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You Need To Read These Parts First:
Stephanie Insults The Wrong Fans
Vince And Linda Meets Stephanie's New Friends

Shane And Marissa Welcome Mick And Taylor
by Angela (, AOL Screen name: Storyweaver4life)

A few days after being accepted by Vince and Linda McMahon, Mick and Taylor
are at the home of Shane and Marissa McMahon having dinner with them. Both
Mick and Taylor have trouble keeping their eyes off of the lovely Marissa
McMahon who has been smiling at both of them the entire evening.

Shane takes a sip of his wine and smiles at Taylor, "How are you enjoying
your salad?"

Taylor is a bit entranced by Marissa and Mick has to gently nudge her foot
with his whole so she can pay attention. Taylor shakes her head and realizes
what Shane asked. Embarrassed a little, she smiles politely, "Oh it's great
Shane, really it is..."

Shane takes a sip of his wine standing up and reaching for Taylor's hand "May
I speak with you a moment Taylor?"

"Sure" she replies nervously and she follows him into the den.

"So Taylor you seem to be very preoccupied tonight are you all right?" he
asks leaning against his desk with his arms crossed.

"I just have a lot on my mind" she replies and Shane smiles moving behind her
pulling her back against him to whisper in her ear.

"Like how good my wife looks?"

Taylor blushes and nods, "Yes... she's very beautiful..."

Shane moves a hand and places it on Taylor's backside as he moves the other
to trace a finger around her breast. "You're very beautiful as well..." Shane
whispers as he tilts his head to kiss her neck.

Taylor moans softly, "Shane... you're wife... is in the next room..."

Shane smiles, "We're McMahons... we do what we want... she doesn't mind...
and she's learned that rather quickly when I married her..."

Taylor turned to slide her hands up his chest "You are so sexy...just like
your dad."

Shane presses her against the wall unbuttoning her blouse "Well when it comes
to pleasing a woman...he taught me everything he knows" Shane replied leaning
down to gently suck on Taylor's breast through her bra.

Taylor moans a little and moves her hands and places then on Shane's head.
"Ohh Shane..." Shane moves his hands and slides off her blouse then removes
her bra. Shane cups her breasts and takes one into his mouth to suck on her

Taylor slide her hand down pulling his shirt out of his slacks and over his
head "I want to feel you" He takes her hand leading her over to the small
couch but she quickly stops him.

"Baby the floor would be better this could get intense" she says sliding her
hands up Shane's chest.

Shane nods, "I'm sure things will get intense..." Shane moves the floor with
Taylor. She presses his hands on his chest and has him lean back against
couch. Taylor unbuckles his belt, undoes his pants, which she then pulls down
his legs, along with his boxers, shoes and socks.

Taylor looks at Shane's cock and licks her lips, "Wow... you McMahon's sure
are huge..."

Shane smiles taking his cock ion his hand and stroking it slowly making sure
Taylor is watching. Suddenly she reaches over, takes his hand and licks his
fingers "Now why do you want to do that when I am right here and totally
willing to lick this for you Mr. McMahon?"

Shane smiles and moves his hands behind his head, "Then go ahead Taylor... my
dad and Mick has bragged about how good you are..."

Taylor blushes a little, "Mick needs to keep his mouth shut..." She leans
forward and lowers her mouth onto his cock and slowly begins to bob her head
up and down on his dick.

Shane gasps a bit in surprise as how her skilled her Taylor is, "Damn
girl..." Shane moans as he runs his fingers through her hair. Taylor lets
her tongue swirl around the tip before takes the whole thing down her throat
starting to slowly suck it "Mmm....well Dad was definitely right about you
baby" he says moaning as she continues to suck him.

Taylor lifts her head off his cock and smiles at up him, "You taste
delicious..." she then licks the sides of his cock.

Shane smiles a little, "Would love to taste you baby..." Taylor grins and she
stands up and moves over him so her pussy is near his face.

"Then go ahead..." she places a hand on the back of his head and moves it so
he can start licking her pussy. Shane licks up and down her slit as he moves
his hands around her legs and places them on her ass cheeks.

"Oh yeah Shane baby...come on and suck me like a McMahon" Shane responds by
quickly spreading her pussy open and thrusting his tongue inside of her wet
pussy making Taylor whimper and moan "Yes... do my pussy Shane make me beg
you baby."

Shane slides his tongue deep inside of her pussy, Taylor takes hold of his
short black hair and moves her pussy against her face. Taylor tilts her head
back as she starts to climax, "Ohhh, ohhh Shane... that's it... that's it

Meanwhile... in the kitchen, Mick is helping Marissa load up the dishwasher.
The two smile at each other as their eyes slightly wander over each other's

Marissa fakes a sigh, "I'm really sorry about Shane..."

"What do you mean?" Mick asks as he closes the dishwasher.

"Well he did lead your friend out of the dining room to... well, we know what
they are doing..." Marissa laughs.

Mick chuckles a bit, "Oh it's no big deal... it's not the first time Taylor
has gone off..."

Marissa smiles, "Well I know she's having a good time... Shane's pretty
gifted..." Her eyes go down to Mick's crotch and she smirks, "And I think you
may be too..."

Mick can't help but smiles, "Well, I don't like to brag..." He moves a bit
closer to her and moves a strand of hair behind her ear with his hand.

Marissa smiles moving to touch his lips with he finger "Why should Shane and
Taylor be the only ones having fun?" she asks him moving to wrap her arms
around his neck He pulls her to him kissing her and moving to undo her blouse
revealing a fire engine red bra underneath cupping her big breasts. Mick
slides his tongue into her mouth to tap it against her own as they both move
against the kitchen counter. Mick lifts her up and sits her on the counter,
continues to kiss her as she slides off her blouse, allowing him to cup and
squeeze her breasts with his hands. "Mmm you have strong hands..." Marissa
moans as she wraps her legs around his body.

Mick slips his hand between her legs moving to stroke her slit "Did you
and Shane have some fun before we got here?" he asks when he slips a finger
inside of her finding her extremely wet

"No... he was too keyed up about Taylor coming his dad built her up real

"So did I make you this wet?" he asks smiling.

Marissa blushes, "I ...pleasured myself in the shower"

"Awww..." Mick smiles as he kneels down a bit and spreads her legs apart
after remove her skirt. Mick spreads her pussy open with his fingers and
starts licking her cunt, tasting her warm juices before sliding his tongue
inside of her.

Marissa's eyes got a bit wide as she bucks her hips against his face in
response, "Ohhh shit..." She moans as she cups one of her breasts, twisting
the nipple through the material of the bra.

"You like that Marissa?" he asks and she moans as Mick keeps slipping his
tongue in and out feeling her getting wetter it seems like each time his
tongue reenters her. He moves to rub her pussy while he increases the force
of his licking.

"Ahhh ohhh mmmm fuck..," Marissa moans louder as she's hit with a sudden
orgasm. Mick smirks a bit but continues to lick her pussy to keep her on
the edge. Marissa leans back on the counter as her body quivers as her
climax subsides.

Back in the den, Shane has Taylor in the doggy style position and he is
pounding his thick cock inside of her "Shane... I love having you in there
keep it up baby I'm gonna cum again please Shane..."

Shane grips Taylor's sexy hips and pulls her back against him every time
he buries his cock entirely in her asshole. "God... your ass is so fucking
tight... it's... just like Marissa's... I love it..." Shane says as sweat
drips down his brow.

Taylor moves a hand to her pussy and slides two fingers into her slit. She
moves them in and out at the same pace Shane is fucking her ass, "Ohhh ohh
Shane... keep it up..." Shane keeps his pace up, grunting noticeably as he
tries to push Taylor over the edge of ecstasy.

Shane hits Taylor's spot and she screams his name as she climaxes. "Wow baby
you know just how to do it Marissa should be thanking God everyday for you...
now why don't you let me show you some of my other talents?"

Shane pulls out of Taylor and smiles "Show me what you got... I heard so much
about you that I want to totally experience you."

"Is that so... well now baby get into the doggy position and get ready for
the total experience" she replies smiling at him moving to kiss him deeply.

Shane kisses her back before breaking the kiss. He gets down on his hands and
knees, into the doggy position and looks at her, "I'm all yours..."

Taylor moves behind him running a hand up his back stopping when she gets to
his ass "You've been such a good boy know I want to reward you"
Taylor slowly slides a finger down his ass.

Shane looks back at her as he feels her finger against his ass, "Marissa has
never done anything like that..."

"Does that make you hot Shane?" Taylor slips two fingers inside his ass
moving them in and out as she moves to stroke his cock. "Well my, my Mr.
McMahon I do believe it does."

"Ohhh fuck... Taylor..." Shane bites his lower lip as she moves her fingers
in and out of his ass faster while stroking his cock quicker as well. Shane's
body starts moving a bit in response to Taylor's talented fingers and Shane
can feel that he's going to cum hard if she keeps it up.

"Shane you said you wanted the total Taylor experience right baby?"

"Yes... please Taylor" he whimpers as she smiles releasing his cock to move
behind him leaning down to stick her tongue inside his ass moving it in and
out like she would on his cock.

"Ahh ohh geez baby... that's hot... damn... your tongue... ahh shit..." Shane
moans as he lowers his head to the floor as Taylor rubs his ass with her free
hands while tongue fucking his ass. Taylor presses face against Shane's
backside and sticks her tongue as far into his asshole as possible, making
Shane lurch a bit.

"Easy baby... don't want you passing out on me" she says moving to stroke his
cock "Shane... baby I'll do things to you Marissa can only dream of..."

"I... I can tell..." Shane moans his reply. "Ohh Taylor... I've got to cum...
Make me cum Taylor..."

Taylor grins and tightens her hold on his cock, pumping it up and down as she
resumes licking his asshole.

"I love licking your ass Shane feeling you respond to me baby gets me so hot"
Taylor starts licking up and down his ass crack.

"Ahhh ohh shit..." Shane moans as he starts to climax, and since he's down in
his on his hands and knees, his cum has no place to go except down on to the
carpet. "Ohhh fuck Taylor... I've never... cummed so hard..." Shane moans.

"Well anytime you want a repeat you know where I live right baby?"

"Oh yeah" he says pulling her to him and kissing her deeply before they both
turn to see Marissa standing there and she suddenly races up the stairs into
the bedroom "I'll go after her" Taylor says laying her hand on his chest "You
need some recovery time anyway sexy" She follows Marissa up the stairs and
closes the door behind them "Hey... wanna talk?"

Marissa glares at Taylor, "How... how could you do that to Shane? He's a
McMahon... and you made him... your toy..." Marissa folds her arms and waits
for an answer.

"I saw what I wanted and I knew how to get" she replies walking up to Marissa
"Just like what's happening right now" she replied sliding a finger down
Marissa's arm.

"What do you mean?" Marissa asks nervously.

"Marissa you know exactly what I'm talking about." Taylor goes to lock the
door, comes back up and pushes her down on the bed. Marissa starts to stand
up but Taylor pushes her back down on the bed and straddles her body. Taylor
smiles down at her, "Did you have fun with Mick?" Taylor asks as she starts
to unbutton Marissa's wrinkled blouse to reveal her braless breasts.

"Yes I did" she replied as Taylor's hand cupped her breasts going over the

"Well now it's my turn to have some fun with you Mrs. McMahon" Taylor grins.

Marissa bites her lips, "What are you going to do to me..."

Taylor licks her lips and winks at her, "Anything I want baby..." Taylor
moves down Marissa and takes off her tattered skirt. She takes one look at
her pussy and smiles, "Damn... you did have fun... you're so wet..."

Taylor slips her tongue inside of Marissa moving to taste every inch of her
while she feels her trying to buck her hips "You taste so good baby..."

Marissa moans loudly as she violently pinches her own nipples, "Ohhhh tongue
fuck me... please... I want it.."

Taylor smiles looking up at her "I made Shane my toy. Now I'll make you my
slut" thrusts her tongue deep and fast inside of her pussy while spreading
her pussy open with her fingers.

"Ohhhh baby... make me your slut please.... oh yes... yess... right there..."
Marissa words are mixes and jumbled but Taylor can tell Marissa's lust and
desires have over taken her sense, just as she had hoped.

"Sweet Marissa" she says rubbing her pussy up and down and since she had
already been stimulated by Mick, Marissa's orgasm explodes over her body and
Taylor smiles watching every moment of it.

"Ohhhhh baby..." Marissa arches her back sharply as her orgasm rips through
her body. "Ohh god... ohhh god...." Marissa moans, "I'm your slut..."

Taylor moves to sit on the bed spreading her legs wide open "Come on slut...
lick my pussy."

"Ok..." Marissa replies as she moves between Taylor's legs and spreads her
pussy open with her fingers. She then slides her tongue all over her pussy
hoping to find a spot that can drive Taylor wild. Marissa also moves a hand
between her own legs to fuck her own pussy with her fingers, making her
tongue movements erratic.

"Take your fingers out of your pussy" Taylor commands moving to grab
Marissa's head almost slamming it in her pussy "Yes slut... that's it do my
pussy be a good little slut" Marissa stabs her tongue in and out of Taylor's
pussy loving the taste of her wet cunt.

"Yes that's it oh damn Marissa I'm cumming baby" Taylor says as she cums hard
against Marissa's mouth they both relax for a few moments before getting up
and dressed heading down stairs. Taylor spots Shane and blows him a kiss "We
really should be going" she tells Mick just as Shane reaches out grabbing her
arm "Can we talk for a minute... please?"

"Sure..." Taylor smiles, "Mick can you start the car?"

Mick nods, "No problem..."

Mick heads out the door as Taylor smiles at Shane, "What's up Shane?" Taylor
asks with a seductive smile.

"Tonight was... definitely intense" Taylor looks down at her hand as it
reaches for his hand and her fingers trace his "Taylor you made me feel like
Marissa never could."

"Shane... what are you saying?" she asks softly.

"Taylor... don't... don't leave me... please."

Taylor smiles and pats his face, "Shane... I have to go..."

"Please don't..." Shane quietly pleads.

"I have to get back to your dad's."

"So you can screw him?" Shane asks bitterly and Taylor turns quickly "Wait
Taylor please I'm sorry I just.... I can't be without you...I wont be without
you Taylor."

Taylor looks back at him, "Shane... I love you... and I love all the
McMahons... Your dad... your mom... your wife... your sister... I belong with
all of you..."

"No... I don't want you with them... Taylor I'm not joking about this I'll
divorce Marissa please stay with me?" He cups her face kissing her deeply.
Slowly she pushes him away running a hand through her hair.

"Why can't I just teach her how to do the things to you I did?"

"You could... but... it won't be the same..." Shane replies.

Taylor smiles, "How do you know... Marissa is a quick study... and I bet she
has some tricks she's never shown you..."

"Damn it Taylor don't you get it... I don't want Marissa I want you I wont
rest until you are mine and only mine... my father will hurt you my mother
can't treat you the way I can and Stephanie... is just using you... I love
you baby. Tell me you don't want me Taylor" Shane moves behind her and cups
her breasts "I know you do baby...I could make you so happy we could have a
home... everything you ever wanted my child inside of you."

Taylor moans, "Shane... I would love to be yours... but there is something
I want more... and once I have it... then maybe..." Taylor turns to face him.
"I'll be yours forever... but until then... I have to be everyone's..." She
kisses his lips softly.

"What is it Taylor... I'll get it for you it money? Jewelry?
Cars... please don't walk away from me tonight we can go to a motel or

Taylor smirks, "Shane... what I want... you wouldn't want to give me... I'll
see you around..." Taylor turns and leaves. She walks to the car where Mick

Mick smiles at her, "You have them eating out of the palm of your hand

"Let's just go okay... I'm tired" she says getting in the car as Mick looks
at her strangely."

"Taylor you are falling in love with him aren't you?" he asks her getting in
the car.

"That's none of your business" she replies turning to look out the window.

Mick starts to drive the car, "If you are... then this could get harder...
Shane could end up stopping us..."

"Just drop it okay damn it can we not think about the plan for five seconds?"

Mick remains silent for a long moment before a smile creeps on to his face,
"Taylor... I'm wrong... this can work out... and we'll get what we want...
and you'll get him..."

"Let me out... now I'll walk the rest of the way to Vince and Linda's."

"You're not gonna walk I'll stop talking about the plan."

"Good" she replies as her cell phone rings "Hello?"

"Taylor it's Shane "I just wanted to say thank you for tonight and I hope
you have sweet dreams" Taylor closed her eyes for a moment. "Shane..." she
whispered softly.

"Yes?" he asked.

"We... I need to talk to you... about something important... meet me...

"We can talk tonight... I'll be up anyway... please Taylor?"

"Shane I...."

"Please Taylor are you going to leave in suspense wondering what's going on?"

"All right... meet me at the Star Bucks down the road from your parents

"All right I'll be there in thirty minutes I love you Taylor "he said softly
taking them both by surprise.

"I... I love you too..." Taylor quietly replies, "I'll see you in 30

"Ok..." Both of them hang up and Taylor looks at Mick,

"Can you..."

"I'll drop you off..." Mick replies.

30 Minutes Later

Taylor was sitting at Starbucks drinking her coffee when Shane came in moving
next to her cupping her face and kissing her thoroughly.

"So what's up?" he asked when he released her Taylor looked down at her

"Remember you told me you loved me?"

"Of course I do" he said smiling.

"Well remember that when I tell you this..."

"Taylor... your scaring me" he said softly reaching for her hand.

"Shane... Mick and I are seducing your family... to get control of the WWE
away from Vince."

Shane looks at Taylor, "You're... what?"

Taylor looks down, "Me and Mick are big WWE fans... and we... want to make it
better... your dad is ruining it... for us... and every fan..."

Shane sits back and Taylor can't look at him afraid of what she could see "so
what happened between us was just part of your sick and twisted little plan?"
he asked angrily.

"Shane at first it was but then.... I feel in love with you."

Shane looks at her, "How do I know you're telling the truth..."

Taylor bites her lip, "I'll... do whatever you want... to prove it..."

He stands up and shakes his head "I'll have to think long and hard about that
Taylor and even if I want to give you that chance."

To Be Continued In Midnight Confessions

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