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If you are under 18, or live in an area where you shouldn't be reading
this type of story, don't read it. This is obviously a fictional story,
since some of the women don't even work for the WWF right now. Hypnotism
obviously doesn't work this way, but just get into the state of mind
that it does, for the sake of the story.

Sexy Women Of The WWF
by Stormy Stacky (

Every woman was pissed at Vince tonight. What would convince him to run
a show in the Polka High School gymnasium? Sure, it was the one from Mick
Foley's past, but he wasn't even there. They weren't getting paid much, but
they were all forced to work tonight. The worst part had to be the dressing
rooms, or lack there of. There were two, one for the men, and one for the
women. There was one shower, that had to be shared by all the women.

Most of them showed up. Trish Stratus, the newest woman, didn't want to
miss this show. She was new, so she didn't want to piss Vince off. Terri
Runnels was getting called into Vince's office often, due to her horrible
attendance. Tammy Lynn Sytch was recently re-hired, so she didn't want to
get fired again by missing a show. Stephanie McMahon was very angry. She
couldn't believe that not only did her father make her come for the show,
but he made her use the same dressing room as everyone else. Debra McMichael
had just made her return, as had Barbara Bush, or BB as she preferred to be

The show had just ended. The man in charge, since Vince was busy, had done
a terrible job marketing the event. Thus, only twenty-two people has shown
up. They had all left, except for one. This man was Charles Collins. He was
a trained hypnotist, and he was extremely horny after watching the seemingly
endless parade of T&A. He decided to make his way back to the dressing room.
It wasn't hard, since the man running the show was... HIM!

He immediatly got to the women's room. "Excuse me ladies, I'd just like to
congradulate you on a great show."

Tammy stood up as soon as he entered the room. All the women were still
in the clothes they wore during the show. Tammy spoke, "What the hell are you
thinking!? Get the hell out of here!"

"Now Tammy, just settle down.".

"Wait a minute, did I just see a light flicker?" he lied. "You know,
that can be one of the neatest things you can ever see. When it flickers, it
plays tricks with your eyes. Just stare at it."

All the girls looked up at the light (most of them were blond!).

"That's it, just keep looking at it. Relaxing, isn't it? It's gonna
flicker any second. Just keep looking at it."

The girls were all starting to sway. Tammy almost fell.

"Now, you're getting kind of sleepy staring at this light, aren't you?
You just want to lay down, close your eyes, and go into a deep sleep. Your
eyelids are getting heavy. When I snap my fingers, you will all go into a
deep sleep. Well in this sleep, you will want to do everything that I say."

'SNAP' All the girls immediatly shut their eyes, awaiting their commands.

"Girls, stand up, good. Now, I want you to listen to me carefully. I'm a
busy man, so I'm not able to stay. I've got a camera set up, so I'll watch
the action later. Girls, when you wake up, you will all have an intense
feeling. You will begin to crave the scent and curves of the female bodies,
but it will only apply when you are in this room. Everytime you are in here,
you will have sexual feeling towards the other women in here. You won't be
able to resist the feeling. You will soon give in to the feeling, and you
will all begin to seduce the other girls. It won't take much, and soon you
will be in full intercourse with the others. You will wake up when you hear
the sound of the door shutting. You may only cum once. After you cum, you
will pass out, and wake up later. You will get dressed and go home, and
continue to live your lives normally. You will not remember anything that
happens. Also, you will not be able to utter a single word, but I'm sure
you'll be making plenty of orgasmic sounds." He snickered a little as he
walked over to the door. He walked out and slammed the door.

All the girls woke up at the same time, having no recollection of the
events that just transpired. Tammy sat down, not even knowing why she was
standing up. Terri had an unknown feeling in her stomach, much the same as
everyone else. Her hand found it's way to her breasts, with the other going
to her crotch. She was wearing a skirt and a tight yellow shirt, with
matching white silk panties and bra. She was rubbing those panties at this
very moment. She couldn't believe how wet she was!

In fact, all the women in there were really wet. By now, all the girls
were rubbing their throbbing cunts. Stephanie was the horniest of all, she'd
only had sex once. She had her hand down her pants and panties and was
furiously rubbing her clit.

Suddenly, the second part of their commands hit. They all stood up, and
stared at each other. Stephanie went to Debra, BB went to Terri, and Tammy
went to Trish. They all began to french kiss passionatly. Terri's hand went
to BB's huge breasts. Stephanie, Debra, Tammy, and Trish decided to make a
foursome. They made their way over to the shower. Tammy turned on the cold
water on, and they all stepped in, clothes and all.

Stephanie was wearing a plain white shirt, black pants, white panties,
and a white push up bra. Debra was wearing a low cut gray business suit, a
gray skirt, and the white bra and panties that were always displayed back
when she was managing Jeff Jarrett. Trish was wearing a black sleeveless
shirt, and black pants. She didn't wear any underwear. Tammy was simply
dressed in a black push up bra and black panties.

They all stepped in at the same time. They decided to pleasure Tammy
first. Debra un-hooked her bra, showing her hard nipples. Stephanie slid
Tammy's panties down, taking a second to inhale the sweet scent of her
womanhood. The cold water was running through Tammy's hair and all over her
body. Debra took one of Tammy's hard nipples into her mouth. Trish began
licking Tammy's other tit. Stephanie had her face buried between Tammy's
legs, furiously licking her clit. Tammy arched her back, tilted her head
back, and closed her eyes. Her body began to shake as she got closer to her
orgasm. She finally came, in several spurts. She collapsed and immediately
passed out, just as her orders specified.

The other girls paid no mind to her, and went back to their escapades
quickly. Debra and Trish decided to go to Stephanie next. Her white shirt
was drenched, showing off her glorious tits. Debra ripped her shirt right
off her, while Trish slipped her pants and panties off. Debra unclasped
her bra, began rolling the nipple in her hands. Stephanie moaned, as Trish
sent her finger into Stephanie's tight snatch. She tilted her head back,
as her moaning became more constant. She came very quickly, and passed out
right after it.

Trish and Debra began kissing. Trish un-dressed her, and started licking
over her entire body. She took her nipple in her mouth as she fingered Debra.
Debra let out a drawn out groan as she released onto Trish's hand. She then
collapsed as Trish went back to the dressing room, to check out Terri and

When she got back, BB had Terri on the floor, with her head between her
legs. Terri was naked, and BB was still fully clothed. Terri arched her
back as she came onto BB's face. She then went limp as BB stood up. She
walked over to Trish and ripped her clothes off. Trish went slowly,
un-buttoning every button on BB's EMT uniform. She then slipped it off, as
she then took her pants off. She then slipped her white bra and panties off.
They got into a 69 position as they both started licking the other. BB was
soon moaning into Trish's cunt, with Trish doing to same thing. They
both came at the same time, as they both passed out.

An hour later, they started waking up, in the same order they came. They
left without incident, and not remembering what had happened.

The next day, Charles went to Polka High School and got the tape. Boy, he
couldn't wait for Eric Bischoff or Paul Heyman to return his calls!

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