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by Revolution

I was working as a security guard at No Mercy 2003 and I got the pleasure of
seeing Shaniqua return with her new big breasts and big ass in a tiny thong.
I found myself very distracted by Shaniqua's booty. I was staring at
Shaniqua, watching her massive jugs and ass bounce all around in her little
outfit. As she was leaving, Shaniqua caught me staring at her. I quickly
looked away but she knew what I was looking at. Later after the show, I was
leaving through the back when I got pulled into a dressing room. I got my
guard up but realized it was Shaniqua, still in her outfit. She shut the door
and held her finger on my lips, telling me to be quiet. She walked around
showing off her body.

"Did I make you like that?" Shaniqua asked with a slight grin.

I looked down and my unit was pitching a massive tent in my pants. "I guess
you did," I said, embarassed.

"How big is that thing?" Shaniqua asked, still staring at my crotch.

"Nine inches," I responded.

"Damn! I've never had a white guy with nine inches before!" Shaniqua

"I've never had a black muscular goddess before."

"We're the only ones here," Shaniqua said as she came closer. She grabbed my
hands and placed them on her ass. "Feel that booty," she said.

"Aw shit it feels so big in my hands," I said, grabbing her big ass.

"I love it when a man licks my asshole," Shaniqua said.

"I'll eat out your ass if you get those clothes off," I said.

Shaniqua peeled off her little black outfit exposing her naked body. She
had massive 36D jugs, a toned upper body, thick powerful thighs and big ol'
ghetto booty. I got down behind Shaniqua and began kissing her sweaty ass. I
grabbed two handfuls of her chocolate ass cheeks, spread them wide apart and
began rimming her asshole with my tongue.

"Ohhh ohhhh ohhh lick my ass baby," Shaniqua cooed.

"Mmmmm mmmm your fat butt tastes so good," I moaned. It was tough getting my
tongue between her buns, they were so big. I could just lick the rim of her
asshole but couldn't really lick it good, her butt was so fat.

"Sit that big black booty down on my face," I said, laying down on the
ground. Shaniqua squatted down over my face and now I nice access to her
asshole. The sweat dripped down between her crack as I worked my tongue
deep into her anus.

"OHHH GOD! OHHH YEAH RIGHT THERE! Tongue my shitbox you horny white boy!"
Shaniqua moaned. I devoured that booty for quite some time, making Shaniqua
squeal in joy.

"You licked my fat sweaty ass so good, I wanna suck that big white dick!"
Shaniqua demanded. I dropped my shorts and whipped out my unit. Shaniqua
wrapped her thick juicy lips around my cock and started sucking it until it
grew to a full erection.

"Ahhh yeah fucking suck that cock Shaniqua! Suck my cock!" I moaned, running
my hands through her braids. I reached down and started fondling Shaniqua's
heaving breasts as she worked over my dick.

"You like those big titties?" Shaniqua asked.

"Fuck yeah!" I screamed as Shaniqua put my dick between her massive breasts
and squeezed them together. She moved up and down, giving me an incredible
tit fuck.

"Oh shit that feels so good!" I moaned.

"Look at that big white cock dissapear between my tits!" Shaniqua said. She
sucked on the head of my dick as it came up through her huge black jugs.

"You like that a lot don't you?" She asked.

"I bet you'll like this," I said, grabbing the back of her head and stuffing
my nine inches into the back of her throat. Shaniqua gagged and I pulled out.
Saliva dripped down her chin as she gasped for air.

"More! More! Do that again! Shove that big dick down my throat!" Shaniqua
begged. She opened wide and I pushed my cock back down her throat, inch by
inch. Each time, I held it longer, making her gag harder.

Shaniqua pushed me down onto the ground and stood over me. I looked up at
this big muscular black goddess.

"I wanna ride that cock!" Shaniqua yelled. She straddled me and lowered her
pussy down onto my big dick.

"Unhhh yeeah I like that!" Shaniqua moaned as she began grinding back and
forth on my dick.

"Fuck me Shaniqua! Ride that fucking dick like you want to!" I encouraged.
Shaniqua leaned forward, putting her tits in my face as she kept grinding
back and forth on my dick. I licked and sucked those massive breasts until
Shaniqua sat back up and began bouncing up and down on my dick. Her thick
booty smacked down onto my thighs with each bounce.

"Oh god you're so beautiful! Ride that dick my african queen! Ride it
faster!" I moaned.

"Unnhhuhhh I love this big white dick! Ohhh god it feels so good! Yes! Yes!
OHHHHH FUCK YES!" Shaniqua screamed out in ecstasy. I reached around and
SMACKED her butt!

"FASTER!" I yelled. SMACK! "FASTER!" I grabbed onto that booty as Shaniqua
bounced as fast she could on my dick. I started working a finger into
Shaniqua's asshole.

"Ohhh yeeah I like that!" Shaniqua approved. I worked a second finger into
Shaniqua's asshole and she moaned louder. I fingered that ass a bit longer
while she rode me. Shaniqua was dripping with sweat but she just kept on

Shaniqua began to slow down to a stop then got off my dick. She turned around
and lowered her dripping wet snatch onto my face. I licked her hot pussy
juices while she sucked them off my cock.

"I want you to fuck my ass!" Shaniqua demanded.

"Yeah? I'll fuck that black ass!" I shouted back at her. Shaniqua got down
on her knees and stuck out her round booty for me. I slapped my cock hard
against her ass.

"Oh god, stick that fucking dick in my ass!" Shaniqua said. I moved around
to her face and shoved my dick down her throat.

"Get it nice and fucking wet first," I said. Shaniqua slobbered all over my
cock and I moved back around behind that luscious booty. Slowly I started
working my cock into her TIGHT asshole! Shaniqua reached back and spread her
fat cheeks, helping me work my cock all the way into her asshole.

"Ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhh god oh god oh yes! Shove that big white cock deep into
my ass! Ohhh deeper! DEEPER! HOLY FUCK YES SO DEEP!" Shaniqua moaned. I got
all my nine inches deep into Shaniqua's ass and started pumping in and out.

"UNHHUHH! FUCK MY BIG ASS! FUCK IT! YEEEAH!" Shaniqua shouted. I grabbed onto
her hips as I slammed into that ass.

"You like that ass?" Shaniqua asked.

"Oh fuck yeah! I love fucking this BIG FAT ASS!" I shouted.

"Oh yeah? FUCK MY FAT ASS! FUCK IT HARD!" Shaniqua shouted. I started
thrusting faster and harder into Shaniqua's asshole. She was loving every
second of it and her pussy juices dripped down her muscular thighs. With
each thrust into Shaniqua's ass, her fat butt jiggled like crazy.

"HARDER! HARDER! Unhhh fuck yeah! Pound that big fucking booty hard!"
Shaniqua demanded.

"Yeeah you like it hard in your big black ass don't you?! Yeahh I'll give
this big ass a good fucking!" I moaned. I jackhammered into Shaniqua's ass
as hard and fast as I could, making her moan like crazy. I pulled out of
Shaniqua's ass and moved back around to her face.

"Taste your ass!" I said. Shaniqua took my cock deep into her mouth, sucking
away on it.

"What's a thick juicy round jiggly fat black ass taste like?" I asked,
yanking my cock out of her mouth.

"Mmmmm as good as it looks, mmmmm," Shaniqua replied, "Now get that big
white cock back in there!" I moved back around and rubbed the tip of my dick
against Shaniqua's gaping asshole then shoved it back in deep.

"Pound that booty! Come on pound it hard! Give it to me!" Shaniqua directed.
I pumped into that black ass again then gave it a big SPANK!

"You like that?" I asked.

"Yeeah spank my ass!"


"Oh yeah spank that big black ass like you mean it!"


"Why's your ass so fucking fat, Shaniqua?" I asked


"So it can, unhhhhh, handle a big nine inch white cock!" Shaniqua responded.


"Ohhh fuck so fat! So nice! So good! I LOVE IT Shaniqua! OH FUCK!" I yelled!

"Show me! SHOW ME! FUCK MY BLACK ASS HARDER! HARDER NOW!" Shaniqua shouted.
I dug my fingers deep into the juicy flesh of Shaniqua's ass and just slammed
into it as hard and fast as I possibly could.

"Take it hard! Ohh fuck I'm gonna cum!" I shouted.

"Shoot that cum all over my fat ass!" Shaniqua demanded.

"Unhh ohh ohhh shiiiiit!" I groaned as I yanked out of her asshole and
sprayed my cum all over that big black booty!

"Unnhhh yeeah cover this big ass!" I grunted as I jerked out every last drop
of cum onto Shaniqua's thick round butt!

"I like that cum all over my booty!" Shaniqua said.

"Ahh yeah look at that white sticky cum dripping all over that big black ass,
ohh fuck that's amazing!" I moaned as I rubbed my dick all over her sweaty
cum covered ass.

Shaniqua gave me a kiss and said, "That was one hell of a workout. I'm
dripping with sweat and my ass is covered with cum. I need a nice hot
shower." I watched her walk into the shower, hips swaying back and forth,
and I decided to join her. The hot water sprayed down onto Shaniqua's
chest. She rinsed off her body then grabbed some soap. "Allow me," I said,
taking the soap from her. I worked up a good lather and began rubbing the
soap all over her body. From head to toe, I soaped up Shaniqua making sure
not to miss an inch. When I was done, this black muscular goddess was
squeaky clean.

We stepped out of the shower and toweled off. I was starting to chub up again
as I watched Shaniqua towel off her body. She grabbed some lotion and began
to lotion up her upper body. I grew harder watching her massage the lotion
into her flesh. She put one foot up on a chair and began to lotion up those
thick and juicy thighs. That just sent me over the deep end.

"Goddamnit Shaniqua, those thighs of yours just drive me crazy. They're so
fucking thick, just please walk around for me," I asked. Shaniqua walked
across the room slowly as my eyes were fixated on those big thick powerful
thighs. They shined in the light from the lotion. Shaniqua turned around and
stopped. She rubbed her hands all over those thighs then began to walk back
towards me. My cock got so hard as I watched those meaty thighs rub together
with each step Shaniqua took.

I got down on my knees so I was at eye level with Shaniqua's thighs. I
grabbed her left thigh with both hands and my hands couldn't even fit around
it, it was so thick. I rubbed her left thigh up and down with both hands. It
was smooth and thick, oh god, it felt so good. I moved over to her right
thigh, feeling every inch of it's goodness. I began to kiss and lick her
inner thighs, tasting that chocolate flesh. Shaniqua ran her fingers through
my hair and held my face close to her thighs. "Ohh yeah lick my big sexy
thighs, ohhh your tongue feels good on my thighs," she said. Oh they tasted
so good as I ran my tongue up the insides of her thighs then tongue kissed
down each thigh.

I stood up, face to face with Shaniqua. We were pretty much the same height.
"Spread your legs apart," I told her. Shaniqua moved her feet to about
shoulder width so her thighs weren't touching. I grabbed her by the waist and
pulled her in close so my hard nine inch cock was between her legs, just a
few inches below her snatch. "Now close them real tight," I said. Shaniqua
moved her feet together and her powerful thighs grabbed my cock like a vice.
"Oh shiiiiit," I moaned.

"You like that baby? Your cock in between my sexy thighs?" She asked.

"Oh god yes," I responded. I bucked my hips back and then forward, sliding my
cock back and forth between her big thighs. I grabbed her big sexy ass with
two hands to help me fuck those thighs better. My cock felt so good with her
big soft thighs pressing against each side.

"Oohhhhh god nobody has ever done this to me, you really love my thighs?"
She asked.

"Oh fuck yes, they're so nice and thick, oh god they jiggle when you walk,
holy fuck Shaniqua I love these fucking thighs," I said.

"I always thought they were too big. The fact that you love them so much
makes me so hot," she sighed. Shaniqua grabbed my face and shoved her tongue
down my throat. I kept fucking those big black thighs while Shaniqua licked
my face and gave me sloppy wet kisses.

"I really need to give these thighs a good pounding before I cum," I said. I
got Shaniqua to lay down on the couch, on her side with her ass facing me. I
got down and forced my cock between her big thighs. I started pumping away
fucking those juicy thighs really hard. "Oh my god I fucking love these
things, ohh god, oh my god," I moaned.

"Ahh yeeah fuck my big black thighs! Fuck em!" Shaniqua encouraged.

I started to smack her fat ass! SMACK! SMACK! I also reached up and grabbed
at her tits with my other hand. "FAT ASS! FAT THIGHS! BIG TITS! Oh fuuck
you're awesome," I yelled.

"I know I'm fucking awesome! Keep fucking those thighs! Smack my fat ass a
little more!" Shaniqua yelled back.

SMACK! SMACK! My hand nailed that big butt. I then focused back on the
thighs, grabbing a hold and just pounding away. "Ohhh god that feels so
good, too good, shiiit!" I moaned. I pumped a few more times then pulled
out nearing orgasm.

"Get up, quick, fucking walk towards me, let me see those thighs jiggle and
rub together," I instructed. Shaniqua quickly got up and walked towards me
while I tried to contain myself watching those huge muscular thighs jiggle
and bounce and fucking rub together. Oh fuck when she got close I let loose
spraying my cum all over Shaniqua's thighs. "Unh oh fuck yes!" I exclaimed
as I jerked out all my cum onto those thighs. The sticky white cum dripped
down her big thighs. I rubbed the cum around her thighs with my cock head
and slapped my chub against her juicy thighs a few more times.

Shaniqua put a hand on my chest. "Thank you ... thank you ... Now I really
must go take a real shower. Maybe I'll see you here next time we come to
town," Shaniqua said as she walked towards the shower.

"You're damn right I'll see you again," I said.

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