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Sin-sational Sherri
by A-Train

A word of explanation: I am a huge wrestling fan, but I'm really into
the wrestling of the 80's and early 90's. Believe it or not they had a couple
of women back then and I have always wanted to read a story involving them.
Since I can't find any, I've decided to write my own. This one involves
Sherri Martel, who at one time was quite attractive, so don't call me sick
because you can only remember her from her ugly times.Anyway,imagine this is
1989 and it will probaly help if you know something about the WWF from that
time. This story is not a slam against Sherri or the WWF.On to the story:

Sherri Martel was tired of her current situation. She was the women's
champion on and off for years now, but the competition was growing stale and
the fact of the matter was: the women's division was on it's last breath.
Sherri had realized this and not wanting to be out of a job,she had plans to
become a valet. She had brought it up with Vince before but he only wanted
Elizabeth to be the only valet in the federation. However Elizabeth was now
being phased out for a while, since her man Randy Savage had turned heel and
Vince was not about to turn her heel as well. Sherri found this as her
opportunity to move into a valet position.She entered Vince's office who was
just getting off the phone.

"What can I do for you Sherri?" asked Vince.

"Well, plenty. You see I feel it would be wise to move me into a valet
postion soon, since Liz won't be managing Randy anymore," Sherri replied.

"Well, I don't think that's wise,what about the women's title and who
would you manage?" asked Vince.

"Oh, Vince, we know the division is dead.I think I would make a perfect
manager for Mr. Madness himself," said Sherri.

"You mean manage Randy, wouldn't Liz get jealous?" said Vince.

"Oh, fuck her, what about what's good for the company? I would get
involved in the matches. I could take some bumps. All Liz ever did was stand
out there and clap," shot back Sherri.

"I don't know... I'm not conviced," repled McMahon.

With that Sherri walked around Vince's desk and quickly unbuckled Vince's
belt and slid his pants off. Vince fought it off for oh about 2 seconds, but
silenced when Sherri wraped her lips around his modest 7 inch cock. Sherri
didn't mind though as she was in awe of his large balls.

"Wow, they're almost the size of grapefruits," Sherri thought to herself.

After 5 minutes Vince blew his sizable load right down Sherri's throat.

"Now it's time for the fun part,"said Vince.

Vince then cleared his desk and laid Sherri flat on her back. He undid
her skimpy blouse, which allowed her natural size C tits to be freed. He
slid off her spandex pants and then showed how horny he was by ripping her
pink thong into pieces as removed it from her. He ate her out, licking her
fat pussy lips and tasting her sweet juices.He then shoved his cock into
her dripping pussy.

"Oh yeah fuck me, Vince, FUCK ME!!!," screamed Sherri.

After her second orgasm, Vince blew his second load all over her stomach.
Sherri ran her fingers through it and then licked her fingers clean.

"Yummy," was Sherri's response.

"Oh, my little slut, you think were done? Get on my leather coach over
there," said Vince.

Once on the couch, Vince bent Sherri over and slid his dick right in her

"Oh, fuck yes. Slam that hard cock into my love hole."

With that said Vince began to move back and forth eventually picking up
speed until he Sherri was screaming her head off.

"Oh my fucking God,please fuck me harder, like the slut that I am," said

After 25 minutes of fierce ass fucking, Vince pulled out and shot his
biggest load of the day all over Sherri's body. She got as much as she could
down her throat, but it was just too much.

"So how bout it, Vince, you gonna let me manage Savage or what?" asked

"Oh, what ever you want baby, but I might need some more convincing down
the road," said Vince.

"No problem you genetic jackhammer," replied Sherri as she left Vince's

Next is part 2: Sherri gets aquainted with her new protege. (That is if
anyone liked this story, please reply to this. I would like any kind of
feedback,cuz I wanna know what you think.)

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