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Shane O'Mac In Charge Part 1
by Shaggi

It was the night after Wrestlemania. Vince Mcmahon had given up on the
company. The Wrestlemania draw rate was the worst it had ever been, and the
show was a total failure. Vince decided that he only had one choice left to
make. He was going to sell the company.

The whole roster was down the next night on Raw. Raw was cancelled and
the company was sold on Wednesday. It was amazing Vince sold it so fast. But
who was the new owner? Smackdown started with its normal entrance video, but
then, on the Titantron, a live feed started playing.

The feed showed a person in a chair with the back turned to the camera.
The whole roster was standing in the ring, waiting to see who the new boss
was. The moment they had waited for since Monday. The chair turned slowly,
and the face was revealed. It was non other then Shane Mcmahon!!!

"Miss me?" Shane asked. "I know your wondering where I have been, and why
I bought this damn company. I know it's failing, but I don't give a damn.
Your all mine now. I can do whatever I want to who ever I want. If you don't
listen or comply with what I say, I will make sure you NEVER work in this
business again." Shane bragged.

"Your daddy taught you A LOT of things, and you learned a lot from him,
but damnit Shane, you never inherited your dad's brains." Kevin Nash yelled
from a microphone in the ring.

"Big Daddy Cool, Kevin Nash, Big Man, calm down," Shane replied. "I know
you're pissed, but rest assure, certain individuals will reap the benefits
of what I do in the near future."

"You can reap on this!" X-Pac yelled to Shane on the mic and gave him a
crotch chop.

"Oh really Sean? Mr. 1-2-3 Kid?? Give me a break you overgrown BOY. Want
to see my power? Want to see what I can do, just wait. Now get out of the
damn ring, follow the show plans, and listen to exactly what I say and
everything will be OK."

The show continued, and drew huge ratings. The show peaked at the main
event, getting an overnight rating of 5.3, about 2.0 up from last week. Shane
was a happy man. He purchased the company for about 6 million, which set him
back greatly.

* * *

It was Friday afternoon; Shane had to get to work. Shane had a meeting
with the roster regarding the future. However, when he got to the WWF Women's
title, Trish and Lita were NO where to be found.

About three hours later they showed up in his office. After about five
minutes of making excuses of where they were, Shane had heard enough.

"Bottom line is this," Shane started. "Jazz is getting fired, she is not
marketable. One of you will be women's champ, I'm just not sure exactly who.
Your going to have to show me which one of you is better," Shane explained.

"Where's the ring? I'll show you why exactly I am part of Team Extreme,"
Lita boasted.

"Whatever, you may have the wrestling skills, but I too have them. Plus,
I'm way hotter," Trish shot back.

"Ladies, ladies, ladies. Your misunderstanding, I don't give a damn about
your in-ring abilities, Your going to have to show ME why you deserve the
belt," Shane explained.

Trish got the hint and gave Shane a slutty look. Lita caught the look and
"accidentally" dropped the soda she was holding. She bent over to pick it
up, giving Shane a beautiful shot of her ass, while showing off her thong.
Lita was wearing baggy warm ups with a tight 2Xtreme t-shirt that showed off
her stomach. Underneath, she was wearing a lacy pink bra with a matching

Trish on the other hand was totally opposite. She was wearing an extremely
formfitting black t-shirt with leather pants. She was also wearing a red bra
that made her chest look bigger then it already was. She wore nothing under
her leather pants.

Shane stood up. "You can be the best in this business or next to nothing,
the choice is yours. I think you know what to do. But first, may I ask you
a question Trish?" Shane asked.

"Sure," Trish replied.

"Spit or swallow?"

"I love a hot burst of cum down my throat," Trish explained in a sexy

"Great, please go take a seat on the couch, your tryout is first Lita."
Shane told them.

Trish didn't know what to think. She didn't know what to expect. She
slowly walked over towards the leather couch and sat down. Shane started to
walk towards Lita, who was standing in front of his desk.

"I know what you did for my father to get your job here. I expect the
same," Shane reminded Lita.

Lita planted a liplock on Shane. It was a long, passionate kiss. Shane
put his hand on Lita's chest and his other up her shirt. They continued on
kissing for what seemed like ever to Trish. Lita removed her shirt, revealing
her bra as they continued. Lita pushed Shane away; Shane placed his hands in
back of him on the desk. Lita gave him a sexy look and took her bra off.

Her tits weren't the best he had seen, but they were nice. She was a 36C.
She started rubbing them, pinching her nipples also. She turned around and
slid her pants down slowly, revealing her perfect ass to him. She finally
slipped out of her pants and was just wearing her thong. Shane began to pitch
a tent in his pants that was very visible.

Lita walked over to Shane and took off his shirt. She put her hands all
over his upper body. Shane started to mess with lita's hair, he loved
redheads. She got on her knees, only 6 inches away from his raging hard on
bulging in his pants. She knew exactly what he wanted.

"I'm going to make this as good as possible for you." Lita told Shane.
She started to unzip him. Shane was extremely impatient, he wanted this so
bad. Shane sat up on the top of his desk. Lita had unzipped his pants. He
had on black boxers. Lita started to lick the crotch of his boxers, Shane
closed his eyes. Slowly she slid them down. She started to get a little
nervous when they were finally down to his ankles.

A 10-inch semi-erect cock was staring at her. She couldn't believe the
size of his dick.

"Holy shit, your more then Vince ever was," she told him.

"Please?" moaned Shane.

Just then Trish looked over at Shane. She was extremely turned on with
what she saw. She started to feel her crotch get moist, and she started to
watch Lita.

Lita started by grabbing Shane's balls. She fondled then in her hands.
She slowly worked up to his shaft, and began to give him a handjob. Shane put
his head back in pleasure. She worked slowly; jerking him off was getting her
extremely horny. Her hand moved in a back in forth motion. After a minute of
handjob, she started to lick his shaft. He loved it. She moved up to his head
and licked the tip, it was so big. She opened her mouth and began to take his
huge cock. She got his head in her mouth and began swirling around it with
her tongue.

Lita wasn't too good at giving head, so she figured she could slide by
just foreplay. That wasn't going to work, as she quickly found out.

"Suck it, please, suck me," Shane told her.

Lita began to take Shane's cock in her mouth. It had grown to 11 1/2
inches, its full length. Inch after inch Lita began taking his cock in her
mouth. She had 6 inches in and started bobbing on it back and forth. Her
saliva made his dick nice and wet, letting her mouth slide up and down it
easier. Lita didn't know how much more of his cock she could take.

She put her hand around the base and started to take more in her mouth.
She got to 8 inches and was all she could handle. She began to bob her head
furiously, she wanted that women's title. Shane held his head back in
pleasure; he didn't know how much more he could take. Lita continued to pick
up the pace.

Trish was extremely turned on; she had her hand in her pants robbing her
wet box. Just then, the door opened, it was Matt Hardy, Lita's boyfriend. He
saw Trish as she removed her hand from her pants, she felt guilty now.

Lita had failed to realize someone had entered the room. Shane had been
expecting Matt, but he was a little early. He didn't care.

"Oh shit, Lita, I'm about to cum!"

Lita removed his throbbing cock from her mouth and began jerking him off.
He began to shoot load after load of cum all over her chin and tits. After
3 bursts of cum, Lita's chest had cum all over it. She sucked him for a
couple seconds, getting the remaining cum off his dick.

Shane stood up, and so did Lita.

"Lita," Trish yelled, "Turn around for a sec hun."

"Oh shit," Lita exclaimed shocked. "Matt, I'm-I'm-I'm, Well..."

"It's OK," Shane told Lita, "I expected him."

Lita looked at Shane confused. She had no clue what was going on. Trish
was also curious of the current situation.

"You see, Matt Hardy joined my Alliance. He is part of my team. He does
favors for me, as do other WWF superstars, and in return, they reap the
benefits. Now Lita, don't you think its wrong that your getting some from
another man and your boyfriend isn't. I think that Trish's tryout will be
with Matt. Just come and sit on my lap Lita." Shane explained.

The idea was good to Trish. She had liked him for a while. Trish walked
over to Matt and planted a kiss on him. Trish wasted no time, as her hand
quickly found the zipper of Matt's pants. She unzipped them and put her hand
in his boxers to find a nice 8-inch rod.

Matt slowly removed Trish's shirt, revealing her huge, firm chest under
her lacy bra. Matt plunged his face right in and started licking her
cleavage. Trish used her hand to slide Matt's boxers down. Trish reached
behind her and unclasped her bra, letting her mounds free. Matt licked her
nipples, getting them hard almost instantly. He loved her breasts; he fondled
them like there was no tomorrow.

Matt got on his knees and slowly started unzipping her pants. Underneath,
he was shocked to find out she had no panties on. Her blonde bush was right
in front of his face. She had a landing stip for pubic hair, and it turned
Matt on. Trish sat down on the couch and buried his face in her crotch.

He slowly licked her wet pussy lips, making Trish let out soft moans. Matt
slid 2 fingers in her pussy and worked them in and out, Trish was really
getting wet. Matt used his other hand to play with her tits. Matt used his
two fingers to split her pussy lips apart. He buried his tongue in deep
within her folds and started eating her out.

"Oh ya, give it to me Matt, eat my pussy," Trish told Matt. Matt paid no
attention, as he continued eating her out.

Meanwhile, Lita was sitting on Shane's lap. The younger McMahon slid his
hand under her thong and began playing with her clit. He started to get hard
again. Lita felt the bulge against her ass. She was too busy sucking on
Shane's other hand to care though.

Trish sat up and bent over in front of Matt. She put her right hand on the
side of the couch and spread her pussy with the other. Matt ate her out. She
was extremely wet, she loved how matt's facial hair rubbed up against her
pussy, it felt great. Matt began to use his hand to rub trish's ass. Trish
had a great ass.

Matt sat up. He had been waiting for this. Trish got on all fours. He
aligned his dick with her pussy and slowly started to work it in. Trish was
extremely tight to his surprise. Trish loved how thick Matt's dick was, as it
slid fully in her box.

"Oh god yes, yes, god give it to me, yes, oh, oh" Trish moaned as Matt
vigorously pumped into Trish's blonde bush. She was extremely wet now. After
a little while, Matt pulled out of her pussy. Matt sat on the couch; Trish
stood over him and began lowering herself.

"I want to fuck your ass," Shane told Lita.

"I was hoping you'd say that," Lita replied.

Lita slid off her thong, revealing a shaven pussy. Lita planted her hands
on the couch's arm, and put her ass into the air. Her ass was perfect. Shane
got behind her, and slowly pushed his raging hard on against the crack of her
ass. With a little force, he had the tip of his head inside her. He began
pushing, her ass was incredibly tight, he thought Matt was a moron for not
liking anal sex, especially with Lita. Shane got about half of his 10 inches
in and began baby thrusting into her.

"God it hurts, but it feels so good. Put it all in my Shane. Fill my ass
with that huge cock of yours," Lita demanded.

Shane didn't need to be told twice as he began pushing more of himself
into her ass. She moaned as he violated her anal cavities. Shane knew he
should have bought some lubrication last night, as he was working hard to
get his length into her.

"Fuck yes, yes, oh god, fuck me hard, let me feel that mammoth cock in my
ass. It just feels so right, don't stop!" Lita told Shane.

Meanwhile, Trish had straddled Matt and began riding him. He had better
extension like this, and was able to get inside her fully.

"God Matt, your incredible, pound my pussy, please!!" Trish told Matt.

Trish began bouncing on Matt's rod; she wanted it in her deep. Matt closed
his eyes in pleasure, he couldn't take much more of this. Trish continued to
bounce as Matt started thrusting.

"Oh ya, ya, ya, fuck me, make me your slut, I'm such a slut, I want all
your cock in me." Trish screamed.

Meanwhile, Lita was exhausted from Shane's huge cock stretching her
asshole. She began to play with her twat. It wasn't long before she was
cumming. Shane had slowed down also; his endurance was great, but not this
great. He pulled out of Lita and sat down for a second. Lita laid down in

"Wait here" Shane told Lita, I'll let you know who won in a second, just
something I got to do."

Shane walked over towards the back of Trish, who was still riding Matt's
cock. Shane wanted a piece of Trish before this try out ended. Matt stopped
thrusting. Shane stuck a finger in Trish's pussy. It was going to be an
extremely tight fit, but not impossible.

"Stick your cock in my pussy" Trish told Shane. "You two double penetrate
me like the world is ending, NOW!" Trish yelled to Shane. Shane didn't need
to be told twice as he got behind the busty blonde. Shane slowly began to
wiggle the head of his cock into her already stuffed pussy.

Trish whimpered in pleasure as Shane managed to get his head in. Her pussy
was being stretched to the maximum, and Trish was cumming. It was easier to
slide his cock in now that she was wetter. He got his full cock inside her
pussy and began thrusting. Matt started thrust too. It was like a well oiled
machine, as Trish's pussy expanded to fit both cocks, she had reached her
maximum pleasure, and was having massive orgasms.

Shane and Matt were also nearing orgasm. Lita stared in amazement at Trish
being double penetrated. Lita knew she lost the try out. She put her clothes
back on and left the room in defeat.

"Oh god, yes, yes, oh shit ya, fuck, fuck me, yes!!!!!!!!" Trish moaned.
They continued for about another minute, Shane couldn't take it anymore and
pulled out. Trish got off of Matt's rod and got on her knees. Shane began
to jerk himself off. Trish opened her mouth. Within seconds, load after load
of hot cum splashed into her mouth. Shane unleashed what seemed like a gallon
of cum. She swallowed it all. Shane left and went to the bathroom, which was
in the next room over.

Meanwhile, Trish turned to Matt. She began licking the tip of his head
with her tongue. He couldn't take it much more and began to unleash his wad.
He came just as much as Shane, if not more. Once again, Trish swallowed it
all down, not missing a drop.

"Wow, that was great, we have to do it again." Trish told Matt

Just as Matt was about to reply, Shane interrupted.

"Trish, you've done good. Your work is above excellent. You will be given
the WWF Women's Title at Backlash. Thanks for the experience; we will have
another review for you in the near future. Please excuse me, I have some
business to take care of, Rock's going to pay for the drop in the ratings,"
Shane told Trish as he rushed out of his office.

Trish and Matt got dressed and also left the office sweaty. They checked
into the presidential sweet of the hotel that night. Shane McMahon had it
reserved for them.

Meanwhile, Shane had some business to take care of with The Rock.

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