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Author's Note: Another add to WOWEFA, after all D+K need to get a new
keyboard after the stories they sent in. This is the 'third' part of the
series and I think I'll keep going until I get bored of the scenario. As
always this story is set just before Jay Lethal became 'The Black
Machismo'. I'm not too sure on the time line as I missed a whole lot of TNA
so don't cry plot holes on me. ;)

Knockout(s): Leticia Cline and Crystal Louthan

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal

Shining In Front Of The Mic...How To Make A Star In TNA
by Doctor Rock (

"Thanks Jay for that exclusive interview, back to you Don and Mike!"
Leticia signs off from the interview freshly cut at the Destination X Pay
Per View. Leticia fiddles with her belt as Jay walks back into camera view,
sighing noticeably kicking the floor in anger/frustration. Surprised by the
noise Leticia looks up and sees Jay still standing there. "Oh, Jay...Is there
something you'd like to add to the interview?"

Jay gently shook his head and looked up at her, sighing again he answers.
"No, not really I just think that interview could've gone better...What do
you think?"

Shrugging slightly Leticia puts her microphone on the table near them and
puts her hands on her hips. "It was good, you said what you wanted too and
did it...Confidently."

Noticing the pause in her words Jay looks at her with a unsure look on his
face, while rubbing his beard slightly he picked up on it. "Why the pause?
Do you think it was bad?"

Busted! Leticia's face goes red at the fact that she was caught out lying,
she looks at the floor shyly as Jay puts his hands behind his head. "It's
not that the interview was bad it's just that...You stuttered a little in
it, don't worry about it though. This is pre-recorded so they can edit it

Frustrated, Jay kicks the floor again, angry at himself. "That's not the
point! If I can't do it pre-recorded how the hell am I supposed to do it

Running a hand through her blonde hair, Leticia makes a defeated sound and
comes up short for an answer. "Well...The women's locker room's free, we
could go and practice. No one will know that you were practicing and I can
give you some pointers on the promo."

Running his hands through his hair Jay thinks it over and nods in agreement.
"Yeah that sounds like a plan. Hope it doesn't cut into your time though."

Shaking her head Leticia turned around and started to walk down the corridor.
"Nah, I've finished all the interviews none are going out live so I'm not
really needed for the rest of the show."

Opening up the door, Leticia peeked her head in and looked around. "All
clear, Jay, grab a seat." Jay followed Leticia in and grabs a ice blue
steel chair resting against the wall, unfolding it Jay sat down on and
Leticia joined him on the bench opposite. "Okay, so I'll start off as
usual, Jay Lethal tonight you face off against Alex Shelly for the
X-Division championship. Any thoughts?" Leticia mimes holding a microphone
in front of Jay as he tries his best to psych himself up for the interview.

"Oooh well let me tell you something...Ugh sorry lost it." Jay tries his best
but loses his confidence half way through the first sentence rolling his
eyes and cursing his luck. Jay tries to do the promo again, but to the same
success of the first one. Leticia sympathetically moves closer to Jay and
tries to encourage him. "Try to get more relaxed, you're far too tense I can
see it in your eyes."

Jay makes an annoyed sound and looks up at Leticia. "How do you propose I do

Shrugging slightly Leticia stood up and sat on Jay's lap. Wrapping her arms
around Jay's neck she winked at him and felt his dick start to harden. "I've
got a couple of ideas, if you'd like to hear them out?"

Jay nodded and watched Leticia smile, putting her arms up over her head Jay
took hold of her black top and pulled it up over her head. Reaching round Jay
unclasped her bra and tossed it to the floor; standing up Leticia undid her
short skirt and let it fall to the floor. As she did Jay stood up too and
pulled down his wrestling shorts letting out his hard big black thirteen inch
dick, looking down Leticia grinned and grabbed hold of his cock.

"Damn, that's big..." She said with a smile, Jay shrugged modestly.

"I do alright."

Gripping it gently she slowly lowered herself onto his fuck stick, gasping
slightly she looked down at him and smiled. "Hope this'll help you relax."

Jay smiled and moved his head over to her right breast as she continued to
lower herself, extending his tongue slowly he flicked his tongue over her
sensitive nipple. Using his right hand he moved it up to her left breast,
gently tweaking her nipples, both in his mouth and with his fingers.
Leticia tilted her head back, letting her blonde hair fall back; she let
out a low sensual moan from the triple stimuli. Leaving her breasts alone
Jay leant back slightly and kissed her on the belly playfully. Wrapping his
arms around her waist he gently pulled her completely down on his massive
black pole. They both shared a moan as he filled her cunt up with his pole,
leaning back Jay moaned as her ass started to press against his balls.
Leticia gritted her teeth as she started to grind her cunt on his dick, her
wetness leaking against Jay's black balls.

"Oh...Oh god! Jay...Oh you're so big!"

Unwrapping his arms Jay put his hands on her firm ass, gripping her cheeks he
slowly started to bounce her up and down, beads of sweat slowly started to
drip down Leticia's face as Jay started to increase the bouncing. Wiping them
away Leticia leant back and let out another moan putting her hands on Jay's
chest, Leticia started to grind her cunt with each thrust Jay delivered.
Moaning louder and louder, Jay gritted his teeth as he felt Leticia start to
cum over his dick. Leticia threw her head back and came down from the orgasm,
as she did Jay stood up and grabbed hold of Leticia's ass cheeks. Smiling she
wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him passionately, kissing her
back Jay moved down to the locker room floor and put her back first on it.

Grunting, Leticia unwrapped her legs and wrapped her arms around Jay's
neck, pulling him into her breasts Jay's tongue attacked her right breast.
"Oh...Oh...That's the spot!" Gently flicking his tongue over the nub Leticia
moaned at the assault and smiled slyly. Leticia moaned as she brought her
knee's bent up by her waist. Moving back slightly Jay put his arms on the
cold floor just behind the bend in the knee, giving him better access to
thrusting into her.

Moaning Leticia put her head against Jay's shoulders as he started to
increase his pace. Moving his hands Jay put them up on her big breasts,
gently fiddling with them as Leticia wrapped her legs around his waist
again pulling him tighter into her. "Uhh...Uhh...Uhh...Hope...This...Is...

Jay smiled, undid her legs and pulled out of her cunt, flipping her over
carefully as not to injure her. Putting Leticia in doggy style, he gripped
hold of her hips and thrust quickly into her, making her head snap back in
a sudden jolt of pleasure. Thrusting fiercely into her, Jay grunted as he
felt his balls slap against her skin. The sound bouncing all around the
room, Jay wrapped an arm around her waist and held her up for support.

Using this to her advantage Leticia moved her hand down to her cunt,
grunting she started to play with her clit adding to the sensation.
"Uhh...Uhh...So close to cumming again!" Leticia moaned as she moved her
free hand up to her breasts, freeing herself to fiddle with her nipple.

Grinning Jay moved his head down and leant forward kissing her as she moaned
into his mouth. Breaking the kiss Jay pulled himself completely out of her

"Hey what gives!? Uhhh!" Leticia moaned as Jay thrust himself back into
her, slamming all thirteen inches deep into her, encouraged by her moaning
Jay repeated the process by slamming himself balls deep into her again. All
of the drawn out long fucking took its toll of Leticia added with the
fingering her clit and playing with her breasts it made her climax again.
With sweat dripping down both their bodies Jay felt his nuts tighten taking
one last pull back Jay slammed himself back into her letting himself shoot
deep inside her. "OOOH...YEAH!" Jay let out with a triumphant roar as Leticia
grunted at the last entry, Jay pulled out and Leticia spun round.

Looking at Jay she smiled, looking at Jay. "So, did that help?"

Jay smiled a wide grin and let out another tremendous "Ooh Yeah! Let me tell
you something Leticia! I'm gonna go out there and Alex Shelly. You better be
careful because just like bingo...I'll have your number B7!"

Jay jumps to his feet and points to an imaginary B7, before slowly spinning
round twirling his finger in the air. Silently rolling her eyes Leticia
climbed to her feet and started to change back to her normal clothes as Jay
slid his wrestling tights back on and made his way out of the locker room.

* * *

Backstage at Lockdown 2007 Jay Lethal is doing another stunning promo ready
for his match later on in the evening. The new girl Crystal Louthan is
doing a good job too, dressed in a short silver top with a black miniskirt
on decorated by the knee high black boots. As the camera cuts away Crystal
looks down at her feet almost upset about something. Jay now fully
developed in his Macho Man ability, seemingly detects the sadness and looks
at Crystal. His lip arching ever so slightly he spoke in his husky voice.
"Uh, what's wrong there little lady? Is it Jake Roberts? Cause he ruined my

Crystal looks up at Jay and smiles sweetly, shaking her head she answers
softly. "No it's not that...It's just that I really love this job and I don't
think I'm doing well enough."

Shaking his head Jay puts on his bright multi coloured hat and smiles. "You
know, when I see that you're doing my interviews I only got one thing to say
about it...Ooooh Yeah!" Jay grins as he slowly pivots on one foot, making
Crystal chuckle slightly.

Crystal smiles and looks up at Jay, her nerves still shining brightly through
though. "You're sweet...Are you free now? I mean your match isn't for a bit
yet right?" Jay nods his tongue sticking out slightly. "Great! Would you mind
doing some practice runs with me?" Smiling widely Jay knew exactly what was
going to go on once he went into the locker room.

Surprisingly so did Crystal, as they went in the locker room, Crystal started
to undress herself. Jay's bulge started to grow as she turned around to meet
him. "I've heard about what you can do. I'd like to try it out...If that's
alright with you. It may help me ...relax." Jay nodded and let out a low 'Ooh
yeah' as Crystal lay down on the floor and smiled sweetly.

"Are you going to join me?" Nodding Jay dropped his tights and let his rock
hard thirteen inch dick jump out freely.

Jay then began to passionately kiss Crystal for a few moments before he
began to slowly move himself down the interviewer's body. He began to kiss
her neck and continued to move down kissing her right shoulder and stopping
at her right breast and started to lick the nipple. His hand rose to her
left breast and began messaging it while he kissed and licked the other
nipple, Crystal groaned as her nipples began to erect from the attention
they where getting. Jay looked up to Crystal's head and sore how much she
was enjoying it and began to move down her body again kissing every
inch of skin down to the clit. He looked at the wet pussy in front of his
face and smiled before sticking out his tongue and licking up the dampness
around the glorious slit. Jays tasted the juice and watched as Crystal
shuddered from the oral sensations she was receiving from he lover.

Crystal massaged her own breasts as Jay worked on her smooth and shaven
pussy, she moaned out loud as Jay continued to lick her clit. The wrestler
stopped for a split second then thrust his tongue in to her as far as she
could and wiggled his tongue inside her body. She screamed in pleasure as
Jay began to rapidly move his tongue in and out of her pussy and licking up
all the juices that began to flow from her body. He moved his head away and
took three of the fingers from his right hand and began to thrust them in
stimulating all the flesh inside of her. Jay rapidly moved his hand backward
and forward while his tongue went to work on the young interviewer's clit.
She started to squirm as she began to reach climax urging Jay to go faster
and faster. She gasped and then screamed out in pleasure as she came.

Jay then stood up at the side or her bed and smiled at the look of
satisfaction across her face. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at
Jays face before moving her focus down to his cock. It was already very
hard and pointing outwards towards Crystal's body.

"Now it's your turn." She announced with a smile and sitting up on the edge
of the bed looking directly at his thirteen cock. She took the hardon in
one hand and slowly began to push and pull the skin up and down the muscle.
Her mouth moved in closer as she licked her lips and then the tip of his
cock. Her mouth widened as it engulfed the medic head and closing her lips
behind it, she slowly moved her head forward taking the cock deeper and
deeper into her mouth before it reached her throat. She gagged slightly and
slowly moved her mouth back to the head. Crystal repeated this motion again
and again, as she got quicker and quicker in motion, and took the Jay's cock
deeper into her throat. She kept her eyes opened and looked up at the face
of the man she was sucking; he was looking down at her with a large smile
across his face.

Jay stroked her cheek as she moved her face back and forth along his shaft.
Jay felt his balls begin to tighten and looked up as he shot his load into
the beautiful young women's mouth. "Ooh yeah!" jay let out triumphantly as
Crystal tried to swallow all of what he was giving her. But sadly it became
to much and she pulled away having cum dripping out of her mouth. Some of
Jay's load still shot out and landed on her breasts, Crystal licked up what
had dripped out of her mouth and wiped her fingers against her breast to
pick up all that had fallen. She slowly stuck her fingers in her mouth and
wrapped her mouth around them taking all the jizz off them.

She smiled as she slowly moved her fingers out of her mouth and looked at
Jay's cock once again, it was still hard and Jay looked like he was ready to
go again. Jay grabbed Crystal by the arms and pulled her up passionately
kissing her again and laying her onto the bunk. He broke the kiss and slowly
moved on top of her as he positioned himself never taking his eyes off the
women he loved. She smiled back at him as his Cock hovered over her wet and
opened pussy, she moved her hand delicately over his back and caressed it.

Jay then slowly moved his hips down until he felt the interviewer's opening
on the tip of his penis. Then with one quick thrust he penetrated her and
watched Crystal's expression change to one of great ecstasy, She moaned
loudly as her eyes closed to savour the moment. She could feel Jay's cock
begin to move out of her and then thrust in again, she groaned once more
and opened her eyes to look into his.

"Faster!" The interviewer screamed. Jay obliged and began to thrust his
hips faster and tried to penetrate her as far as he could manage. She
wriggled in pleasure under his body as he kept getting faster and faster
moving his cock beep inside her pussy. She kept screaming in pleasure so
loud she knew the rest of the back stage area could here, but she just
didn't care.

"Ahh! Fuck me! Harder!" She continued to scream urging him on to continue
thrusting in and out of her as fast as he could possibly manage. He kept
going and going for what seemed like a near eternity of pleasure before he
could feel his balls begin to tighten.

"Ooh Yeah! I'm gonna cum!" He told her continuing to thrust his cock deep
inside her.

"Cum in me!" She shouted to the young black stud working his way in and out
of her. Jay's balls fully tightened and he began to cum again, this time
inside of Crystal's pussy.

Jay fell to Crystal's side, both breathing heavily and exhausted after
making love so passionately first time with each other. They both smiled
and looked into each others eyes.

"Now I can see what all the fuss was about..." Crystal said in between her
breaths as the sweat glistened on her body.

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