned on it either but it had happened and she was happy as
could be. But tonight she was going to learn the why, the reason he didn't
want to get involved with anyone right now at this point in his life. She had
looked so happy when she saw him, she had looked so happy when they sat down
to talk after the show, and now as she walked away from him, she looked so

"Daffney, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner," said James as he walked up
to her.

"Just get away from me right now James, I need some time alone," said
Daffney with a mixture of anger and sadness in her voice.

"Daffney, please don't be this way."

"Be what way James? Upset that the first man I fall in love in forgot to
tell me he was leaving me in two months?"

"I didn't want this to happen Daffney."

"What? Didn't want me to happen?"

"No. I wanted you but I guess...I screwed up all right...I'm sorry but I
don't want to lose you yet."

"I need time to sort through this James, just give me some time."

"I can't lose you now Daffney, we can't end like this."

"I need time James, just leave me alone," said Daffney as she walked out
the door of his hotel room, slamming it behind her. James thought about
following but he knew better, she had just had a lot tossed onto her
shoulders and her heart. She had been so happy but with just a few sentences,
James had crushed her happiness and left her in doubt of everything.

And he had done the same to himself. But it couldn't end like this; he
didn't want it to end like this. But he feared it might end this way, another
heartbreak that came out of nowhere for one and now he was the one breaking
the heart. Now he knew what Mona must have felt like, the pain inside of
doing something so wrong that you couldn't prevent.

But he could have prevented it if he had told her from the start and yet
he didn't tell her right away. Maybe it was because he didn't believe
anything would come from what they had but that was just his own blindness.
What he did was worst than Mona and if it ended this way he would feel sicker
than ever before. But he had no choice; he had to let her decide what she
wanted to do.

* * *

James learned the next Monday that it would be a very long time before he
figured out what was going to happen. Russo had sent Daffney with Billy and
Torrie on an autograph, ticket thing like he had been on. That was going to
last an entire month and then Daffney had scheduled two weeks off after that.
She wasn't due back until the week he left the company. It was going to be
like salt in a wound for him and that is what it was. Like salt, every week
he had to fight back the pain in his heart to cut a killer promo or to
wrestle a great Nitro match.

The PPV had been a living nightmare with James losing a World Title match
because of Goldberg and even when James powerbombed Goldberg through the
table outside, it was hurting him. Everything in his mind was about Daffney
but he was being forced to mask it under the cover of a man out to end the
career of Goldberg. If wrestlers could win Oscars then James would have been
a nominee, as his expression would rapidly change. He looked sad at all times
except when in front of a camera, and then he looked evil and hell bent on
destruction. When the camera turned off, the frown reappeared and he just
walked slowly back to his locker room.

* * *

James sat in his hotel room just two weeks before his final match with
the company crying quietly to himself. He really missed Daffney more than
anything; it was like he had no other care at the moment. Even for the past
weeks when all his focus should have been about his final match with
Goldberg, all that mattered was she. He missed everything about her. James
barely heard his cell phone ring because he was so deep into thought about

"Hello," he said, holding down the tears because it might be Russo or
Ross. "James Kilred speaking."

"Hi James," said the sad voice at the other end. "It's Daffney."

"Daff, god you don't know how much I'm missing you right now."

"I've got a feeling I do. James, we need to have a sit down."

"Well, I guess we could talk after Nitro or something."

"How about right now?"

Just then there was a soft knock on the hotel room door and James walked
over to see who it was. He opened the door and standing on the other side
with her head down was Daffney.


"Hi, umm can I come in?"

"Of course," said James as he moved aside to let Daffney into the room.

"Daffney, I'm so sorry again, I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am."

"James, it's all right."

"It is?"

"Yes, look I thought about things and I decided that just spending a
little time with you while you're around is better spending it without you."

"Does this mean?"

"Come and kiss me you big lug," said Daffney as she smiled at him with
that sweet smile. James rushed forward and kissed her hard on the lips. As
the kiss broke Daffney wrapped her arms around his neck and looked into his
eyes and said, "James, will you make love to me tonight?"

James only answer was to kiss her again, even he wanted to just spend one
night with her. Not having sex, but making love to a beautiful woman that he
never would forget.

They slowly lowered themselves onto the bed, James hovering over her and
preparing to pleasure her all night if that was the way it was to be. Making
love as he explored every part of her; softly kissing every spot he could
before the slow sensual session that was to follow the exploration.

James softly kissed her lips as his hands slowly rubbed her clothing
covered body, James' hands not in a hurry to get to her flesh but rather
willing to take it very slow. To drag it all out before the final climax
when they both came at the same time.

James kissed his way down to her neck, lightly kissing and blowing small
amounts of air onto it as he slowly continued down. He kissed her t-shirt,
the smell of her perfume on the shirt as he kissed his way down to her
stomach and the bottom of her shirt. With a slow lift he moved her shirt from
her, exposing her stomach to his gentle kisses and her pierced bellybutton to
his tongue. He was careful not to hurt her with his tongue as he licked
around the ring, trying to avoid doing something stupid as he kissed and
licked her stomach.

James noticed that her pale skin really made the ring stand out on her
body and it gave her an exotic flare that increased his lust for her body. He
slowly worked the t-shirt higher, kissing and licking her sides and he went
further and further up. Daffney was running her fingers through his hair and
begging him to go higher but this was meant to be slow and steady. He wanted
her begging for the pleasure; it would be better for her as she would learn
to get the pleasure in small doses.

So slowly he moved the t-shirt up more, exposing the bottom of her bra. He
licked the white cotton, wetting the underside of it as his hands tickled her
sides. He stopped and told her to sit up, she did as asked and he helped her
pull her shirt over her head. She seemed almost shy or ashamed of her body as
James looked at her, the white bra just barely lighter than her skin color.
She wasn't completely white but she didn't have the dark tans that most of
the women had. But it was what made her spectacular in every sense and James
lifted her chin and kissed her again. He kissed her shoulders as he reached
around and released the clasp of her bra.

James didn't have trouble with that clasp anymore but he was much slower
than every as the nerves of finally seeing her breasts got to him. Suddenly
he was like a teenage boy about to see his first set of breasts but he wasn't
a boy and he wasn't going to handle things like a boy. James slowly took the
bra from her body and looked down at her small, well-formed breasts.

They were pale like the rest of her with just the right amount of sag to
make the look excellent. She didn't have a big set but they were firm and
just the right size to gently rub with his whole hand. Her little pink
nipples stood out, the colors of her skin making them look amazing as James
slowly leaned forward and kissed the tops of her breasts.

Slowly he worked his tongue around the skin, carefully teasing the flesh
with his tongue as he increased her pleasure. It was obvious her breasts were
sensitive as she moaned with more frequency now, the little nipples growing
harder than before as he lightly traced his tongue around the skin
surrounding them. James wondered if any man had ever did this to her and if
they didn't they deserved to be beaten. He couldn't imagine any man not
wanting to spend his time exploring the beauty of her breasts, the hue of her
skin, the little hardness of her pink nipples as your tongue slide across
them or the little Goosebumps that appeared on her titflesh as you lightly
sucked her nipples into you mouth.

Soon Daffney was begging him to go lower, to remove her pants and get to
her pussy lips that were screaming for attention. She loved what he was doing
to her breasts and so was he but he knew she needed more. He could only go so
far before it went from love making to just delaying her to the point she got
annoyed. So with one last kiss he told her to lay back down as he kissed his
way down her stomach and to the snap of her pants.

He slowly worked the snap opened and revealed to his eyes that she was
wearing a pair of black panties. He kissed the top of them as he worked her
zipper down slowly, licking the silky fabric as it appeared from behind the
zipper. Soon the zipper was all the way down and her pants were just in the
way to the rest of her pleasure. James lifted up and slowly pulled her pants
down her legs, he took the time to remove her shoes so they would slide off
her legs easier. Soon Daffney lay on the bed wearing just little white socks
and a pair of black silk panties, the panties standing out on her skin.

James took in the sight and slowly started kissing his way up her legs,
starting at her calves then working up to the inner portion of her hips. He
licked the soft skin, the little hairs on the inside of her legs as he
reached up and grabbed the top part of her panties. Once again he took his
time, kissing the flesh, as it was uncovered. He soon had the panties worked
all the way down; he removed them as he examined her now naked body, except
for the socks, as it laid waiting on the bed.

It was then he saw the tattoo just above her trimmed black pussy hairs, he
couldn't make out what it was but it was the most unbelievably hot site he
had seen. He leaned down and kissed the tattoo making Daffney shiver as his
lips were so close to her pussy lips.

"Close your eyes," said James and she obeyed.

James slowly kissed all the way around her pussy, using his tongue to
completely trace around her the design of her tattoo and his hands softly
rubbing her inner thighs. He was so close and yet so far as she begged him
to lick her, begging him to taste her and begging him to make her cum.
James smiled and lightly licked her pussy lips for the first time, the
sensation making her lift her hips off the bed as she didn't see it coming
since her eyes were closed.

James slowly licked the outer lips, carefully tasting every inch of her
outside before using his fingers to spread open her lips. He slowly inserted
his tongue inside of her now, tasting her and making her moan out with
pleasure. It had just begun and he was going to take his time.

He slowly licked the inside of her lips, teasing the flesh before sucking
gently onto her lips. Daffney was breathing heavily as James licked all
around her clit, making small amounts of contact before backing his tongue
away from it. The juices were flowing and he was sure not to let any escape
his mouth, he got closer and finally latched onto her clit with his mouth.

She tried to surge up again but this time his right hand was on her
stomach holding her to the bed as he used the fingers on his right hand to
stimulate her pussy. He slid his middle finger in as he sucked her clit, the
finger's motion was slow and easy but the sucking of her clit was rapid. His
mouth was firmly attached as his finger sped up the motion, soon moving much
faster than anything that was going to happen when it was all said and done.
He kept it up for a few more minutes until she was near climax; he quickly
pulled his finger free and focused on sucking her clit. He nibbled it and
sucked it as she moaned and groaned from her approaching orgasm.

James felt her shudder; it was always his custom to let the lady have the
first orgasm when making love. The strongest one would be held for the slow
screw that waited once he was done bringing her pleasure. And with a surge
and twitch, James tasted her juices flowing into his mouth as he lapped away
at her clit with his tongue still. She didn't have a different taste than any
others but she was still the best tasting juices that he had ever tasted from
a woman. It was like the feelings between them had made everything ten times
better and the taste was just perfect, everything about her was perfect.

James lifted his head from between her legs, the sweet bitter taste of her
pussy juice still on his lips as he slowly inched his way back above her.
Daffney reached down with her hands and slide the condom she had brought into
place, she was on the pill but it was always better to be safe instead of
being an accident. She released his dick once the condom was into place and
looked into his eyes with a mix of happiness and sadness. Sadness that this
might be the only time they make love and yet happiness that at least they
would have this one time. James placed the head of his dick just against her
lips; rubbing it just on the outside to get it nice and wet before he slowly
eased it into her.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes James, I love you."

"I love you too," and with that he slowly pushed the head inside of her,
her back arching some and a quick gasp escaping her lips as the penetration

She smiled at him as he eased a little bit more in and then removed the
whole thing. He pushed it in again, this time a little more pushed into her
as she looked at him. After a few more times he was completely inside of her,
the warm confides of her pussy feeling like heaven on earth. He kissed her as
he just kept his whole dick inside, he didn't start moving until the kiss
broke and then it was just a slow and steady stroke.

The slow stroke was as fast as he would get, determined to just drag out
the sex as long as they could. James couldn't tell if she was the tightest
ever but he knew she was by far the warmest pussy he had ever felt. Even with
a condom on, he could feel the intense heat of her pussy as he slowly pushed
in and out. His stroke was slow and smooth, pulling out until just the head
of his penis remained inside and then slowly pushing the entire length in on
the upstroke.

For 15 minutes his stroke stayed slow and deliberate, his hands softly
touching her breasts as he kissed her soft, dark lips. Nothing else around
them mattered, all that matter was the slow love making session they were
having and the way they were both getting closer to cumming.

With every slow stroke they moved just an inch closer, the heat of their
love combined with the time they had waited was making it the best they had
ever had. For James that was saying a lot but this session was more special
than the Mona encounter, something about it just made it more memorable and
the feelings stronger.

Soon they were both on the brink and they told each other so, James taking
the time to kiss at her neck as she did the same to him. Her hands were
slowly sliding up and down his back, pulling him down so his chest was
pressed against her sensitive nipples and skin. His tanned body and her pale
body clashing but everything about them felt and looked absolutely perfect
together as they slowly moved toward orgasm. His hands moved down to her
hips, lightly brushing the skin as her hands continued to roam up and down
his back and into his hair. It was all so right, so perfect that neither of
them wanted the end to come. But they knew they had no choice, stopping and
starting again wasn't an option so they just allowed the feeling to come.

They had fought off the urge to cum for long enough, they knew the climax
had to come but they wanted it to happen together to make it perfect. James
looked into her eyes as she stared at him, both knowing that it was time as
they kissed one another on the outstroke and then ended the kiss on the
upstroke that pushed them holding each other over the edge.

James didn't throw his head back; he just stared right at her as cum left
his penis and fired into the condom. At the same time Daffney orgasmed, her
muscles clinching and her hips lightly surging as the pleasure overtook her
body. She didn't scream out, instead her mouth opened wide but no sound came
out and yet it was the most erotic cry he had ever known. She didn't yell out
at least not in a tone he could hear as they held each other close, the slow
stroking coming to a stop as they finally finished their first time.

When her orgasm subsided and her mouth closed enough, James softly pressed
his lips to hers and they shared another gentle kiss. A kiss that signaled
the final, the lovemaking was over but it was not to be forgotten. He brushed
the strands of black hair from her face as she rubbed her hands through his
hair, kissing one last time before deciding it was time to let it finish.

James slowly and reluctantly pulled himself from her body and rolled onto
his back next to her, Daffney was quick to climb onto him and slide his still
condom-covered dick back inside of her. She laid her head onto his shoulder
and got as close as possible with his penis still inside of her.

"That was nice."

"Huh, that's a new one."

"What? You never heard that was nice before?"

"No, most of the time they don't have the strength to talk when I'm done."

"You know, this probably isn't the conversation you should be having with
a woman after making love to her."

"Yeah well, you lied to me anyway."

"Oh really? What did I lie about?"

"I didn't hear you scream during orgasm."

"You've got to be kidding me. Is that all?"

"Is that all? Why do you think I did this?"

"You love me and you had an aching hard on."

"Well yeah but that was only part of it, I'm not controlled by my dick."

"All men are controlled by their dick."

"Not me baby, I'm a one mind man and that mind is in my head."

"So why did you go on a second date with me?"

"Ummm, your fine taste in music," said James with a weak smile, he had
been caught in a lie.

"Right and that's why the only reason you had sex with me was to make me
scream out in orgasm."

"Hey, I said it was ONE of the reasons, love was the main one."

"Pfft, I'm not that stupid James."

"Girl you better watch it, I can go all night long if I have to."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, oh really."

"Alright I'll make you a deal, if you can beat Goldberg at the PPV then
you can fuck me all night long."

"Hey, that's not fair! You already know I'll lose!"

"Oh yeah, well then I guess you'll just have to fuck me that night as a
going away present."

"Damn I wish I wasn't leaving you," said James in a serious, sad voice.

"Same here, but you know it wouldn't work with you thousands of miles
away," said Daffney with sadness breaking into her voice as she talked.

"Maybe we should have saved the making love for PPV night?"

"Nay, I've already made love to you, now you have to fuck me."

"Are you sure?"

"Honestly, I mean how long can you really go in one night?"

"Are you sure you want me to answer that?"

"No, I'll just find out for myself," said Daffney as she snuggled her head
onto his shoulder and closed her eyes. "James, you wouldn't mind holding me
tonight would you?"

"Daffney, I don't think I could sleep without you in my arms."

"You have some of the worst line I swear."

James stroked her hair as she started to drift off, if he had met her
sooner then James would still have been in WCW and this would have been the
perfect life for him. But now it was too late, by the end of next week he
would lose to Goldberg and walk out on everyone in WCW including the young
woman next to him who had warmed his heart. He knew the pain later would be
a royal bitch but he didn't care about the pain that was coming. He cared
more about the fact that he didn't want to leave but it was too late. He
closed his eyes, as he smelled the sweetness of her hair drifting into his
nose. It made him smile, it eased his mind and it closed a wound that she
hadn't even made.

James finally knew, the pain of lost love would always be inside but it
didn't mean the ability to love died with it.

* * *

`It's time James,' James thought to himself as his music kicked in for the
final match of his career. The plan for the match was simple, work the cut on
the head of Goldberg that he had caused on the last Nitro of his career and
have it all backfire on him in the end.

The fans didn't know what would happen; even the net fans were in the dark
as James had requested that Jim Ross not tell anyone about his meeting the
next day. Ross had been more than happy to keep it a secret so, with the help
of fake contract negotiations between Russo and him; the semi-main event was
really left in the dark. For all the sheets knew, James had re-signed with
WCW and he would beat Goldberg for the shot at the WCW title currently held
by Jeff Jarrett.

James walked through the curtain and the fans booed wildly but more
importantly; they had come by the thousands just to boo him. Russo had told
him that the PPV was a sell-out, the first sell-out in months under the Russo
controlled WCW and it was all thanks to the Goldberg-Kilred angles. James
didn't believe it until he heard the reaction as he came out. It was
deafening, the fans truly hated him and everything he stood for. Strangely
as he walked to the ring, it was a great feeling.

Some people want to end their last days in a company as a face but James
wanted to go out a heel, something the WWF was in desperate need off and
something he had more than proven he could pull off. Ross had called him
after last months PPV and said Vince was extremely high on him now and would
love to meet with him the day after the PPV. Truth was James was already
done with WCW, his contract had ended at 7 but he had made a promise to WCW
to let Goldberg win the feud and he was going to keep his promise.

James stood in the ring as Goldberg's music hit, the crowd went completely
crazy which was another good sign. No more piped in crowd chants, these
suckers were 100% real and it was the best thing he had heard. Did he hate
Bill? Not really, they had been working together for the last two months and
it turned out Bill had just been cautious of people in WCW for a while.
Truthfully there were some people in WCW he didn't trust even now but Bill
wasn't on that list anymore.

As Goldberg walked down to the ring and stopped to say something to a girl
at ringside, his `wife', James said `go time' to him and launched his body
over the top rope and onto Goldberg.

"You ok?"

"Yep, I was wondering when you were going to jump."

"Sorry, I was thinking," James whispered as he stood up and kicked
Goldberg in the head.

"Get up Goldberg! Come on Bill, don't get your ass kicked in front of your
wife," said James as he kicked Bill in the head again and again. "Tell your
husband to get up, tell you husband to get up."

The girl gave James the middle finger and he grabbed her hair and pulled
her over the railing.

"You stupid bitch," yelled James as he punched her in the face to a chorus
of boos. He leaned down to check on her and after finding out she was ok, he
went back to his onslaught.

"Come on Bill, either get up or I bend a chair over your wife's head!"

Bill didn't get up; he was feeling the effects of the kicks to the head
and the plancha. The head injury had been `caused' at Nitro the Monday before
so he had to sell it. Plus he was cutting his head open as he lay on the
ground so he needed time for it to bleed. They had definitely become a new
WCW when James was wrestling and Russo loved every second of it.

"Fine Bill, you and your wife can share the same room in the hospital,"
said James as he reached down and dragged the woman to her feet. James pulled
her by her hair over to the announcer position, the announcers were yelling
at him that he was taking things too far but they hadn't seen anything. James
slapped Goldberg's wife across the face and she fell to the ground again,
this time James let her lay there as he went and grabbed the ring announcer's
chair. The fans booed, they knew what he intended to do but they knew Bill
would get their in time to safe her.

James lifted the chair up and sure enough, a bloody Goldberg grabbed the
chair and slammed it across the head of James to a thunder of cheers.
Goldberg dropped the chair and went to his wife, calling for help from the
back and giving James time to get his bearings back.

The EMT crew came out and helped Goldberg's wife, the bald headed monster
was mad and to prove it James slammed a chair right in his face and Goldberg
just shook it off. James got the scared `oh shit' villain look as Goldberg
picked him up and pressed slammed him onto the guardrail.

"So you're going to the WWF," said Goldberg as he leaned down to grab
James. He clubbed him across the back and leaned down again.

"Yeah, it's time for me to move on," said James as Goldberg lifted him up
and suplexed him on the outside mats. James yelled out in pain and arched his
back like it was killing him as Goldberg picked up the chair again. James hit
a low blow; Goldberg dropped the chair, and James DDT'ed him onto the mats
with the chair not involved just yet.

"Are you sure it's the right decision?"

"Yep, so now then, I piledrive you onto the chair and roll you in for the
dramatic two count kick-out right?"

"You're on tonight."

"Thank you Bill, so lets get to it shall we?"

"We shall."

James grabbed Goldberg and positioned him over the chair in position for
the DDT, the announcers were begging but James went through with it, slamming
Goldberg head first onto the chair. James taunted the crowd and then rolled
Goldberg into the ring, another taunt then he rolled in and made the arrogant

"1...2... No 2!"

James acted upset and punched the ref right in the mouth. The ref hit the
mat with a thud and the crowd went nuts but not for the ref. Goldberg was up
and poised for the spear behind James, he turned and Goldberg speared the
hell out of James. Goldberg did his little neck stretch as he pulled James to
his feet for the Jackhammer, up and down went James for what looked to be the
end of the match. But there was no ref to make the count, no one to save the
day for Bill Goldberg.

That was until Ric Flair came running down to the ring, slide in and
started to make the count.

"1...2... No, his shoulder is up at 2," said Flair as the crowd went from
cheering to shock in just that half a second. Goldberg reached down and
tried to pick up James, but James grabbed his legs and got him in the small


James released the small package and both men slowly made it to their
feet; James ran and bounced off the ropes for a big flying lariat that
leveled Goldberg. Another cover and another 2 count with Flair showing no
favorites in such a huge match with so much on the line including the career
of James Kilred in WCW. James signaled that it was over and pulled Goldberg
up to his feet.

"Here it comes suckas, the Tiger bomb and good night Bill Goldberg," said
Stevie Ray into the mic for the fans at home. "And down he goes, count Flair,
1-2 and thre...what? Flair is counting to slow, that was three sucker!"

"That was two Stevie and Kilred is furious with the count," said Scott
Hudson as James slammed his hands on the mat. James rolled outside and
reached under the ring, pulling out a table.

James pushed the table into the ring and began setting it up as Goldberg
slowly rolled around on the mat, his energy almost completely gone from his
body as the table was positioned in the middle of the ring. James walked over
and kicked Goldberg in the head and few times, making the blood flow more
freely now as he reached down and dragged the near limp body of Goldberg into
position for another Tiger bomb. Up and down came Goldberg, his body smashing
through the table to the mat as James took a few seconds to celebrate and
taunt the fans before making the cover.

"1...2...No, that's two!"

"Come on Flair, count faster you flabby bastard!"

With that Flair went nuts, whipping James into the corner and slapping
away at his chest with the patented Flair chop complete with Woos from the
crowd. Flair went to whip James to the other corner but James reversed it
and hit Flair with twisting DDT into the remains of the table that lay next
to Goldberg who had rolled out of the remains.

Flair was out of the match but the original ref was regaining his
composure as James walked over and undid the protective cover from the top
turnbuckle. The metal was now exposed and the crowd knew what James intended
to do and James knew what he was going to do. He walked over, pulled Goldberg
up and placed him in the corner opposite the exposed metal. A few chops
across the chest of Goldberg and it was time to let the end happen.

"Are you ready," Goldberg whispered as James held his head preparing to
throw him across the ring into the exposed turnbuckle.

"Yeah, it's been nice working this match with you and good luck."

"Thanks, good luck in the WWF," said Goldberg as James whipped him out of
the corner. But as planned Goldberg reversed the whip and sent James into the
exposed turnbuckle. And just as everything had been planned, he clutched his
chest were he hit, turned around, and Goldberg speared him full force.

Goldberg did his traditional jump and yell as James lay near out, story
wise anyway, on the mat. Goldberg reached down and picked him and with a
hoist, a drop and the crowd going completely nuts...James Kilred was out of

As he lay in the ring looking up at the lights and listening to the crowd
cheering as Goldberg celebrated, James wondered how different it was going
to feel NOT going to Nitro tomorrow night. How different it would be not to
share a locker room with Steve and not talk with guys like Kevin and David.
James just blinked his eyes and rolled onto his stomach to slowly pull
himself to his feet. What shocked him the most was when he stood up, some of
the fans actually cheered him for his efforts in WCW. Some probably didn't
think he was leaving but some seemed to know that it was his last match in
WCW. It made him wonder that if things didn't work out in the WWF, could he
return to WCW and be happy?

As the fans clapped while he walked towards the backstage area, James
waved his hand and knew that yes he could. Some of the fans really did
respect the work he did in WCW and that made him almost want to cry as he
got to the backstage area.

James shook hands with some of those who knew he was leaving like Booker,
David and Stacy, Midajah and Scott, Torrie and Billy and of course Terry Hulk
Hogan. Some were too busy getting ready or just didn't care that he was
leaving. That was all right, if the three months he was pulling them closer
to the WWF in the ratings didn't matter to them than fine by him.

James just packed his stuff, Steve was not there to say goodbye since he
was in the ring wrestling with Jeff Jarrett for the World Title but he would
see him tomorrow. James just grabbed his bag and went to the locker room of
Stacy, Torrie, and Midajah and of course Daffney. It was time to have one
last night with Daffney because in the morning, he had to go and they
wouldn't see each other possibly ever again. Russo had been understanding,
letting Daffney and him leave before the end of the PPV and letting them have
the time together alone.

James shook Russo's hand before he left, the guy was happy with what WCW
was becoming and thanks to James he had plotlines to work with for months
that the upper management couldn't just ignore. Life was good for Russo for
a change and he felt that if all James wanted was some time with his girl
then it was fine by him.

With that James and Daffney walked out the door, James took one last
look back as it closed on his time with WCW. Daffney was snuggled close and
looking up at him as some tears actually fell from his eyes. Nothing is
sadder than watching a man cry and for someone who had asked to leave; it
was shocking to see them cry. But she didn't understand the things that had
happened to James in WCW and even he didn't know how much he was going to
miss the place.

"Are you ready to go," asked Daffney as James wiped his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah I guess I am," was all James could say as they walked to his
truck and prepared to head back to the hotel.

* * *

James and Daffney kissed as they entered the hotel room, they were going
to enjoy this last night together but yet they didn't want it to happen. No
one wants the last night to happen but they also don't want it to end when
it comes. James and Daff had made love the night before and tonight were
supposed to just be about sex, but plans change. As they softly kissed, they
knew that they wouldn't be fucking tonight. They were going to make love and
whether it was their last time ever was the biggest question. The night was
young and time would be there to have just plain hard sex but something in
them wanted to make love now.

But Daffney was the one who made the choice what to do now; she didn't
want to risk the sex being the last time. She had decided that they would
have sex now and make love later. She didn't tell James of her plan, just
dropped to her knees and slide his penis into her mouth. It was the first
time she had sucked his dick and she showed that his was on a very short
list as she slowly slide it into and out of her mouth. She wasn't an expert,
she knew no tricks but she knew the basics like licking the head and sliding
the dick in and out.

James sat on the bed as she sucked and licked his meat, a moan coming
from deep within his throat as she moved her black painted lips slowly up
and down. She was moaning as well, low but with increasing loudness. James
smiled as she did it; he knew she was signaling that she would let him hear
the scream tonight like she promised. She slurped up and down a few more
times then pulled his dick from her mouth and smiled at him while slowly
stroking the cock with her right hand.

"Do you like what I'm doing," said Daffney as she licked the head every
once and a while. "Do you like how I suck cock?"

"One of the best."

"Liar," said Daffney with a smirk as she brushed her long black and blue
hair back and sucked the dick into her mouth again.

Daffney kept up her sucking for a few more minutes, licking the spongy
head of his dick one more time before standing in front of him and removing
her t-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra so her well-rounded breasts that he
had spent his time exploring the time they had sex sat uncovered. The pale
skin still a new sight even now, a very erotic new sight sitting before him.
But she didn't give him time to explore her body this time, smiling as she
removed a condom for her pants and slid the rubber over his dick. She then
removed the pants, her panties already gone leaving her in just her high heel
sneakers as the black hairs above her pussy lips contrasted with her pale
white skin. She kept smiling at him as she straddled his hips and slowly sank
her pussy onto his hot dick.

James stared in awe as she smiled at him and slowly began rocking her body
back and forth, his dick sliding in her folds as she began to moan. Soon her
moans grew louder and louder turning into little short screams of pleasure.
The quicker she moved her hips the louder her moans and screams got. James
felt the warm tightness, a tightness that he remembered from the time they
made love but this time it was a new feeling. The first time had been a slow
session but this was fast and rapid with her body supported on his lap.


James squeezed her asscheeks as he helped her with the rhythm of the sex
they were having. Faster and faster she rocked with his help and louder and
louder she screamed out her pleasure and his name.


The room was filled with the sounds of her hips slapping onto his as she
bounced and rocked on his dick, her screams covering the slapping as he
small, well set breasts shook with every stroke of his cock inside of her. He
started kissing them, running his tongue over them as much as he could but
finding it hard to get to them as her soft body went faster.

Soon her hips were slamming harder than ever onto his, so hard that his
legs were beginning to feel sore as he helped lift her up and down onto his


James could feel the pressure building in his balls, the heat of her pussy
feeling as though it could melt the condom right off his dick. Her laces on
her sneakers were shaking all over the place as they fucked faster and faster
to his eventually cum and her orgasm.

"Do you want to hear me scream James? Do you ughh want to hear me cum? Do
you ahh want me to yell ughh as louder (oh fuck) as I can when I mmm cum on
your dick?"

"Yes, yell for me! Yell for me!"


James kept her bouncing as she nearly made him deaf screaming into his
ear, he was sure someone would have complained if the walls weren't
soundproof. He kept her bouncing and screaming as he fired his shot of cum
into his condom, wishing that he were firing directly into her.

Soon the rocking stopped, as the fuck came to a close, James not tired but
satisfied with the action that had just done.

"Oh fuck, that felt so fucking good," said Daffney, taking breaths between
words and smiling at James.

"I know, I get that a lot," said James with a smile and a kiss to her
lips. "Wanna go again?"

"Get away from me you crazy fuck," said Daffney with a laugh and another
kiss on the lips. "But maybe I should climb off so you can toss that condom?"

"Yeah, I'm getting stickier."

"What about me? I'm already sticky as hell."

"Well, I guess I'll just have to lick the juice from your pussy."

"Ooo you are a bad man James Kilred," said Daffney as she slowly lifted
off his body and laid down on the bed. "But I like your thinking, toss that
rubber and lick me clean."

James removed the semen filled rubber and tossed it into a small plastic
bag for disposal then he climbed on the bed and went to work licking her

* * *

Later that night they had made love one last time, it had been a task but
it was worth it to have their last time end that way. The sex had been great
but they had made the choice to do that first instead of making love and they
weren't going to let a fuck be the end of their relationship. They had taken
it slower than the night before with James cumming inside of Daffney with no
condom, she was on the pill and while it had been a small risk it was one
they hadn't taken the first night they did it.

They had stayed close together when it was over; James had spooned behind
her and held her as she drifted off to sleep. James closed his eyes as they
stayed close together, in the morning they would be no more. When he opened
his eyes, they would be no longer a couple. When he opened his eyes, he
wouldn't even have a job. With all that in his mind, James didn't want to
open his eyes ever again.

* * *

James finished loading his stuff into his truck; David had helped him
while Stacy talked quietly with Daffney. It was strange, he would be leaving
town and heading north towards Titan Towers while the rest would be leaving
in a few hours to head south to Tampa. David shook his hand and walked over
to Stacy as Daffney walked up to James and hugged him. Her eyes were red from
the crying she had done that morning but she had gotten under control in time
for James departure.

"I'll never forget the time we had together Daffney, I never thought I
could love again."

"Stop getting sappy on me James, I don't want to start crying again."

The two hugged tightly as James whispered goodbye and I'll miss you into
her ear.

"Does this pain last long?"

"Yeah but you'll find someone else and they'll make it go away."

"You promise me?"

"I could never lie to you, you're just too damn lovable."

"I get that a lot."

Daffney kissed him on the cheek and with a tear rolling down her cheek
she said her final goodbye to James. James watched as she walked over to
Stacy, hugged her tight and Stacy helped her into the hotel with David
walking slowly behind them. As James climbed into his truck he heard a loud
sound that sounded like a scream. James looked towards the direction of the
sound and saw Steve on the balcony with his hands cupped doing the Stinger
yell. James laughed and waved up at his friend and Steve waved right back
at him.

James started up his truck, slipped on his sunglasses and headed out of
the parking lot.

James still sat in his truck clutching the wheel; his nerves had got the
best of him. This past year had been a roller coaster ride with more downs
than ups. He stared at the building he was scheduled to enter for a meeting
at 2:30, the menacing complex marked the start of something entirely new.

James exited his truck and began the walk, still deep in thought but not
so deep as to bump into people. He stayed deep in thought as the elevator
went up, not sure of how much things were going to change but sure as hell
that they would.

He wasn't paying too much attention as he made his way to the office
after exiting the elevator, he knew what he had to do but his mind was still
racing. The receptionist knew who he was and went through a large set of
wooden doors, surely announcing his presence to those inside the office.
James felt like he was sweating but as he touched the skin on his arm, he
realized there was no liquid coming through. There was no sweat on his arms,
none on his forehead and none on his hands.

He was very nervous as the receptionist said those inside were ready for
him. He took a very deep breath to regain his composure and opened the door
to the office. As he entered he saw a man sitting behind a desk in a gray
business suit. The man stood up from his chair as James approached the desk
and the words out of the man's mouth would change James world forever.

"Hello Mr. Kilred, I'm Vince McMahon."

Coming soon: Chapter 10 - A Whole New Attitude

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