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Shane O'Mac In Charge Part 2: Rock Gets Fired, Nidia Gets Tough Enough
by Shaggi

"God ya, yes, that feels great baby. Fuck ya," Shane grunted as the Latin
blonde with curly hair gave him a very wet blowjob. Her red lipstick laden
lips wrapped firmly around Shane's flagpole. She continued to bob her head
up and down on Shane's huge dick. Shane was amazed that she could get so much
down her throat; this was the best blowjob he had ever gotten.

"Shane, what the hell are you doing?" Stephanie said as she saw Shane with
his head held up and his eyes close. Steph couldn't see that he was receiving
a blowjob; his desk hid the vixen that had been sucking Shane off. Steph was
wearing tight leather pants and a HHH The Game t-shirt. It was well known
Steph and HHH had an off camera relationship.

"Nothing, nothing at all." Shane said. Just then, the blonde stood up with
her back towards Steph.

"Who is that?" Steph asked.

Shane zipped his pants back up. "Steph, I'd like you to meet my new
girlfriend, Shakira. We've been secretly dating for about 3 weeks. We didn't
want our relationship to be known to the media. Steph got the hint, and knew
what she had walked in on.

"Pleased to meet you Shakira, I just love your new CD." Steph told
Shakira. The fact of the matter was, Steph had never even heard the new CD.

Shakira just smiled back and left Shane's office. Her face was red; she
was embarrassed at what just happened.

"Shane I'm soo.."

"Its OK Steph, I'm glad you came by anyway. I need your help in cleaning
up the roster." Shane explained

"Shane, I'm CEO. I handle promotions, sales, marketing, and stuff like
that. You work with the roster,"

"Steph, you don't understand. I need to fire a certain individual, but
can't do it without your help, I'd be risking a huge lawsuit."

"What do you have in mind?" Steph asked

"Steph, I need you to set up The Rock. I need you to walk into his locker
room after the show tonight and, well, how should I put this..."

"You want me to fuck The Rock so you can walk in, catch him, and fire
him?" Steph said sarcastically knowing Shane's plan. Truth was, she had done
this to numerous superstars. Vince was a smart man when it came to these

"Well, ya, I would be willing to give you a $50,000 paycheck bonus if you
do." Shane bribed Steph.

"So, I'm your high paid whore and you're my pimp?" Steph sarcastically
shot back at Shane. "No, I'll do it, but you owe me bigtime."

"Me owe you? Remember, it was MY dad that married YOUR mom." Shane
reminded Stephanie.

"What does that mean? We're stepsiblings. What the hell does that mean?
Do you want to fuck me like the rest of the WWF roster?" Steph asked Shane

"Well, uh...nevermind about that, we'll talk later, Go to the Rock's
locker room at 6:30 tonight, I'll be in 5 minutes later," Shane told Steph.

"No prob, later, Shane O," Steph said as she exited the room.

As she left, Shane couldn't help but stare at her ass, it was the nicest
ass money could buy. Quickly his mind changed gears. He had to make Nidia
prove why she deserved to be in the WWF.

* * *

It was 6:15, and Steph was preparing to set the Rock up. She knew what to
do. She'd enter the room, give him slutty looks as she pretended she was
horny. Eventually, she would let The Rock fuck her doggystyle, Shane would
come in, catch them in the act, and fire Rock on the spot.

She left her locker room and walked down the long corridor to the locker
room that had a sign on it that said "The Rock." She heard water running.
This was even better, The Rock would already be naked, helping her greatly.
Her watch turned 6:28 and she walked in.

She walked in and looked to her right. There the Rock stood, singing a old
Elvis song while his back was turned to Stephanie. He was totally oblivious
to stephanie walking in. Rock shut off the water, turned around, fully nude,
and saw Stephanie. Steph was wearing a black tube top that showed off her
newly bough chest and tight black leather pants. Since she wasn't wearing any
panties, it showcased her ass perfectly.

"What the hell are you doing in The Rock's locker room?"

"Well, I was hoping to get some feedback from you," Steph said while
looking at Rock's pubic area. He had a huge rod, at least 8 inches and it
wasn't even errect. It turned Steph on. "Well, you saw what my brother did
on Smackdown. What do you think?"

"Honestly, I couldn't give a damn about your brother, you, or your fake
tits, now get out of my locker room," Rock yelled at Steph as he put on a

"What about my tits, you like them, admit it. You just say things like
that because you really like me," Steph shot back at Rock.

"No, I don't like you, but like any man, I'd fuck you at the drop of a
dime," Rock said.

That was Steph's key right there. She removed her tube top, showing Rock
her mammoth tits as she walked towards him. Her nipples were hard, seeing
Rock's huge cock turned her on. She noticed that the towel rock was wearing
had loosened, as he had pitched a tent. Steph could only imagine how big the
Rock was erect.

Steph reached Rock and kissed him on the cheek. She started kissing his
neck, slowly working down to his rock hard chest, reaching his six pack of
abs. She licked her lips as she slid down to his stomach. She was now at
the towel. She slowly unwrapped it. Rock was still in shock at what was
happening. She removed the towel and a 12 inch cock sprung up in her face.

"God, The People's Strudel is way too much for me too eat." Steph told
Rock. Steph licked the huge purple head of the rocks cock and stood up. "I
want you to fuck me doggystyle. Fill my pussy up with your thick cum," Steph
told The Rock in a sexy voice.

Rocky reached down and unzipped her leather pants. She wasn't wearing any
panties so Rock's hand brushed up against her pubic hair. Steph helped Rock
pull her pants down to her knees. She turned around and bent over, awaiting
The Rock's huge rod in her awaiting love box. She prayed that Shane would
come soon, to be honest, she was a little scared of The Rock's 12 inch rod.

Rock got behind her, without saying anything. Rock grabbed his foot long
rod and aligned it with her pink clit. She had a awesome pussy, or at least
from his view. He began to push. Slowly getting the tip of his head in her
folds. He continued until his mammoth head was inside her. He continued
pushing, getting inch after inch inside her love cannal.

"Oh god, yes, mmmm, oh yes, Rock, ya, fuck my pussy, fuck me hard,"
Stephanie begged. This was a job, but she wanted to get pleasure from it.

Rock had about 10 inches of his rod inside her and began baby thrusting.
She was incredibly tight, which surprised Rock. Steph was the so called slut
of the WWF, but her pussy was extremely tight. Her pussy wrapped around his
cock like a vice grip. He continued to thrust.

Steph closed her eyes. "Fuck ya, rocky, fuck, fuck, mmmmhhhgod, god, you
have a huge cock, faster, harder."

Rock picked up the pace and began thrusting into her harder. She moaned
louder and louder with each thrust. Rock tore through her pussy like their
was no tommorrow, he had incredible enderance.

Rock dismounted to Stephanie's displeausure. "Get on your hands and
knees," he told her. She did as she was told and rock got behind her again.
This time he slammed 6 inches into her wet pussy.

"Oh god, rock, yes yes yes, mmmmm ya, you fuck better then Hunter."

Just as Rock had gotten into a rhythm, Shane slammed the door open.
"What the fuck is this?" Shane asked while witnessing the Rock still inside
of his step sister. It turned him on a little, but he didn't have time for

"Shane, honestly, you have to believe me, this slut came on to me, she
tricked me." Rock tried to explain.

"No, he said that he just wanted to see my ass playfully, then he started
to rape me," Steph said with tears rolling down her red cheeks.

"Oh really? Who's the sick freak now Rock? I'll tell you what. Meet me in
my office in 10 minutes and sign your release form, and this won't get out
to the public." Shane told Rock with a mad face.

"yes, sir," Rock responded.

"Steph, come with me honey, the limo is waiting. He'll drive you to your
hotel." Shane told Steph. Steph zipped her pants back up and walked out of
Rock's locker room with Shane.

As Shane shut the door he smiled at Steph. Steph wasn't exactly as happy.

"You were great, I owe you bigtime."

"Rocky was great. He had a huge cock. Shane, I don't know if I'm happy
with what we just did." Steph told Shane as she held her head down.

"Don't worry about it. Take a week off, when you get back, the writers
will have you back on TV." Shane comforted Steph.

"Ok, thanks a lot Shane. Just out of curiousity, what was it like seeing
me get fucked by The Rock?"

"Err...I gotta go, I have to deal with Nidia." Shane told Steph as he
raced in his office and slammed the door. He obviously wanted to avoid this
topic. Steph didn't think of it as anything and left went back to HHH's
locker room.

Inside his office, Shane made a couple of phone calls.

* * *

The next morning at about 11:30 Nidia stood in Shane's office. Nidia was
wearing a black leather skirt, which showcased her ass very well, as well
as a black sleaveless shirt. She stood in front of Shane's desk. Shane was
reading from a folder. Nidia was a little nervous, she didn't know what to
expect, or any clue what was going on.

"Maven, 3 time Hardcore champ, eliminated the 'taker at Royal Rumble, WON
a title at WMX8. Nidia, Stood at ringside with the APA and Jackie." Shane
informed Nidia.

"What's wrong with that picture? Our women's division is dying, are you
ready for TV? Do you have the skills to compete with Trish, Lita, Molly and

"Well sir," Nidia started. "I have been ready for 3 months, but your dad
is bias towards women." Nidia protested.

"So, you want to wrestle on TV?"

"Of course."

"There's just one problem, you have to prove to me you earned it," Shane

Nidia wanted to wrestle in the WWF badly, she'd do anything. She had a
crush on Shane forever, and now, was willing to do anything.

"Come here, I want to get a better look at you," Shane told Nidia.

Nidia walked behind Shane's desk where Shane was sitting in his chair. He
examined her. From her curly light brown hair, blue eyes, to her chest,
finally reaching her legs. She had awesome legs. She turned around for Shane.
He stared at her ass, it was nice. Not the nicest, but damn good. Suddenly he
put his hand on her ass. She was a little shocked, but not offended.

Shane rubbed his hand up and down her ass and her legs, he was getting
turned on. Nidia turned back around and took her shirt off, revealing a black
bra that showed her cleavage very nicely. Nidia knelt down and gave Shane a
big kiss. Shane planted his other hand on her chest and rubbed her nipples.
She reached around and unhooked her bra, letting her normal sized mounds
free. Her nipples were fully errect and extremely large.

Nidia unzipped her skirt, and let it drop to the ground. She was wearing
silky red panties. She stood above shane. Shane licked her thighs, Nidia
rubbed her nipples. Shane started kissing her panties, teasing Nidia. She
wanted him so bad. Shane's new secretary, Whitney walked in on them. Shane
stood up.

"Nidia, I'd like you to meet my new secretary, Whitney."

"Umm, hi." Nidia said embarrassed.

Whitney was 5'6", about 110 lbs. She was very petite, with a small chest,
round ass, and was extremely cute. She was a natural blonde, with blue eyes.
She was the perfect girl.

"I'l be going now," Whit told shane.

"No, I have a idea. Whit, your bi right?" Shane asked.

"Of course."

"I'm a little tired from last night, you can give Nidia her tryout?"

"I'd love to," Whit said as she licked her lips.

Whit walked towards Nidia, unbuttoning her white shirt. Underneath, she
had on a white bra, which she also removed. Her small chest was now free.
She reached nidia, who was a bit turned on. She wasn't bi, but was curious.
Whit grabbed Nidia's ass as she began a long kiss with her. Their tongues
exchanged saliva as Whit's hand slid under Nidia's panties. Nidia shaved
last night, so she was totally bare. They moved to the middle of the room,
where Whit pushed Nidia down. Whitney stood above her, unzipping her gray
skirt. Much to Nidia and Shane's surprise, Whitney didn't have on any
panties. This gave Nidia a view of her tight pussy and nice ass.

Whit got on her knees and removed Nidia's panties. Nidia was extremely
horny. Shane unzipped his pants, if he wasn't going to get any action, he
was going to at least jack off to a lesbian sex scene right in front of
him. Whit lowered her head and licked Nidia's folds. A shutter went up
Nidia's spine. Whit stuck one finger in Nidia's pussy. She quickly pulled
it out and licked it. Then, she buried her head in Nidia's crotch.

"God, ya, oh ya, yes, eat me, god YOUR so good," Nidia moaned as Whit
buried her tongue into her folds. Whit just never stopped, as she kept
licking and eating Nidia. Nidia kept moaning loud, loving every second of
her first lesbian experience.

Whit slid 3 fingers into Nidia's wet box and worked them in and out.
Nidia was letting out soft moans. Her fingers were all godess's to Nidia,
all pumping in her vigorously. Shane, on the other hand, had his erection
out, and couldn't keep his hand off himself. Whit continued finger fucking
Nidia, her hand was beginning to hurt. She pulled her hand out to Nidia's
displeasure. Whitney got up and opened a drawer on Shane's desk, it was
full of toys. She grabbed a 10" strap-on dildo and put it on.

Nidia grabbed her legs with her hands and pulled them up, she had great
flexability Whit slowly approached her and grabbed the fake cock. It was
incredibly thick. She had the tip of the cock near nidia's pussy. She pushed
it in with force, getting 8 inches of it in her. She began working it in and
out quickly, thrusting her hips at a incredible speed.

"Ya, oh god yes, fuck me, harder, harder, fuck ya!!!!" Nidia screamed.

Whit had gotten tired and slowed her pace down, but Nidia wanted more.
Nidia plunged 2 of her fingers in her pussy along with the dildo and worked
her pussy. She was cumming, a lot. Shane couldn't take it anymore. He walked
over to Nidia, he was fully erect and horny as ever. Whit pulled the dildo
out of Nidia, walked over and grabbed a double ended dildo. Nidia got on all
fours Whit crammed 6 inches of the dildo in Nidia's pussy and wrapped the
other end around. The other end was longer and thicker then the previous
dildo, Nidia knew exactly where it was going Whit put the tip of the dildo
near Nidia's awaiting asshole and pushed hard. Nidia screamed in pain as 4
inches of the massive dildo was crammed up her tight asshole. Whit managed
to get 6 more inches.

Her pussy was now dripping with cum, and her ass was burning from 10
inches of dildo in it. Shane laid on the ground and told Nidia to lay on
top of him. She rolled over onto shane. Shane positioned his dick to her

"No Shane, its too much," Nidia exclaimed.

"Relax, you can take it."

Shane rammed his cockhead into her ass. She screamed in pain. Shane
started thrusting, Nidia was now in more pleasure then pain. Shane thrusted
hard and fast. She had 2 cocks in her ass and 1 in her pussy, she was being
pleasured to the max. Whitney began to lower herself onto Nidia's face.
Nidia, moaning in pleasure, managed to flick Whit's wet pussy with her
tongue. Nidia stuck 2 fingers into whit's pussy to expand her lips. She
began to stick her tongue deep in whit's love cannel. Whitney moaned.

Shane continued thrusting into Nidia's ass. It was tighter then anything
he had ever fucked before. He was nearing orgasm. He pushed Nidia's ass off
him and got up. Nidia was still eating whit out.

Shane stood above whitney and jacked himself off, he came all over her
tits. Load after load of white goo splashed Whitney. She got up, so did
Nidia. Nidia began to lick the cum off of Whitney's chest. She lapped it up,
she loved the taste of shane's cum.

Nidia got on her knee's. She sucked Shane's dick like there was no
tommorrow. Shane was starting to go limp though. Nidia stood up.

"I have a position for you," Shane told Nidia.

"What would that be?" Nidia asked while putting her clothes back on.

"You are now a member of my board, details will be explained later, thanks
for your time."

"Thanks Shane, any time you want to get together again, just let me know,"
Nidia offered Shane.

"Thanks, I think Maven wanted to talk to you," Shane informed Nidia.

Nidia just smiled, and walked out the door. Whit got dressed and started
to leave.

"Hey Whit, go get us some towels, me and you are dirty, we need to take a
shower," Shane told Whitney as he smiled at her.

"Sure thing Shane."

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