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(This takes place after Wrestlemania IX during which time Sherri Martel was
attacked by Luna Vachon.)

Sherri's Revenge
by CatspawVP (

Sherri laid on her back in the medical room trying to recover from Luna's
multiple attacks. She looked over to a small monitor and saw that the
Crush/Doink match was up which meant she had a bit of time until the show
was over. Plenty of time to think of a fitting revenge for dear Luna.

As she lie down watching the monitor she watched as the medical team got
paged and left. Taking her chance Sherri stumbled to her feet and looked
around. The medical room was well stocked with various pills, needles and
liquids. Now Sherri was no medic but she knew enough to know the names of
a couple tranquilizers and pocketed two of the small bottles before lying
back down on the cot.

As the night wore on Sherri was eventually released. She went out and managed
to find Tatanka who she had managed that night and asked him if he knew where
Luna's dressing room was. Tatanka sighed knowing Sherri but told her anyway
as he figured it would save time and walked out to his car.

Sherri knew a lot about Luna. Not from personal experience so much as tales.
Being a Vachon carried quite a burden to be one of the most vicious people
in wrestling. Though it was common knowledge that Luna usually would scour
town looking for the only luxury she allowed herself and that was a sauna
and though this town was huge Sherri had been here before and knew where the
closest one was. She walked out of Caeser's Palace to the hotel where a lot
of the stars were housed for the day and went up to her room to slide into
her bathing suit.

As she walked into the pool area she noticed it was fairly empty. Most of the
people were either at the casino or Wrestlemania. She had a small purse with
her that held a paperback book and the two bottles. As she scanned the room
she saw a hot tub in the corner where she could see the sauna without really
being seen.

As Sherri sank into the hot tub she heard a door open. Looking up she smiled
to herself as she saw Luna in a white bathing suit walk out of the sauna to
get more water. Sherri turned and fished one bottle out watching Luna
closely. As luck would have it Luna set the bucket down outside the ladies
room for a moment. Sherri poked a hole in the top of the bottle and moved
over to the bucket dumping the contents in it before heading back.

As she sank back into the hot tub as Luna went into the sauna and grinned.
The door closed and Sherri put her book away. A couple minutes later the door
opened and Luna stumbled out and went back into the bathroom. Sherri got out
and took her purse heading toward the bathroom. She stopped for a moment and
grabbed the bucket from the sauna, putting her hand over her mouth and nose
so she wouldn't inhale the sedative and dumped it down a sink drain.

As Sherri pushed open the door to the bathroom she found Luna passed out over
one of the sinks. Taking her arm and putting it over her shoulder Sherri took
Luna out of the pool area and back to her hotel room. "Now I have you Luna,"
Sherri whispered.

As Sherri opened her door she found a message light blinking on her phone.
Lying Luna down on the bed she called the desk and was told that the WWF
would be canceling the next show she was to be at due to local concerns.
Sherri nodded and hung up the phone. Looking around the room Sherri found
enough towels to sucessfuly bind Luna and sat in a chair beside the bed.
She looked over at the pitcher of ice water someone had brought into the
room and took out an ice cube. Leaning over Luna she reached down where
the crotch of Luna's swimsuit was and slide it aside enough to get access
to her cunt. Sliding the ice cube in her mouth a moment Sherri slid the
large piece deep into Luna covering her crotch up and siting down.

It took very little time for Luna to come to. She screamed as the ice cube
chilled her insides and tired to reach down to get it out only then realizing
she was bound. With a mad glare in her eye she scanned the room before
spotting Sherri. "LET ME GO BITCH OR I'LL KILL YOU!"

Sherri laughed which made Luna start to turn red with rage. "Luna, how nice
to see you finally awake. I do hope the drug I put in your water didn't
scramble those loose brains of yours too much."

Luna sputtered. She was seething with rage but was unable to act. "You will
pay for this Sherri Martel."

Sherri took a drink of water shrugging off Luna's comment. "Bold words Luna.
You need to chill out some more I think." With that Sherri grabbed another
big piece of ice and this time pulled open the top of Luna's swim wear.

"GET AWAY FROM ME YOU BITCH! I'LL--AHHHH" Luna yelled out as Sherri wedged
the ice cube between Luna's breasts.

The next sight made Sherri giggle as Luna bounced on the bed trying to
dislodge the ice cube. " missed your calling. You should've been
a clown."

Luna glared and spit at Sherri which got her a slap on the face.

"YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF LUNA!" Sherri yelled and before she hit Luna
again she grinned. "Let's see how much more dancing you can do." Moving
aside the cloth again that protected Luna's cunt Sherri took a handful of
ice and taking one started tracing it around Luna's lips. Luna hissed and
yelled trying to get Sherri to stop, bouncing on the bed trying to escape
the ice. Sherri decided it would be easier if Luna were tied to the bed
and to that end put the ice back in the pitcher and locked in a sleeper

Luna didn't put up much resistance as she was to tightly bound and was soon
sleeping again. In little time Sherri managed to tie Luna to the bedposts.
Looking down at her rival she had to admit that Luna's body was good looking.
She took care of herself very well. Sherri decided that she would wake Luna
up in a different way this time. Walking over to her suitcase Sherri found a
pair of scissors she used to mend costumes. She went back over to Luna and
first cut a straight line above her crotch making the fabric flop down
revealing Luna's treasures to Sherri.

Licking her lips Sherri knelt down and leaned forward taking Luna's nub in
her mouth...and bit. Luna shot awake howling in pain as she looked down
shocked at what Sherri was doing. Before she could start complaining Sherri
started leaning back pulling on her skin and making Luna howl out louder.
Sherri grinned and bit down as hard as she could before opening her mouth
and making the skin snap back. Luna winced as tears went down her face.
Sherri was more than paying her back, she was sending her a message.

"Now then Luna, you have been bad. Usually a spank on the ass is called for
but in this case," she swatted Luna's cunt, "this will do much better." Luna
choked on her words as hard slap after slap on her swollen lips sent her
deeper into submission. She knew the game Sherri was playing and she knew
she was loosing. "Now then, it looks like you have some swelling, a little
ice should take care of that."

Luna shook her head in protest as Sherri grabbed a hand full of ice and sat
down. One piece at a time Sherri put the ice up to Luna's lips tracing in a
slow circle. As she finished with the first one she pushed it between Luna's
lips and buried it as deep as her fingers could reach. Luna for her part was
starting to shiver as Sherri traced the next piece and buried that one inside
her as well. This continued until Sherri could put no more ice in her.
Looking down at her hand she held up a piece of ice that almost looked like
a dagger. "One left, and no room." Sherri sighed as Luna's teeth chattered.
"I guess I will just have to improvise."

Luna blinked not sure what that meant but certain she wouldn't like the
answer. A loud gasp was her only response to Sherri's next action. Point
first Sherri pushed the large piece into Luna's ass. Luna whimpered as
Sherri slid more of the ice in feeling it get slowly wider. Then came a
problem. Sherri pushed the ice in as far as it would go and still had
some left. Breaking off the piece she grinned and outside of Luna's view
buried it in herself. Luna seeing Sherri shiver didn't know what was
happening but guessed she would learn soon.

Pulling the piece out of her Sherri stood and walked over to Luna slapping
her hard on the face. As Luna opened her mouth to protest Sherri shoved the
ice block in her mouth and placed her hand over it so Luna couldn't spit it
out. For the next 5 minutes Luna convulsed in cold as the ice in her mouth
and groin melted at an agonizingly slow rate.

When it was over Sherri offered Luna a glass of water to recover which she
quickly drank. Within minutes she was out again and Sherri, who had wrapped
a towel around her walked her back to the sauna. She left Luna there with
the door open enough that she wouldn't be harmed staying in there, but the
towel that had kept Luna covered up came back with her.

"Top that Luna," Sherri laughed.

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