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She's Got Legs
by Gugs

Paul awoke one morning to the rousing sound of his alarm clock. He could
hardly believe that it was already 7 AM. Why do Sunday nights always last
about half a second? It was always Monday morning just about as soon as
the Patriots were done. Fortunately for Paul, though, he had tickets to
WWE Raw from the FleetCenter that night. When he thought about that, he
glanced over to his poster of Stacy Keibler, looking innocent as all hell
in her little teddy with the pigtails and everything. It was then that
Paul decided what he was going to do.

He called in sick to work, telling his friend Joe that he was so happy
about the Patriots winning that he didn't think he'd be able to get any
work done. He then proceeded straight to the public library and checked
the card catalog for books on hypnosis. He found just one, but it was all
he would need.

"Willing Slaves: A How-To Guide for Hypnosis" was much more interesting than
Paul had thought it would be, and the author acknowledged that most people
reading it weren't looking for a cure to their mental health problems or a
possible foolproof lie detector; they were looking for a good, quick fuck.
That having been said, the author described in detail how one could hynotise
anyone with everyday objects, such as the classic pocket watch or a gem.
Paul, unfortunately, had gone to a wristwatch years ago and owned no jewelry.
It was then that he got to the chapter on all things shiny. In the right
light, one could use even a simple photograph to control another person.

Paul went about searching his house for just the right thing, cursing himself
for not having anything that produced enough of a light. Just as he sat down
on his bed, however, the afternoon sun broke through a cloud and caused a
large amount of glare in Paul's eye. Paul looked around and finally saw what
had caused the glare: his poster. Paul thanked God for his divine inspiration
and set about forming a plan. Obviously he couldn't just walk up to Stacy
Keibler and hypnotise her; he had to think this through. Soon, though, all
the pieces had fallen into place and Paul was convinced that he was ready and
soon Stacy would be willing.

Raw was a fun little show, nothing earth shattering but nothing remarkably
bad either. Paul had been momentarily distracted by Lilian Garcia but
remained focused on Stacy. She had worn her trademark short skirt, her legs
longer, tanner and more beautiful in person. After the show ended, Paul set
about his plan. He made sure that nobody was looking and leaped over the
railing that keeps the crowd away from the ring. Being sure not to get
caught, he snuck to the backstage area and hid, waiting for Stacy to try to
leave. It was a common practice for fans to go backstage after the show, but
most superstars avoided the designated autograph area, and it definitely
wasn't the place for Paul to make his move. He would get Stacy alone, and
then the fun would begin.

Soon he saw her, walking backstage with a bottle of water. She was with her
real-life boyfriend Test. "Damn him," Paul thought, although he suspected
Test would be fairly easy to put under his spell. Not exactly the sharpest
knife in the drawer. Paul summoned up all of his courage and, after a quick
prayer, went to work.

"Miss Keibler! Test! Can I have an autograph?"

Stacy and Test were surprised to see Paul there, but decided that doing one
autograph wouldn't help.

"Sure," Test said.

"Thanks a bunch." Paul produced a picture of Stacy and Test together and a
black Sharpie. When they had both signed the photo, Paul asked if he could
show them something. He produced the poster of Stacy and quickly held it at
the right angle.

"Just look at the poster, see how pretty Stacy looks in the poster, she
looks very pretty, just focus on her legs, her nice long legs. See the light
reflect off of her legs and into your eyes. Feel the light go deeper than
your eyes, into your soul. Just look at the poster and feel the light go into
your soul. As you feel the light go into your soul, feel yourself getting
sleepy. Both of you are very sleepy right now, you need to close your eyes.
As you feel the light go into your soul, you need to close your eyes and
sleep. Just sleep."

Paul saw both Test and Stacy fall into the deep sleep that he had commanded
them to, and let out a slight cry of victory.

"Test, I want you to go home. When you get home, you will not remember
anything that has happened tonight, but you will want to break up with Stacy
tomorrow. You will not care that she is gone, in fact you will go out for a
night on the town. Go now." Test did as he was told, leaving Paul alone with
Stacy. "Stacy, come with me." He led her out to his car, strengthening her
trance all the while. He took her to a Frederick's of Hollywood in Boston and
told her to go in and buy the nightie in the poster. 5 minutes later she came
out with it and got back in the car. Paul applauded his hypnotic skills as he
drove home and admired Stacy's legs. He almost couldn't believe that she was
his to do with as he pleased. When they got home, ho told her to change into
the teddy and meet him in his bedroom. Once again, she did as commanded, and
Paul could barely contain his glee. Stacy Keibler, her eyes blank and
subservient, wearing a sheer pink teddy and pink heels, her hair done up in
pigtails. Paul quickly disrobed as he thought of what to make Stacy do first.

"Stacy, kneel." Done. He walked over to her and told her to suck his cock.
She was only too happy to comply, immediately taking him into her mouth. She
ran her tongue up and down his shaft, coating it in her saliva. She licked
his precum and did things Paul had only dreamt of with her lips. She was
obviously no rookie to blowjobs, and Paul intended to make sure she had
plenty of practice. The stimulation was eventually too much for Paul as he
came into her mouth. She swallowed every drop and remained on her knees,
awaiting her next order. Paul was more than a little fatigued and sat down
on the carpet in front of her. Then, he was again struck with inspiration. He
ordered Stacy to take off the teddy but leave the heels on. He then commanded
her to sit her ass on his cock. Paul usually preferred traditional sex before
anal, but Stacy Keibler was an exception.

Stacy started to grind her ass against Paul's cock as he started to push
inside her. Her ass definitely wasn't virgin territory, but it was tight
nonetheless. His hands kneaded her small but firm breasts and pinched the
nipples. Paul continued to push until all 7 inches of his cock was inside
her, and then he started to pull out. Slowly but surely he worked up to a
steady pace. In and out of Stacy's ass he pumped as she moaned out of
pleasure. She did not say a word because she had not been commanded to,
but it was impossible for her to make no sound as her amster fucked her
ass as hard as he could. Paul continued increasing his speed and he soon
found himself on the brink again. Pumping even harder now into Stacy's
ass, he marvelled at how she was practically pulling him back in every
time he pulled out. Stacy was moaning louder now as her master pumped her
ass and rubbed her breasts. Her moans became full fledged screams, though,
as Paul came in her ass and pinched her nipples hard. Paul pulled out of
Stacy and lay back down on the carpet, exhausted and sweaty. Stacy's ass
and his cock were both covered in his cum as well. Paul ordered Stacy to
lick his cock clean and he did the same to her ass, but they were both too
tired for another round. Deciding to let Stacy take the bed, he grabbed a
blanket and spare pillow and went to the couch to catch some Zs. As he did,
he thought about who his next conquest would be and thought about just how
far he could go with a poster and a slave.

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