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by Roseli

Its a saturday and Torrie is in front of the mall waiting for Stephanie
McMahon. They agreed to meet each other to go shopping but steph was already
late. Torrie is leaning up against wall with her arms crossed. Shes wearing
just a blue tank top and thin sweat pants. And sense she hasn't had time to
wash her clothes she ran out of clean underwear so now shes going commando.

Torrie finally sees Steph's car and starts walking to greet her at the
parking space. Steph opens the door and steps out in a black mini skirt and
black sweater. Her hair back in a pony tail. When she steps out Torrie comes
around the back of the car.

Steph: Hey Torrie, sorry I was late.

Torrie: Its okay, it wasn't too long.

Steph: Hunter wouldn't let me go, I swear he would never get anywhere with
out me. I have to remened of everything.

Torrie: Yeah I know the feeling. Same way for Billy!

Steph: Uh! Men!

Torrie: come on. enough talk about the boys. Its girl time, lets go.

Steph: okay.

Steph and Torrie go inside the mall and starting walking around. They find a
nice store without many people. The only person there is buying something at
the cash register from a young man, about 22, behind the counter. Steph and
Torrie immeditaly start looking around at the all girl clothing store.

Torrie: Hey Steph.

Steph: Yeah.

Torrie: How about this shirt?

Steph: Umm... naw.

Torrie: Really?

Steph: Yeah, get the green one to the left of you instead.

Torrie: Uh? Yeah that is nice.

Steph: What about these pants?

Torrie: I like them!

Steph: Sir! Sir can you come here?

The man comes over to the calling by Steph. The other lady has now left and
the store is only filled with the 3.

Man: Yes, may I help you?.

Steph: Do you have a dressing room?

Man: Yes, to the back right corner. By the sweaters.

Steph: Thanks! Hey Torrie I'll be right back. Gonna try something on.

Torrie: Okay.

Steph walks to the back dressing room and picks a dressing area. Steph starts
to try on her different clothes looking in the mirror. Torrie walks back with
some clothes.

Torrie: Hey Steph which are you in?

Steph: The big one. The Handicap one.

Torrie: Okay.

Steph: Why? are you coming in?

Torrie: Yeah.

Steph: Okay but wait...

Torrie opens the door and catchs Steph naked with her top off. Steph quickly
covers herself with her hands as Torrie covers her eyes.

Torrie: oh! I'm sorry.

Steph: Its okay, I tried to warn you.

Steph puts on a shirt and Torrie comes in.

Torrie: Sorry about that.

Steph: Its okay

Torrie: Hey steph why don't you pose for Playboy? From what I say you
wouldn't disappoint!

Steph: Uh? Thanks, but I don't think its for me. Besides I don't think I
would feel comfortable posing naked.

Torrie: True, I was nervouse first. But you got a great body!

Steph: Thanks.

Torrie starts stepping closer to Steph. Torrie looks into the mirror behind
Steph. Steph looks into the mirror also and sees Torries look. She can tell
somethings on her mind. Torrie grabs her by the hips and pulls her up against
hers. Torrie sets her face over Steph's shoulder with their cheeks rubbing up
against each others.

Torrie: I'm sure you could figure a way to calm down for the pictures.

Steph: Um... yeah I suppose.

Torrie: You know if we did an issue together like a tag team Playboy would
run out of copies because of the demand.

Steph: Yeah, I bet.

Torrie starts sliding her hands up Stephs sides underneath her sweator.
Lifting it up. Steph starts breathing nervously. She doesn't know what to do.
She's never done anything with a girl before. She thought of it but never
tried. She thought Torrie was beatiful but didn't know what to do. She just
stood there as Torrie slid the sweator over Steph's large breasts and over
her head as Steph lifted her arms. Steph stood there with only her black lace
bra to cover her boobs that fans wished they could see. Steph looked into the
mirror and say Torries grinish smile. Torrie noticed Stephs nervous look that
ran over Stephs face as she lightly kiss her cheek.

Torrie: Don't be nervous.

Steph: Okay, but I never done anything before with a girl.

Torrie: Its okay, just kiss me.

Torrie grab Steph's chin so she could kiss her. Steph pressed her lips
against Torries as if it was her first kiss. after a few seconds though she
began to slip in her tonuge and kiss like a pro. Torrie started to walk in
front of Steph and grabed the buckle to the bra which in the front. Steph
looked down and smiled excitdly. Torrie unsnaped it and out came Steph's
plump breast. Steph grabed them and started to rub them together. Torrie
grabed one and licked the side of it. She started goind in circles and
getting closer to the nipple. Finally she locked her lips around the nipple
and started sucking it while flicking her tongue against it. Steph lift her
head back and moaned lightly.

The employ started hearing these moans and decied to check it out. He peeked
through the crack of the door and looked on in shock! As he watched Steph
take her hair out of a ponytail and whip in the har. And Torrie slowly slid
her tongue down the middle of Stephs stomach from her boobs to her belly
button. The guy ran to the front door and locked it! He put the close sign
up and turned off the lights to make it seem like they were closed. He went
back to his postion where proceeded to play with himself.

By this time Steph was stepping out of her mini skirt and pink panties.
Torrie licked her hand and began rubbing Stephs pussy. And then licking like
a sucker. Ever so softly. Steph cocked her head back again moaning, running
her hands through Torrie's hair. Steph then grabed Torrie's tank top and slid
over Torries head. Torrie keep at the pussy, fingering it while Steph began
to play with her smooth breasts and rub her nipples. Torrie began putting 2
fingers in Steph making her moan again quite loud. Steph grabed Torries hand
and pulled it out of her as Torrie looked on confused. Steph began to suck
her own juice off the fingers and then went over to the little bench.

Steph lifted her legs into the air and Torrie knelt down pushing her face
inbetween Steph's legs. Steph put her legs on Torrie's shoulders and wrapped
them around Torries head. Torrie starting going crazy now with her tongue and
fingers as Steph massaged one of her boobs and ran her other hand through
Torrie's blond hair. Torrie started feeding off of Steph's excitment. She
could tell she was like it. Steph keep moving her hips around and moaning
like crazy. Steph could barely take it any more. She start rubbing her clit
with her hand.

Steph: Torrie, oh god, I almost there, oh DAMN! TORRIE!

Torrie start going nuts down there getting even more excited as Steph was
about to climax. Steph cam all over Torries face. She started to calm down
and stopped shaking.

Steph: Oh geez, that was great.

Torrie: You liked that?

Steph: Oh I loved that!

Torrie slide up Steph inbetween her legs. Steph began to lick her juice off
of Torrie's face and kiss her. Steph grabbed Torries perfect ass. She moved
her fingers inbetween her legs and felt Torries pants were moist. She
realized she had to return the favor!

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