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Show Closer
by NotTooFugly

"Hey ho, lets go, hey ho, lets go!"

Charlie hammered down on the chords as the band slammed out the classic
Ramones number, "Blitzkrieg Bop". This was the show closer, a great number
to get the crowd on it's feet. The band had been on fire tonight, and the
crowd was electrified. Charlie was amazed at the number of people who'd
turned out for the show. They'd played a 45 minute set, doing classics from
the Sex Pistols, the Dead Kennedy's, the Misfits, Black Flag, the Buzzcocks,
and even Motorhead, as well as a few originals.

Charlie's band, The Venders, had been together for a few years and they made
enough to live, playing clubs and festivals. They'd traveled around the
country, but this was the first time they'd been to North Carolina. He didn't
know if the crowd here was indicative of the whole state, but there were some
fine looking chicks in the audience. Maybe he'd get some action tonight.

The band finished the song with a crash, stealing an idea from The Who
and smashing their guitars to bits. Obviously these weren't their real
instruments as a regional band like the Venders could hardly afford new
guitars after every gig. They simply had some mock guitars in the wings of
the stage that they stealthily switched after the last number. Charlie
stepped up to the mic.

"Hey thanks for showin' up everybody. Hope you enjoyed that shit, we fuckin'
did!" The crowd responded with a big cheer. Charlie smiled as he left the
stage, dragging a bowing Rick after him. Rick clapped him on the shoulder.

"Holy shit dude, those guys loved us!", exclaimed Rick, the bassist.

"It was probably the booze," remarked dour Ashley, drums, who was smiling in
spite of herself.

"You're such a bullshitter," laughed Rick.

"We should have fuckin' recorded it man! We were fuckin' awesome!"

"Well Tony, I'm glad to see that we're still modest," Charlie joked. Tony,
vocals and second guitar, made to punch Charlie, but then just laughed.

"Fuck it, lets go get a beer."

"Hell, I agree with that!", exclaimed Rick. The band shuffled out of the
dressing room and moved out into the main body of the crowd. Looking at some
of the denizens of the crowd Rick cracked "Lucky I didn't bring a magnet or
I might've accidental ripped that guys face off!"

"Watch it man, these are our adoring fans man. They pay for our food,"
Charlie cautioned.

"Maybe so ol' buddy ol' pal, but I think I'd rather cater to people like that
hot chick over there." Charlie turned, scanning the crowd.

"Where?", he asked. Rick swatted him on the back of the head.

"Right there stupid!" he pointed. Charlie followed his gaze. A gorgeous
redhead stood dancing with some gal pals. Whoa, thought Charlie. Rick looked
up at Charlie's open mouth. "Yeah, I know what you mean dude."

The redhead turned towards them, noticing the two standing there looking at
each other. She grinned at them, and began pressing through the crowd towards

"Holy shit dude, she's gone over here!', said Rick.

"No shit Sherlock," muttered Charlie. The redhead pushed through the last few
people, finally reaching them. Rick squinted at her, as though he'd seen her

"Guys, you were fuckin' awesome up there!', she enthused.

"Yeah we w-", began Rick before Charlie cut him off.

"Thanks a lot. This is a great club."

"Yeah, it's alright. But you guys were just awesome. I haven't seen a better
show, and I've been to some big concerts," she gushed. Rick snapped his

"'re Lita aren't you?"

She looked embarrassed. "Yeah, that's my stage name. My real name is Amy, but
I actually prefer Lita these days."

Charlie glanced at Rick. "You've seen her before?"

"Yeah, she's in the WWE. I've got her photo spread in the Diva's magazines

"Alright dude, I get the picture. So, are you a manager or something?"

"I'm actually more of a wrestler, but I do some managing."

Charlie sized her up. "Beg your pardon, but you don't really look like a
wrestler to me."

Lita grinned. "You'd be surprised."

"Yeah dude, she's awesome! She does a back flip and a head scissors and-"
Rick interrupted, the words coming out in a rush. He was only stopped when
Charlie stomped hard on his foot.

"Care for a drink?", Charlie asked Lita. "Hell I'll even buy."

"You don't get an offer like that every day. Lets go," replied Lita, smiling
at Charlie. Together they moved to the bar, leaving a hopping Rick to his own

Lita took a stool near the end of the bar. Charlie slid in beside her.
Charlie gestured to the bartender. They ordered two beers. Charlie made
small talk, talking about the rigors of a band constantly on tour. Lita
could relate, being a wrestler and used to the rough schedule. They
quickly emptied the two beers, and then ordered another two. By the time
10:30 rolled around, the two were shitfaced drunk.

"žso then, me and Tony took out the screws supporting Ash's stool. So when
she sat down at the beginning of the show, she fell flat on her ass!" Lita
burst out laughing. She leaned back, and would've fallen out of her seat
had Charlie not caught her. Lita smiled at him.

"Thanks Charlie. You're such a great guy."

"Well thank you Lita. You're a great girl if I do say so myself," replied
Charlie, more than a little drunkenly. Lita placed her hand on his thigh.
Charlie looked at her.

"You know, I'm getting a bit tired of this crowd. You mind if we go someplace
more... private?"

"No, I wouldn't mind that at all." Lita stood up, and Charlie followed, Lita
leading him by the hand. The two walked towards the back of the club and
through a non-descript door that lead into what appeared to be a storage
area. Lita lead him towards the back.

"So, what are we doing back---" Charlie began, but Lita cut him off with a
kiss. Lita's lips pressed against his, he mouth open to admit his tongue.
Lita's tongue squirmed about in his mouth, her hands grasped his face. She
kissed him passionately, he could hardly breathe. She deftly removed his
shirt with hardly a pause in the lip lock. Her hand stroked his muscular
chest, exciting him further. He pressed her to the wall, before moving
quickly undressing her. He made short work of her belt, causing her loose
pants to simply fall to the floor. She wore a black thong that was almost
as thin in front as in back. His hands clasped her firm butt, grasping hard.
Lita ground into him, almost thrashing as his hard-on pressed against her
through the thin fabric of his pants. Lita undid his zipper and he shuffled
his pants down to his ankles. He wasn't wearing underwear, so his cock sprung
erect quickly. Lita pulled her shirt up over her head, leaving her in bra
and panties. Charlie was charged, unable to control himself. Lita grasped his
cock and stroked it.

"Come on baby, give it to me," she breathed. Charlie grasped at her thong,
trying to pull it off, but in his frenzy it simply ripped off. Her pussy
lay ready for him. It was nearly bald, except for a red fuzz above it. Lita
guided his cock towards her cunt. Charlie gasped as his cock pressed against
her opening, penetrating deep inside her. Lita moaned a bit as he entered.
Charlie pressed his hips against Lita, his bare belly tight with hers. He
could feel her heat, it seemed the two would burst into flames. Her cunt was
wet, clenched against his cock. Her hips ground against him, his cock
throbbing inside her. He began to pump a bit, Lita moving with him. He found
a rhythm, picking up the speed. He pounded into her, jerking up inside her
tunnel. Lita wrapped her legs around him as he lifted her, fucking her hard
as he slammed her harder into the wall. Her hands ran through his hair as he
fucked her.

"Fuck...goddamn baby, fuck me hard!", Lita exclaimed, panting and crying out
like an animal as he pistoned into her. His cock slid in and out, covered in
her juices. He pushed as deep as he could, jolting her up and down as he
pounded into her. He could hardly draw breath, all of his exertions going
into fucking her harder and harder. He could feel her tense as she reached
orgasm. Her breasts, still covered by her bra were flying up and down in
spite of their confines.

"Unnnnn...unnnnnn...oh fuck! FUCK!" she screamed hoarsely as he hammered her
again. He was beginning to lose his grip on his cock. He'd have to cum soon.
Lita's legs were clenched tight against his sides, her thighs slick from
sweat. His hands clenched her ass as he continued to bounce her, but he was
losing his strength. Lita's mouth was open sucking in air while Charlie's
head was buried between her slick breasts. Finally Charlie stopped bouncing
her and simply squashed her to the wall and pumped as hard and fast as he
could. Lita tensed up again, incredibly reaching a second orgasm.

"CHARLIE!" she screamed as she came for the second time. Her screams drove
Charlie on, trying to hold out just a little bit longer. But finally he
couldn't. He jerked almost all the way out before slamming deep as he could
into her. His back arched as his entire being sprayed into her. Lita was held
against the wall by his cock alone, a cock that spat his thick wide cum into

"Ohhhh... unnnnh!", he gasped. His cock spurted endlessly, filling Lita to
the brim. Her vaginal fluid and his cum, mixed, almost flowing out of her.
He slumped against her, sweating profusely. She brushed his hair absently,
trying to recover from one of the best fucks she'd ever had.

"Wow Charlie. You were fantastic." Charlie managed to raise his head to look
at her. He kissed her again, his hands simply caressing her absently. They
stayed there like that for a good 5 minutes simply kissing and fondling. He'd
finally removed her bra. Her breasts weren't huge, but they were shapely and
beautiful. He took his time kissing her all over, suckling her nipples, and
fingering her bush. He even knelt down and ate her out, his tongue tasting
her most secret places. She came again then, her hands tearing at his hair as
she ground her cunt into his face.

"Fuck me again Charlie," said Lita after some time. Charlie looked at her
in disbelief. He didn't know if he could go again. "Charliež sometimes, I
like to do it...", she looked embarrassed, "in the ass." Charlie perked up
immediately. She mistook his surprise for alarm. I mean, if you find it
gross just forget..." Charlie shushed her with a finger to her lips.

"Baby, I will do you anyway you want to done," Charlie assured her.

"Are you su---", Lita started, but she was quieted by the brush of his
reinvigorated cock stirring against her thigh. She smiled at him, pressing
her soft lisps to his, and then leaning down to give his a cock a long lick
to lubricate it. He moaned a bit, making Lita giggle. Lita away from him,
bracing her arms against the wall and presenting her tight ass to him. He
stood there a moment gazing at her perfect body. She glanced over her
shoulder at him, smiling. Charlie placed his hands on her cheeks, spreading
them a bit to gain better access to her ass. Then he slowly worked his way
in. Lita bit her lip, holding her breath as she waited through the pain for
the sensations she loved so much. He was in, balls deep inside this hot
females ass. His hands rested on her hips as he slowly moved around inside
her, allowing her to grow accustomed to his size. He began to pump her,
loving the wet slapping sound of his crotch smacking into her ass. Her
breasts jiggled with each pump, so he leaned down and grabbed her tits,
pulling hr back tight against his chest. He licked her earlobe, and kissed
her neck, loving the taste and scent of her sweat. Lita was gasping in
shallow little breaths, just feeling Charlie's big dick. Charlie slid one
hand down her torso, until he reached her moist cunt. He rubbed her slick
clit, giving her unbelievably pleasure in two areas. Incredibly, Lita began
to climax again.

"Oh my God...fuuuuuuuuuck! Unnnnggghh!" Lita screamed, driving Charlie to
pump her as fast as he could. His cock felt like it was exploding, his orgasm
being ripped out of his body as his cock spurted forth again. He sagged down
Lita again, barely able to stand. Lita sunk to the ground beside him. They
looked at each other, then laughed.

That, thought Charlie, was quite a night.

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