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She's Hardcore
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the makeshift locker room area at the building known unofficially as the
ECW Arena, located in the southern area of Philadelphia, PA, three of rebel
promotion's wrestlers, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam and new comer Justin
Credible are lounging about after a show. Dreamer, dressed in black blanks
and a black ECW Extreme Wrestling t-shirt is sitting on a metal chair
removing the athletic tape from around both of his wrists. RVD is laying on
a smooth wooden benched, dressed in a pair of long jean shorts, reading a
comic book. Justin is also wearing long jean shorts, but he's wearing a
black sleeveless shirt, but he's sitting on a metal chair and is pulling
off his wrestling boots to start changing into another set of clothes.

While not any of them is offering any conversation to fill the silence, all
three men look towards the doorway when the lovely Beulah McGillicutty knocks
on the doorframe and clears her throat to get their attention, but only
Dreamer says anything. "Hey Beulah... I didn't know you were here at the
arena tonight?"

Beulah smiles sweetly as she slowly steps into the room "Hey boys.... you
busy at all?" Beulah asks innocently as she dressed in a pair of black,
tight-fitting pants and a low-cut black top. Beulah flips her soft brown
hair back as she smiles at Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible, and Rob Van Dam.

"No we're not busy..." Dreamer says as looks at Justin Credible and RVD who
are still doing their things.

Justin, being the newest member of the ECW family, still doesn't say
anything, but RVD sits up on the bench he's laying on and puts the comic
book down. "Nope, we're just chilling..." RVD says with a laid back tone.

Beulah smiles as she nods her head cutely " you mind if I give you
guys some company?"

"Dude... Beulah, you know you can always give us company..." RVD says with a
smirk as he nods his head.

Dreamer finishes taking the tape from around his wrists, "So what's up
Beulah? You dropping by to keep Francine in her place again?" Dreamer asks
with a bit of a laugh.

Beulah folds her arms over her chest "Yeah...that skank...keeps getting in my

RVD laughs, "Dude... I don't mind it when you get a catfight with Francine...
it's pretty hot..." Justin looks over at Beulah, "Hell yeah... nothing better
than too chicks fighting."

Dreamer looks at him, "Finally you say something..." Dreamer says, ribbing
the young wrestler.

Beulah sighs "Well...I guarantee one of these days I'm going to teach that
bitch a lesson on how hardcore I can be!" Beulah says with a slight amount of
anger in her voice, before she sits down on the wooden bench that RVD is also
sitting on.

RVD shrugs, "Hey... you need to relax... like she's the Queen of Extreme...
she hangs out with the Triple Threat... I wouldn't go around messing with

Dreamer laughs, "Rob, Beulah's got me watching her back... The Franchise,
Candido and Bigelow won't keep Beulah from doing some damage to Francine."

Justin leans forward on his chair, "Hey... just how hardcore can you be?" He
asks her, and his question gets Dreamer and RVD to laugh a bit.

Beulah shrugs with a smirk "Oh...Justin, right?" Beulah laughs a bit "I can
be extremely hardcore...just ask any of the boys or those other skanks."
Beulah stands up and walks over to Dreamer and places her left hand on his
shoulder "Tommy...why don't you tell the new boy, how hardcore I can be."

Dreamers smirks a bit as he takes a moment to look at Beulah and then at
Justin, "Justin... when Beulah's in the mood for something hardcore... she
can be very... very extreme... and I'm not just talking about what she can
do in a catfight."

Justin nods his head, "Damn... she's really like that?"

Dreamer just nods his head, "Yup."

Beulah nods her head and smirks proudly "You bet..."

RVD flicks his thumb against his tongue, "You know... talking about being
extreme and hardcore is one thing... but doing something extreme and hardcore
is another..."

Dreamer looks at RVD with a raised eyebrow, "Just what are you getting at?"

RVD shrugs and smirks, "Dude... you know exactly what I'm talking about...."

Beulah licks her lips a bit as she tosses her soft brown hair back "Ohhhh I
think I know what Rob is talking about..."

"You do?" Justin asks, a bit confused.

"Yeah she does... who doesn't know what I'm talking about... she was Raven's
chick for a while..." RVD licks his lips.

Dreamer's mood slightly sours, "Don't bring that up Rob... I'm warning you."

Dude, chill... I was just using him as an example..." RVD says, "But still...
she had to be hardcore and extreme with something to be in his nest night
after night after night."

Beulah licks her lips " think I should show these boys, just how
hardcore I can be?"

Beulah's question improves Dreamer's mood, and the Innovator of Violence
looks at her and smiles, "Yeah... you should show them... they'll be
daydreaming about it afterwards..."

Beulah laughs a little as she places her hands on her slender hips "Rob...'d you like a...hardcore...blowjob?"

Rob unbuttons and unzips his jean shorts before giving his answers, "Hey I'm
always up for getting some head..."

"I ain't gonna turn down a blowjob..." Justin replies with a smile as he
starts to undo his own jean shorts.

Beulah licks her lips as she steps away from Dreamer and starts to slowly
approach RVD and Justin Credible. Beulah seductively looks back at the
Innovator of Violence and smirks "You can join in too..."

Dreamer licks his lips, "I don't intend on being left out..." Dreamer replies
as he starts to take of his ECW Extreme Wrestling T-shirt.

Justin and RVD both have pushed their jean shorts down as Beulah continues to
slowly come towards them. "Beulah 4:69 says I'm gonna get blown doesn't it?"
asks as he stands up from his chair and takes off his sleeveless shirt. With
Justin Credible and RVD both nude, Beulah can see that they each have cocks
over eight inches long. Beulah bites down on her bottom lip as she tosses her
soft brown hair back and lowers herself down onto her knees as RVD and Justin
circle around the hardcore woman.

After walking around the innocent looking hardcore woman, Justin and RVD
stand right in front of her, holding and stroking their cocks to hardness as
they look down at Beulah. "Dude... I've been waiting since day one to get
with you..." RVD says while licking his lips.

Beulah smiles as she leans up on her knees "'s your chance..."
Beulah says with a slight laugh as she wraps her left hand around RVD's cock
and her right hand around Justin's cock. Beulah then begins to move her hands
gently up and down both, hardened shafts.

RVD puts his hands on his hips and smirks, "Yeah... and RVD takes all the
chances he gets..." RVD replies while referring to himself in the third
person. Justin moans a bit as Beulah's right hand moves along his hard
shaft at a good pace. Meanwhile, Dreamer is taking his time in taking off
his black pants, giving Beulah a lot of time with RVD and Justin Credible.
Beulah smiles up at RVD and Justin as she pulls both of their cocks close
to her mouth. The woman of hardcore, leans her head down and presses her
tongue against the head of RVD's cock before she starts to circle her
tongue around the surface of his cockhead, while she moves her hand quicker
against Justin's shaft.

"Awww yeah... I like that..." RVD groans in pleasure as Beulah's soft warm
tongue move around his the tip of his hard cock.

Justin closes his eyes and tilts his head back while placing a hand on top of
Beulah's head as he enjoys the hand job the sexy extreme vixen is giving him.
"Ohhh...mmmm...." Justin moans quietly, but loud enough for Beulah to hear
him. Beulah begins to gently tap her tongue against the head of RVD's cock
before she starts to lower her tongue and trail her wet tongue down his long
shaft. While Beulah McGillicutty is leaving a wet trail of her warm saliva on
RVD's cock, she lowers her hand down to Justin's ballsack and cups his balls
and begins to massage his large ballsack.

"Mmmmm.... ahhhh.... fuck.... how did you know I loved shit like that..."
Justin groans loudly as Beulah massages his balls with the palm of her right
hand. When she lightly squeezes his ballsack, Justin's eyes go wide and he
moans in appreciation for it. RVD lightly strokes Beulah's soft brown hair
as he watches her move her tongue along every inch of his shaft.

"Uhhhhh mother fucker..." Justin moans as Beulah gives him a hard fast
blowjob that makes the young wrestler's eyes roll back in his head.

RVD smirks, "Damn, you're pretty hardcore with the head you're giving him..."
RVD says as Beulah jerks him off. Meanwhile, Dreamer is still sitting on the
chair, naked and is watching the brown-haired Beulah bob her head on Justin's
shaft with the same intensity she does when she catfights with Francine.
Beulah splashes and laps her saliva around Justin's cock as she rapidly bobs
her head on his cock, sucking faster and faster, taking him deeper into her
warm, wet mouth.

"Ohhh.... mmmm fuck... hey... hey slow... down... you're gonna get me to pop
early..." Justin says as he moans, fearing that Beulah will get him to cum
sooner rather than later. RVD looks over at Dreamer and smirks, "Hey dude...
you're just gonna sit there?" RVD asks as Beulah tightens her grip on his

Dreamer smirks, "I might... I might not..." Dreamer replies as he strokes his
stiff cock lightly, keeping it ready for when Beulah's done with blowing and
stroking Justin and RVD.

Beulah slowly lifts her head up from Justin's cock causing a string of saliva
to drip out of her mouth and onto his cock "I'm ready to get all hardcore

Dreamer smirks, "That's my cue... Beulah... get over here and give me some
head... I bet one of them want to fuck you in an extreme way..." Dreamer says
as he spread his legs apart, with his hard cock hanging between them.

"Dude... that sounds extremely great to me," RVD says whiling licking his
lips before he adds, "But she needs to get out of those clothes first..."

"I'd rather see you rip them off..." Justin says with a laugh before kneels
down in front of Beulah and yanks down her tight fitting black pants from
her hips and brings them down to her ankles. Justin takes a moment before he
notices that Beulah wasn't wearing anything beneath her pants, "Holy shit..."
Justin says as he looks right at Beulah's perfectly shaved hardcore pussy.

Beulah smiles a bit "You like what you see?" She asks before she lifts her
low-cut black top off of her gorgeously tanned body. Beulah turns her head to
Dreamer and licks her lips as the hardcore vixen begins to crawl over towards
the Innovator of Violence.

Justin is speechless as he watches the unbelievably sexy extreme woman make
her way over to Dreamer. Dreamer licks his lips when Beulah positions herself
between his legs, "I know I love what I see..." Dreamer answers her question
as they lock eyes.

RVD smirks, "So do I..." RVD says as he walks over and gets on his knees
behind Beulah. He slides his right hand around Beulah's slender waist and
taps his fingers against her smooth pussy. Beulah licks her lips as she
lets out a soft moan before she lowers her head to Dreamer's cock and
begins to presses her tongue against his cock, and circles her tongue
tenderly around his cock.

Dreamer smirks at how Beulah is starting of by being soft and gentle,
"Beulah, that's not how you give head..." Dreamer says as he reaches forward,
places a hand on the back of her head. Behind Beulah, RVD pulls on Beulah's
body so that her ass is pointing up into the air. He grips his cock and
shoves it into Beulah's warm wet extreme pussy. The man self-described as the
'Whole Fucking Show' begins to fuck Beulah with sharp, but slow thrusts.
Beulah lifts her eyes up at Dreamer and slightly smirks before she opens her
warm mouth and inhales his fat cock. Beulah wraps her lips tightly around his
cock and begins to swiftly bob her head up and down on his shaft.

Dreamer seats back on the metal chair and licks his lips, 'Mmmm... yeah...
give me that hardcore head..." Dreamer groans as he keeps his hand on the
back of Beulah's head and he shoves her head down on his shaft when she's
bobbing downward on it.

RVD is grunts a bit as he steadily fucks Beulah's pussy, "Uhhh... fuck...
for someone extreme... you're tight... as fuck..." RVD says as he begins
alternating his thrusts, one moment fucking her hard and fast, and the next
moment he's just driving his shaft into her pussy with one smooth stiff

Beulah petite body jolts forward and then back due to RVD's quick and
powerful thrusts to her sweet, tight pussy. Beulah moans around Dreamer's
cock as she starts to bob her head quicker on his cock, taking him deep
into her warm, small mouth.

RVD moves his hips quickly as he starts building moment as he ravages
Beulah's pussy with his shaft. He wraps his arms around her slender
centerfold type body and pulls her back towards him so he can shove his
dick deeper into her cunt. Dreamer groans lustfully as Beulah skillfully
handles his fat dick with her tiny mouth with no problem what so ever,
"Ohhh fuck Beulah... I love that..." As Beulah bobs her head up and down
on Dreamer's cock she gingerly works the tip of her tongue into the
piss-slit of Dreamer's cock. Beulah slightly bucks her hips, gently
pushing her petite body back against RVD's cock, while moaning sharply
against Dreamer's cock in her warm mouth.

Justin has finally composed himself and is watching RVD fucking Beulah's
sweet wet pussy as she blows Dreamer. "Hey... I want in..." Justin says, as
he gets tired of watching.

Dreamer looks at him and smirks, "Lay... on that bench..." Justin nods his
head and lies on the wooden bench. RVD realizes Dreamer's gonna want him to
pull out of Beulah, so he gives one of ECW's queens of extreme a few more
sharp thrusts and then pulls out of her.

Beulah slowly lifts her head off of Dreamer's cock and smiles up at him,
gently rubbing her warm saliva against his cock with the palm of her right
hand "Yeah Tommy?"

Go over there..." Dreamer points at Justin who's laying on the bench, "And
ride the shit out of him..."

Justin lifts his head up from the bench after hearing what Dreamer told
Beulah, and the young man who used to where a jockstrap style mask gets a
big smile on his face. "Shit... I've died and gone to Hardcore Heaven..."
Justin says with an eager smile.

Beulah nods her head and licks her lips "With pleasure, Tommy..." Beulah says
before she lifts herself up from her knees and casually walks over to the
wooden bench that Justin Credible is laying on. Beulah McGillicutty tosses
her soft brown hair back and licks her lips before she straddles herself over
his cock, and slowly mounts herself down onto his cock. Once the queen of
extreme is on top of Justin's cock, she places her soft hands onto his
slightly hairy chest and begins to buck her hips, as she rides and bounces on
his cock.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Justin closes his eyes as he puts his hands on Beulah's hips,
with the intention of holding on to her as she goes for a wild ride on his

Dreamer's about to get up from the metal chair he's sitting on, but RVD
moves quickly to get behind Beulah. "Too slow Tommy..." RVD smirks a bit as
he works his shaft into Beulah's tight unexpecting asshole.

Beulah grits her teeth and tilts her head back "Ohhh...I'm hardcore all the
way..." Beulah groans as she gently shifts her body back against RVD's cock
while gradually bouncing quicker and wilder on Justin's prick.

RVD smirks, "And we... appreciate that... fact..." RVD grunts as he slams
his cock in and out of Beulah's ass, He puts his hands on Beulah's thighs,
pulling her back so her ass cheeks smack against his waist. Justin moves
his hands up to Beulah's tits, which are swinging and swaying with every
movement she makes either on her own or because of RVD's thrusts.

Beulah tilts her head back as she sweat begins to drip off of her gorgeously
tanned body "Ohhhh god yesss!" Beulah groans as she grinds her pussy down
against Justin's cock, while thrusting herself back against RVD's cock inside
of her tight, sweet asshole.

Dreamer folds his arms and smirks as he watches Beulah show just how hardcore
she can be. RVD and Justin thrust their cocks into her asshole and pussy,
giving the petite extreme vixen as much as she can handle from their current
position. Justin starts to think he's gonna cum soon, and looks at Dreamer,
"Hey... Tommy... she's pretty much your chick... how about you fuck her..."

Dreamer smirks, "Beulah's having fun... I can wait."

RVD laughs as he pulls out of Beulah's asshole, "Come on Tommy... let's see
how hardcore you get with Beulah..." RVD says as he smacks Beulah's back side
before he moves away from her.

Beulah licks her lips and tilts her head back with a sly smile "Ohhh Tommy...
lets go to...the...EXTREME!"

Dreamer smirks, "All right Beulah... let's get down and hardcore..." Dreamer
walks over and pulls Beulah off of Justin's cock. Dreamer stands Beulah up in
front of the bench, makes her bend forward so that her hands are flat on the
wooden bench. Dreamer licks his lips as he has Beulah right where he wants
her, and then the Innovator of Violence shoves his fat cock into Beulah's
tight cunt.

Beulah grits her teeth and tilts her head back "Ohhhhh TOMMMY!" Beulah
screams as she feels his cock roughly jam into her sweet pussy.

Dreamer holds on tightly to Beulah's slender body as he repeatedly pulls his
cock back and drives it forward roughly, making it very difficult for Beulah
to push back. "Ahhhh... hardcore... all the way!" Dreamer grunts as he rams
his meat torpedo hard into her cunt. Beulah's warm, wet mouth hangs open as
the Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer quickly and roughly penetrates her
sweet pussy.

"Hell... I don't care... if I do burst early... I want more head from her..."
Justin says to RVD.

"Go for it dude..." RVD smirks. Justin nods his head and goes around the
bench. He stands in from of Beulah and holds his cock up so he can push it
into her wide open mouth. Beulah accepts Justin's cock into her warm mouth,
and she wraps her lips softly around his shaft, as she starts to bob her
head along the length of his shaft, while she gradually pushes her sweet
cunt back against Dreamer's cock.

Dreamer grinds his teeth together as he repeatedly thrusts his cock in and
out of Beulah's cunt, pushing her forward towards Justin. "Ohhh... shit...
this... just ain't the coolest.... just ain't the best... this... my
friends... is just incredible!" Justin moans loudly as Beulah deep throats
his shaft every time Dreamer makes Beulah jolt forward. Beulah's soft moans
vibrate against Justin's shaft as she slurps and swallows his cock up inside
of her warm, hot mouth. Beulah starts to lap her tongue around his cock,
making sure every inch of his cock is coated with her wet saliva.

"Ohhh... fuck... god damn..." Justin throws his head back as he starts to
cum, filling Beulah's warm, moist mouth with his hot sticky load. Justin
holds Beulah's head on his cock so she'd have to swallow his load, or let
it fall out of her mouth after he pulls out. Beulah wraps her tongue around
his shaft and she starts to bob her head against his cock quickly as if
she's milking every ounce of cum of Justin's cock. The hardcore woman
swallows every drip of Justin's delicious cum.

Justin gasps and breathes hard as he slowly pulls his spent cock out of
Beulah's hot mouth and he leans against the wall of the room. "Ohh... god
damn..." Justin says as he's just stunned.

Dreamer soon pulls out of Beulah's pussy and looks at RVD, "You want another
shot with the real queen of extreme?"

RVD licks his lips, "Fuck yeah I do..." RVD says before he looks at Beulah,
"Hey Beulah, can you kneel on that chair Dreamer was sitting on?" RVD asks
with a grin on his face.

Beulah smiles as a few drops of sweat drip off of her beautiful face
"Anything for you..." Beulah says with a slightly laugh as she steps away
from the wooden bench and walks over to the steel chair, kneeling carefully
on the chair with her back facing RVD. Beulah looks over her shoulder and
smiles "Like this?"

RVD nods, "Yeah... just like that... now stick your ass out some..." RVD says
as he walks over, stroking his cock with every step he takes. Dreamer folds
his arms, wondering what RVD is up too, while an exhausted Justin Credible
sinks down the floor. Beulah smiles and irresistibly pushes her ass out
towards RVD a bit more. RVD licks his lips, "Perfect..." RVD says as he gets
right behind her and pushes his cock back into her asshole. Before he starts
thrusting, RVD wraps his arms tightly around Beulah's body so that he can
rock her back and forth on the chair as he pumps into her ass.

Beulah grits her teeth tightly and closes her eyes "Ohhhhh fuck!" Beulah
moans as her body rocks back and forth while kneeling on the steel chair.
RVD powerfully humps Beulah's ass with everything he can, giving her
multiple five-star thrusts. He rocks her faster on the chair, which brings
her back towards him so her ass cheeks hit his waist every time she's
rocked backward.

Beulah tilts her head back as she groans "Ohhhhh fuck...I'M HARDCORE!" Beulah
moans loudly.

"Yes... you are... shit... I'm the... whole... fucking show..." RVD groans as
he gives Beulah another stiff thrust before he blows his load inside of her
tight asshole. Even as he's cumming, RVD continues to fuck her ass. Beulah's
sweaty body weakens as she feels the warmth of RVD's cum rush her tight

Beulah licks her lips as she turns around and sits on the steel chair "I'm...
the queen of hardcore.."

"That you are..." Dreamer says as he walks over to her, with a look of lust
in his eyes, "You still got some more in you Beulah?"

Beulah nods her head and smirks "Yeah...I think so"

"Good..." Dreamer smirks as he closes the distance between himself and Beulah
faster than even she would expect him to move. Dreamer picks her up off the
chair, hoists her up and presses her up against a wall so he can push his fat
cock into Beulah's pussy. Before he begins to fuck her up against the all,
Dreamer gives Beulah a moment to wrap her arms and legs around him. Dreamer
then starts to fuck Beulah with hard thrusts while keeping her pinned against
the wall.

Beulah wraps her arms around Dreamer's neck as she bounces roughly up and
down on his cock "Ohhhh...ohhhh...Tommy" Beulah moans as she sweats.

"Uhhh.... ahhhh... fuck... Beulah..." Dreamer grunts as he slams his cock
nonstop in and out of her extreme pussy. Dreamer reaches around to her ass
and shoves two fingers from each of his hands into her asshole.

"Ohhhh...Tommy...I'm hardcore...I'M HARDCORE!" Beulah moans as she slams down
on his cock and begins to cum.

"Yes... you are... yes you are!" Tommy groans in reply as he fucks the
hardcore woman. Tommy suddenly kisses her and shoves his tongue into her
mouth just as he starts to cum inside of Beulah's hot tight soaking wet
pussy. Beulah moans into Dreamer's mouth as she feels his cum rush into
her tight, wet pussy. Dreamer stumbles backward as he floods Beulah's
pussy with his cum, and with luck, he sits down on the metal chair, with
Beulah still right on his cock.

Beulah licks her lips as she tosses her soft, sweat-moistened hair back "I
love being hardcore."

"I think... it's official... she's hardcore..." Justin says as he looks over
at Beulah and Dreamer.

"Yeah... she is..." RVD adds, in total agreement as he still remains resting
on the wooden bench.

Back at the metal chair. Tommy wraps his arms lovingly around Beulah, "I
don't care what they say... you're more than hardcore... you're extreme..."


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