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Sick Of Bitches Part 2: Beth Phoenix
by DaxG2001 (

My name is not important. What is important is what I do.


There's a saying about karma, that it comes around. Well, I like to think
that for the bad karma these bitches put out, I'm the karma that fucks them
in the ass.

I take them, I control them, I abuse them. But most importantly, I brake

Until they're mine. All Mine.

It's even better that I get paid for it, and no one notices them going
missing. Thanks to my boss and his secret plans.

"I'll bite your mother-fucking style
Just to make it fresher.
I can't take the pressure
I'm sick of bitches"

- Just Don't Give A Fuck, by Eminem

* * *

What had Beth Phoenix done to deserve a visit from me?

I'll admit, it was actually only under orders from the sickest man on the
planet, Mr. McMahon.

To be honest, I had nothing against her. Hadn't really heard of her, only
that she was one of the many WWE hopefuls stuck in OVW.

The fact that I'd be paid handsomely, of course, to 'convert' her was reason
enough for me. I love getting big bucks, and I love fucking hot sluts.
Getting both at the same time is... Well, take a guess.

Mr. McMahon was kind enough to explain his reasons, not that he had to give

He said he was sick of wasting money and contracts on people who don't change
from the 'Indie' style of wrestling (the kind of stuff you see in Ring Of
Honor) to the WWE style (which I assumed to mean the jobbers on Heat and
Velocity) quick enough.

He expects his talent to be ready for action, and making him money, in double
quick time. Beth Phoenix seemed to be a 'slow learner'. Mr. McMahon was not
pleased with this.

According to him, she has the potential to be big star and a future Women's
Champion. From the pictures I received for 'research' purposes, I could see
what he means. Who wouldn't cheer for a blonde chick with a big rack and a
plump ass? I know I would.

So I was ordered to travel down to the OVW 'Arena' to give her some
'encouragement' to improve her learning. The rest would be fixed by his lab

No complaints from me.

* * *

I glanced at my watch. It was about time for the show's 'Main Event' of the
evening, and time for me to strike.

I was standing just against the corner of a wall of the OVW 'Arena'. Around
the corner, a few feet away, was the back entrance to the building where the
'future WWE Superstars' went and, most importantly, came out.

Parked opposite me was my getaway car. A normal looking vehicle, nothing
inconspicuous or attention grabbing. To the normal passer by, it looked just
like a cheap hunk of junk from a Second-Hand Car Lot. It was anything but,
so was perfect for me.

The trunk was open, and you could see that there were a number of small holes
in it. Not through rust or misuse, but they were on purpose. As happens when
you take a power-drill to it.

Glancing around the corner again, I saw the door open up, and a female step
out onto the street. There she was. Beth Phoenix. Carrying a luggage bag, she
was wearing figure hugging jeans, black boots, and a zipped up leather jacket
that cruelly covered her tits from sight.

Sneaking my head back around, I punched my hand into a palm for a few
moments, counting out the number of steps she was taking in my head, ready to

As soon as she turned the corner, I grabbed her roughly by the waist, lifting
her up into the air.

"What the fuck!!!" She exclaimed, dropping her bag and kicking against me.
"Get the fuck off me!!"

Before she could fully react, I tossed her down into the trunk.

In the second she turned her head around to look at me, she saw the trunk
come crashing down, trapping her inside. I took a step back, smirking as I
heard muffled screams and curses coming from it, her hands no doubt thumping
and clawing to escape. It wasn't going to happen, as this was no ordinary

"That's it bitch..." I said, picking up her bag. "Wear yourself out, you
ain't going no where."

I opened the driver's side door, and took my seat, tossing her bag into the
back seat. I smirked, turning the car on. It was going to be quite a while
before she'd get out of there, but the many holes in the trunk would provide
enough air for her. But not enough to prevent a mini-sauna being created for
her to sweat it out in, literally.

"You're on a highway to hell now..." I said, cranking up the radio and
driving off.

* * *

It was about a half hour drive and a darkened sky later before I arrived at
my destination - the middle of nowhere. At least, it looks like that. A
barren area dirt of dust, at the end of a side road just off the highway.

Uninhabited, undisturbed, and far way from civilisation. A perfect place for
an uninterrupted session of 'Diva breaking', plus the outdoor aspect give it
all an added edge.

I stopped the car, locking the hand brake and changing into neutral. I
switched the engine off, but kept the lights on. Without any spy night-vision
goggles, I needed some way to see what I was going to be doing.

Stepping out of the car, I pulled out a pair of handcuffs from my pocket with
one hand , holding my car keys in the other. I walked around the car, running
a hand over roof as I reached the trunk. Putting the key in, I unlocked it
and took the key out again, pocketing it.

Throwing up the trunk, I looked with a great deal of pleasure at my victim.
Seeing her in a state like that defiantly got me hard.

Her long blonde hair was slightly messy now, with a great deal of sweat
running through it. Likewise, her face had an erotic looking mask of sweat on
it. I also noticed she's taken off her jacket, no doubt causing unbearable
heat when she wore it.

This revealed the black top she was wearing, that generously showed off her,
and large, and also sweaty, chest as it heaved up and down, the result of her
gasps for breath.

This was both due to the heat created in the tight space she was confined in,
and no doubt her attempts to escape from her predicament.

This wasn't done just for my enjoyment, this part of her 'ordeal' was
designed to weaken her, so she wouldn't put up much of a fight. If her
reaction when I threw her in the trunk was anything to go by, she probably
fought with all her might during the time I drove her out here.

I reached in and grabbed her wrist.

"Get the hell off me!!" She demanded, struggling against my tight grip as I
snapped on the 'cuffs onto her.

In desperation, she tried to quickly climb out and run to safety. There was
of course a major flaw to the plan that came out of her pretty head. I had a
firm grip on the handcuffs.

I watched with amusement as she comically tumbled out of the trunk, and fell
hard onto the dusty ground, wincing in pain upon impact.

I laughed, kneeling down and pulling her other wrist back behind her, and
putting the other half of the handcuffs on her, trapping her hands behind her

"What the fuck?!?" She exclaimed, looking back at me with a look of disgust
and hatred, that was ruined by the dirt that was sticking to the side of her
face thanks to the sweat. "Get these things the fuck off me!!"

I, of course, rejected her request, forcing her up to her feet and dragging
her around to the front of the car.

"You hear me you freak??" She spat, trying in vain to break free. "You'll pay
for this shit!!"

Fiesty. This was going to be very enjoyable.

I threw her chest first down onto the bonnet of the car, causing her to grunt
in pain. Probably didn't hurt that much thanks to her 'air-bags'. So I gave
her some real pain, slapping her ass hard with an open hand.

"OWWW!!" She squealed, her legs jerking in response to the pain. She tried
to move up, but I held her down with a hand placed on her back. "Let me go
you... OUCH!!" I spanked her again. "Stop that you sicko!!"

As my boss would say, No Chance In Hell. I spanked her again, gaining another
call of pain. She again cursed and swore at me, so I spanked her again, this
time on the other side of her shapely ass.

There was nothing quite like dealing out some punishment when it's due. I
mean, she was calling me such nasty things... How could I not be offended and
do nothing?

"OWW!! Fuck off, you...!"

A spank to her left cheek

"SHIT!! God damn..."

I was sure she was going to be offensive again, so I cut her off with a hard
hand onto her right cheek. She gritted her teeth together, grunting in pain
this time. I spanked her again anyway. I didn't care what she called me, she
was mine now. I pulled her up by the hair, causing her to scream loudly, and
turned her around, pushing her back against the hood, onto her back.

"You fucking bastard..." She swore at me again, eyes full of spite.

I shrugged my shoulders, spreading her legs apart and undoing the button on
her jeans.

"Get the fuck away from me!!" She struggled, trying to kick me away.

In response, I slapped her in the face, causing her to unleash a
blood-curdling scream of pain.

"Don't fuck with me bitch!" I warned her, pointing a finger at her as she
slowly turned her head to look at me, a red handprint now on her cheek. "You
don't want to do this the hard way!!"

"...Or you'll what?" She sneered, looking at me as if I was the lowest form
of scum in the world.

I pulled out a knife, and quickly held it under her chin, the sharp blade
just an inch away from her throat. Her expression changed in the heartbeat
she skipped. Now she was afraid, her eyes wide as her body froze in an
instant. "I don't want my actions to have to speak louder than words..." I
snarled, leaning menacingly over her. "But keep this up, and things are
going to get VERY messy, got it?"

She gulped, realising the exact position she was in. I figured she got the
message loud and clear. I was, of course, far from finished with this bitch.

Slowly, I drew the knife away from her throat, bringing down over her heaving
chest, and then over her stomach. Grabbing the bottom of her top, I used my
weapon to slice it open, ripping the material in half and revealing the lacy
black bra that restrained her tits.

She gasped at the action, still fearful because of the blade in my hand. She
didn't know what kind of psycho I was, or what I might do to her. But she
would, soon enough.

"Not too bad..." I smirked, carefully lifting the middle of the garment up
and putting the knife's blade under it. "But I can think of something

With one simple slice, the bra was ripped in two. Putting the knife in my
pocket again, I pulled the remains of the underwear off her body. I grabbed
her huge free tits and squeezed them in my palms, rubbing them around her
chest, much to her disgust. She hissed as I lowered my mouth and began
sucking on her right nipple, stroking over her left one with my thumb and

"You fucker..." She gasped, cringing as she felt her nipples becoming

Removing my mouth from the nipple with a kiss, I grinned. "Damn right..." I
said, before sucking on the left one and rubbing her other tit.

"Urgh..." Her hips shifted uncomfortably underneath my body, only succeeding
in rubbing against the bulge in my pants.

I pushed her breasts together, running my tongue between the middle of them,
before spitting into it and rubbing the spit into her chest.

"What the fuck?" She said, confused, but a little turned on (albeit against
her will).

"Tits like yours don't come around often..." I said, unzipping my pants and
dropping them. "Can't let them go to waste."

I grabbed a hold of her hips, pulling her down off the bonnet and then
onto the ground, lying on her back. I then quickly dropped my boxers, and
straddled her tits, placing my hard cock in between them. She locked eyes
with my manhood, and I could tell she was very impressed with it. Another
victory for me.

Pushing her wonderful puppies against my rod, I began to fuck her tits with
long, hard thrusts. She grunted in discomfort as I pushed against her,
perhaps not used to this kind of action. And I don't mean the fact she's
being raped.

"Ahh..." She gasped as I tweaked her nipples, applying added sensation to her
as I ploughed into her cleavage.

"Hmm... Not wet enough..." I decided, referring to the friction my cock was
getting against her breasts. I needed to get my hard-on soaked.

Of course, there were two obvious options. But I wasn't prepared to give this
ho anything in her pussy after all the bullshit from earlier, so that let
only... You guessed it.

Releasing her tits from my grasp, I grabbed a hand full of her now dirty long
blonde hair, and forced her head up. She either gasped from pain, or was
going to say something, but it didn't matter either way, as I used my other
hand to force my cock into her warm mouth.

"UMPH!!" She grunted in surprise, my cock filling her mouth.

"Yeah, that's it..." I said, using the hand full of hair to bob her head up
and down my shaft at a steady pace. "Suck that cock, suck it like a whore..."

She tried to say something in response, but was muffled by the meat in her

Despite some unfair criticism directed towards her face (some had suggested
she is not 'Diva pretty' in that area), I had no complaints with her soft
lips around my cock as I forced her to blow me, her cheek bulging as the tip
of my cock hit it with each downward movement onto it.

Already her mouth was getting wet with her saliva, beginning to coat my dick.
I was surprised to feel her tongue flicking on the underside of my cock for a
moment, but I disregarded it as a reflex movement against my actions. But
seeing her eyes close, and then a moan from her stuffed mouth as I felt her
tongue again lick my tool, I knew I had stumbled upon something. The key to
unlock her inner slut.

"You like that?" I said, rolling her head slightly around my cock so it poked
around her wet mouth. "You like my big dick in your slutty mouth?"

She moaned around it again as I pulled out of her mouth, slapping my cock
against her lips. "Mmmm..." She said, looking up at me with a slightly
seductive look.

"What's that slut?" I said, slapping my cock against her cheek, the same one
I had slapped earlier with my hand. "You love my cock?"

"Mmmm... I love to suck a big cock..." She said, turning her head to
willingly take my cock into her damp mouth, saliva already beginning to drip
out past her lips.

I wasn't one to stop a whore doing her job (unless it was for me to join in),
so I allowed her to work her head up and down my shaft at speed, her lips
tightly wrapped it. She looked up at me, much like a hooker on the street, as
she wrapped her tongue around the head of my cock.

"Damn... You weren't kidding..." I grinned, thrusting my cock forward so
more of it could fill her mouth. Whatever she said in reply I only heard as
muffled sounds around my dick. It didn't matter, as she continued to go down
on me as I thrust into her.

Grabbing her by two handfuls of hair, I pushed myself deep into her, forcing
her head down onto it at the same time. She gagged for a moment, before her
lips settled down, touching my public hair and balls.

I love a slut who can deep-throat.

I began thrusting hard into her, plunging my entire length in and out of her
mouth, bringing her face into my crotch and then back again in swift motions.
She groaned, saliva seeping out of her mouth and over her chest, as tears
began to well in her eyes from the hard face-fuck she was getting.

I pulled out, a sticky trail of my pre-cum and her drool hanging from her
mouth as I again mounted her heaving, sweaty boobs, and began pounding away
at them.

"Ohh fuuuck..." She moaned. "Fuck my titties..."

"Damn right I'm gonna fuck them..." I said, myself sweating. "Gonna fuck the
shit out of this funbags!!"

"Sweet god..." She groaned, "Do it! Fuck them hard!!"

I was surprised at how easy, considering her fighting back before hand, it
had been to bend her too my will. There was something about blondes, in my
opinion, that made them such whores after the right 'treatment'.

Her dirty talking, and hard work on my dick with her filthy mouth, made my
release both sweet relief and sweet victory at the same time.

Pulling out of tits, I exploded without warning, launching a thick wad of cum
across her nose and into her hair, just missing her eye and catching her by
surprise. I began stroking out the rest of my load onto her face. I fired
generous doses onto her cheeks, lips, and into her mouth which she quickly
gulped down and begged for more, sticking her tongue out.

Satisfied with my 'face-painting', I smeared some cum into her cheeks with
the head of my rod, before popping it into her mouth for her to clean off.

"Mmmm... Baby..." She moaned as I pulled my now semi-hard dick out of her.
"That was so tasty..."

"All for you, my little whore." I grinned, getting off her and pulling her
up to her feet. "Isn't that right?"

"Yeah..." She said dreamily, licking her lips, collecting more of my seed in
the process. "I'm your dirty whore..."

"Let's get these off you..." I said, standing her against the bonnet of my
car and pulling on the zip of her tight jeans.

"Uh huh..." She smiled, wiggling her hips as I pulled the garment down to
the ground, where she stepped out of them.

"Been having fun?" I said, running a finger along the thin material of her
black thong over her snatch.

"Fuck yeah..." She said, biting her lip. "I'm sooo horny for you..."

I laughed, using a hand on her stomach to turn her around. "Bend over, you
fucking slut..."

"Mmmm..." She said, bending over onto the car bonnet, her huge tits resting
on it for support. "Are gonna stick that big, hard, cock in me??"

"I guess I could..." I said, using one hand to spread her butt cheeks apart,
and another to pull the thong to the side, exposing her dripping cunt and her
puckered asshole.

"Oh god..." She was trembling with excitement. "Please... In my ass..."

"You want me to fuck your ass??" I asked, only slightly interested in her
answer. The final choice would, of course, be mine.

"Yes!!" She exclaimed. "Fuck my tight ass!!"

"Why not?" I shrugged, bringing her hips back slightly and lining up my cock
with the entrance to her rectum.

As I plunged into her ass, she screamed in delight, instantly grinding her
hips back against my thrusts into her. It seems this abuse, combined with her
bound hands and cum-covered face, only made her into a super-slut, as barely
into a minute of sticking it to her ass, she came loudly, juices flowing out
of her pussy and down her legs.

"Jesus..." I said, feeling her rectal passage close in around my length as I
continued to pump in and out of her round backside.

"OH GOD DON'T STOP!!!" She said, her legs trembling. "FUCK ME!! FUCK MY ASS

"Shit..." I spanked her ass as I thrust forward. "You're a fucking whore
aren't you??"

"I'M A WHORE!!" She cried happily. "I'M A WHORE WITH A FAT COCK UP MY ASS!!"

'Where does McMahon find these sluts from?' I thought, reaching forward and
grabbing a handful of hair, sticking my dick deeper into her sweaty buns.

"OH SHIT!!" She called again, loving the abuse. "OH BABY I'M GONNA CUM,

"Fucking whore!!" I spat out, shoving my entire length into her ass. "Nothing
but a cock-sucking WHORE oh fuck!!" Shit, this bitch was gonna make me bust

It took only a few more minutes of merciless butt-fucking before once
again she called out in releasing, slamming her hips back to take my cock
balls-deep in her, once again clamping around me like a vice.

This time, the pace and her ass was too much for me, and I was forced to
admit defeat.

I pulled out, quickly grabbing her and forcing her onto her knees before
furiously jacking off and firing off more streams of hot cum, this time over
her sweating tits. Beth joyfully pushed them together, licking her lips and
moaning as she collected the seed onto her large puppies.

By the time I'd finished, there was a generous coating on her puppies, enough
for her to lift them up and lick the creamy goodness clean off with her

I pulled out my mobile phone, and dialled a number as Beth continued to suck
the cum from her breasts with a slutty look on her still frosted face.

"Please inform Mr. McMahon that the Phoenix..." I grinned down at her. "Has
_ _ _

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