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Context: F/F sex

Wrestlers: Maria Kanellis, Candice Michelle Beckman

Author's note: Ermm.... the scene in which I'm referring to is the one
where a fake Rosie O'Donnell is backstage on RAW showing Maria and Candice
pictures... and she drops them and watches Maria bend over to get them.
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She's Not That Stupid...
by Adora (

"You know... I really think she liked my outfit!" Maria said to Candice. She
was wearing a green top that was tied below her breasts leaving her bra and
a lot of her cleavage exposed as well as a lot of her midriff along with a
green skirt that barely covered her thighs accompanied by a pair of knee high
leather boots.

Candice smiled nodding.

She can't really be that stupid can she? Candice thought keeping the smile on
her face. Rosie O'Donnell was just backstage obviously checking her and Maria
out of course trying her best to do it discreetly but Candice knew exactly
what she was doing and subtly gave Rosie a good view of her cleavage that was
magnified greatly by the form fitting black dress she was wearing. Candice
liked showing off what she had... especially to people who she knew could
never have her.

"Yeah..." Candice agreed to Maria's statement. "I think so too Maria" She
added, giving Maria a once over. She smirked as an idea came to her mind.
"In fact..." She began "I think she liked a lot more than your outfit..."
She said.

"What?" Maria asked confused.

Candice smirked.

"You know... I think she liked you... like really liked you" Candice said.
Maria looked at her, scrunching up her nose in a cute way to signify that she
was still very confused.

"Sit..." Candice demanded softly, ushering Maria over to one of the benches.
Maria sat on the bench, her hands in her lap idly looking up at Candice

"You know Maria" Candice began, sitting down next to the backstage
interviewer "Some girls like other girls" She said matter-of-factly beginning
to stroke Maria's cheek lightly with her index finger. Maria leaned into her
touch instinctively. She turned to face Candice.

"You mean like like?" Maria asked, her voice sounding a little huskier than

Candice nodded using her nail to trace an imaginary line from Maria's check,
down her jaw, down her neck, all the way to her cleavage. She began tracing
small circles on the exposed skin of Maria's breast.

"But how?" Maria asked, swallowing hard. Candice's feather light touches
were causing a stirring in the pit of her stomach and a tingling between her

"How what?" Candice asked although she had a feeling she knew what Maria was

Maria sighed as Candice's fingers trailed down her sides, making her feel a
bit lightheaded.

"How do they like... be together?" Maria asked. She sucked in a quick breath
as Candice's hands swept past her thighs.

"Want me to show you?" Candice asked seductively, bringing her lips right
next to Maria's ear. She ran her finger across Maria's panty clad center
causing Maria to whimper softly before nodding.

Candice grinned, taking Maria's earlobe between her lips and sucking softly.
Maria sighed, her breath coming out shakily. She kept her hands in her lap,
suppressing the urge to touch Candice back.

Candice kissed a path from Maria's ear to her lips while her hands still
slowly kneaded Maria's thighs.

Candice kissed the corner of Maria's lips gently before attaching her lips to
Maria's own. Candice ran her tongue over Maria's bottom lip, seeking entrance
which was given as Maria parted her lips, allowing Candice's tongue to duel
with her own. After about a minute, Candice drew back from the kiss, sucking
on Maria's full bottom lips gently allowing them both to catch their breath
before attaching their lips once again. This time Maria was ready and greeted
Candice's tongue with the tip of her own, moaning softly into the kiss as
Candice began sucking on her tongue.

"Lay down..." Candice requested seductively as they broke apart once again.
Maria laid back on the bench watching Candice stand up and take her black
dress off slowly and tauntingly leaving her in a lacy black thong and a
matching bra.

She moved back onto the bench easing herself atop of Maria. She attached her
lips to Maria's neck, sucking and nipping at the soft flesh, every now and
then letting her tongue slip out and taste the skin. She worked her way down
Maria's body managing to untie Maria's shirt with her teeth. She quickly
discarded of Maria's shirt and bra before nipping on the soft flesh of
Maria's breast, completely avoiding the nipples.

Candice reached behind her own back, unclasping her bra and letting her
breast spill out of the bra. She took the bra off completely, her nipples
becoming erect as a result of being introduced to the cool locker room air.

Maria's eyes widened seeing Candice's breasts exposed. She knew Candice had
really big boobs but she didn't know they were that big. They were much
larger than hers which was surprising since hers were pretty large.

Candice chuckled throatily, seeing Maria's expression.

"You can touch them if you want" Candice whispered. Maria smiled bringing her
hands up to cup each of Candice's breasts. She covered them with her palms,
weighing them in complete awe of how big they actually were. She dragged her
nails across Candice's hard nipples, caressing them to erectness. Candice
moaned, loving Maria's gentle touch.

She attached their lips once more in a passionate kiss before continuing
where she had left off kissing the flesh of Maria's right breast. Maria, a
bit bolder now, slowly dragged her hands up and down Candice's back making
Candice shiver.

Candice, finally tired of teasing the younger girl, touched her lips against
Maria's eraser sized nipple, letting her tongue dart out to lap at the bud
before tugging on it with her teeth.

Maria moaned, enjoying the feeling of Candice's warm lips wetting her nipple.

Candice brought her fingers up to Maria's lips, pushing her index finger
inside the younger girl's warm mouth. Maria sucked on the offering before
Candice took it out of her mouth and brought it to the nipple she wasn't
sucking on, coating the nipple with the wetness. Maria gasped, not expecting

As much as Maria loved Candice playing with her nipples, there was a burning
sensation between her legs that really needed taking care of. She ran her
fingers through Candice's hair urging her to go lower.

Candice smiled against her flesh, giving her nipple one last kiss before
continuing down her body, nipping at the flesh of her abdomen.

She ran her hands up under Maria's skirt massaging her thighs slowly before
slipping one hand under the waistband of her panties and running a finger up
and down her slit, enjoying the silky wetness that coated her finger. She
inserted a finger into Maria's wetness, the soft flesh engulfing Candice's
finger... not only was she really wet but she was also really tight. Maria
gasped, raising her hips to pull more of Candice's finger into her. Candice
began thrusting that finger in and out of her at a steady pace allowing Maria
to match the rhythm with her bucking hips before adding another finger.

Maria moaned loudly, feeling an orgasm building as Candice pleasured her
skillfully. Her hands were still on Candice's head urging her mouth to go
lower. Candice relented, using her free hand to pull Maria's skirt up so
she wouldn't have to remove her hand to take it off completely. She pulled
Maria's lacy boy shorts down, and looked at Maria's shaved pussy. She licked
her lips before positioning herself between Maria's legs and sucking on her
swollen clit. Maria writhed beneath her, her breathing becoming more and more

Candice inserted a third finger into Maria stretching her a bit.

"Oh-My-God" Maria breathed out, still bucking her hips forward to meet
Candice's thrusts and hot tongue which was lapping at her clit. She felt
herself close to orgasm but Candice was teasing her, slowing down her
thrusting and licking every time she got too close to the edge.

"Candice... please... faster" Maria begged, shakily. She was so close she
could feel it. She wanted to cum so badly. Candice smirked, taking Maria's
swollen clit between her lips once again and sucking on it hard.

"Oh God... I'm gonnaŚ" Maria began but cut off as a pleasurable sensation
shot through her body. Her muscles twitched and contracted as Candice
continued slowly pumping her three fingers in and out of her tight cunt
waiting for her orgasm to pass. She felt Maria's juices run down the back
of her hand and couldn't wait to taste them.

"Oh God..." Maria said as her breathing regulated. That was by far one of the
best orgasms she had ever had.

Candice slipped her fingers out of the RAW interviewer and brought them up to
her own lips, sucking them clean of any juices they had on them.

Maria watched her, mouth agape as Candice ended her sensual display by
licking her lips. Maria was starting to feel hot all over again.

Candice captured Maria's lips in a steamy kiss allowing Maria to taste

"Candice?" Maria said as they broke apart.

"Yeah?" Candice asked. Before she could say anything else, Maria had used
all her strength to switch their positions so Candice was now beneath her.
Candice was taken completely by surprise not expecting such a display of
strength from Maria of all people.

Maria attached her lips to Candice's neck, kissing a path to her breasts.
She smiled deciding not to tease the older girl instead taking a nipple in
her hot mouth right away and sucking on it slowly.

Candice moaned, her own fingers massaging her other nipple lightly.

Maria bit down on the nipple, sucking on it once again before Candice could
even feel the pain of the bite.

Maria moved down Candice's body, pulling her thong down and off with her
teeth. Once again, she wasted no time teasing and dove straight into
Candice's hot shaven cunt. Her tongue worked up and the down the slit,
plunging in and out of her folds.

Candice moaned, both of her hands playing with her breast while Maria ate her

Maria plunged her tongue in and out of Candice's opening, enjoying her taste.

Candice wondered for a brief second if this really was Maria's first time
with another girl because she was really good at it.

"Lick my clit" Candice instructed between moans desperate for release.
Maria's tongue was driving her crazy. She needed to cum so badly.

Maria relented lapping her tongue across Candice's engorged clit. She did
this a few more times before Candice exploded, her juices covering Maria's
face. Maria lapped up as much of the juice as she could before crawling back
up Candice's body.

Candice smiled as her breathing returned to normal. She brought Maria's
closer to her, licking her own juices off of Maria's face before capturing
her lips in a fiery kiss.

"Candice?" Maria said once again as she rested against Candice's chest, idly
playing with her nipples.

"Mmmhmm?" Candice asked.

"I really did know how two women make love... I just wanted you to show me"
Maria admitted grinning.

Candice laughed. She guessed Maria wasn't all that stupid after all.
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My email is if you want to send feedback or send a
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