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Sick Of Bitches Part 6: Beulah McGillicutty
by DaxG2001 (

My name is not important. What is important is what I do.


There's a saying about karma, that it comes around. Well, I like to think
that for the bad karma these bitches put out, I'm the karma that fucks them
in the ass.

I take them, I control them, I abuse them. But most importantly, I brake

Until they're mine. All Mine.

It's even better that I get paid for it, and no one notices them going
missing. Thanks to my boss and his secret plans.

"I'll bite your mother-fucking style
Just to make it fresher.
I can't take the pressure
I'm sick of bitches"

- Just Don't Give A Fuck, by Eminem

* * *

What had Beulah McGillicutty done to deserve a visit from me?

Yeah yeah, she's an ECW sweetheart blah blah. See was a cock-tease, plain and
simple. That Penthouse or whatever softcore magazine shoot she did? I rest my
case. Hell, there's a video of that going around where she sucks on a dildo!
And on a side note, she, after all these years, STILL can't hit a DDT on

The boss says that she's needed to help 'persuade' Tommy Dreamer to get back
in the ring full-time, and keep him under WWE contract. That and to get him
away from having creative control or something. Whatever, I was going to bang
a chick that obviously knew how to smoke a pink cigar.

* * *

I'm sure it must be so hard for miss McGillicutty. Not including that fact
she has a stupid name, but because she broke her neck in her last ECW
appearance she's stayed away from wrestling, and her husband is on the road
with the WWE.

It leaves her all alone at home with nothing to do. All alone while her
husband is at the RAW show on the other side of America. Leaving her nothing
to do but just find stuff to do in her house while wearing black pants, a
black top and a pair of white trainers. Such a shame.

It's also a shame that the back door to her house was open, allowing me
access in to watch her as she cleaned dishes in the sink. But the final shame
was that she was unaware of the fact that I was sneaking up behind her with a
frying pan.

With one hard shot to the back of the head, she slumped down onto the floor,
unconscious. With a blow like that I could have been the top-star in ECW!

Tossing the pan aside, I knelt down and began pulling off her black pants,
revealing a shapely behind in ordinary looking panties. I had no problems
ripping that off her body, revealing her snatch and asshole. I grinned,
rubbing a finger up and down her lips before inserting it. Guess she wasn't
a total whore after all, since it felt tight.

Picking her up by the waist, I forced her to sit on top of the kitchen
worktop facing me. Her head was slumped forward, her long hair draped messily
over her face and chest. I grabbed her top and pulled it off her body,
leaving her in just a black bra. It would be wrong to leave her like this, so
I tore that garment off at all.

I squeezed a hold of her ample left breast, undoing my jeans with my free
hand. She had some nice tits alright, nothing too special but still good.
Hell, she was still a hottie.

Dropping my pants and boxers, I spread her legs apart, I lined up my shaft
and pushed inside her pussy without ceremony. There was no need, she wasn't
aware of any of this right now. I pulled her body closer to mine, pulling
her head up so that it rested on my shoulder as I began to pump Beulah's Box.

Her limp body slumped against mine, her hips rocking slightly against the
force of my violating action. I kept one hand on her side to keep her in
position, the other unashamedly playing with her tits. She was nice and
tight, but was still able to take my thick cock without any difficulty.

Brushing her hair out of her face, I smiled at her cute face, softly
breathing as I continued to steadily fuck her snatch with ease. Lifting up
her chin I pressed my mouth against hers, slipping my tongue inside. My
other hand moved down to her butt, squeezing it and feeling the flesh bounce
against my thrusts.

Grabbing a hand full of her hair, I began to make out with the ECW star,
lashing my tongue against her own and around her mouth in a wonderfully
perverse manner. I was now pumping her hard with sharp thrusts, my balls
slapping against her butt cheeks.

Her cunt was giving out some juices in response to my abuse, but not as much
as there'd be if she was aware of the abuse that was happening. I moved my
hand around to her tits again, twisting the left nipple in a way that would
no doubt cause pain. But no response, she was still out of it.

I gave her lips a lick over before I brought her down onto the worktop so she
was lying on her back. Pulling her legs up I spread them wide apart and began
thrusting hard into her tight hole. This was a position that suited her very
well - on her back, spread eagle by the ankles and taking a big dick better
than a cheap whore could.

With each thrust, her jugs bounced up and down in rhythm against my
movements, the only response from her body. Her head was lying on its side,
the unconscious woman unaware of the fucking she was receiving. Like I cared.

I grunted, giving some sharp thrusts into her snatch, feeling my own pressure
begin to build inside her. I pulled out, and climbed up onto the worktop,
positioning myself over her chest and jacking off. I smirked, unloading some
hot streams of cum onto the top of her breasts and over her neck, giving her
a rather different kind of necklace than any she'd been used to.

"And they call you hardcore..." I laughed, turning her body over so she was
lying face down on the kitchen counter, now in a doggy-style position with
her legs and ass hanging off it. With such an obvious invitation, it was
impossible to pass it up. I pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her rear
entrance way.

"Lets see how extreme you really are." I said, before pushing my still
hard bell-end into her asshole. This hole was much tighter than her cunt,
indicating she wasn't as 'hardcore' as ECW fans chanted. I laughed, stuffing
her back passage with my meat in slow thrusts to loosen her up a little.

"Fucking tease..." I sneered, wiping sweat off my face with my hand and
cleaning it onto her long hair, which I grabbed a hold of as I began to push
hard into her ass.

I was able to force my entire shaft into her cute behind, making it jiggle
with each thrust into it. I spanked her ass cheeks with my hands, making the
noise echo around her own kitchen. I continued my anal abuse of the wife of
Tommy Dreamer, grinding my hips against hers, rubbing my nut sack against her
pussy as I did so, before pumping her butt again with some short thrusts.

I pulled out of her completely, rubbing my cock-head against her butt cheeks,
before I lowered my body down and stuck my face between them, eating her
asshole with my tongue. Gripping her cheeks with my hands and jiggled the
meat on them - an insulting gesture if she was aware of it.

"Damn, your ass sucks!" I laughed, removing my tongue from her back passage
and spitting in it. "Let's see if your mouth can make up for it."

I moved her body around again, this time so she was lying on her back on the
counter with her head and neck hanging off it. In this position I was able to
open her mouth and insert my dick into it. "Yeah, that's it bitch!" I said,
pushing her cheeks together so her lips pressed around my thick shaft. "Taste
your ass, you slut!"

I began pushing my hips back and forth, dipping my cock in and out of her
luscious mouth. This seemed to be more used to taking cock, as even in this
position I was able to move my length far easier than her other holes.

"Mmmm yeah..." I moaned, perversely rubbing my hands over her face as I
fucked it slowly, the rest of her body continuing to rest limp on the table,
save for the rising and falling of her titties.

As I thrusted, I pushed her head against my movements, making her bob up and
down on the incoming shaft.

"You love that cock don't you?" I said, quickening my thrusts and hitting the
back of her throat with each one. "Cheap whore's gonna make me cum again."
I continued to abuse her worse than a common street whore should be, making
my balls slap onto her forehead hard as I fucked her oral hole.

After some more moments of this abuse, I held her head up slightly and jacked
myself off. Unleashing another couple of streams, this time I targeted her
face and hair, leaving my mark on the 'Original Queen of Extreme'. After
flicking the last few drops onto her head, Beulah looked far more extreme and
hardcore than she'd ever been before.

Pulling her body up and onto my shoulders, I began walking out of her home,
safe in the knowledge that by the time her husband returns, he'll have an
improved Beulah to keep the home clean.

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