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Sick Of Bitches Part 2: So Cal Val
by DaxG2001 (

My name is not important. What is important is what I do.


There's a saying about karma, that it comes around. Well, I like to think
that for the bad karma these bitches put out, I'm the karma that fucks them
in the ass.

I take them, I control them, I abuse them. But most importantly, I brake

Until they're mine. All Mine.

It's even better that I get paid for it, and no one notices them going
missing. Thanks to my boss and his secret plans.

"I'll bite your mother-fucking style
Just to make it fresher.
I can't take the pressure
I'm sick of bitches"

- Just Don't Give A Fuck, by Eminem

* * *

What had So Cal Val done to deserve a visit from me?

The only bad points about her were that she was a tease (check out the few
pics of her on the TNA website), and also worked for WEW, essentially a porno
company with some wrestling involved. Trust me, anything that has a group
called the 'Pussy World Order' can't not be exploiting sexuality.

But that's a pretty weak reason for nailing her. Not that I wouldn't anyway.

She was a different kind of female involved with wrestling, and I don't just
mean by the fact she doesn't have huge knockers.

She was cute, plain and simple. Her unbelievably sexy face with soft lips, a
fiery head of long hair, and a small but firm body you couldn't help but
stare at. It's a shame TNA doesn't give her more time on air.

And TNA was also the reason I was going to 'get' her.

Mr. McMahon, despite what he may have his locker room thinking, realises
that the upstart group he refers to as 'car-crash part-timers' may become a
threat, especially with a primetime TV deal with Spike TV. Although So Cal
Val has only really a small roll in TNA, McMahon sees her as a perfect

Her 'removal' from TNA should be damaging to them, and he may even have some
use for her since, so his talent scouts say, she does exhibit some use of
actual wrestling that could be developed. Especially with help from his lab

* * *

Mr. McMahon is both a twisted sicko, and an all-time genius. He'd have to be
to get me to sit in a changing booth of a department store. A changing booth
for females I might add. I was losing my mind hearing the generic 'feel-good'
music being played out, and the loud hustling noises of women as they looked
for that perfect dress.

I wasn't just sitting there because I had nothing better to do. It was all
part of the plan. Intelligence had indicated that this store was a particular
favourite of my target So Cal Val. Because of her job as a 'ring-girl' in
TNA, she required new outfits to please the crowds and look good. So, she
need to stop by here to try them out.

Which she was doing.

A few minutes ago, I peered through the gap of the door in my booth, marked
'under repair' so no one entered it, as the hot young woman strutted into the
booth exactly opposite mine, wearing a brownish skirt, and a black T-Shirt
that had 'Date Cute, Marry Rich' on it. Now that had prick tease written all
over it.

She was, of course, carrying a couple of clothes with her to try on as well.
But I bided my time, I needed to wait until the signal was given.

This was a public place after all, and I usually wouldn't do this kind of job
for any amount of money. Mr. McMahon assured me that he'd 'arrangements' that
security around here would be 'eased up' and that security cameras would
'suffer' a malfunction.

For those unable to read into that, it means McMahon was paying off the
guards to help out and destroy and footage that might incriminate me. Like
I said, sicko and genius.

I heard a tap on the door.

"Booth's are closed for cleaning." A voice whispered from the other side.

As Sting would say, it's Showtime folks.

I opened the door, closing it behind me and nodding to the guard. He nodded
back, handing me a key. He then walked away and around the corner, to assume
his duty of guarding the cable barrier put up to prevent entry.

The key I had was used in emergency situations to instantly unlock changing
booths, usually to prevent shoplifting. Not today.

In a quick motion, I unlocked the door and entered the booth, locking in
behind me. I caught her by surprise, as she turned around as gasped, standing
in only a matching pair of blue bra and panties. Damn that was a turn-on to
see, indicated by my package beginning to harden.

"What are you...??" She started to say, but I cut her off by pulling her by
the waist to me and pressing my lips against hers.

"Mmph!!" I heard the sound try and escape her mouth, but was muffled by my
tongue forcing its way into her mouth.

She gasped for breath when I broke the lip lock, clearly shocked but not
exactly clued in as to what was going on.

I pushed her down onto the bench of the booth, used as a seat for when

"No, wait..." She said as I kneeled between her legs, spreading them apart.

I winked up at her, using my left hand to pull her panties to the side and my
right hand to rub a finger along the entrance.

She gasped again, looking down in surprise to see me insert my finger into
her tight hole. "You... A finger??" She said, not so much confused as

I grinned, beginning to work my finger in and out of her, keeping her panties
pulled to the side as I started to finger the TNA Knockout.

She just stared down at down me, watching as I plunged my finger in and out
of her. "Uh..." She grunted, her hips squirming slightly. "What... Why are

"Shhh..." I said, pulling my finger out and sucking it, tasting the little
bit of juice I'd created from her. "Just give in sweetie..."

I inserted two fingers into her this time, and heard a mixture of a moan
and a gasp from her in response. Seems she liked that. So I carried on
finger-fucking the red-haired babe with two digits for a while, pumping
them in at a medium pace.

"Oooooh..." She moaned, running a hand through her hair. "Oh that's..."

"Like that?" I asked, looking up.

She nodded, her mouth slightly open.

I lowered my head to her pussy, running my tongue over the top of her pussy
and around her clit. It was clear she loved that when she bucked her hips
against my touch, placing a hand on the back of my head.

I had expected more of a challenge, but it seems she was a little girl,
easily manipulated into other's plans and views. Either that, or her time
with the whores in WEW had rubbed off on her.

I withdrew my fingers completely, using them to spread her pussy lips apart.
I buried my face into her snatch, my tongue lapping away at her folds like a
kitten with a saucer of milk.

"Oh my goodness... Oh! Oh that feels so... Mmmm... Oh gosh..." She moaned,
starting to sweat from my actions. She was getting wet now, as I ate up her
juices with long licks. She tasted not too bad, better than some of the
chicks I've had before.

I raised my head back up, and stuck two fingers into her again. This time
though, I moved up and onto the bench beside her, undoing my zipper with my
free hand. I grinned when So Cal Val used her hands to undo my belt, and pull
my jeans down my legs, before fishing out my still rod and taking it into her
mouth. This had been far too easy, but I wasn't complaining.

She had both of her hands wrapped around my cock, her left had gripping the
base and her right had the part just below the head. Her soft lips sucked on
the tip of my shaft, her head beginning to move slightly against it. She
seemed to be trying to get in rhythm with the speed at which my fingers were
working. She didn't manage, but she carried on sucking and stroking my dick.

I guessed she hadn't had much experience with blowjobs, as this wasn't the
best I'd ever had. But her soft hands were working wonders on my dick, which
made up for it. "Just stroke me Val." I said, stroking the side of her face
with my free hand.

She gave my dick a kiss as she pulled off of it, retracting her left hand to
allow her right to give me a hand-job. "Feels so good... Oh God..." She
gasped, wrapping her fingers tightly around my shaft and stroking the entire
length up and down at a slowish pace.

As much as I preferred to fuck a chick's mouth, I knew better than to risk
ruining my breaking of this bitch in with hard fucking. That would have to
wait, at least for now.

Don't worry, I'm not getting soppy here, but there was something almost
perfect about that face. I just had to leave it as it was. But that didn't
mean some 'face-painting' wasn't in order.

I inserted a third finger into her snatch, and began quickening the speed at
which I was fingering her. My digits were getting rather wet now, and were
able to fully go in and out of her hole with ease.

She was getting close to orgasm, I could tell. That wasn't because of the
fact her breathing became heavier, and her eyelids lowered. Or the fact
that pussy juices were starting to drip down from her snatch, staining her

So Cal Val was jacking me off at a very quick pace, the kind of speed you see
porno sluts do when they're surrounded by cocks but can only suck on one. Her
soft palm was stroking my cock so well that she was creating the familiar
'masturbation slapping sound' against my skin each time she reached the
bottom of my shaft.

Not content with that, she was using her other hand to cup my ball-sack,
rubbing her fingers around each nut lovingly. All the time, watching my
fingers furiously fuck her cunt as if it was the only important thing in
her life.

"Ah!! Ahhhh!!!" She moaned, lowering her head slightly. "Ooooooh!!!"

Rather than another ordinary moan, this was actually the TNA Knockout hitting
her orgasm.

It seemed she wasn't a screamer in bed. A good thing now that I think about
it. Hearing someone scream in a shopping mall usually attracts a number of
police officers.

A flood of warm juices coated my fingers, her eyes closing in erotic bliss,
allowing her to concentrate on the wave of pleasure coursing through her

She kept stroking my shaft fast, still playing with my nuts as she did so.
Damn, this girl was an expert with her hands. I'd have to have more handjobs
in the future, although I'd doubt any would be better than this.

I slowly retracted my fingers from inside her, smiling at the amount of
liquid collected on them. I brought them up to my lips, about to suck them
clean, when I had another idea.

Lightly lifting her chin to lock eyes with her, I moved my fingers towards
her face. Her mouth opened, and she wrapped her lips around them, licking her
own orgasmic juices clean off my fingers. From the look on her, I can't say
she didn't like the taste.

"Damn baby..." I said, removing my fingers as soon as I felt my dick start to
twitch. "Here it comes..."

Expectantly, she held my dick in front of her face, continuing her fantastic

I couldn't help but smile as my cum began to shoot out onto her face. She
gasped, closing her eyes, letting the warm seed splash onto her cheeks, lips,
chin and eye lids. She continued jacking me off, pumping until the last drops
of my load were dropped onto her gorgeous face.

God damn, I'd found myself an innocent, yet naughty little momma.

"Get dressed honey..." I said, pulling up my boxers. "We're outta here."

* * *

Getting out of the mall with her was no problem, thanks to the arranged route
set up by Mr. McMahon of course.

Nothing quite like driving down the roads of tropical Florida with the music
cranked up high, and a fine looking slut by your side.

She was wearing a sexy figure hugging red dress, and was unashamedly eyeing
me, and most times my crotch, up through the whole drive. She looked far from
the cute, innocent girl she portrayed, especially with the white streaks of
cum on her face, now dried onto her from the Florida heat.

My phone rang. I turned the radio off and I pulled it out, keeping one hand
on the wheel.

"Mr. McMahon?" I guessed the caller.

"Did you get her?" He said, getting straight to the point.

"Damn right I did..." I said, looking over at her and giving her a wink.

"Good. It was worth the money to screw up those car-crash part-timers! Those
no good, washed-up..."

As he ranted about TNA, I noticed that Val was leaning over, reaching onto my
lap and unzipping my jeans. She put her soft hand inside, and grabbed a hold
of my tool.

"...Do realise how many of those guys there are on the weed?? That Hardy
brother for one, who if it weren't for me..."

I wasn't paying much attention to whatever he was saying, distracted by her
expert hands making my cock hard again. She brought her head down, and
started to kiss and lick my dick softly. I grunted as she started to stroke
the base of my shaft.

I slowed the car down, pulling into a dirt track on the side of the road. I
stopped the car, turning it off. I couldn't drive like this, knowing how the
great job her hands did last time.

"...Just take care of her, I'll figure out what to do with her later." He
hung up, finally.

"Right you..." I said, lifting her head up. "You're very naughty for doing

She giggled cutely, nodding her head.

"Well then..." I unbuckled my seatbelt, and she quickly did the same. "We'll
have to do something about that then."

I dropped my pant and boxers, and pulled her over onto my lap. Almost
instantly, she hiked up the bottom of her dress, pulling her panties to the
side, revealing her dripping snatch to me. She then grabbed a hold of my cock
and held it in place as she slowly lowered herself onto it.

"Oh God!!" She gritted her teeth, now remembering the size of my cock as it
penetrated her.

"Fuck..." I exclaimed. Her pussy was extremely tight, despite its wetness.

She grunted, grinding her hips back and forth, trying to readjust herself to

I had other ideas. Grabbing a hold of her legs, I pulled them up so that they
hung over my shoulders. This forced her to lean back against the steering
wheel, wrapping her arms around my neck.

I placed my hands on her ass, and began thrusting my hips upward, forcing my
cock deep into her snatch. She squealed in a mixture of pleasure and pain, my
dick obviously larger than anything she'd previously experienced.

I wasn't going easier on her this time, with my thrusts forcing her pussy to
pull apart to accommodate the invading pillar of man-meat she was taking.

"Oh my god!!" She exclaimed, drool starting to drip out her mouth. "You're
so... Mmmm... Ohhh!!"

I smiled, rubbing her butt cheeks as I pushed up into her tight snatch.

She moaned with each rapid thrust I was giving her, smirking as I watched the
her expression on her cum-covered face. Her mouth hung open, moaning softly,
with saliva slightly dripping out of it.

For the next few minutes, I pumped in and out of her, my hands groping and
supporting her ass. Once again, being a novice to such a piece of man-meat
was taking its toll on her.

"Oh god... oh god oh god oh god oh god oh godddddd.... Ahhhh!!!"

She came again, squirting all over my cock, eyes rolling into the back of her
head in pure orgasmic bliss. The site enough was enough to make a normal made
shoot his bolt in his pants. Not me, of course.

"I'm nearly there babe..." I said to her, pulling out of her. "Hey babe,
you back on earth?" I then laughed, seeing that she was now fast asleep,
completely worn out by my fucking.

I shrugged, opening the car door and carrying her out. I then opened the back
door, and laid her across the back seats.

I crawled into the back as well, positioning myself over her and wanking
myself off, pointing my dick at her face.

I smiled, firing the first shot of my seed right over head, landing in her
now messy red hair. My second again landed in her hair, but also onto her
forehead. I then stroked the rest of my cum just onto her face, trying to
cover areas I'd missed with my earlier load.

When finished, I was more than satisfied with the 'facial' I'd given to So
Cal Val . The TNA ring-girl's face was now a truly degraded sight, more
suited for a hooker on a street corner.

Not that her life was going to be any different from that now.
_ _ _

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