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Sick Of Bitches Part 8: Torrie Wilson
by DaxG2001 (

My name is not important. What is important is what I do.


There's a saying about karma, that it comes around. Well, I like to think
that for the bad karma these bitches put out, I'm the karma that fucks them
in the ass.

I take them, I control them, I abuse them. But most importantly, I brake

Until they're mine. All Mine.

It's even better that I get paid for it, and no one notices them going
missing. Thanks to my boss and his secret plans.

"I'll bite your mother-fucking style
Just to make it fresher.
I can't take the pressure
I'm sick of bitches"

- Just Don't Give A Fuck, by Eminem

* * *

What had Torrie Wilson done to deserve a visit from me?

Well, to sum it up simply: she's a fucking tease. Done Playboy a couple of
times, not to mention very useless in the ring. She doesn't do anything to
break the big-breasted blonde stereotype. She's a cock-tease, and one I was
looking very forward to 'dealing' with.

My boss informed me that Miss Wilson needs an 'attitude change' to get rid
of the backstage heat she has, plus it would be helpful getting rid of the
'personal issues' that caused her to miss Taboo Tuesday in 2005. My boss
doesn't like having to change matches just because of problems at home. He's
harsh, and doesn't care about being fair.

* * *

Usually I don't like plans. I just grab some tools, get in my car, get the
bitch, fuck her and get back to my hideout. But this plan, I must say, was
quite interesting. Then again, Mr. McMahon IS a genius.

He's had it arranged that Wilson's dog, whatever it's name is, 'disappear'
from a Raw show and a ransom note be delivered to her house. The dog would be
fine, not that I cared if it went to a new home or whatever, but the note
demanded Torrie come to an isolated location alone to hear the demands.

It was risky, since the location happened to be my hideout/slut storage
facility. She could have just told the cops and they would have swarmed on
me like I was a donut shop, but I guess the note was 'threatening' enough
to prevent it. Besides, it wasn't like she would be leaving.

Glancing at my watch, I checked the time. She would be here soon enough. Lo
and behold, as I looked up, there she was, poking her head around the door
she was opening to look around.

"Right on time Miss Wilson." I said, inviting her in with a wave of my hand.
She was beautiful as always, but not dressed in the usual prick-teasing way
she was on TV. Ordinary shoes, jeans, and a leather jacket.

"Okay... So where's Chloe?" Torrie asked, looking around nervously, still
unsure if something else was going on.

"Oh, you're pet's fine... For the moment." I said, talking like I was some
kind of B-Movie villain.

"Please don't hurt her!" She begged, grabbing my shirt and pleading with her
eyes. "I'll do anything, just leave her alone!"

"...Anything?" I questioned with a knowing smirk.

Torrie just looked at me, not yet catching on to what I was meaning.

"Do you really mean anything?" I asked again, moving a hand up and running
t through her long blonde hair.

"...Oh..." Her hands slowly left my shirt. "So, you want these huh?" She
asked with an arched eyebrow, slowly unzipping her jacket.

I watched as the Raw Diva removed the clothing, revealing a tight fitting
white T-Shirt with a pink heart on it. I stepped closer to her, and placed my
hands on her big tits, squeezing them through her top.

She has a look of her face that indicated she didn't seem impressed.

"Look at these titties!" I said, pushing them against each other, before I
lowered my head into them, rubbing them into my face.

She stood straight; trying to look unfazed as I played with her tits as if I
owned them. Which I did as of right now.

I pulled my face out, smirking at her. "Ok babe, off with the top." I said,
giving her breasts a last squeeze before letting them go, revealing that my
touch had had left her nipples poking out.

Slowly, still a little resistance showing. She pulled her top up and off her
body, now showing her tits straining in a lacy pink bra.

I licked my lips, now fully hard in my pants. "Those jeans look awfully t
ight; you'd better take them off as well."

Again, she slowly moved her hands onto the top of her jeans, undoing the
button. As she did, I noticed she'd glanced down at my crotch, perhaps sizing
up what would soon be inside her.

"Hold on." I said, stopping her. "Turn around and bend over as you take them

She turned around so her back was facing me, taking another quick look at the
bulge in my pants as she did so, and placed her hands on the inside of her
jeans. Slowly, she bent over, peeling the clothing down and revealing her big
butt to me with matching lacy panties.

"Nice ass baby." I said, giving her a smack on her cheek, making her flesh
jiggle. "Now come over here and let's see what you mean by 'anything'."

Unbuttoning my pants, I let them drop to the floor, revealing my erect
manhood for the blonde bombshell to see.

Turning around and dropping down to her knees, Torrie took my cock into her
mouth and started working on it, her tongue flicking around my shaft as she
moved her back and forth. She had no problem taking in most of my dick into
her oral passage, and already was bobbing away at a steady pace.

She wasn't wasting any time, which either meant she wanted this over with
ASAP, or she was cock-hungry. Not that I cared which it was, she knew what
she was doing.

"Mmmm..." She moaned around my rod, slowly raising her head off it and
taking a hold of it with her hand. Looking up at me, she opened her mouth
and started patting the head of my tool on her tongue, before taking it back
inside her mouth.

"That's it honey..." I said, grinning down at the Playboy cover girl locking
eyes with me while sucking my cock, pressing her lips tightly around it as
she so.

Lifting herself off my cock again, she started to rub her face against my
hard dick. "Feels good..." Torrie said, smearing her own spit that covered
my tool onto her smooth skin.

"You like that dick huh?" I said, running a hand through her blonde hair.

"I love it." She said, holding my shaft upright and lowering her head to suck
on my balls.

"Looks like it..." I noted, enjoying the work her tongue was doing as it ran
across my nuts.

"I dunno..." I said, pushing her head away from my cock. "If you really loved
my big dick, you'd have no problem riding it..." I stated, lying down on the

She smiled; reaching behind her and unclipping her bra, letting her huge
melons hang free. She got up, walked over, and squatted down over my hips,
holding my tool upright with her hand as she lowered her already wet snatch
onto it, pulling her panties to the side to allow access.

"Oh fuck..." Torrie gasped, putting her hands on her thighs to balance
herself as she took my dick balls deep inside her.

"You're a tight one Miss Wilson." I said with a smirk resting my head in
my hands as I watched the Diva being to move herself up and down like an
elevator on my cock.

"Noooo..." She moaned. "It's because you're so fuckin' big..." She said,
looking down to watch herself take all of my manhood in each time she moved

I had no problems lying back and letting the big-breasted blonde ride my cock
like a porn star, her titties bouncing in time with her movements. She was
moving quickly now, her body sweating as she moaned loudly.

"Yeah, take that cock you slut!" I said, moving my hands to stroke her legs.

"Fuck yeah!" She moaned, running her hands through her hair. "Oh God I'm such
a whore!"

I started raising my hips up, slamming my dick up into her pussy when she
lowered herself down on me.

"OH GOD!!" She screamed. "Fuck me big boy! Fuck my tight little cunt with
your fat cock!!"

I had another new fuck-toy, and quicker than I expected. Catching her off
guard, I grabbed her legs and turned my body, forcing her onto her back.
Keeping her legs spread apart I started pumping her box with hard thrusts,
making the Diva scream in lust as I filled her with my man-meat.

"Oh Jesus I'm so close baby!" Torrie moaned, pinching her nipples and arching
her back in pleasure. "Make me cum baby! I wanna fucking cum all over your
big dick!!"

"Yeah? And then what?" I said with a smirk, continuing to drive myself balls
deep into her pussy.

"Then... Then you're gonna jerk that big cock and cum all over my face!" She
licked her lips as she described it. "Oh God I can't wait to feel it..."

Too bad for her. I suddenly pulled out, and with her legs still stretched
apart, I switched from fucking her pussy to pounding her ass.

"NOOO! Not my ass you fucking bastard!" She said through gritted teeth, her
eyes wild after having been brought so close to orgasm. "I said... Uh! I
wanted... Oh fuck!!"

"Sorry bitch, but it's not about what you want." I said, leaning forward to
stuff her back passage full with my cock.

Grunting against the discomfort from anal penetration, Torrie started
frantically shoving her fingers into her dripping cunt, using the other hand
to rub her clit. I groaned as I fucked her extremely tight ass with stiff
thrusts, my ball sack slapping against her with each push in. The need for
my own pleasure was taking over - it felt so good to tap the butt of the
cock-teasing Torrie Wilson.

Even after a few minutes the mix of pleasure and pain was too much for the
former WCW star, as she started to cum on her own fingers, her entire body
shaking with the pleasure she so badly needed. It had an effect on me too,
the sight of the Diva writhing in orgasmic pleasure too much as I busted my
nut deep in her rectum, filling her back passage with my hot seed.

I pulled out, watching as my cum started to trickle out of her asshole and
onto the floor, the sexy blonde unable to move after her intense orgasm. She
just lay there, her chest heaving up and down as I stood up.

Sometimes I forget I get paid to do this shit.

* * *

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