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Sick Of Bitches Part 7: Lacey
by DaxG2001 (

My name is not important. What is important is what I do.


There's a saying about karma, that it comes around. Well, I like to think
that for the bad karma these bitches put out, I'm the karma that fucks them
in the ass.

I take them, I control them, I abuse them. But most importantly, I brake

Until they're mine. All Mine.

It's even better that I get paid for it, and no one notices them going
missing. Thanks to my boss and his secret plans.

"I'll bite your mother-fucking style
Just to make it fresher.
I can't take the pressure
I'm sick of bitches"

- Just Don't Give A Fuck, by Eminem

* * *

What had Lacey done to deserve a visit from me?

The name may not be too familiar to you. It certainly wasn't to me, so I had
to do some research to discover who the hell she was.

Found out she was a top talent in the Independent wrestling scene. Most
notably in Ring of Honor, where she is the brains behind Lacey's Angels.
She's also quite a hottie as well, which isn't too bad.

Mr. McMahon always seems to have an eye (at least the guys he pays to keep
watch) on the Indies, so recognises her as a popular star. Her removal from
them would benefit the WWE, and since she has some wrestling ability, she may
be of some use in the future.

* * *

I waited until the start of main event of the ROH show, the champ defending
against some random guy in another instant feud from the last show. Like I
cared. Everyone would be watching the match out of respect, but thanks to
some 'insider knowledge' I collected, not Lacey.

Sneaking into the building was no problem, as was finding her dressing room.
So after checking the coast was clear, I entered.

And there my target was, bending over to look over some notes on a table, her
nicely sized ass sticking out at me in a greyish skirt. She also had some
brown high-heeled shoes on, and a black sleeveless top. Her long brown hair
with blonde highlights was tied up into a ponytail as well.

She hadn't noticed, obviously to caught up in how much her jobbing 'Angels'
were never going to get past mid-card. So I quietly closed the door behind
me and locked it, before approaching her from behind and unzipping my jeans,
beginning to stroke my cock to erection.

Moving up behind her, I quickly grabbed the material of her skirt and tore
it off her body, fully exposing her smooth legs and her shapely behind in a
black thong.

"What the?" She exclaimed in shock, spinning around.

Grabbing the sides of her head, I forced a kiss onto her lips, startling her.
She tried to resist, pushing me away with her hands but I had my lips firmly
planted on. Moving forward, I pushed her back until we were both lying on the
table. I made sure I was on top, my bodyweight keeping her from squirming

Holding her head with one hand, I continued to kiss her, opening my mouth to
let my tongue invade hers. Again, there was resistance, muffled calls to
stop, but I ignored her. The fingers of my left hand ran down her side and
onto her thighs.

Another muffled sound came from her as my fingers began to stoke her pussy
through her underwear, causing her hips to move slightly. At the same time,
my other hand moved off her head onto her chest, copping a feel of her right

Lifting my head up from hers, she gasped for air, her body still squirming.

"No!" She gasped, trying to push me away again.

I lowered my head again, this time to kiss the tit I was holding, giving it
another squeeze as I did so.

"Stop it!" She said, as my hand started to slip inside her thong. "I said...

She was cut off as I started to rub her pussy, my fingers running over her
entrance, starting to make her damp. Planting kisses on her small boobs, I
ran my tongue over the nipples, poking through her clothing. I knew that she
was starting to enjoy this, as shown by the fact that her arms and hands
weren't so much pushing me away, but holding onto me.

"Ahhh!" She exclaimed as I slipped a couple of digits inside her tight snatch
and began to finger the ROH valet and SHIMMER wrestler's pussy. Moving my
body up slightly, she followed me up and kissed me. I smirked, opening my
mouth to let my tongue dance with hers.

My free hand slipped around to her back, allowing me to carry her a little
forward so she was sitting on the edge of the table. Still pushing my fingers
inside her, I was pleased with how wet she had quickly become.

"Oh God fuck me!" She gasped when I broke the lip-lock.

Retracting my fingers, I raised them up to her, and smiled when she hungrily
sucked on them, cleaning them of her own juices. I let her tongue lick around
them for a few moments before I pulled them out. I pulled her thong down her
legs and off her body before I spread her legs apart, holding them by the

"Oh shit!" She exclaimed when I pushed my thick manhood into her, forcing
her pussy lips apart. "That's big!!" I started to pump her snatch, not even
starting off slowly. Holding her legs in this position, I was able to easily
fuck her balls deep, my entire length going in and out of her. "Oh baby!" She
moaned. "Give it to me!"

Wrapping her arms around my neck, she closed her eyes, lost in pleasure as I
continued to pound her box, her breathing now heavy.

"You like that huh?" I said with a smile.

I didn't need to ask. She clearly loved the powerful thrusts into her cunt,
licking her lips as she pushed her hips back against my thrusts. After a few
minutes of slamming her, I felt her climax, juices flowing all over my rod as
it carried on pumping her tight passage.

As she came down, she slumped back onto the table, staring up at the ceiling,
her chest rising and falling as she got her breath back. She groaned when I
pulled my cock out of her. While that had been fun for her, I wasn't near
getting off. And I intended to.

I rolled her over onto her stomach. Pulling her by the hips forward, I
positioned her so she was bent over it, her ass facing me. Spreading her
cheeks apart, I lined my cock up with her asshole and pushed the tip into
her back passage.

"Fuck!" She exclaimed as I entered her. "My ass..." She groaned, trying to
adjust to the large member in her butt. She was even tighter in this hole,
not that I was surprised, so lubrication of her pussy juices was helpful in
allowing me to start up a slow rhythm as I began to thrust.

"Urgh..." She groaned. "No... It's too big!"

That was too bad for her. She was in no position to argue. In fact, I'd argue
that she was in a great position - getting fucked up the ass by a fat cock. I
moaned, forcing both my dick deeper inside her and her anal passage further

Lacey started to get up off the table and onto her elbows. Seeing this, I
gave her round butt a hard slap, causing her to yelp in pain. Another slap to
the other cheek didn't help her as I continued to have my way with her.

She could do nothing except close her eyes and clench her teeth as I roughly
fucked her hard ass. Each forward thrust made her call out in discomfort, the
anal abuse not getting her off in the slightest. Not that I cared, I was more
focused on fitting inch after inch of my manhood inside her, which I was
doing by the minute.

Tears were welling up in her eyes as she felt my balls begin to slap against
her pussy. The entire cock that had brought her such pleasure before was now
bringing her unbelievable pain by slamming in and out of her asshole.

Reaching forward, I grabbed a hold of her ponytail and forced her head up
roughly by the hair, causing her more pain. I held in this position as I
started to pound her ass, the other hand firmly holding her ass cheek apart
so I could watch my thick cock go in and out of her back passage.

The pure domination I had over this woman was getting me off just as much as
her tight ass, which was still trying to resist the massive dick violating
it. Sweat was beginning to drip off me and onto her body, and the sweat from
hers was falling onto the table.

The relentless pace I was using was taking its toll on me, as I felt my dick
start to twitch, signalling that I was going to blow soon. I gave her behind
another hard smack before I pulled out of her ass, making her sigh in slight

Still holding onto her hair, I forced her off the table and down onto her
knees in front of me. With my other hand, I started to beat myself off,
aiming for her face.

I shot my load, sending a thick stream of sperm onto her face. She gasped in
shock, and I expertly fired another into her open mouth. The rest of my load
I again shot over her face, stroking myself until the last drips were left on
her face.

When I'd finished, I let her hair go so I could take a step back. I watched
with a smile as the load I'd shot in her mouth trickled out of her mouth,
down her lips and onto her back top, staining it with my hot cum. Exhausted
from the abuse she'd received, she weakly closed her mouth and swallowed what
was left of the cum in her mouth, before collapsing onto the floor.

I zipped myself up, pleased with my hard work. Even if my boss didn't have a
use for her, I had plenty of ‘positions' for her.

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