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Shut Up Your Beautiful
by Ilse'sPurpleSummer

Natalya shivered, her skin breaking out in goosebumps as a pair of soft lips
glided over hers. Her dark haired lover pressed her against the wall, pausing
in her kisses to brush fingers through Nat's blond hair, playing with the
streak of pink Nat had in honor of her family. Nat pulled Melina's lips back
to hers, relishing the way the brunette seemed to melt into her.

They were an odd pairing, to be sure, especially considering the fights they
were having in the ring. The slaps, the tackles, the intense focus, had all
exploded in their faces one night. They had argued in the ring, so close
their noses were practically touching. Nat had barely been able to breathe,
so strong was her urge to kiss Melina. After the segment, she had slipped
into her dressing room, hoping to calm herself down. About two minutes later,
the door banged opened and of course, it was Melina. She and Nat stood there,
just staring at each other for several long moments, then Melina crossed the
room in three quick strides, grabbed Nat, and yanked her into a hard, almost
brutal kiss. Of course, Nat had kissed her back with everything she had.

That had been two weeks ago, and since then the two had met in either Nat or
Melina's locker rooms before or after or even during the shows to make out.
But that was all. Nat could tell Melina wanted more, but she wasn't ready to
go there. She couldn't help but compare herself to Melina- physically, Melina
was perfection. Nat's waist was too big, her thighs too round, her breasts
too large and out there. In her mind, everything Michelle and Layla said
about her was true. No matter how hard she trained, she couldn't make herself
as skinny or as beautiful as them.

Nat was startled out of her thoughts by Melina's teeth scraping over her
earlobe, causing her to tremble as heat flowed throughout her body.

Melina's hands skimmed down her sides, starting to tug up the t-shirt Nat
wore. Nat shied away, almost instinctively.

'What's wrong, sweetie?" Melina murmered. Nat turned away.

"I'm too ugly," she mumbled. Before she could move, Melina had her pinned
against a locker, her eyes blazing.

"You're wrong, Nat," she said firmly. She kissed Natalya hard, taking her
breath away. "You are so beautiful," she murmered against her lips. "Inside
and out." Her hands returned to the t-shirt, this time pulling it over her
head before Nat had time to protest.

"Let me show you," she whispered. She trailed her lips down Nat's neck,
pausing to lick at her pulse point, causing Nat to suck in her breath as heat
pooled in between her thighs and in her face. Melina ran the tips of her
fingers over Nat's collarbone, then down her arms.

"You're strong," she said, her voice low and throaty. "It's sexy." She then
moved her hands to Nat's hips, pulling her up against her. "You're soft, and
warm," she whispered. She dropped to her knees in front of Nat, pulling Nat
down with her, laying her gently on the floor before straddling her, rubbing
their hips together, causing Nat's eyes to almost roll back into her head at
the delicious friction between their bodies. Somehow, Nat's bra ended up on
the floor with Melina's. Melina cupped Nat's breasts, brushing her thumbs
over the nipples without letting up on the grinding of her hips into Nat's.
She leaned down and kissed her at the same time, slipping her tongue into
Nat's mouth, and Nat thought she might just die of sensory overload.

Melina pulled her lips away from Nat's and paused the rolling of her hips,
smirking a bit at Nat's groan of protest. She made quick work of the button
on Nat's jeans, pulling them off along with her own. She giggled for a moment
at Nat's pink lace underwear, then straddled her again, staring down at her
for a few long moments.

How could Nat think herself anything but beautiful? Especially now- blond and
pink hair in messy, sexy waves around her shoulders, her eyes dark with
pleasure, her body soft and supple under Melina.

"I wish you could see how gorgeous you look right now," Melina murmered
before leaning down to kiss Nat again, rubbing their hips together, slowly,
torturously, smiling as Nat gasped and moaned underneath her, wriggling her
hips, trying to get Melina to increase her pace. Finally, she took mercy and
sped up, grinding down harder on Nat with every roll of her hips.

Nat was gasping and writhing under her, her body was on fire, blazing all
throughout her. Melina increased her pace further, and Nat could feel the
heat rushing downwards, suddenly bursting through her, her body arching up
against Melina, shaking with the pleasure rushing through her.

"Oh god, Melina!" she cried out, feeling Melina shuddering above her as her
own orgasm ripped through her, leaving them both breathless and shaking,
Melina laying on top of Nat, their fingers linked together.

After a few minutes, Melina rolled off of Nat, onto her side, and looked down
at her. Nat closed her eyes, ready for what she was certain would come out of
Melina's mouth- insults, jokes about her looks and weight, laughing that
someone like Melina would actually want to be with someone like Natalya.

Instead, Melina cupped her face in her hands and kissed her, long and deep,
then stood up, pulling Nat to her feet and kissing her again before she
handed Nat her pants and shirt.

"As much as I hate to cover you up, baby, we should get to the hotel before
we continue this," she said softly. Nat stared at her in disbelief for a few
moments, then her huge, beautiful smile lit up her face. Melina pulled her
out of the locker room, pausing to kiss her again, not caring who saw. She
laced her fingers with Nat's, then lead her out to the bus to the hotel.

"Everyone's staring," Nat whipsered. Melina grinned.

"Only because you're so damn pretty," she murmered back. Nat grinned this
time, starting to actually believe her. She was still grinning when Melina
pulled her around and kissed her again, this time in front of everyone, who
catcalled and whistled.

Melina pulled back, smiling at Nat. The two of them stepped onto the bus
together, ignoring the whispers and stares. They had each other. For now,
nothing else mattered.

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