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Sick Of Bitches Part 1: Molly Holly
by DaxG2001 (

My name is not important. What is important is what I do.


There's a saying about karma, that it comes around. Well, I like to think
that for the bad karma these bitches put out, I'm the karma that fucks them
in the ass. I take them, I control them, I abuse them. But most importantly,
I brake them. Until they're mine. All Mine.

It's even better that I get paid for it, and no one notices them going
missing. Thanks to my boss and his secret plans.

"I'll bite your mother-fucking style
Just to make it fresher.
I can't take the pressure
I'm sick of bitches"

- Just Don't Give A Fuck, by Eminem

* * *

What had Molly Holly done to deserve a visit from me?

I liked her when she was blonde, had pigtails and that ‘girl-next-door' look.
When I say liked her, I mean I'd liked to have fucked her. That character was
a huge abuse of male hormones, and thus reason enough.

But no, she changed in a variety of attempts to 'get over'. From that, to a
'Superhero sidekick' called Mighty Molly. Wonder woman she wasn't. But she
finally got 'over' as an 'anti-sex wholesome virgin' who blasted the other
WWE Divas for being sluts and parading around in bikinis.

I can't say I disagree with that argument, it's the main reason why I visited
many WWE Divas. But you see, Molly herself took part in bikini photo shoots
for 'bikini special' DVDs and magazines that the WWE released to take
advantage of masturbators with money to burn.

Sign up for a wrestling discussion forum, the pics get scanned on the day of
the magazine's release and put all over the web. Same for playboy, but that's
another issue. Plus the whole thing where she got her head shaved at
WrestleMania pissed me off. She was hot, but then it's 'WHAT THE FUCK WHERE

I also heard that she's overly religious, and she did a 'Shoot interview' DVD
that was weird. Basically she was trying to make a living in a business that
repeatedly exploits sexuality, violence, and where religion is ridiculed.

That was reason enough for me. Plus the fact that because of her religious
beliefs, she HAD to be an anal virgin, if not (on a very VERY rare chance) a
complete virgin. I always loved those big tits of hers, that large ass (that
was once a big joke in a feud against Trish Stratus. I know, the WWE writers
are fucked up) and her cute face of hers.

This was going to be fun. For me, of course.

* * *

Through some careful research - i.e. internet hacking and some carefully
placed bribes - I'd located the address of Nora Greenwald aka Molly Holly.

10 o'clock, and all relatively quiet around her small house. Well, an
apartment, but whatever. It wouldn't matter soon. I casually approached the
door, and knocked on it.

A few moments to check my 'equipment', before I heard footsteps approaching
from the other side of the door. The lock unlocked, and the door opened.

"Can I help...?" She started to say, before I whipped out a can and sprayed
her in the face with it. Stumbling backwards, she collapsed onto the floor,
the gas instantly taking effect.

I stepped inside, and looked down at the unconscious Molly Holly. It was one
of the easiest I'd captured.

* * *

"Where am I??" The frightened Molly Holly asked, and she was very right to be
afraid. She was kneeling on the floor of a very unfamiliar bedroom, with the
not-exactly welcoming sight of me pointing a gunt her head.

"My bedroom of course." I said, rubbing my hands together, looking over her
as if I owned her.

Light blue jeans, which fitted her figure nicely, but not tight enough to
flaunt the curves of her hips and ass. A sleeveless green tank top which, as
before, was enough to show her breasts but not to specifically draw attention
to them. Her hair was only short, about shoulder length, and natural brown.
Interestingly, she wasn't wearing anything on her feet when I 'grabbed' her,
so take a guess. Yep, bare feet. Not that I cared.

"I'll make this simple - Do as I say, and you won't get die." The look on my
face made it clear that I wasn't joking about it.

The fear in her eyes was a beautiful thing to behold. She knew, she
understood. "Stand up." I commanded. It was actually a test, to see if she
was going to try anything stupid. I wasn't an amateur, but I'd had a few rare
close-calls to know better than to take any bitch lightly.

Hesitantly, she stood up. Her hands were shaking a little. Completely
terrified. Perfect.

"Strip." I said. "Take that top off."

Slowly, as I expected, her hands came up to the bottom of the top. I made a
motion with my gun for her to continue.

A nicely toned belly was revealed first. Perhaps she was done with wrestling,
but she still kept in good shape. Then what I was far more interested in - a
rather plane looking white bra, that encased those large tits of hers. It
seems her God blessed her with them, and sinfully she kept them covered.

She was both embarrassed and humiliated by this, as shown by the blush on her
face, but the gun in my hand kept the fear in her.

"Lose the jeans." Was my next command.

She, of course, obeyed. Undoing the button, she worked them off slightly,
before the fell to the floor. Matching white panties. Thankfully not granny
ones either like the Molly Holly character was supposed to wear.

She was starting to sweat now, partly from the shame and fear, but mostly
from the fact she could guess what was going to happen to her. Maybe she
thought I was an obsessive fan? A celebrity rapist? A goon sent by Vince?
Okay, maybe not the last one, but it wasn't like I gave a fuck then, or now.

"Come over here..." I instructed, motioning with a finger on my free hand.
"And get down on your knees."

She gulped, moving slowly towards me, before dropping down to the ground in
front of me, looking directly up at me.

"You've been a good girl so far..." I teased. "Show me how good you are by
helping me out of my jeans, huh?"

She knew it was on order rather than a question, and sadly turned her gaze
to look at my crotch as she undid my belt. Undoing the button, she began
pulling down my jeans.

"You're not done yet..." I said, and she knew what I meant, shaking her head
while pulling down my boxers, revealing my hard shaft.

I again savoured the fear in her eyes. I didn't care if this was the first
dick she'd seen, let alone the biggest, but it was clear that she was afraid
of what something that size could do to her.

Seeing her look up at me, I gave my command "Open your mouth."

"Wh... What??" She exclaimed.

"I said open your mouth!" I raised up my gun, threatening her.

Looking at the weapon, she opened her mouth up. She gagged, as I expected,
when I thrust my cock inside her mouth without warning. Her eyes flew open,
and I could feel her hands clench onto the sides of my legs of out shock.
The dumb bitch actually thought I was going to be nice to her.

Disappointingly, I didn't get all of my length inside her mouth, but still
quite a bit. But it wasn't that bad, as her mouth was extremely tight - the
result of being inexperienced with cock. The feeling of her lips along my
dick felt magnificent.

The tears had been welling up in her eyes before now through humiliation. The
oral abuse was making the tears flow freely now, streaming down her cheeks as
I fucked her face, holding her head in place with a handful of hair. The
other hand held my gun, a constant reminder who was the master here.

With each thrust in, my cock hit the back of her throat causing a rather
triumphant gagging sound to be forced from the former WWE Women's Champion.
Also which each thrust, Molly's mouth became wetter from the build up of
saliva, which only made my task easier.

After a few, but I'm sure to her it seemed like an eternity, minutes of my
thrusts, I slowly pulled my dick out of her mouth. Oh, that was a sight to
remember. My dick was generously coated with her spit, including the long
trail of it that hung from the tip of my dick and into her mouth.

She gasped for air, perhaps thanking her prayers that the onslaught had
stopped. But those hopes were dashed as I brought her head forward, her mouth
again consuming my dick.

Now Molly's head was bobbing along, her soft lips giving my dick some oral
pleasure. Not with consent mind you, I was forcing her back and forth by the
back of her head.

She was looking up at me with pleading eyes. Pleading for mercy, pleading for
this too end. I loved that look. So helpless, so unable to escape. And to be
honest, I wasn't even trying. I'd broken her already. She wouldn't even be
thinking about a way to escape. Just as I expected.

A few more minutes of her forced blowjob, and saliva was dripping past her
lips and off my shaft. This wasn't some slow, amateurish BJ either. I was
forcing her to work my dick like a porn start, like a street whore. Anything
but the God-loving role-model that she was.

"Such a good girl..." I grunted. "Here comes your reward..."

Again her eyes went wide, knowing full well what I meant, but she was
helpless to stop it as I held her head still and rapidly thrust inside.

And so I unleashed my first load of my 'victory juice' of the night. Holding
my cock in her mouth, I was unable to see how much I forced past her lips and
into her throat. But hearing the squeal of shock and disgust, along with her
eyes closing in similar disgust, and the subsequent gagging sounds that
followed as more cum shot out of me, was all I needed.

After I'd shot all I could (for now), I removed my dick from her and clamped
her mouth shut with my hand. It was extremely likely that if I didn't, she'd
spit it all out. From past experience, cleaning my own juices is not a
pleasant experience.

"You're not just going to keep all that in your mouth, are you?" I said,
lowering myself to her eye level. "Well, I guess that there's only one

Even though silence filled the room, I knew she was thinking over the 'offer'
I'd just given her. Like she had a choice.

Her eyes closed in defeat, and I heard a long, deep gulp as she swallowed
down my cum. She shivered, disgusted both by what she'd done, and herself.

Now what kind of man was I to just leave her like that? Besides, I wasn't
finished with her yet.

Roughly grabbing her by the arm, I pulled her up to her feet and forced her
against a wall.

"Why??" She was still crying. "Why me??"

I snorted, putting my gun in the inside pocket of my jacket. Although I knew
she wouldn't do anything, I wasn't going to be stupid either.

I grabbed the thin strap linking the two cups of her bra, and ripped it off,
tearing the garment to shreds and revealing those huge titties and generous
sized nipples that topped them. It doesn't matter how many breasts you've
seen, a good pair will always do the trick.

Roughly, I put my hands on those mountains, squeezing them tightly, not
caring that she'd turned her head to look away, as if it would magically make
everything better. Stupid bitch.

I sucked on those things, I licked them, kissed them, played with her
nipples, all the usual breast stuff you do. Partly because I'd wanted those
hooters for a long time, as surely most of her male fans (and maybe females
for you HLA'ers out there) did, but also for another purpose.

Her body was slightly shaking, tensing up but not because she was afraid. She
was standing with her knees clamped together, her inner thighs locked against
each other.

The classic case of a body betraying the mind.

Focusing on sucking her breasts with my tongue and hand, my other found its
way down to her panties, and inside them.

A gasp escaped her lips as she felt my hand rub her pussy. Clean shaven,
like a good girl is supposed to be. I didn't stop, and she bit her lip hard,
looking up at the roof. She was trying not to give in, trying not too let her
body give in to the sensations I was giving her.

I'll give you three guesses as to if she succeeded. No, of course not.

I slipped a finger inside her pussy, and her body jolted.

"Stop!!" She pleaded, bringing her hands up to push me away.

I pulled out, but only to spin her around and force her chest and face-first
against the wall. I wasn't gentle with my action, causing her to call out in

"You could have done this the easy way..." I stated, using an arm to hold her
head against the wall. "But if you wanna be a bitch about it..."

I ripped off her panties with my free hand, to which she screamed out for

"No one's gonna save you..." I said, pressing the tip of my dick against her
exposed pussy. "You're mine."

"PLEASE NO!!!" She screamed as I began pressing myself into her.

I grunted, managing after some effort to slip the head of my rod into her.

"Fuck!!" I exclaimed. She had one of the tightest pussies I'd ever had. I was
right on her being inexperienced.

It didn't stop me from banging the shit out of that snatch. I started
pumping, forcing the side of her face against the wall with my arm, and using
the other to hold her thigh in position.

"Take that cock, slut!" I sneered, thrusting hard inside of her, slapping her
ass. "That's all your good for."

Even though her eyes were tight shut, I could hear her breathing becoming
heavier, and I could feel the dampness of her pussy.

"Look at you..." I said, leaning into her body to say it into her ear.
"You're taking all of my big cock into your cunt, and you're getting off on

"N-No!!" She stammered. "I... I!"

I pulled out of her, causing a low groan to escape her lips. I was getting
there, she was by no means completely broken, but she was on the path of

I turned her around so her back was against the wall. Grabbing a leg, I
lifted it up so it hung over my shoulder, and inserted myself back into her
love canal.

"Urgh!" She grunted, feeling me slam into her. She looked down, and was
clearly shocked to see that I was right, and with each thrust my balls were
slapping against her.

"Such a nice pussy..." I said, grabbing her breast while holding her waist
with the other hand. "Nice and tight..."

"Oh, oh my..." She gasped, strange sensations beginning to course through her
body. "No, please!"

"What's wrong??" I mocked. "You say no, but you're so wet! You must be
enjoying this!"

Her mouth opened to speak, but no words came out. I took advantage, pressing
my lips against hers and bringing my tongue into her mouth.

At the same time, I increased my thrusts, but also lowered my hand from her
tits to her clit, beginning to rub it.

She moaned into my mouth, kissing back a little out of reflex, her body going
into a higher state of arousal.

After breaking the kiss, I continued this fucking position for a few minutes.
With each passing thrust and rub of her clit, her calls to stop became gasps,
her grunts became groans, and her moans became louder and more frequent.
She probably didn't realise it, but she'd wrapped her arms around my neck,
and her mouth was open, her tongue panting like a dog.

"That's it baby..." I grinned, feeling her pussy begin to clamp around his
cock. "Just let it all go!!"

"My goodness!!" She gasped. "Oh, OH MY!!"

"Yeah..." I gritted my teeth, licking my lips. "Let me feel it babe!"


I felt it. A flow of juices splashing all over my shaft as she hit her
orgasm. It was sweet victory, to get this innocent, religious woman to cum on
my throbbing shaft. But I wasn't done with her. She was going to get more,
much more.

Not giving her time to fully come down from her high, I pulled out, carried
her over to the king-sized bed, and put her on it, climbing on it behind her.

"Ready for some more Molly?" I grinned, inserting myself into her again,
taking her in a doggy-style position.

"Oooooh!!" She moaned again, pushing herself up with her hands and looking
behind me, her face sweaty from my previous assault. "Mo...More?"

"Oh yes." I said, placing my hands on her thighs and stroking them. "You're
being such a good girl to me, doing everything I say... Good girls deserve

With a steady pace I was pumping in and out of her damp snatch, loving the
sight of her curvy body giving in to my perverted abuse.

"Good... Girl??" She panted, hazily looking at me again. It seemed her
inexperience with (at least) hard fucking was taking its toll.

"You're my good girl." I said, reaching under her to play with her breasts,
gaining a deep moan as I rubbed the sensitive, and now hardened, nipple. "And
I take good care of my girls, as long as they're good to me."

"Ooooh... My... Uh!!" She grunted, pressing her huge butt against my thrusts
a little.

"You want to feel good?" I asked. "You want to cum again."

"I... I feel... Oh sweet lord!!" She exclaimed, lowering her head to the bed,
her hands gripping the sheets.

"Tell me." I picked up the pace, slamming into her. "Tell me what you want!"

"I... I need... Oh please..." She was slightly muffled by the sheets.

"Answer me!" I spanked her ass, causing her body to jolt in surprise. "What
do you want??"

"TAKE ME!!" She screamed out, raising her head up. "PLEASE TAKE ME NOW!!"

"You want me to fuck you?" I teased, deliberately slowing my pace and
spanking her again.

"You want me to make you cum hard??"

"YES!!" She slammed her hand down on the bed. "Fuck me hard!! Fuck me like...
Like... Ooooh God..."

"Like a whore??" I slammed into her to emphasis the point.

"Dear God like a whore!!" She looked at me, lust filling her eyes. "Fuck me
like a slut!!"

"Fuck you?" I smiled, thrusting hard into her now. "Like you're my own..."

Another spank.

"Yes!!" She squealed in delight.


Another spank.

"Oh Lord!!"


"FUCK ME!! FUCK ME LIKE I'M YOUR OWN DAMN WHORE!!" She screamed out, begging
for the release she was so close to.

"...Okay then, my needy little whore."

She moaned in blissful delight, rocking her hips against my powerful thrusts.
Her mouth was wide open, saliva dripping out of it from lustful desire, her
pussy similarly dripping of juices.

I grunted, pleased with the transformation from Christian woman to all-out
fuck-slut I had created. One of the most easiest I had done. Some have taken
a few nights, some even weeks, but the end result was all worth it.

"Time for you to do some DIY honey..." I said, pulling out of her.

"What?? No!!" She looked desperate. "Please!! I was so close!!"

"Relax baby!" I grinned lying down on the bed with my head in the cushions.
"The best seat in the house is right here..."

I stroked my dick, now coated with her juices. I was pleasantly surprised
when she quickly straddled my dick, and began riding my dick as if the fate
of the world depended on it.

"Ride that dick!" I commanded. "Ride it like the whore you are!!"

The sight was, to say the least, fantastic. Those large tits bounced in
motion with every upward and downward movement from the former WWE Diva.

The almost frightening pace at which she was going at was never going to
last, and within a few short minutes she was screaming out with a look of
heavenly bliss on her face, juices once again pouring out her and over my

"Fucking hell..." I shook my head, sitting up and pulling her down onto the
bed, and straddling her. "You dirty bitch, hiding your sluttish pussy all
these years..."

"Mmmmm, yeah..." She moaned, licking her lips. "Am I your dirty little
whore?" She asked, amazingly trying to sound innocent after her fucking.

"Damn right you are..." I straddled her breasts, putting my cock between her
huge mountains. "Now push those things together, like the good slut you are."

"Yes Sir..." She said, squeezing her tits against my rod, smothering it as I
began to fuck her chest.

I wasn't going to admit it, but I'd almost blown my load inside her. Her
rapid-fire fucking was nearly too much for me, something that I'd need to
keep in mind in the future.

So it was only a few minutes of pumping her breasts that I felt the familiar
twitching in my balls and dick.

I groaned deeply as my cock blasted a think stream out that landed right on
her cheek and neck, catching her by surprise. I pulled out of her tits, and
began stroking the cum out onto her breasts, generously coating them with my
warm load.

"Mmm yeah..." She moaned, wiping the cum off her face with her finger and
sucking it in her mouth, savouring the taste.

"Nice." I said, admiring my 'artwork'. "Rub it all over into your tits, but
don't taste it."

She licked her lips, beginning to use her hands to spread my generous load
all over her mountains and nipples.

Turning away from her, I pulled a mobile 'phone out of my jacket pocket and
dialled up a number.

"Mr. McMahon, Sir?" I asked as the call was answered.

"Ah, yes. It's you. Is it done?" The WWE owner's voice asked.

"Of course, I've made a fine little fuck-slut here." I glanced over to her,
still spreading the cum over her.

"I hope you made her pay from almost killing the Women's Division! It hurt
business when she left and I only had two active female wrestlers!"

"I understand Sir, and I give you my word that I gave her the punishment she

"Good. The lab has the replacement Molly ready. Having her back will add
something new to the Women's Championship, and getting rid of that religious
BS will do good for the photo shoots and storylines. Do with her as you wish,
but I'm warning you..."

"Trust me Sir, she won't even be thinking about leaving here. I have a nice
little room set up for her."

"Good. I'll call you when I need the next 'problem' taken care of. Not that
we've ever spoken before, or just now."

"This never happened." I said, and hung up the phone, putting it back in my
pocket and turning back to the bed.

"Fucking hell bitch, haven't you had enough?" I said, looking down at Molly
as she was fingering herself, her eyes glued to my half-limp penis.

At least, it was half-limp, until I saw her breasts coated with my seed,
shining in the light of the room.

"Jesus, you want more?" I asked.

She nodded, licking her lips again, spreading her pussy lips apart to show
me her wetness as she worked two fingers inside it.

"Get up." I ordered her.

She obeyed, quickly moving off the bed and standing up.

"Bend over, right in front of me."

She smiled, standing in front of me, and turning around, bending over onto
the bed with her elbows and arms.

"What my little slut wants..." I said, rubbing my hard rod against the
entrance of her cunt, coating it with her juices.

She spread her lips wide, allowing me to collect more of the liquid.

"She gets."

Grabbing her ass cheeks, I exposed her asshole and positioned the tip of my
cock into it.

"Ohhh fuuuuuuuck..." She groaned, moving her hips in an attempt to ease the
pain of the huge dick being shoved into her ass.

"Oh God..." I moaned, enjoying my dick plunging into her thick, tight butt.
"Your big ass was made for fucking."

"Feels so good..." She moaned, working three fingers into her soaking pussy.

I laughed. "What, me fucking your ass, or you playing with yourself?"

"Mmmm yeah..." She said in reply, pushing herself back against my thrusts
into her.

"Shit..." I was doing a steady pace, working as much of my thick, hard cock
into her plump behind as I could. "So damn tight."

I raised my hand up, bringing it smacking down on her right cheek.

"Uhh..." She grunted, looking back at me.

"You like that, skank?" I asked, spanking the other cheek.

"Oh God... Fuck my ass you stud..."

"You like that? You like my hard long cock deep in your ass?" I asked,
pulling my cock out until just the tip was still in her asshole, before
pushing it back in and continuing to pump in and out.

"Mmmm... I love it..." She moaned, looking over her shoulder with her sweet
drenched face and hair.

"I don't believe you..." I slammed hard into her butt, spanking her at the
same time, causing her body to shiver in delight.

"Fuck me!!" She begged, saliva dripping from her lips and tongue. "Stick it
into my big ass!! I love it!!"

It wasn't as if I was ever going to stop, so I continued to slam hard and
deep into Molly Holly's huge ass, spanking her so hard there were large red
handprints on her pale butt cheeks.

All the time, my newly created slut begged for more, thrusting her fingers
deep into her soaking pussy as she screamed out in ecstasy.

Once again, I was in a little personal heaven of my own. Fulfilling the
fantasy of many, I was mercilessly tearing open ass of the already
well-fucked former Holly cousin. Even better was the fact that she was now
completely in my control, forgetting all about the religious beliefs that
had kept her dark sexual feelings hidden for so long.

As is always the case, you can't ride up a roller coaster without having to
eventually plunge down. Thankfully, my little whore helped me out with this.

Screaming out in pure joy, her pussy once again exploded with her love
juices, soaking her fingers. In response, her rectum clenched around my
pumping cock like a vice, squeezing it.

It was, perhaps mercifully, too much to handle. I roared deeply, grabbing her
thighs tightly, my dick twitched and fired out hot streams deep into her ass,
causing Molly to groan in delight as we both came down from our orgasms.

She collapsed down onto the bed, as I pulled my cock out from her asshole.
Pulling her head up, I found she was fast asleep, the numerous sexual
positions taking their toll on her.

I smirked, wiping my dick clean with her short, sweaty hair. Another good
days fucking, and a good payoff from a man far more sicker than myself, Mr.
_ _ _

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