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Sick Of Bitches Part 5: Maria Kanellis
by DaxG2001 (

My name is not important. What is important is what I do.


There's a saying about karma, that it comes around. Well, I like to think
that for the bad karma these bitches put out, I'm the karma that fucks them
in the ass.

I take them, I control them, I abuse them. But most importantly, I brake

Until they're mine. All Mine.

It's even better that I get paid for it, and no one notices them going
missing. Thanks to my boss and his secret plans.

"I'll bite your mother-fucking style
Just to make it fresher.
I can't take the pressure
I'm sick of bitches"

- Just Don't Give A Fuck, by Eminem

* * *

What had Maria Kanellis done to deserve a visit from me?

Her first crime was being a Raw Diva Search Diva. She has no good wrestling
ability, and was only given a contract because she looks good in a bikini.
She's also a tease, flaunting herself in bikini contests and other 'matches'
that involve showing some skin. Also, as part of her somewhat annoying
gimmick, her being a bit stupid, she is regularly misunderstanding innuendos
and getting into other sexually orientated events.

I was glad to get the call to 'deal' with her.

Mr. McMahon's reasons were straight to the point. Her current wrestling
skills are not enough for in-ring competition, and he needs more Divas to
fill Women's Division to make it worth something.

Also, a relationship with some jobber who's in OVW is 'causing concerns' that
could be done without. Not that I cared about that, I had my orders.

* * *

I had been following my target for some time now, since the night's edition
of Monday Night Raw had finished.

She'd gone back to a hotel, and had gone back to her room. A few minutes
later, she'd left wearing a hotel bathrobe. Needless to say, I was
interested. She then headed downstairs into the indoor pool area, and
immediately headed over to the Jacuzzi that was built into the floor.

I watched as she dropped her robe, revealing a tiny blue bikini, which showed
off her chest and ass very well. She then slowly lowered herself into the
water, letting the bubbles wash over her body.

I'm sure it must be very tiring for her to turn interview segments into lame
comedy spots, and stand in skimpy outfits.

But I let her soak for a couple of minutes, not wanting to ruin my chances
to strike. Although the place was empty, and all the other superstars were
probably asleep or at some club, I wanted to wait for a while. I used this
time to stroke my cock to erection, ready for the 'task' I was to carry out.

Of course, I really had nothing to worry about. Since my boss, Mr.
McMahon, had booked the hotel for his superstars. I was confident that any
'incriminating footage' would magically disappear tomorrow morning.

Which actually reminded me of something. Pulling out my mobile 'phone, I
typed up a message and sent it to a number I knew would be very helpful.
'Block off indoor pool. I'm at work.' I typed, and then sent it, before
putting it back in my pocket and starting to take off my clothes.

Completely naked, I walked over to her quietly. I saw that her eyes were
closed, her chest rising and falling just on the waterline, showing her wet
boobs. I slipped a leg into the water beside her, positioning myself so that
my crotch was right by her head.

I began to rub my cock onto her face, moving it slowly across her cheeks,
nose, eyelids, forehead and lips. "Mmmm?" I heard from her, as she was
slightly moving her head up against my dick. She opened her mouth, probably
to say something, but it didn't matter.

I stuffed my cock into her mouth, moving my body over hers to pin her down in
position. Her eyes went wide in shock when she realised what was happening,
and started screaming for help, shaking her head from side to side.

Her cried were muffled by my dick as I forced it in and out of her warm
mouth. I used both of my hands to hold her head steady, allowing easy access
to fuck her face. My legs were positioned to pin her arms against the size of
the Jacuzzi, preventing her from wriggling away.

She cried out in discomfort when my cock hit the back of her throat, tears
welling up in the Diva's big eyes. She was looking up at me, silently begging
for an end, her lower body squirming in an attempt to escape.

In a foolish attempt to try and block what was happening, she wrapped her
lips tightly around me stiff length, trying to stop me from pushing into her
as hard. Of course, this only served to heighten my pleasure, and pace, more.

She was crying now as I continued to rape her mouth, saliva beginning to drip
out past her lips and down her neck. I had a firm handful of her long brown
hair, forcing her head up onto my dick each time I thrust in.

Maria was now starting to gag each time I stuck my cock down into her mouth,
my balls slapping against her chin, only adding in more humiliation to the
Raw interviewer.

Things only got worse for her as, without warning, I released a thick load of
cum right down her throat, causing her to squeal in disgust as she was forced
to swallow down shot after shot for fear of choking.

After I'd finished, I pulled out my cock, now coated in her spit, and a
little cum that didn't go into her throat. She coughed hard, gasping for much
needed air. She was now sobbing uncontrollably, which wasn't helped by the
fact that I was using her hair to wipe off the cum and spit on my dick.

She completely looked like a woman who had raped right into next week.
Unfortunately for her, that wasn't going to be far enough for me.

Moving off her body, her hands instantly went to massage her sore throat. I
grabbed her by the waist and spun her around, bending her over the top of the
Jacuzzi, forcing her chest down onto the plastic grills used for catching the
water that spills over from the hot tub.

Rubbing my cock against her thong in between her legs, I pulled it to the
side and easily rammed it into her pussy, a task made all too easy thanks to
all the water.

"Oh god!!" She exclaimed, realising the ordeal wasn't over as I began
slipping myself in and out of her with quick thrusts. "Please no more!!"

I leaned forward onto her body to prevent any plans she might have of
escaping, my hips thrusting back and forth hard into her snatch.

"Please stop!! Please!!" She tried to look back at me, but I forced her head
to look forward, not even giving her the dignity to see the violation that
was happening to her.

While still fucking her cunt, I used my other free hand to reach underneath
her bikini top, groping her breast and rubbing the nipple between my fingers.

"Uh... Stop it... Please..."

Against her will, she was starting to moan slightly, her pussy unable to
ignore the thrusts into her snatch by my thick cock. This was helped by the
way I was squeezing her tits, while still fucking her like a dog would a
bitch. Which technically, I was.

I smirked, her body was betraying her now. She had her head down on the tiled
floor, ashamed at the way her hips were pushing back against my hard thrusts.
Mockingly, I rubbed a hand across her back, while using the other to feel up
her ass cheeks.

In the next moment, I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and then shoved it
into her asshole, causing her to scream out in pain loudly. I let her, no
one was going to hear it. So she carried on banging her fists on the floor,
screaming wildly for help and an end to this.

Being the 'nice' person I am, I felt it necessary to reach under her hips
stick my fingers into her pussy, continuing the stimulation while I fucked
her ass.

This caused her to call out in a combination of screams, moans and a mix of
both, her body refusing to obey the commands from her mind to stop and not
give in.

Her tight asshole, I assumed she'd never done anal before, was being torn
apart by my length as I slammed it completely inside her, while still forcing
her fingers in and out of her snatch, juices from it being washed away.

As luck would have it, the Jacuzzi machine began to fire up streams of
warm bubbles, one directly under where I was fucking her ass. The bubbles
streamed up into her pussy and stomach, causing her to completely call out
in pleasure. It also had an effect on my, as bubbles were travelling up onto
my balls and dick as it thrust, causing me to shiver with added unexpected

This became too much for the both of us.

She came hard, her snatch exploding in orgasmic juices all over my fingers.
This caused her back passage to clamp around my cock, squeezing a load of
thick cum to shoot up into her ass, also causing her to groan in pleasure.

Spent, she collapsed as soon as I pulled out, her body almost lifeless, the
lower half of her body still in the water, cum dripping out of her asshole
and being washed away by the bubbles.

I got up and out of the pool, grabbing the first towel I saw and drying
myself off with it. I glanced back at Maria. She was awake, but unable to
move, a hand reaching back and rubbing her ass.

In a few moments I was awake, and had sent another text to open up the pool.
I walked over to her, pulling her up to her feet and adjusting her bikini to
cover her up. I then 'helped' her into her hotel robe, and began walking her
out of the pool area.

She groaned, still in pain from the ordeal she'd gone through. "Where...
What??" She said dizzily.

"Relax babe, you're coming home." I said grinning, leading her towards the
car park.
_ _ _

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