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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Beth Phoenix,
Kelly Kelly or Maria Menounos. I do not make any money from the writing of
this story. If you're under 18 you shouldn't be reading this story.

Starring: Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Maria Menounos

Codes: Anal, Ff, Oral, Rim, Toys

Signing Bonus
by MTL (

Maria Menounos moaned joyfully as Kelly Kelly gently bit down on her right
nipple for what felt like the millionth time. Over the past ten minutes Kelly
had relentlessly licked, sucked and bit Maria's nipples, pausing only to
slide her lips all over the large round flesh of Maria's tits, driving the
poor Extra co-host crazy.

"Kelly, ohhhhhhhhh God, please, lower!" Maria moaned, struggling to form
words as Kelly continued relentlessly playing with her big tits, "Please,
mmmmmmmm, please hurry, oooooooh uggggg ah, Beth could be here any minute."

"Relax girl." Kelly said sweetly, pausing to use her fingers to gently play
with Maria's nipples before adding, "I told you, Beth will probably be
fucking Eve's ass for at least another hour, so we have plenty of time."

"But- AHHHHHhhhh oooooooooh!" Maria tried to protest but she was cut off by a
sharp pinch to both her nipples which was quickly followed by a gentle

"I know, I know baby." Kelly grinned wickedly, leaning in so her lips were
pressed against Maria's ear before she added with a whisper, "You want my
girl tongue in your little dyke pussy. Isn't that right Maria? You want my
tongue inside that hot little queer cunt of yours?"

"Yesssssss!" Maria moaned, knowing what was expected of her and quickly
adding, "I, ohhhhhhh, I want your girl tongue in my, oh, my little dyke
pussy! Mmmmmmm ooooooooh, I want your tongue inside my hot little queer cunt!
Please Kelly, pleasssssseeeeeeeee! I want it! I need it! Oh Gawwwwwwwwwwd
it's been so long! Please, please, please, please oh..."

Maria trailed off as finally Kelly got on her knees in front of her, her
fingers gently grabbing onto the only remaining item of clothing she had on.
Not that Maria had been wearing that much, but the second they got through
the door of Kelly's hotel room both girls dresses had been removed, quickly
followed by their bras. Maria had been going to take off her panties too, and
perhaps more importantly Kelly's, but before she had the chance Maria was
pushed up against the wall by the stronger girl, a place the brunette was
forced to stay as the blonde had her way with her.

Kelly was still doing just that, kissing Maria's flat stomach while playing
with the fabric of her panties with her fingertips, the blonde wrestler in
total control as she cruelly teased the Extra co-anchor.

"Keep begging baby." Kelly said softly between kissing Maria's nicely toned
stomach, mostly concentrating on the area just above the older woman's
underwear, "Tell me exactly what you want."

"I want your tongue!" Maria said without hesitation, "I want that talented
little tongue of yours in my slutty little cunt! Oh God Kelly, it's been so
long since I had your tongue inside me. Too long. It's... oh, yes take my
panties off! Get me completely naked and fuck me! Oh God I want you to fuck
me Kelly. I want you to fuck me with your tongue. Tongue fuck me Kelly,
tongue fuck my slutty little queer cunt like only a WWE diva can! Show me why

Kelly had been smiling almost non-stop as she slowly pulled Maria's panties
down and helped her step out of them. She had intended to keep the slow
treatment going, but as soon as Maria mentioned that little line about WWE
divas Kelly was compelled to bury her head between the other woman's legs and
give her Wrestlemania tag team partner's pussy a long slow lick.

Then not moving from that position Kelly looked up at Maria and said, "That's
right Maria, only us WWE divas can give a dirty little lesbian slut like you
what you really need. And do you know why that is?"

"Be, oh, because you're all dirty little lesbian sluts just like me?" Maria
offered, a little smile crossing her face before she moaned joyfully again
from another long lick to her horny cunt.

"That's right." Kelly said softly, delivering another slow lick before
adding, "It takes a slut to please a slut."

After quoting the unofficial motto of the WWE divas Kelly got down to some
serious cunt lapping. Up, down, clockwise and anticlockwise Kelly's tongue
went, constantly going ever so close to Maria's clit and the entrance to the
brunette's love hole but always avoiding them in favour of playing with the
surrounding flesh. And sure, the licking continue to be gentle, but it became
her one and only focus, Kelly forgetting all about verbally teasing and
taunting the older woman in favour of teasing and taunting her with her

However as Maria just whimpered and let Kelly do whatever she wanted to her
the blonde couldn't help but let her mind wander a little bit, her skilled
tongue going into teasing autopilot as Kelly thought how funny this was.

She was possibly the least dominant diva in WWE history. She'd spent most of
her wrestling career getting pushed around inside the ring, and outside of
it, well, it was pretty much the same thing except instead of trying to fight
back Kelly would allow just about anyone to turn her into their plaything.
Girls, guys, groups of either or both, it didn't matter as long as they were
at least mildly attractive Kelly would let them fuck her. She even had been
known to suck off a couple of fatties, just to keep up her reputation as the
WWE's biggest slut.

Everyone in the WWE knew what Kelly was like and treated her like the dirty
slut she so enjoyed being, although honestly she preferred women. They were
always so much more aggressive towards her, could fuck her longer, make her
cum harder, and didn't hesitate in telling her exactly what they wanted. That
was why fucking Maria was always such a enjoyable change of pace, because she
was even more of a bottom than Kelly was, so much so even the biggest
submissive slut in the WWE couldn't help but dominate the submissive little
interviewer with the delicious little pussy.

"Fuck me Kelly! Fuck me like you promised!" Maria whimpered, joyfully crying
out as her words seem to awake Kelly into licking her more firmly again.
However Kelly still didn't give Maria exactly what she wanted, forcing the
brunette to moan, "Ohhhhhhhhh Kelly, mmmmmmmm, please, oh God fuck me! Fuck
me with your tongue! Ooooooooooooooh Gawwwwwwwwwd, FUCK, you know what I want
Kelly, please give it to me! I want your tongue inside me soooooooooo bad! I
swear I'll do anything if you just fuck my slutty little queer cunt with your
tongue. Anything! Please, you promised me!"

Suddenly pulling away a little from in between Maria's legs Kelly looked up
at the older woman with her chin glistening in pussy juice and asked, "What
did I promise you Maria? Tell me exactly?"

"That you'd make me cum in your mouth!" Maria quickly replied, briefly
pausing as she searched her memories for exactly what Kelly had told her over
the phone, "That, that if I signed on for Wrestlemania you'd spent most of
the two weeks leading up to it between my thighs. That you'd make sure my
little dyke pussy never goes a day without a serious tongue fucking. That
anytime I wanted to cum like a little lesbian slut all I'd have to do is call
you and you'd come running no matter what!"

"That's right Maria." Kelly said, leaning into briefly kiss her friend's
pussy lips before adding, "That's your signing bonus. You get me as your
personal rug muncher. But you didn't read the fine print."

"Fine print?" Maria murmured in confusion.

"Uh-huh." Kelly said, this time sliding her tongue over Maria's pussy before
continuing, "Every contract has it. Sometimes it's nothing bad or it's
something that never really affects you, other times it can totally screw you
over. And you Maria, are totally screwed. And do you know why?"

"Why?" Maria whimpered.

Looking up with her best dominating look Kelly said, "Because now this hot
little queer pussy of yours is mine! See, I promised to fuck you with my
tongue and make you cum in my mouth every day, but I'm going to take my time,
spend maybe hours licking this yummy dyke cunt of yours until you're
desperate to cum. Then I'm going to tease you some more. Then I'm going to
feed you my pussy. Mmmmmmmm, God, you're a great pussy licker Maria, but
you're fucking amazing when you're desperate to cum. Then, and only then, I
will make you cum like the little dyke that you are."

Kelly struggled not to smile as she saw the submissive joy in Maria's eyes at
her words, a joy Kelly was very familiar with. Then Maria softly asked, "What
about Beth?"

"Beth, I guarantee, has a strap-on deep inside Eve's ass right now and won't
be bothering us. Besides, I can handle her." Kelly boasted.

Immediately there was a loud bang on the door, followed by a familiar voice
bellowing, "Open up sluts! I know you're in there!"

Kelly's confident demeanour immediately went out the window and was quickly
replaced by panic.

She had been really enjoying topping Maria, and Kelly seriously thought she
had time to really savour the older woman's pussy before her fellow diva
inevitably interrupted and took over. And she seriously didn't want to have
to stop licking Maria's pussy. Then again, if she played her cards right, and
if she was lucky, Kelly might not have too. In fact even though this was a
major fast forwarding of how she had imagined things would go this could all
work to Kelly's advantage.

With her panic replaced by a quiet confidence Kelly shifted slightly and
reached out for the door handle, silently thankful she hadn't tried to fuck
Maria away from the door.

The second the door was unlocked Beth barged in, closing and locking the door
behind her before she took a serious look at the two sluts. Then she smirked,
"I see you two bitches have been busy."

"Uh-huh." Kelly agreed, licking some of Maria's sweet taste off her lips, "I
was just giving Maria a little bonus for signing on for Wrestlemania. Wanna

Walking menacingly over to the kneeling blonde Beth scowled down at her and
said, "What I want is that hot piece of Greek ass all to myself for a few

Doing her best to hide her fear that she might be losing her chance to make
Maria cum in her mouth Kelly said, "Really? So, the mighty Beth Phoenix
doesn't think she can handle both of us? Huh? Is she too tired from fucking
Eve's ass to fuck both our asses? Is she-"

"Fine." Beth said shortly. She knew exactly what Kelly was trying to do, but
that just pushed Beth to put the weaker blonde in her place, "You can stay
and get your slutty little ass destroyed. And since it looks like you've got
this little Hollywood slut ready to cum I'll even let you finish eating her
dyke cunt, as long as you're willing to beg for it."

Understanding what was expected of her Kelly quickly begged, "Oh please Beth,
please let me finish eating Maria's yummy pussy. I wanna make her cum soooooo
bad. I wanna make this Hollywood slut cum in my mouth and all over my pretty
face. Please Beth, let me make her cum. Mmmmmm, she's so close I can
practically taste her cum already. Please? You know what a cum slut I am. Let
me have Maria's cum. Please let me fuck her and make her cum. Please let me
fuck Maria Menounos's lezzie pussy with my dyke tongue so she can squirt her
girl cum right into my dyke mouth and all over my dyke face! Please Beth? I
promised her I'd make her cum in my mouth."

"Don't worry slut, you won't be breaking that promise. But if you make the
little Hollywood ho cum before I give you permission, you will regret it!"
Beth promised before turning to the brunette and adding, "Now, get back to
eating out that little whore. Lick her slutty queer cunt nice and slow while
I get ready to ass fuck you."

Maria whimpered as the two blondes looked at her like she was a piece of
meat, which was appropriate considering that's how they were treating her.
Like something they could just agree to share without even asking whether she
was ok with it, which she was, but if guys tried to treat her like this Maria
would have probably been very upset. Because they were women it only made
Maria hot.

Of course lustful looks and being talked about like she was a piece of meat
had nothing on Kelly's skilled tongue, Maria's head snapping back painfully
against the wall and her mouth opening wide in a loud moan as a certain
pretty blonde head once again return to being in between her legs.

Just like before every lick quickly became torturous, Kelly cruelly avoiding
all of Maria's most needy of areas while making sure the pleasurable licks
she was giving her pussy were nowhere near enough to make her cum. And the
only thing Maria could do about it was whimper pathetically, going from
experience that the only thing begging would likely get her was a sore, well
spanked ass. Luckily Maria got a minor distraction in the form of watching
Beth strip off her tightfitting dress, bra, panties and high heels, the sight
of course making her hotter but at least it was something to take her mind
off Kelly's cruel licks. Then Maria got something much more distracting,
namely Beth pulling a large strap-on from her oversized purse and then
pressing that fake cock to Maria's lips.

"Open up slut!" Beth barked, Maria quickly parting her lips so the blonde
could shove the first few inches of the dildo into her mouth. Almost
immediately Maria moaned as she tasted a very familiar flavour, Beth's eyes
lighting up right before she confirmed Maria's suspicions, "Mmmmmmm yeah, you
like that bitch? How's Eve's ass taste? Good huh? You like it? Of course you
do, because you're a dirty little ass to mouth slut! Mmmmmmm yessssssss, you
love the taste of ass. Doesn't matter if it's your own or another slut's ass,
you fucking love it don't you? Don't you?"

Maria moaned and nodded her head in agreement as she greedily sucked the
taste of ass right off the dick, quickly relaxing her throat to allow Beth to
push the toy cock into her gullet. She had a lot of practice sucking cock,
and even more sucking strap ons, so Maria was able to take every inch of the
large dildo down her throat while only gagging a little. She was even able to
almost completely control her gag reflects as Beth began thrusting the cock
in and out of her mouth, Maria taking the throat fucking like the expert cock
sucker she was.

"Fuck yeah, taste every bit of that bitch's ass you dumb slut!" Beth spat as
she lightly choked Maria with her free hand as she used the one holding the
dildo to brutalise the other woman's throat, "Get every single drop! Mmmmmmmm
yeahhhhhh, enjoy the taste of ass while you can! Eve didn't get to taste her
own ass because I ass fucked her so hard the bitch passed out! She's still
there, bent over a couple of pillows in my hotel room bed, her gaping ass
hole on perfect display for me when I get back. Then again, maybe a maid will
find her like that or something. Or maybe that's how someone's going to find
you. Maybe someone will come in here later to find you unconscious, face
down, ass up, and your loose gaping butt hole on display, them taking
pictures to put up on the Internet so you'd have to report on your silly
little show that you were found completely naked in a hotel room with a
clearly well fucked ass hole! Mmmmmmmm fuck, it makes me so wet thinking
about it I just might do it myself. Take a photo of your butt hole once I'm
done stretching it open, put it up on the Internet for everyone to see,
fucking humiliate you so bad that stupid dancing show won't want you anymore.
And you'd let me do it too, because you're a dirty little anal whore who's
addicted to having women fuck her big fat ass! Isn't that right bitch?"

Maria truly believed Beth wouldn't go that far. Her past few encounters with
The Glamazon told Maria that Beth's bark was worse than her bite, and the
dominating blonde loved to threaten her 'victims' with the most humiliating
images possible. It was something Maria had found a perverted turn on, and as
such when Beth pulled the strap-on out of her mouth Maria had no problem in
submissively whimpering, "Ye, yes! Mmmmmmmm, I'm a dirty little anal whore!
Ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh fuck, I'm addicted, shit, I'm addicted to anal sex! Please
Beth, I need to cum soooooooo bad! Oooooooooh Gawwwwwd, fuck my big fat ass!
I'm addicted to strong, dominant women like you Beth ass fucking me! Oh
please, please, mmmmmmm, please stretch my ass hole! Mmmmmmmmmm, leave my ass
hole gaping wide! Oh, oh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, fuck! Just fuck me! Fuck me and
make me cum! I'll let you do anything you want to me as long as you let me

"Yeahhhhhhh, I'm going to do whatever I want to you... and right now, I want
you to watch squirm as I ass fuck Kelly." Beth smirked, Maria just whimpering
helplessly as The Glamazon stood back and then slowly strapped on her cock.

Once the dildo was firmly in place Beth kneeled down behind Kelly to inspect
the tiny little barely there thong buried in between the younger blonde's
round little ass cheeks, Beth licking her lips as she removed that thong and
got a good look at the toy that was already firmly buried up Kelly's butt.

It was a well-known fact in the WWE locker room that Kelly hated having a
completely closed butt hole, so if it wasn't still gaping from her last ass
fucking Kelly would usually shove a nice big butt plug into her back hole.

Either gaping or plugged suited Beth who loved to shove her tongue deep into
an anal slut's ass right before getting down to some serious sodomy. This
time was no different, Beth roughly yanking the butt plug out of Kelly's ass
hole and quickly replacing it with her tongue. She got her tongue deep in the
younger girl's ass, Kelly moaning into Maria's pussy as Beth spent a few
minutes sliding her tongue around inside the other blonde's butt, making
those anal walls nice and wet for what was to come.

As she gave Kelly a long drawn out rim job Beth switched the butt plug to her
left hand, making sure to hold it firmly between her thumb and index finger
as she used that hand to spread the other blonde's butt cheek, allowing Beth
to get her tongue even deeper into Kelly's ass. After a while Beth pulled
back and allowed a long trail of spit to slowly drip from her mouth and
directly into Kelly's already slightly stretched butt hole. Then she abruptly
shoved two fingers into the younger girl's ass, those fingers sliding easily
into Kelly's back passage along with two more fingers Beth quickly added. The
first two fingers barely got a gentle moan from Kelly, but the extra two made
all the difference, Beth smirking as the shameless slut squealed joyfully
into Maria's cunt as her ass hole became nicely stretched by four fingers.

Beth wasted no time in beginning to pump her fingers in and out of Kelly's
ass hole, starting off slow at first but quickly picking up the pace until
she was ruthlessly finger fucking the other diva's ass, each brutal thrust
making Kelly squeal with joy. The temptation for Beth to slide her thumb in
and fist Kelly's slutty ass was almost overwhelming, but as much as she loved
fist fucking she much preferred using a strap-on, which was exactly what she
was going to do right after just one more thing.

Maria whimpered as Beth suddenly looked at her menacingly and then said, "You
wanna taste some more ass Maria?"

Quickly nodding submissively Maria moaned, "Mmmmmm, yesssssss Beth. Please,
feed me some more ass! Oooooooooh mmmmmmmm I wanna taste Kelly's sweet ass!"

The moment Maria moaned yes Beth pulled her fingers out of Kelly's ass, Maria
forcing herself not to pause or to stutter as the dominating blonde quickly
advanced on her. The second those last words were passed her lips Beth shove
those four fingers which had so recently been deep in Kelly's ass directly
into Maria's mouth, almost literally shoving them down her throat.

As she struggled not to gag Maria closed her mouth gently around those
fingers and began softly sucking on them, the interviewer moaning happily as
she tasted Kelly's butt. That sweet taste soon had Maria sucking on those
fingers with ever growing passion and intensity, the Dancing with the Stars
contestant hoping that her love for that flavour and sheer kinkiness of this
act would finally pushed her over the edge of that climax she so desperately
wanted. Lord knows it felt like Kelly's wicked little tongue had kept her on
the edge for what felt like an eternity already, so it didn't seem out of the
realm of possibility that even something this small could give her what she

Beth's dirty talk was definitely helping, Maria trying to focus on it as
another way to push herself over the edge, "Mmmmmm, yeahhhhhhhhh, fucking
clean those fingers you filthy little whore! Clean those fingers of Kelly's
slutty little ass! Mmmmmmm fuck yeah, clean them good! Show me again just
what a shameless ass to mouth slut you are! Show me how much you crave the
taste of another slut's ass hole, that it doesn't matter whether it's from a
toy, or some fingers, or directly from the source, you're a nasty fucking
dyke whore who's addicted to the taste of girl ass!"

As she continued to verbally abuse her Beth began thrusting her fingers in
and out of Maria's mouth, Maria absolutely loving the addition to this
degrading act, but Kelly was just too good at keeping her on the edge.
Everything that Beth did and said to her made Maria so wonderfully close, but
in retaliation Kelly slowed down her licks until she was barely moving her
tongue against the older woman's pussy, Maria literally weeping as once again
she was denied climax.

After what felt like hours Beth pulled her fingers from Maria's mouth and
quickly replaced it with Kelly's butt plug, "Here, my fingers are clean
enough, so take this and suck on it until I tell you to stop, and not a
moment before you stupid slut!"

Quickly grabbing onto the base of the plug Maria almost literally shoved it
down her throat, desperately sucking on the ass flavoured toy in an attempt
to push herself over the edge. Again it wasn't enough, Maria weeping in
frustration as she watched Beth kneel down behind Kelly and spread her cheeks
with both hands.

In one final act of preparation Beth lent down and spat into Kelly's ass
hole. Then without taking her hands of Kelly's ass cheeks Beth lined the head
of the cock up with Kelly's loosened butt hole and then shoved forward with
all her might.

Beth smirked as the first few inches of her strap-on dildo entered Kelly's
ass with relative ease. She also smirked because of the joyful squeal the
submissive little bitch let out, Kelly continuing to squeal, cry and even
moan in pure pleasure as Beth slowly filled her tight little ass with strap-
on cock.

It didn't take long for the dildo to become fully embedded within Kelly's
bowels, Beth continuing to spread the younger girl's butt cheeks so she could
admire the pretty sight of Kelly's ass taking every inch of her cock. Then
Beth began to sodomize Kelly. Slowly at first, then building up to a steady
rhythm, Beth becoming totally lost in watching her strap-on pumping in and
out of Kelly's widely stretched ass hole.

As Beth concentrated on one thing only Kelly was struggling not too.

Maria tasted so good. Her cunt was flowing like a river, sweet femininity
pretty much pouring directly down Kelly's throat, the blonde barely having
time to swallow given how relentlessly she was using her tongue. Of course
since she was trying to keep Maria from cumming she didn't need to try so
hard. Kelly could probably just give the occasional lick, or give her tired
tongue a rest and use her fingers to gently tease Maria's cunt, but Beth
would have totally punished her for slacking off. Besides, Kelly prided
herself on being able to continue to use her mouth and tongue to please
someone while her ass was getting fucked. Of course, nobody fucked ass like
The Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

Kelly had been fucked in the ass by just about everyone in the WWE. Most of
the TNA roster too. And she had thoroughly enjoyed getting ass fucked by the
men, but no matter how much stamina they had they couldn't compete with
another woman, Kelly quickly learning to crave the cocks that never went
soft. And while she had been butt fucked by everyone from little AJ Lee to
possibly the most successful diva of them all Trish Stratus no one was as
skilled a butt fucker than the mighty Glamazon.

Beth could probably teach a butt fucking master class at Harvard. Kelly was
sure of it considering how with just these gentle thrusts Beth had loosened
her rectum and turned it into a quivering mess, every single movement within
Kelly's ass causing her the kind of exquisite ecstasy which reminded her
exactly why she loved being Beth's butt slut. And as much as she tried to
focus on Maria's yummy pussy Kelly found herself becoming just as lost in the
butt fucking as Beth was.

Maria was too busy sucking on Kelly's butt plug to really notice the decrease
in constant licking or the fact that she had been forgotten, but she had, the
two WWE divas becoming lost in the joys of anal sex for what seemed like

Of course while Kelly and Maria had to be patient Beth was under no kind of
similar obligation, so when she'd had enough of the gentle sodomy the current
divas Champion let go of the other blonde's butt cheeks, slap them really
hard and then firmly asked, "You wanna cum bitch?"

"Yes, yes, yeeeeeessssssss mmmmmmmmm make me cum!" Kelly squealed as she
quickly pulled away from Maria's cunt, "Fuck, aaaaaahhhhhh, fuck my slutty
little ass hard and make me cum! Mmmmmmmm oooooooohhhhhhhh ass fuck me and
make me cum soooooooo gooooooodddddddd! Oh fuck, fuck my dyke ass, mmmmmmmmm
fuckkkkk! OH FUCK! Oh my Gawwwwwwwddddddddd I need to cum sooooooooo

"Get back to eating that pussy you nasty little rug muncher!" Beth growled at
Kelly before turning her attention to Maria, "How about you Hollywood slut?
Just how bad do you want to cum?"

"Really, really, really, really bad Beth!" Maria whimpered once she took the
butt plug out of her mouth, "Oooooooooh aaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, please
Beth, please let me cum! Let me cum in Kelly's mouth, please, mmmmmmmmmmm
oooooohhhhhhhh Gaaaaawwwwwwwwddddddddd, fuck, yessssssss, let me cum! Oh God,
Gawwwwwwd, fuck, let me squirt my dyke cum all over Kelly's stupid lezzie
face! Please Beth I can't take it any more, ah, ah, ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk,
I'll do anything!"

"Anything huh?" Beth grinned, "Then how about you be my little Wrestlemania
dyke? My personal little fuck toy from now until Wrestlemania? How about
that? You willing to be my little plaything from now until Wrestlemania, just
so you can cum?"

"Yeeeeeeeessssssssss!" Maria squealed, bucking her hips into Kelly's face as
for the first time that night the wicked little tongue which had been teasing
Maria for so long finally touched her clit, the Extra co-host immediately
craving more, "Ohhhhhhhhh God, oh Beth, I'll, mmmmmmmmmm, I'll be your
Wrestlemania dyke! Your Wrestlemania fuck toy! Your Wrestlemania plaything!
Mmmmmmmmm oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd, I'll be what ever you want me to be,
do whatever you want me to do, just as long as you let me cum!"

Beth smirked, delivered a brutally hard slap to the other blonde's ass and
practically yelled, "Kelly, make my little Wrestlemania slut cum! Do it right
now and maybe I'll let you cum!"

Maria happily whimpered when Beth finally gave Kelly permission to make her
cum, partly because she knew her torment was almost over, and partly in
anticipation as she felt Kelly's tongue teasing the entrance to her pussy.
About a second later Beth implied she would make Kelly cum if the younger
girl made Maria cum. Less than a second later Maria was seeing stars, her
whole body trembling in a powerful orgasm as Kelly's tongue slammed inside
her love hole as far as it could go and then curled upwards, hitting Maria's

Just as she promised Beth her cum squirted out of her like a fountain,
covering Kelly's pretty face even as she greedily swallowed as much cum as
she could. As she hadn't been told to do otherwise Kelly was quick to start
tongue fucking Maria the moment the older woman had started coming down from
her high, that talented little tongue making sure Maria barely got a chance
to recover before she came again. Not that it was really unexpected of

As skilled as the WWE divas were at fucking her where they were really
excelled was making her cum. No one could make Maria cum like a WWE diva.
That's why she had been in a constant state of arousal since the moment she
was offered a spot at Wrestlemania 28, why she had been practically ready to
cum before Kelly's wicked little mouth and tongue even started work on her
big tits, why she had fucked herself to so many climaxes thinking about all
those women wrestlers who had fucked her like a little lesbian slut.

While her self induced climaxes couldn't compare with the real thing what
Maria was receiving now reminded her exactly why she spent so much time
thinking about the WWE divas, orgasm after orgasm rocking her body until she
could no longer think coherently, her mind only filled with swear words as
she became a mindless fuck toy writhing on Kelly's well practised little

When Maria's cum started pouring down her throat Kelly became completely lost
to her addiction to girl cum. She ravenously swallowed as much as she could,
loving the feeling of the rest of the cum covering her face, flowing into her
hair and dripping down onto her tits. Then when the well would seemingly run
dry Kelly would slam her tongue back into Maria's cunt and mercilessly fuck
the older woman until she gave her more of that heavenly honey which Kelly

For a while Kelly barely thought about her own pleasure. She was aware Beth's
strap-on dildo was still pumping in and out of her ass, which was still
keeping her so close to the edge of an orgasm, but Kelly loved making another
woman cream in her cum hungry mouth so much that making sure there was a
steady stream of Maria's cum sliding down her throat was all that mattered to
the young blonde.

Then Beth started fucking her ass harder. It wasn't by much at first, but
when Beth finally stopped playing with her ass cheeks the Diva's Champion got
down to some serious sodomising.

Soon Kelly was squealing into Maria's cunt as Beth's hips smacked against her
ass cheeks so hard it felt like she was being spanked, that big dildo
slamming in and out of her ass hole like a power drill until Kelly came, and
came, and came. Her cum squirted down her thighs and onto the floor below her
as her body trembled under Beth's powerful grip, Kelly cumming so hard she
couldn't keep up tongue fucking Maria so she switched to finger fucking the
older woman and licking her clit whenever she could pause herself from

Beth smirked triumphantly as the two other women came like the submissive
little lesbian sluts they were. The Glamazon really enjoyed the show and
allowed Kelly to fuck Maria to quite a few orgasms before pulling the other
blonde backwards. She mostly did this so her fellow diva could concentrate on
the ass pounding Beth was giving her, but she also wanted to make sure Maria
wasn't going to be too worn out when Beth ass fucked her after she was done
ass fucking Kelly.

It seemed she made the right choice as no sooner had she forced Kelly
backwards Maria slowly slid down to the floor, the precious legs of the
Dancing with the Stars contestant no longer able to keep herself up after all
the orgasms she had received. This seemed to be confirmed by the fact Maria
was apparently in no hurry to move, the little Hollywood slut just sitting
there with her back against the wall as Beth once again showed Kelly why she
was the most dominating diva the WWE had ever seen.

At this point Kelly was in one of her most natural positions, face down, her
ass up in the air and getting brutally fucked. It was certainly the position
Beth was used to having Kelly and all the other WWE divas in as The
Glamazon's favourite activity was by far ass fucking another woman,
especially if that woman was also a wrestler. Or at least claim to be.

There was nothing quite like dominating another women's wrestler. Beth love
to do it in the ring, but to do it outside was so much more fun, the powerful
blonde savouring every moment of sexually dominating all the wannabes she was
surrounded by. And in Beth's experience nothing better established her
dominance than getting a nice big strap-on dildo and fucking her so-called
competition up the ass.

Kelly had been a tremendous annoyance over the past year and as a result Beth
spent a lot of time pounding Kelly's somehow still tight ass, like all those
other times Beth taking all of her frustration for being treated as an
afterthought in favour of this talentless bimbo and using it to push herself
into brutally hammering Kelly's butt.

However much to Beth's annoyance no matter how roughly she ass fucked Kelly
the little anal slut begged for more,

Only too happy to give the little anal slut exactly what she was begging for
Beth relentlessly brutalised Kelly's rectum for what seemed like hours, the
two blondes becoming completely lost in the hard butt pounding, both losing
count of their orgasms. Over and over and over Kelly came, her begs
dissolving into incoherent screams, then eventually soft whimpers before
finally silence.

The sudden silence awoke Beth from her lustful haze, which annoyed the diva's
champ. Two brutal strikes proved Kelly wasn't unconscious yet, but she would
be if Beth kept ass fucking her much longer. Luckily there was another piece
of ass for The Glamazon to use and abuse. Of course while Beth needed to end
the butt fucking she wasn't quite done with Kelly's ass yet.

In the blink of an eye the stronger blonde unceremoniously pulled her strap-
on from her fellow diva's ass hole then moved her hands from Kelly's waist to
her ass cheeks, Beth spreading those firm globes of flesh as wide as she
could so she could inspect her handiwork. Beth had never fail to leave
another woman's ass hole widely stretched and this time was no different, the
mighty Glamazon smirking in triumph as she was able to look right through
Kelly's gaping butt hole and deep into the younger blonde's bowels.

To Beth's further delight Kelly slowly reached back and spread her own butt
cheeks. Beth had trained all the WWE sluts to do this, each and every one of
them from the ultra-submissive Kelly Kelly to the high and mighty Trish
Stratus having at one point or another spread their butt cheeks, showing off
their gaping butt holes in a sign of total submission to The Glamazon.

Confident that Kelly's ass hole would remain loose and open for quite some
time, as it should considering The Glamazon had just fucked it, Beth stood up
and said, "Kelly, you have 5 seconds to get your mouth around this dick
before Maria gets to clean every drop of your ass off it, starting... now, 5,
4, 3, 2, 1, ha!"

Before Beth even started counting Kelly was moving her tired body as fast as
she could, the slutty diva wrapping her lips around the head of the shaft
just in the nick of time, her eyes fluttering as she tasted one of her
favourite flavours in the world, the deepest part of her own ass. The flavour
was second only to the taste of cum and maybe pussy and ass juice from
another girl, Kelly often wondering what she loved best as she was pretty
much addicted to each yummy flavour.

"Come on girlie, suck that dick clean or I'll toss you out of here naked so I
can have Maria all to myself." Beth threatened.

Realising she had been daydreaming Kelly quickly focused on sucking Beth's
cock, gently at first so she could really savour the taste of the deepest
part of her bowels, but gradually increasing her suction until she was loudly
slurping on the toy. Kelly continued this noisy sucking as she began to bob
her head up and down on the dildo, the shameless slut easily controlling her
gag reflects as she began to take the strap-on down her throat.

Kelly had been a pretty good cock sucker before she got to the WWE, and while
part of the world's most famous wrestling company she had probably become one
of the best cock suckers in the world. At the very least she'd become an
expert in taking even the biggest cocks in the WWE locker room all the way
down her throat. It didn't matter if it was a well hung superstar or a diva
like Beth with a big dildo, Kelly prided herself on being able to take every
inch down her throat, and this time was no different, Kelly taking inch after
inch with every bob of her head until she was sliding her lips up and down
the entire length of the shaft, the whole time greedily sucking the taste of
her own ass off of the fake cock.

Nearly the whole time Kelly sucked that strap-on Beth 'encouraged' her,
"Mmmmmm, yeah bitch suck that cock! Take every inch down your fucking throat,
just like you do with all the boys to make sure you keep your fucking job!
Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, that's it you little cock sucker! SUCK MY FUCKING COCK!
Clean every drop of your nasty dyke ass off my fucking dick! Clean every drop
or I'll tear your clothes apart and make you run back to your room, who knows
how many people getting to see Kelly fucking Kelly's naked body and clearly
just well fucked ass hole while I'm spending some quality time inside Maria's
big Greek ass! Oh, you like that huh? You like the thought of it getting out
what a slut you are? Is that why you're giving me such a lousy blow job?
Yeah, that's what I thought... suck harder slut! You better start sucking
that ass flavoured cock like the ATM whore we both know you really are,
otherwise your skanky ass is going to get punished!"

Of course Kelly had been already giving Beth's strap-on a pretty intense blow
job, but under the dominant woman's command the submissive blonde started
sucking even more greedily on the fake cock, several minutes ticking by as
Kelly gave The Glamazon the most passionate BJ she could possibly give her.

Eventually Beth took a hold of Kelly's hair, roughly pulled her off the dildo
and said, "I suppose that will do. It's probably clean enough, but I expect
better from you next time, understand?"

Kelly was positive she'd gotten all of her yummy ass juice off the cock, but
she was too tired to suffer Beth's wrath so instead of back talking the other
blonde Kelly simply nodded and said, "Yes Beth."

"Good... now, beg for the privilege of getting to watch me destroy your
friend's big round Greek booty." Beth demanded.

Not hesitating Kelly quickly begged, "Oh please Beth, let me watch you
destroy Maria's big round Greek booty! I wanna see you fuck that big juicy
butt of hers so bad! Mmmmmm, I love watching you ass fuck sluts Beth. Please
let me watch you ass fuck Maria, please let me watch you ass fuck her just
like you ass fucked me! I wanna watch you turn Maria Menounos's ass hole into
a loose, gaping, well fucked mess! Please Beth, let me watch you fuck Maria
in her big round Greek booty so hard she'll wish she never signed up to face
you and Eve at Wrestlemania!"

"Fine, but you're going to have to sit down and shut up. It's about time I
really showed this bitch who's boss around here." Beth said, quickly turning
her attention to Maria who she advanced on menacingly. Meanwhile Maria just
looked up at her nervously, Beth scowling down at the weaker woman before
ordering, "Go get in your natural position on the bed slut!"

Maria could remember exactly what Beth considered her natural position to be,
although it did help that the majority of women who topped her over the years
were of the same opinion. Even Maria had to admit it felt pretty natural for
her to press her face down against some bed sheets as she stuck her ass high
up in the air for another woman to use and abuse. That she was in this
position so often helped, but there was definitely a feeling of belonging,
the submissive thrill running through her body which told Maria it was
natural for her to bend over in this position for more dominant women.

Beth was quick to join Maria on the bed, the horny Glamazon barely taking the
time to lick her lips at the sight of that deliciously round ass before she
began covering the other woman's big bubble butt in kisses.

As much as Beth loved tight little asses like Kelly's now very sore butt she
definitely preferred more curvaceous asses like Maria's juicy behind. There
weren't nearly enough curvaceous women on the diva's roster since the WWE had
stupidly released Mickie James and then Melina not too long after that. They
had been two of Beth's favourite butt sluts and she missed having her way
with those big luscious asses on almost an hourly basis. Beth had at least
still got Natalya, who was extremely lucky she could still sit down properly
given how regularly Beth had been abusing her big butt during their run as a
tag-team, but now she had Maria's full round ass The Glamazon intended to
savour every moment of abusing it.

So for several minutes Beth slid her lips all over those meaty cheeks, only
pausing to give those large globes of flesh a rough smack so she could watch
them jiggling hypnotically. Eventually when she did move on Beth only spread
Maria's shapely ass cheeks so she could stare at the tiny puckered hole, the
dominating woman switching between how that hole looked now and the vision of
how widely stretched open it would be once Beth was done with it. After a few
long seconds Beth spat on Maria's butt hole. Then and only then did Beth dive
down to attack that tight little ass hole with her tongue.

The Glamazon paused only briefly to grin as Maria moaned like a whore for
her. After that Beth devoted what seemed like hours to giving Maria a long
drawn out rim job, the blonde becoming completely lost in using her tongue
and occasionally her mouth on the brunette's back door.

Maria became just as lost, the brunette almost unaware she was babbling
incoherently and certainly having no control over what came out of her mouth,
"Mmmmmmm, yeahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh Beth, lick me Beth lick my ass
ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh! Eat that big fucking ass of mine MMMMMMMMMM! Fucking
eat it! Get it nice and ready for your big cock! Mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkk
yeahhhhhhhh get my big fat ass nice and ready for your big fat cock!
Oooooooooh I wanna feel it. I wanna feel your tongue in my ass! Mmmmmmmmmm
aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh oooooooohhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssssss just like that, tongue my
ass, tongue fuck my big slutty lesbo ass oooooooohhhhhh Gaaaaawwwwwwwdddddd

Maria loved getting her ass eaten almost as much as her pussy. Sometimes
more, depending who was doing it, and in this case Maria was definitely
enjoying Beth licking her ass more than she had enjoyed Kelly licking her
pussy. Kelly's tongue had technically given her more pleasure, but it had
tortured her for so long it had been agonising. Meanwhile Beth's tongue was
reawakening Maria's briefly quench thirst for pleasure, every swipe of that
tongue making Maria ache for Beth to shove every inch of that large dildo up
her ass. It bordered on torturous, but that was just a sign that the ass
licking was coming to an end in the real butt fun was about to begin.

While her previous lovers had been able to tease her cunt for seemingly hours
none had been able to spend too long licking her ass hole before shoving
something nice and big inside her butt. It was the way it had always been for
Maria, and while Beth showed a lot more patience than she had previously it
still didn't seem that long until the brunette was crying out joyfully as her
butt hole was violated.

Unfortunately it was just Beth's finger, but no matter how much she was
aching to feel Beth's strap-on in her butt Maria knew she should be grateful
that The Glamazon was taking the time to make sure her ass hole was nice and
ready for that big dick. Besides, it wasn't like Maria didn't let out an
extra loud moan of joy as Beth's finger slid past her back door and deep into
her back passage, another extra loud moan quickly following as Beth started
finger fucking her ass at a slow but steady pace.

"Mmmmmm, what a tight little fuck hole!" Beth growled as she continued
fingering Maria's ass, "I think it's even tighter than the last time I fucked

Maria just moaned and humped her butt back against Beth's finger in response,
hoping The Glamazon would take the hint and stretch her ass out some more. To
Maria's delight Beth did just that, pushing another finger into that full
round Greek ass, making Maria practically squeal with joy.

"Yeahhhhh, that definitely feels tighter than the last time." Beth grinned
wickedly as she began roughly ass fucking Maria with her fingers, "What's the
matter slut? Not getting enough ass fucking? Spending too much time on that
silly gossip show of yours and prancing around a dance floor? Not finding
enough time to get this big fat ass of yours properly stretched? Is that why
you signed up for Wrestlemania? You hoped The Glamazon would give your slutty
ass the hard fucking you craved?"

"Yes, yes, yeeeeeeeessssssss! I'm here to get my slutty ass fucked by you
Beth!" Maria not entirely lied, "MMMMMMMM FUCK, I wanna get my ass properly
fucked! Ohhhhhhh I want it fucked by you Beth! Mmmmmmmm, no one ass fucks me
like The Glamazon! Ooooooooooh ugggggghhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
fuckkkkkkkkk, I've been sooooooooo mmmmmmmmmm, I've been so busy lately I
haven't had time for sex and I just, ooooooohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm, NEED IT
SOOOOOOOOOO BADLY! I need an ass fucking! Mmmmmmmmm, I have to get my ass
fucked by you Beth! No one else will do! That's why I'm here. Mmmmmmm I'm
here to bend over for you Beth! I'm here to bend over and take it up the ass
for you! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd, please stretch my ass Beth! Destroy
it! Destroy my slutty little ass hole and make me your anal whore!"

"Present your ass hole to me bitch! Yeah, show me the slutty little ass hole
I'm about to destroy!" Beth grinned as Maria quickly reached back and spread
her ass cheeks as wide as she could. Almost simultaneously Beth pulled her
fingers from Maria's butt hole, the WWE diva's champion licking her lips as
she took a few moments just enjoy the sight of Maria Menounos offering up her
big Greek ass for Beth's strap-on to violate. Then the Glamazon added,
"Mmmmmmm yeahhhhh look at that little hole. So desperate to be stretched out.
To be filled. To be fucked. That's what your slutty little ass hole wants,
doesn't it slut? Doesn't it?"

"Yes Beth, my slutty little ass hole wants to be fucked!" Maria quickly

"Then beg me for it my little Wrestlemania dyke!" Beth ordered, pressing her
strap-on firmly against Maria's puckered rosebud, "Beg me for the privilege
of having this big cock in your dyke ass!"

"Oh please Beth, shove your cock in my dyke ass!" Maria begged, "I want you
to stretch out my slutty little ass hole. I need you to stretch out my slutty
little ass hole with your big fucking cock! Please Beth, your little
Wrestlemania dyke needs to have your big cock in her dyke ass! I NEED IT! I
haven't had a proper ass fucking in sooooo long and my slutty little queer
ass needs it! I need you to ass fuck me Beth! Your little Wrestlemania dyke
needs you to fuck her dyke ass with your big cock! Please allow me the
privilege of taking your big cock up my lesbian butt! Please allow your
little Wrestlemania dyke the privilege every WWE slut desperately wants and
let me take your big cock up my big fat dyke ass! Please, oh please Beth...
oh please, oh, oh, AAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

Maria's tone became slightly more high pitched as Beth slowly stretched her
ass hole, The Glamazon savouring every moment of opening up this Hollywood
slut's tight little back door. After all while she ass fucked Kelly on almost
a daily basis Beth had only violated Maria's tightest of holes a few times,
so this was a rare treat to be savoured.

The loud squeal of pain Maria let out when the head of the WWE diva's strap-
on slid past her tight anal ring and into her butt hole unnecessarily
emphasised that Maria tragically wasn't taking nearly as many regular ass
fuckings as a girl with an ass like hers should. Not that any of the sluts
that Maria hung out with could fuck her big ass like Beth, but as she slowly
pushed inch after inch of dildo into Maria's rectum it became clear to Beth
this Hollywood whore really wasn't getting her ass hole stretched out enough,
and if there was no one around to give Maria a proper butt stretching then
the dumb slut should have been doing it herself. Luckily for Maria she was
finally going to get some help.

Ever since Beth had first fucked this big round ass when Maria had guest
hosted RAW The Glamazon had meant to give the brunette some tips on
stretching her own ass, and now Beth had the better part of two weeks to turn
Maria into a total anal slut.

It should be easy enough. Maria already considered herself a total anal slut,
but she wasn't quite on the WWE divas level yet. At the moment Maria just
liked it in the ass. When Beth was done with Maria would need it in the ass.
Maria would crave the feeling of her ass being stretched so much that if she
didn't take at least ten inches into her ass hole on a daily basis she would
start acting like a junkie going through withdrawal symptoms. And that's what
Maria was going to be, an anal junkie. Trish may have turned Maria into an
anal slut, but like so many other things Beth would surpass the blonde
Canadian and turn this butt slut into a total anal addict who would spend the
rest of her life just looking for her next fix.

Pushing thoughts of what she intended to do to Maria over the next couple of
weeks out of her mind Beth concentrated on what really mattered right now,
that being fucking Maria's big Greek ass. At this point she had most of her
dildo in Maria's bubble butt, however instead of slamming the last few inches
into the other woman's rectum like Beth had done to so many women before, and
would have done to any WWE diva without a second thought, Beth began gently
pumping Maria's pooper, further loosening that incredibly tight back passage
with every thrust.

As Beth officially began ass fucking her Maria moaned, "Ooooooooooh
Gawwwwwwwwd yesssssssss! Mmmmmmmmm, oh fuck me Beth! Fuck my ass! Ohhhhhhhhh

Even though she wasn't really paying much attention to what she was saying
Maria continued encouraging Beth to fuck her ass as she let her mind melt
away, Maria just getting completely lost in the heaven that was getting ass
fucked by Beth Phoenix.

Maria had been ass fucked by a lot of men and even more women for the better
part of a decade and no one had ever fucked her ass better than Beth.
Certainly not even the toughest of men could compete, and there were only a
handful of women who were even in Beth's league.

One of them was definitely Trish Stratus, Maria's eyelids fluttering as she
remembered her first ass fucking. It had been so surreal. Maria had convinced
herself she was straight, that she would never jeopardise her career by
giving into her lesbian curiosities, and yet she had been such an easy
conquest for Trish. She hadn't even realised she was being seduced until she
was in Trish's hotel and melting into the other woman's strong arms as Trish
gently kissed her into submission. The blonde then effortlessly tongue fucked
her to so many orgasms that Maria would have done anything for Trish, bending
over and offering up her virgin ass hole the second Trish brought up the
subject. Sure Maria had been nervous but Trish's strap-on had felt absolutely
amazing inside her ass that even before her first anal induced orgasm Maria
had known she was hooked, Trish effortlessly turning her into an anal whore.

Shortly after losing her anal cherry Maria had been gang banged by the WWE
divas, Trish insisting that even the most submissive of her fellow wrestlers
strap on a dildo and fuck Maria's big juicy ass. That was exactly what
happened, after each diva had tasted Maria's pussy and fed her their pussy,
Maria eventually finding herself 'air tight' as she bounced her cunt up and
down on Trish's strap-on while each diva took her turn pounding Maria's butt
before shoving their ass flavoured strap-on into Maria's mouth for cleaning.
After that Maria was a lesbian slut for any WWE diva who wanted her, Maria
often finding herself counting the days until the WWE was once again in town
so she could get a proper butt fucking.

Of course Maria had been bending over for her boyfriends ever since Trish
popped her anal cherry, and she had grown to crave the feeling of a real cock
inside her ass, especially when a guy was blowing his load deep into her
butt, however as much as she loved her rectum being used as a cum depository
it was always over to fast. Sometimes a guy could make her cum by fucking her
up the ass, but normally Maria would have to finish herself off, often while
imagining she was in her current position. Even when most girls were pounding
her butt Maria found herself wishing they were Beth, The Glamazon showing
exactly why Maria thought so highly of her by skilfully butt fucking her to
near climax just by pumping in and out of her ass hole.

For what felt like an eternity Beth fucked Maria's ass, Maria constantly
begging for more, her first cries simply being, "Fuck, ooooooooohhhhhhh fuck
me, fuck me hard Beth, fuck my dyke ass, ohhhhhhhhh Beth fuck me harder!"

However those cries inevitably evolved into, "FUCK ME BETH, FUCK ME HARD!

"Be careful what you wish for my little Wrestlemania dyke, because you just
might get it." Beth chuckled as she roughly smacked Maria's ass, making those
big round cheeks jiggle, "Mmmmmmm fuck, I'm going to live inside this ass
Maria! I'm going to spend nearly every second of the next couple of weeks
abusing this big beautiful dyke butt of yours, ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, so it
wouldn't surprise me if once I'm done with you your ass hole will never close
properly again. It certainly won't be for the next two weeks as I've got
plenty of plugs and beads to keep your ass stretched whenever I'm not fucking
it with my strap-on. After that, mmmmmm we'll see. Maybe I'll you keep you
around as my personal butt slut. Would you like that, huh? Maybe I'll pull
down your pants and spread your ass cheeks at Wrestlemania. Ohhhhhhhh
fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, can you imagine that? Everyone in the arena and
watching at home seeing your gaping ass hole, photographic proof that Maria
Menounos loves taking it up her big fat Greek ass almost immediately hitting
the Internet. Ha, ha, mmmmmmm, do you think we could get 'Maria Menounos
loves taking it up her big fat Greek ass' trending on twitter? Mmmmmmmmm I
think we could if we showed everyone at Wrestlemania 28 your gaping ass hole.
Ooooooooohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, mmmmmmm, then again maybe I'll make you do it.
Maybe make you bend over, pull down your pants and spread your ass cheeks,
make you show everyone what a butt slut you are. Make you tell everyone
you're my butt slut! Make you destroy your mainstream career just so you can
become the personal butt slut of a female professional wrestler! Just so I'll
make you cum right now! Isn't that right bitch? You'd do that for me as long
as I make you cum, right?"

from pleasure she genuinely meant it, although the small part of her mind
that was still conscious took comfort in the fact that she was pretty sure

"Shameless ass slut!" Beth cruelly laughed, "You're just lucky Vince would
probably fire me for daring to do something so non-PG, and worst distract
from his real stars. I am going to enjoy using you as my own personal butt
slut though, and since you've proven just what a submissive little lesbian
whore you really are, I guess I can let you cum. I guess I can let my little
Wrestlemania dyke cum from getting her big fat Greek ass fucked by another
woman! I guess I can slam this slutty little dyke ass and make my little
bitch for the next two weeks cum! I GUESS I CAN DESTROY MY NEW PERSONAL BUTT

Beth continued talking nasty as she quickly began picking up the pace, the
sound of Maria squealing with joy and the blonde's hips smacking off the
brunette's meaty butt cheeks becoming deafening as The Glamazon began
hammering every inch of her dildo in and out of Maria's rectum.

Ever since Trish Stratus had turned her into a anal whore who craved pussy
Maria felt like she was walking around with the words 'I love eating pussy
and taking it up the ass' written on her forehead. She had become a target
for every woman in Hollywood who liked other women, which as it turned out
was a shocking number, not that the reporter dared mention it as that would
expose herself and more importantly cut off her supply of regular girl on
girl fun. However while it seemed to be impossible to find a hot girl in
Hollywood who wasn't an amazing pussy eater it was difficult for Maria to
find a girl who even came close to Beth's level when it came to butt fucking.

With her big Greek ass Maria attracted a lot of women interested in anal sex,
although most just couldn't match the power of The Glamazon. The way Beth's
thighs were bashing against Maria's big round butt cheeks so forcefully it
felt like she was getting spanked, that big dildo drilling in and out of her
ass hole forcing that normally tiny pucker to stretch widely so that weapon
of ass destruction could violate the very deepest part of her bowels, the
whole time Beth verbally abusing her almost with the same enthusiasm the
blonde got from anally abusing her... it was all just pure heaven to Maria.

As she reached the edge of an orgasm Maria smiled as she remembered the last
time she had received a decent ass fucking which at least came close to this,
that being when she had taken it up the ass for Miley Cyrus. It hadn't been
the first time Maria had been ass fucked by Miley, and it was kind of a cheat
as Selena Gomez had been lying underneath Maria thrusting a strap-on deep
into her pussy and Demi Lovato was feeding Maria her own ass courtesy of
another strap-on, but Miley had shown a lot of passion as she slam fucked
Maria's already well loosened ass, and the filthy language from the former
Hannah Montana on top of everything else had really made Maria have an
amazingly hard orgasm. The ones she had throughout the night were pretty good
as well, those three former Disney stars using her like their own personal
whore all night long.

However not even getting fucked in all three of her holes could compare to
one strap-on wielding Glamazon, a fact proven by how hard Maria's cum
squirted out of her cunt, the poor interviewer screaming hysterically as her
mind melted under the force of the pleasure she was receiving. Like a
mindless animal she slammed herself back against the wonderful anal invasion,
Maria using every ounce of her strength to make the butt fucking as hard as
she could. Beth seemed to have the same idea, the ass fucking becoming so
hard that even through the overwhelming ecstasy Maria eventually felt a sharp
stinging sensation from Beth slamming into her big juicy ass cheeks and the
soreness from her thoroughly abused back passage. She didn't care though, any
pain nothing but an annoyance as Maria became lost in the pure heaven she
could only reach when getting fucked up the ass by The Glamazon.

At this point Beth forgot all about talking nasty. She also forgot about
Kelly, Maria and everything else in the world except the big round pillowy
cheeks her hips were smacking into and the perfect little hole that was in
between those juicy globes of flesh.

Beth loved many things, but this was what she was meant for. She loved to
wrestle and was lucky she was able to do it for a living, even if she didn't
get the opportunity and spotlight she deserved, but she was meant to fuck
women up the ass. Sodomising other women was Beth's purpose in life. She had
known it since puberty, and the first time she ass fucked a another woman
only confirmed it.

Specifically she was meant to butt fuck women like this, the other woman bent
over in front of her and submissively giving up her most private of holes to
The Glamazon. It didn't matter if the anal slut was spreading her cheeks,
bending over a table or a desk, grabbing onto a wall, on her hands and knees,
or face down and ass up. What mattered was Beth was in control and the bitch
she was butt fucking was surrendering her ass to her, Beth's thighs smacking
against the butt she was fucking in a sign of total dominance.

In these glorious moments Beth turned another female's ass hole into nothing
but an orifice for her pleasure, Beth treating Maria like all alpha females
should treat weaker females. Not that Beth had ever met another alpha female.
They were all just pretenders who ended up notches on Beth's belt. Victoria,
Natalya, Mickie James, Melina, Lita, even the mighty Trish Stratus had
ultimately bent over and taken every inch of Beth's cock deep into their
butts, each one of them becoming nothing but a mindless anal slut for a true
alpha female.

Ass fucking Trish had probably been the greatest moment of Beth's life. Trish
had been the number one diva on screen and behind the scenes for a very long
time so turning her into her anal whore had truly cemented Beth's rightful
place as top diva, more so than ass fucking all the rest of the divas or even
making Trish bend over and spread her big juicy ass cheeks in front of the
rest of the diva's locker room so they could all see how open and loose
Trish's butt hole was after Beth had used it. Trish telling everyone she was
now Beth's bitch really had been a formality at that point.

Before then Beth had preferred juicy asses too tight ones, but afterwards she
craved them almost like a drug, and Maria had one grade A big fat juicy ass.
Taking full advantage Beth relentlessly hammered Maria's rectum for what
seemed like hours, The Glamazon pushing herself past climax after climax
which had more to do with her feelings of dominance than the stimulater on
her clit. In the process she seemed to make Maria cum countless times, the
orifice for Beth's pleasure screaming until she could scream no more, Maria
eventually collapsing face down in a whimpering heap.

With her vice like grip on Maria's hips Beth was able to keep that big butt
right where she wanted it for several more orgasms, cum continuing to gush
out of Maria's cunt as her ass hole was continuously abused. However while
Beth could have continued for quite a while The Glamazon didn't really enjoy
sodomising unconscious women, so just when it seemed Maria was on the brink
of losing consciousness Beth tour her dildo out of Maria's ass, spread those
big luscious cheeks and admired her handiwork.

It was beautiful. A work of art. Maria's butt hole was gaping wide open, a
red ringed crater in between two large pillowy cheeks, that once tiny hole
now unable to close and letting Beth have a clear view into the deepest
depths of Maria's bowels. It was an art work Beth could have spent hours
looking at, especially when Maria reached back to spread her own ass cheeks,
in Beth's mind making the other woman's submission to her complete.

Beth could think of no more humiliating and degrading act for a woman than to
have to display her gaping ass hole to the superior female who had just so
completely destroyed her forbidden hole. Of course there was an act just as
humiliating and degrading Beth planned to force Maria to perform, and after
several long moments of enjoying the sight of Maria's gaping butt hole Beth
gently rested herself down on the bed so that her back was up against the
headboard and then said, "Cleaning time bitch! Come clean this cock of your
slut ass! I wanna see you wrapping your lips around this big cock and tasting
the very deepest part of your slutty ass! Mmmmmmmmm, yeah, that's it, clean
that cock you little cock sucker!"

Despite her nearly delirious state Maria was awake enough to remember the
spanking she had received when she hadn't spread her ass cheeks after the
first time Beth had fucked her up the ass. As the moments passed Maria became
more awake, and then once she heard Beth's command Maria licked her lips,
quickly lent forwards and practically devoured Beth's strap-on cock.

Maria loved the taste of ass, especially her own, the proud submissive's eyes
fluttering as she tasted the deepest part of her bowels on the big fake
prick. She then started greedily sucking on the head of the cock, cleaning it
if every drop of her ass juice before beginning to bob her head up and down
on the shaft, partly so she could clean it and partly so she could give Beth
a nice long blow job.

Her efforts were appreciated, in a way, "That's it you filthy little whore!
Suck that cock! Suck it you nasty little cock sucking whore! Mmmmmm
yeahhhhhh, clean every drop of your ass juices off that dick! I know you're a
dirty little slut who loves the taste of her own ass, but when I'm done with
you Maria you're going to crave it! You're going to crave the taste of your
own ass! You're going to find yourself begging you little boyfriends or any
other stud or slut you can find to feed you your own ass! You're going to
need to be fed your own ass at least once a day, mmmmmmmmm, and you're going
to need to taste another woman's ass just as much. You're going to crave
shoving your tongue deep in between another woman's butt cheeks and eat out
her ass for hours! Mmmmmmm, and you'll crave pussy too, fucking need to bury
your pretty face in between another woman's thighs so you can eat her tasty
little pussy, and then swallow her cum! I'm going to make you addicted to
those flavours Maria, just like you're addicted to taking it up the ass you
shameless little anal whore!"

"Beth." Kelly, who had quietly fingered herself while watching the other two
women enjoy some nice rough anal sex, interrupted timidly, "Can I please
taste Maria's ass? Maybe just what's left on the base?"

"Sorry bitch, your fellow butt slut already got it." Beth chuckled as Maria
effortlessly took the entire length of the dick down her throat, Maria
obviously not willing to share her own yummy butt juices, "But I've opened
Maria's ass nice and wide so if you want to taste some slut ass go right
ahead and shove your tongue right inside your fellow slut's ass hole and get
all the tasty butt juice you want!"

Maria let out a long moan as almost immediately she felt Kelly's tongue
thrust deep inside her ass. The feeling of that soft, wet little thing
sliding against her sore, well stretched anal walls was extremely soothing
and pleasurable to Maria who continued to moan around the cock in her mouth
as she continued sucking on it. Even after it was completely clean of her
butt juice Maria continued sucking Beth's strap-on, obediently waiting for
The Glamazon's next command. When it didn't come after a few minutes Maria
found herself looking upwards out of curiosity.

The smirk on Beth's face told her they weren't done by a long shot, and it
was going to be a very long night for her. A long couple of weeks.

Maria was greatly looking forward to it.

* * *

Much to Beth's annoyance Maria was booked to defeat her at Wrestlemania 28.
Beth almost went through with exposing Maria's gaping ass hole on the
grandest stage of them all, but instead stuck with taking out her
frustrations on Maria's poor butt hole, and on the butt holes of Kelly, Eve
and the rest of the divas.

As for Maria, she was used like a paid for whore by each and every one of the
WWE divas. One by one they found an excuse to go see her leading up to
Wrestlemania, each one of them making sure to get Beth's permission to taste
Maria's yummy little pussy and fuck her big Greek ass. And once she actually
got to Wrestlemania the divas only left her alone long enough for her to have
her match, the rest of the time Maria finding herself in a non-stop lesbian
orgy. By the end of the night it felt more like a lesbian gang bang, Maria
completely losing track of who's pussy was in her face, who's tongue was in
her cunt, and who's strap-on was in her ass. And Maria loved every single
second of it. It was a hell of a signing bonus.

The End.

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