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Signing Sting
by TrishBelongsToMe

“Stephanie!” an eager Vince called out. He was sitting behind his desk
looking through stacks of papers. Stephanie walked into the room wearing a
tight, white sleeveless that completely showed off the shape of her hug
breasts. On normal days Vince would stare at them in awe and give an excuse
on why he should touch them, but he was way too busy. “Steph, I dug myself
in deep now. I completely forgot about my meeting with Sting.”

“Sting? You mean the Sting from WCW?”

“Yes. I wanted to discuss a possible WWE contract with him. I need you to go
down to Utah and do it for me.”

“But dad, it’s a 5-hour drive!”

“Stephanie, I don’t care how you get down there, but do it now! Or I’ll give
Shane your brand!”

Stephanie pouted a bit but reluctantly packed her things in her car and went.

* * *

Stephanie stopped at a large house in the middle of the city. She was halfway
asleep when she arrived, but she stepped out of her car and walked up to the
door. Stephanie struggled with the large briefcase as she knocked on the door
and waited. The door opened silently and Stephanie peered in to see Sting
sitting on his couch in a bathrobe. Stephanie was staring at his face and

Sting stood up and greeted her. “Hey, you must be Vince’s daughter.”

Stephanie still stood stunned, staring at his face.

“What? I don’t wear my face paint all the time.”

“Huh? Oh sorry, I guess I’m a little…”

“Wait a second, did you come here to talk about me signing with the WWE?”

Stephanie smiled and opened her briefcase. “Yes, actually it is. You see...”

Sting walked to her briefcase and closed it. “Sorry, no deal. I keep telling
your old man I’m not interested.”

“Why not?”

“I am WCW to the core Steph. I’m not going to become a traitor like that.
Look, maybe you should leave, it’s kind of getting late.”

Stephanie was pissed. She had drove for 5 hours just to get rejected? She was
not taking it very well. She almost went crazy until she came up with a plan.

Sting started to head off but Stephanie called out, “But you could be on

Sting looked back and responded, “So what?”

Stephanie slowly walked up to him staring into his eyes. Her hands were
tightly embracing her ass as she continued to speak. “That’s the event I’m
on. Which means we could see each other almost every day.” Her hands slowly
slid to the bottom of her shirt as she lifted it up over her head. Her huge
breast swung down and Sting nearly choked. He stared at her huge nipples and
the nice plump shape of the breast. She continued to walk towards him until
she came face to face to him.

“Me and you together, everyday...”

Sting leaned forward to kiss Steph but she stopped him just as their lips
met. She drew out her tongue and licked his dry lips. She embraced him
tightly as they met with a full on French kiss. Sting slid his hands down
her back and into her black tights, feeling on her fat round ass that her
thong hugged tightly. Stephanie let go of him and shoved him into the
living room wall. Stephanie smashed into him and once again they embraced
in a deep kiss. Stephanie withdrew the kiss and sloppily licked Sting’s
cheek. Sting was completely in her control. She held onto his head and
licked and bit his ear. Sting rubbed her huge tits until she gave him an
opportunity and suck on them. She held her breast up to him as if he were
a baby and he wrapped his lips around her large nipples. He slurped and
sucked on it until it was sore and then moved on to the next one. Sting
lifted Stephanie and carried her into his bedroom. He placed her on his
bed and instantly went back to her breast. As he licked up her breast he
moved his hands to her tights and fought to pull them down. He finally
pulled them down to find her soaking wet thong. He hung his face over it
and slowly pulled them down. Sting gazed at Stephanie’s perfect pink pussy,
not too tight, not too lose and shaved.

“Damn Steph, you really must be worth a billion dollars. This pussy is

“It tastes much better than it looks…”

With that, Sting rubbed his tongue along her pussy. Stephanie clutched her
breasts and moaned it pleasure.

“Umm...That’s it baby...”

Sting dug his tongue deep in her pussy and pounded it in.

“Oh!!! Fuck yeah!!! Unhhhh!!!

Stephanie couldn’t control herself as she grabbed onto Sting’s head and
bounced it up and down her pussy. Sting clutched her breast and massaged them
as Stephanie went out of control.


Stephanie felt that she was about to cum and nearly ripped Sting’s hair off.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Unhhhhh!!!!!”

Stephanie’s pussy juice poured into Sting’s mouth. Sting licked it all up and
swallowed every bit of it. Stephanie was way too tired to go on.

“That was great!”

“What are you talking about Steph, it isn’t over yet!”

Sting flipped Stephanie so that she was laying on her stomach. Sting spread
her legs open so that he could slide his dick into her ass. Stephanie
screamed just as it went in.

“Shit!!!! Ahhh!!! Not the ass!!!!”

Sting slammed his dick deeper and deeper into her ass.

“Fuck!!!!!!!!!! Please not the ass!!!!!”

Sting was loving the feeling of Steph’s tight asshole grasping his dick and
jacking it off hard. The deeper her got, the more Stephanie would scream and
cry. His balls slapped across her fat ass as he moaned knowing his cum was
about to shoot out. He quickly took out his dick which made Stephanie sigh
loudly, and laid her on her back. He slid his dick into Stephanie’s mouth
and stuck it in as far back as he could. Stephanie was almost choking on it
because it came in all of a sudden. After a few pumps, Sting’s cum filled
Stephanie’s mouth. She let it all run down her throat until it all leaked

Stephanie put on her clothes and grabbed her bags when Sting put his hand on
her shoulder.

“Steph, I don’t know what I’m getting into…but you convinced me to join the

“Really? Gee, I wonder how I did that?”

“So we’ll meet again to sign the papers. But next time, let’s meet at your

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